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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5416

Chapter 5416 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ladwa P.H.; Barnabas J., 1985:
Evolutionary perspectives of isoprenoid chemistry

Colombera D., 1985:
Evolutionary phases of animal taxa can be deduced from karyological parameters

Selivra A.I., 1982:
Evolutionary physiological analysis of the reaction of the body to high oxygen pressure

Manoilenko, K.V., 1977:
Evolutionary physiology of plants

Rohlfing, D.L.; Saunders, M.A., 1978:
Evolutionary process possibly limiting the kinds of amino acids in protein to 20 a review

Shaw S.R.; Meinertzhagen I.A., 1986:
Evolutionary progression at synaptic connections made by identified homologous neurons

Eck, S., 1975:
Evolutionary radiation in genus fringilla a morphological comparison analysis aves fringillidae

Deboutteville, C.D., 1976:
Evolutionary radiation of crabs of the genus typhlopseudothelphusa in guatemala and mexico with descriptions of new species

Butler, P.M., 1977:
Evolutionary radiation of the cheek teeth of cretaceous placentals

Poulson T.L., 1985:
Evolutionary reduction by neutral mutations plausibility arguments and data from amblyopsid fishes and linyphiid spiders

Moran N.A.; Whitham T.G., 1988:
Evolutionary reduction of complex life cycles loss of host alternation in pemphigus homoptera aphididae

Konyshev V.A., 1982:
Evolutionary regularities of loss of some amino acid synthesis in animals

Andersen, P.R.; Barbacid, M.; Tronick, S.R.; Clark, H.F.; Aaronson, S.A., 1979:
Evolutionary relatedness of viper and primate endogenous retroviruses

Weber, E.; Chevallier, M.R.; Jund, R., 1988:
Evolutionary relationship and secondary structure predictions in four transport proteins of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Kwok Y.; Wong J.T F., 1980:
Evolutionary relationship between halobacterium cutirubrum and eukaryotes determined by use of aminoacyl transfer rna synthetases as phylogenetic probes

Galili U.; Clark M.R.; Shohet S.B.; Buehler J.; Macher B.A., 1987:
Evolutionary relationship between the natural anti gal antibody and the gal alpha 3 gal epitope in primates

Schmidt F.; Klopfer Kaul I., 1984:
Evolutionary relationship between tn 21 like elements and pbp 201 a plasmid from klebsiella pneumoniae mediating resistance to gentamicin and 8 other drugs

Okhubo S.; Iwasaki H.; Hori H.; Osawa S., 1986:
Evolutionary relationship of denitrifying bacteria as deduced from 5s ribosomal rna sequences

Tajima, F., 1983:
Evolutionary relationship of DNA sequences in finite populations

Weber, P.C.; Salemme, F.R.; Mathews, F.S.; Bethge, P.H., 1981:
Evolutionary relationship of the 4 alpha helical heme proteins comparison of cytochrome b 562 and cytochrome c'

Yonekawa H.; Moriwaki K.; Gotoh O.; Hayashi J I.; Watanabe J.; Miyashita N.; Petras M.L.; Tagashira Y., 1981:
Evolutionary relationships among 5 subspecies of mus musculus base on restriction enzyme cleavage patterns of mitochondrial dna

Leffers H.; Kjems J.; Ostergaard L.; Larsen N.; Garrett R.A., 1987:
Evolutionary relationships among archaebacteria a comparative study of 23s ribosomal rna of a sulfur dependent extreme thermophile an extreme halophile and a thermophilic methanogen

Macneil D.; Strobeck C., 1987:
Evolutionary relationships among colonies of columbian ground squirrels as shown by mitochondrial dna

Giovannoni, S.J.; Turner, S.; Olsen, G.J.; Barns, S.; Lane, D.J.; Pace, N.R., 1988:
Evolutionary relationships among cyanobacteria and green chloroplasts

Yeh, W.K.; Durham, D.R.; Fletcher, P.; Ornston, L.N., 1981:
Evolutionary relationships among gamma carboxy mucono lactone decarboxylases ec

Gill B.S., 1981:
Evolutionary relationships based on hetero chromatin bands in 6 species of the triticinae

