Evolution in alpine populations of euphrasia scrophulariaceae the tetraploid euphrasia minima

Vitek, E.

Plant Systematics and Evolution 151(3-4): 241-270


ISSN/ISBN: 0378-2697
Accession: 005413559

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A systematic analysis of the variable and probably allotetraploid E. minima is presented, its infraspecific taxonomy is discussed. E. tatrae is provisionally included into E. minima although some differences may exist; E. mendoncae may be a relic of a formerly wider distribution of E. minima; E. wilkommii seems to be closer to E. strica s. lat. than to E. minima. 4x-E. minima is supposed to be derived from phylogenetic lines close to extant dwarf alpine forms of 2x-E. alpina (including its yellow flowering subsp. christii; Vitek 1985b) and 2x-E. hirtella (vgl. Vitek 1985a). Some characteristics (e.g., its small flowers) could have been introduced through hybrid introgression from other 2x-species, particularly E. inopinata and/or E. sinuata (vgl. Ehrendorfer and Vietk 1984).