Kwok S.; White T.J.; Taylor J.W., 1986:
Evolutionary relationships between fungi red algae and other simple eukaryotes inferred from total dna hybridizations to a cloned basidiomycete ribosomal dna

Mitchell, A.R.; Gosden, J.R., 1978:
Evolutionary relationships between man and the great apes

Greenbaum, I.F.; Baker, R.J., 1976:
Evolutionary relationships in macrotus mammalia chiroptera biochemical variation and karyology

Rundel, P.W., 1978:
Evolutionary relationships in the ramalina usnea complex

Bang S.S.; Woolkalis M.J.; Baumann P.; Baumann L., 1981:
Evolutionary relationships in vibrio and photobacterium as determined by immunological studies of super oxide dis mutase

Hunt J.A.; Carson H.L., 1983:
Evolutionary relationships of 4 species of hawaiian usa drosophila as measured by dna reassociation

Sidorova, I.I.; Tarasov, K.L., 1977:
Evolutionary relationships of ascomycetes and their taxonomic position

Hafner D.J.; Petersen K.E.; Yates T.L., 1981:
Evolutionary relationships of jumping mice genus zapus of the southwestern usa

Schwartz J.H.; Tattersall I., 1985:
Evolutionary relationships of living lemurs and lorises mammalia primates and their potential affinities with european eocene adapidae

Lillegraven J.A.; Mckenna M.C.; Krishtalka L., 1981:
Evolutionary relationships of middle eocene and younger species of centetodon mammalia insectivora geolabididae with a description of the dentition of ankylodon adapisoricidae

Busack S.D.; Jericho B.G.; Maxson L.R.; Uzzell T., 1988:
Evolutionary relationships of salamanders in the genus triturus the view from immunology

Delong E.F.; Baumann L.; Bowditch R.D.; Baumann P., 1984:
Evolutionary relationships of super oxide dis mutases and glutamine synthetases from marine species of alteromonas oceanospirillum pseudomonas and deleya

White B.N., 1985:
Evolutionary relationships of the atherinopsinae pisces atherinidae

Dzik J., 1981:
Evolutionary relationships of the early paleozoic cyclostomatous bryozoa

Maxson L.R.; Daugherty C.H., 1980:
Evolutionary relationships of the monotypic toad family rhinophrynidae a biochemical perspective

Newell N.; Shah K.V.; Kelly T.J.Jr, 1979:
Evolutionary relationships of the primate papovaviruses base sequence homology among the genomes of sv 40 stump tailed macaque virus and sa 12 virus

Chen B Y.; Mao S H.; Ling Y H., 1980:
Evolutionary relationships of turtles suggested by immunological cross reactivity of albumins

Carton Y.; Kitano H., 1981:
Evolutionary relationships to parasitism by 7 species of the drosophila melanogaster subgroup

Mcandrew B.J.; Majumdar K.C., 1984:
Evolutionary relationships within 3 tilapiine genera pisces cichlidae

Sheets Johnstone M., 1983:
Evolutionary residues and uniquenesses in human movement

Webster R.K.; Saghai Maroof M.A.; Allard R.W., 1986 :
Evolutionary response of barley hordeum vulgare composite cross ii to rhynchosporium secalis analyzed by pathogenic complexity and by gene by race relationships

Baskin J.A., 1980:
Evolutionary reversal in mylagaulus elassos new species mammalia rodentia from the late miocene of florida usa

Visser C.M., 1982:
Evolutionary roots of catalysis by nicotinamide and flavins in carbon hydrogen oxido reductases and photosynthesis

Yarczower, M.; Hazlett, L., 1977:
Evolutionary scales and anagenesis

Jia H., 1984:
Evolutionary sequence in grypophyllidae new status new family with description 2 new genera

Weisman, L.S.; Krummel, B.M.; Wilson, A.C., 1986:
Evolutionary shift in the site of cleavage of prelysozyme

Mound L.A.; Walker A.K., 1982:
Evolutionary significance and generic classification of the williamsiellina thysanoptera phlaeothripidae

Mennone A.; Philips C.J.; Pumo D.E., 1986:
Evolutionary significance of interspecific differences in gastrin like immunoreactivity in the pylorus of phyllostomid bats

Wilson, M.V.H., 1978:
Evolutionary significance of north american paleogene insect faunas

Gingerich, P.D., 1976:
Evolutionary significance of the mesozoic toothed birds

Kiran U., 1979 :
Evolutionary significance of the relative disposition of the bones in the jaw complex of snakes and lizards

White J.A.; Keller B.L., 1984:
Evolutionary stability and ecological relationships of morphology in north american lagomorpha

Boyd D.A.; Hobman T.C.; Gruenke S.A.; Klassen G.R., 1984:
Evolutionary stability of mitochondrial dna organization in achlya

Angus R.B., 1983:
Evolutionary stability since the pleistocene illustrated by reproductive compatibility between swedish and spanish helophorus lapponicus coleoptera hydrophilidae

Palm G., 1984:
Evolutionary stable strategies and game dynamics for n person games

Dash, A.T.; Cressman, R., 1985:
Evolutionary stable strategies with 2 types of players 2. intra specific and interspecific competition between haploid species

Thomas B.; Pohley H J., 1981:
Evolutionary stable strategy theory for finite populations

Zhao Y., 1988:
Evolutionary stages of the earliest skeletal fauna and subdivision and correlation of the precambrian cambrian boundary strata

Anxolabehere D.; Benes H.; Nouaud D.; Periquet G., 1987:
Evolutionary steps and transposable elements in drosophila melanogaster the missing rp type obtained by genetic transformation

Littler M.M.; Littler D.S.; Taylor P.R., 1983:
Evolutionary strategies in a tropical barrier reef system functional form groups of marine macro algae

Panteleev P.A., 1981:
Evolutionary strategy of mammalian body size variation

Malmgren B., 1984:
Evolutionary studies in paleontology gradual or rapid development of new species

Kulshreshtha, V.B., 1984:
Evolutionary studies in the genus helianthus 4. metroglyph analysis of the species

Stutz H.C.; Pope C.L.; Sanderson S.C., 1979:
Evolutionary studies of atriplex adaptive products from the natural hybrid hexa ploid atriplex tridentata x tetra ploid atriplex canescens

Slooten, E.; Lambert, D.M., 1983:
Evolutionary studies of the new zealand coastal mosquito opifex fuscus 1. mating behavior

Broich S.L.; Palmer R.G., 1981:
Evolutionary studies of the soybean the frequency and distribution of alleles among collections of glycine max and glycine soja of various origin

Dane F.; Denna D.W.; Tsuchiya T., 1980:
Evolutionary studies of wild species in the genus cucumis

Sbordoni, V.; Bullini, L.; Bianco, P.; Cianchi, R.; De-Matthaeis, E.; Forestiero, S., 1982:
Evolutionary studies on ctenuchid moths of the genus amata 2. temporal isolation and natural hybridization in sympatric populations of amata phegea and amata ragazzii

Kim Y.J.; Lee D.H.; Lee B.J.; Kang H.S., 1986:
Evolutionary studies using transfer rna sequences

Volkmer-Ribeiro, C., 1986:
Evolutionary study of the freshwater sponge genus metania gray 1867 iii. metaniidae new family

Volkmer-Ribeiro, C., 1984:
Evolutionary study of the genus metania porifera spongillidae 2. redescription of 2 neotropical species

Lee, H.Y.; Cho, J.W.; Yang, S.Y., 1986:
Evolutionary study on the dark chub zacco temmincki ii. chromosome analysis of two types of mdh

Kang, D.C.; Chang, C.S.; Yang, S.Y., 1987:
Evolutionary study on the dark chub zacco temmincki iii. the effect of reaction temperature on the kinetic mode of isolated s mdh isozymes from zacco temmincki

Yang, S.Y.; Min, M.S., 1987:
Evolutionary study on the dark chub zacco temmincki iv. genetic variation morphology and artificial hybridization

Da-Gama, M.M., 1976:
Evolutionary systematic of xenylla part 8 species from several islands of the pacific and the west indies and from some regions of africa asia and north america insect collembola

Da-Gama, M.M., 1979:
Evolutionary systematics of pseudosinella 12. species from spain france and morocco insecta collembola

Da-Gama, M.M., 1977:
Evolutionary systematics of pseudosinella part 11 species from the iberian peninsula and from central europe insecta collembola

Da-Gama, M.M., 1988:
Evolutionary systematics of pseudosinella xiv. two new species from azores portugal insecta collembola

Gama, M.M.D., 1978:
Evolutionary systematics of the xenylla 10. species originating from brazil vietnam and madagascar malagasy republic insecta collembola

Da-Gama, M.M., 1980:
Evolutionary systematics of xenylla 11. species from the australian region

Gama, M.M.D., 1981:
Evolutionary systematics of xenylla 12. re description of xenylla occidentalis and a comparison of the chaetotaxy of xenylla arenosa and xenylla littoralis insecta collembola

Da-Gama, M.M.; Lasebikan, B.A., 1976:
Evolutionary systematics of xenylla part 9 nigerian species insecta collembola

Gama, M.M.D., 1986:
Evolutionary systematics of xenylla xiv. species from thailand borneo australia and norfolk galapagos mexico and curacao insecta collembola

Johnston I.A.; Walesby N.J., 1979:
Evolutionary temperature adaptation and the calcium regulation of fish acto myosin atpase

Zyman S.M., 1983:
Evolutionary tendencies and the phylogeny of the genus helleborus

Jonker, F.P., 1976:
Evolutionary tendencies in the plant kingdom since devonian times

Savinykh N.P., 1981:
Evolutionary transformations of shoot systems in the formation of herbs of a seasonal climate as exemplified by veronica section veronica

Gingerich, P.D., 1978:
Evolutionary transition from ammonite subprionocyclus to reesidites punctuated or gradual

Brinck P., 1984:
Evolutionary trends and specific differentiation in merodineutus coleoptera gyrinidae

Hammer, K., 1978:
Evolutionary trends concerning pollination ecology in plantago

Huber, I., 1976:
Evolutionary trends in cryptocercus punctulatus blattaria cryptocercidae

Sabato S.; P., 1985:
Evolutionary trends in dion zamiaceae

Bocher T.W., 1981:
Evolutionary trends in ericalean leaf structure

Pignatti S., 1978:
Evolutionary trends in mediterranean flora and vegetation

Checa A.; Oloriz F., 1985:
Evolutionary trends in oxfordian and kimmeridgian subbetic aspidoceratinae southern spain a proposition of null hypotheses about the evolutionary course of a highly significant group of tethysian upper jurassic ammonites

Burns Balogh P.; Bernhardt P., 1985:
Evolutionary trends in the androecium of the orchidaceae

Gustafsson, M., 1976:
Evolutionary trends in the atriplex prostrata group of scandinavia taxonomy and morphological variation

Sych, L., 1977:
Evolutionary trends in the dentition of lagomorpha

Dreesen R.; Houlleberghs E., 1980:
Evolutionary trends of famennian icriodids in the dinant and vesdre basins conodonts beldian upper devonian

Voynow, S.L.; Coffin, J.M., 1985:
Evolutionary variants of Rous sarcoma virus: large deletion mutants do not result from homologous recombination

Gutai, M.W.; Nathans, D., 1978:
Evolutionary variants of sv 40 cellular dna sequences and sequences at recombinant joints of substituted variants

Gutai, M.W.; Nathans, D., 1978:
Evolutionary variants of sv 40 nucleotide sequence of a conserved sv 40 dna segment containing the origin of viral dna replication as an inverted repetition

Lee T.N.H.; Nathans D., 1979:
Evolutionary variants of sv 40 replication and encapsidation of variant dna

Sol C.J.A.; Hassing I.; Maris W.; Walig C.; Van Der Noordaa J., 1981:
Evolutionary variants of sv 40 which are impaired in early lytic functions but transform nonpermissive cells

Anosike, E.O.; Moreland, B.H.; Watts, D.C., 1975:
Evolutionary variation between a monomer and a dimer arginine kinase. Purification of the enzyme from Holothuria forskali and a comparison of some properties with that from Homarus vulgaris

Marconi G.; Labate M.; Tamburrino G., 1986:
Evolutive age and hemodynamic equilibrium chronobiologic evaluation in a population of grammar school

Marconi G.; Labate M.; Tamburrino G., 1986:
Evolutive age and hemodynamic equilibrium chronobiologic evaluation in a population of high school

Marconi G.; Labate M.; Latte S.; Tamburrino G., 1986:
Evolutive age and hemodynamic equilibrium chronobiologic evaluation in a population of nursery school

Marconi G.; Labate M.; Latte S.; Tamburrino G., 1986:
Evolutive age and hemodynamic equilibrium chronobiologic evaluation in a population of primary school

Marconi G.; Labate M.; Sozzi G.; Tamburrino G., 1986:
Evolutive age and hemodynamic equilibrium chronobiologic evaluation in a population of secondary school

Marconi G.; Labate M., 1986:
Evolutive age and hemodynamic equilibrium chronobiological evaluation and resolution of the pathologies of the learning

Marconi G.; Labate M., 1986:
Evolutive age and hemodynamic equilibrium chronobiological evaluation of the learning

Medrea O.; Antonescu D.; Roventa N.; Lupescu A.; Dinu S.; Cristescu M., 1984:
Evolutive and therapeutic peculiarities of congenital scoliosis

Soto Leon L.; Alfonso Guerra J.; Magrans Buch C., 1980:
Evolutive aspects of acute post renal transplantation tubular necrosis

Rafaila E.; Georgescu A., 1980:
Evolutive aspects of the chronic occupational intoxication with carbon di sulfide

Gomez Lechon M.J.; Barbera E.; Gil R.; Baguena J., 1981:
Evolutive changes of ploidy and poly nucleation in adult rat hepatocytes in culture

Moragas A.; Perez M.; Pena J.C., 1986:
Evolutive dynamics of perivascular cellular infiltrate in contact dermatitis modification by topical glucocorticoids an image analysis study

Lafargue F.; Laubier L., 1980:
Evolutive line in the didemnids from the coasts of france taxonomic value of spicules

Câmara, F.P.; de Andrade, P.P., 1978:
Evolutive mechanisms in the epidemiology of the communicable diseases

Udrescu E.; Bordeianu A.; Bittman E.; Nicolaescu T., 1982:
Evolutive modalities of chronic active hepatitis and their immune substrate

Buligescu L.; Ciontea M.; Boca M., 1981:
Evolutive peculiarities of hepatic cirrhosis in terms of the etiology

Salinas Velasco V.M.; Lazo Zbikowski M., 1988:
Evolutive sequence of post burn stress ulcers in the rat

Fays, N.; Fays, J.; Brice, M.; Frisch, R., 1979:
Evolutive stages of the iliac compression syndrome (Cockett's syndrome)

Salen Picard C., 1983:
Evolutive structures of a soft bottom macro benthic biocenosis

Pierre, J., 1985:
Evolutive systematics and speciation in the lepidoptera of the genus acraea nymphalidae 1. introduction and ultraspecific complexes

Pierre, J., 1985:
Evolutive systematics and speciation in the lepidoptera of the genus acraea nymphalidae 2. prospecies subspecies and geographical isolation processes

Wyndham, R.C., 1986:
Evolved aniline catabolism in Acinetobacter calcoaceticus during continuous culture of river water

Jordan, P.H.; Korompai, F.L., 1976:
Evolvement of a new treatment for perforated duodenal ulcer

Pachter, H.L.; Hofstetter, S.R.; Spencer, F.C., 1981:
Evolving concepts in splenic surgery splenorrhaphy vs. splenectomy and post splenectomy drainage experience in 105 patients

Bessou J P.; Redonnet M.; Hubscher C.; Humbert G.; Letac B.; Soyer R., 1986:
Evolving endocarditis on valvular prosthesis surgical treatment a series of 16 cases

Bose B.; Jones S.C.; Lorig R.; Friel H.T.; Weinstein M.; Little J.R., 1988:
Evolving focal cerebral ischemia in cats spatial correlation of nmr imaging cerebral blood flow tetrazolium staining and histopathology

Hearse D.J.; Richard V.; Yellon D.M.; Kingma J.G.Jr, 1988:
Evolving myocardial infarction in the rat in vivo an inappropriate model for the investigation of drug induced infarct size limitation during sustained regional ischemia

Das, S.K.; Mallick, B.B., 1986:
Evolving of live modified sheep pox viral strains: modification of indigenous viral strains

Das, S.K.; Mallick, B.B., 1986:
Evolving of live modified sheep pox virus strains: evaluation of immunological responses

Downey M.E., 1981:
Evoplosoma scorpio new species of goniasterid sea star echinodermata asteroidea from the northeastern atlantic

Maraval G.; Pernier J.; Peronnet F.; Echallier J.F.; Gerin P.; Maugiere F., 1980:
Evoq computerized system of automatic stimulation and registration of average evoked potentials on a mini computer

Baloh, R.W.; Honrubia, V.; Konrad, H.R., 1977:
Ewalds 2nd law reevaluated

Levine, J.M.; Vavra, M.; Phillips, R.; Hohenboken, W., 1978:
Ewe lamb conception as an indicator of future production in farm flock columbia and targhee ewes

Adams, T.E.; Kinder, J.E.; Chakraborty, P.K.; Estergreen, V.L.; Reeves, J.J., 1975:
Ewe luteal function influenced by pulsatile administration of synthetic luteinizing hormone releasing hormone follicle stimulating hormone releasing hormone

Lange K., 1983:
Ewens equivalence theorem for ascertainment sampling schemes

Skolasinski, W.; Charon, K.M., 1986:
Ewes' milk composition in sheep breeds grown in poland

Kedar A.; Bialik V.; Fishman J., 1984:
Ewing sarcoma of the hand literature review and a case of nonsurgical management

Gohokar, D.; Pai, V.R.; Kurkure, P.A.; Pinto, J.M.; Shetty, P.A., 1984:
Ewing's sarcoma 5 years experience with chemotherapy

Bouziani, A.; Rejeb, A.B.; Mazabraud, A.; Jagueux, M.; Orcel, L., 1987:
Ewing's sarcoma a retrospective study of 108 cases with review of the literature

Daugaard, S.; Sunde, L.M.; Kamby, C.; Schiødt, T.; Jensen, O.M., 1987:
Ewing's sarcoma. A retrospective study of prognostic factors and treatment results

Orduna-Yanez, M.; Pulpeiro-Rios, J.R.; Roldan-Ramos, J., 1985:
Ewing's sarcoma course of primary lesions after combined radiochemotherapy

Kontozoglou, T.; Krakauer, K.; Qizilbash, A.H., 1986 :
Ewing's sarcoma. Cytologic features in fine needle aspirates in two cases

Clerico, A.; Castello, M.A.; Valentini, G.B.J. ; Patti, G.L.; Dominici, C.; Properzi, E., 1985:
Ewing's sarcoma of the chest wall report of seven cases

Maletz, N.; McMorrow, L.E.; Greco, A.; Wolman, S.R., 1986:
Ewing's sarcoma. Pathology, tissue culture, and cytogenetics

Soler, R.; Perez-Fontan, F.J.; Mosquera, J.; Puig, M., 1987:
Ewing's sarcoma presenting as a sclerotic pedicle

Eremina, L.A.; Sinyukov, P.A.; Slonimskaya, E.M., 1986:
Ewing's sarcoma treatment and prognosis

Kosowski, B.; Wierzchowski, W.; Radlo, W., 1986:
Ewing's sarcoma with atypical localization in a man

Greco, M.A.; Steiner, G.C.; Fazzini, E., 1988:
Ewing's sarcoma with epithelial differentiation: fine structural and immunocytochemical study

Zamora, P.; García de Paredes, M.L.; González Barón, M.; Diaz, M.A.; Escobar, Y.; Ordóñez, A.; López Barea, F.; González, J.M., 1986:
Ewing's tumor in brothers. An unusual observation

Grimont P.A.D.; Farmer J.J.IIi; Grimot F.; Asbury M.A.; Brenner D.J.; Deval C., 1983:
Ewingella americana new genus new species a new enterobacteriaceae isolated from clinical specimens

McNeil, M.M.; Davis, B.J.; Solomon, S.L.; Anderson, R.L.; Shulman, S.T.; Gardner, S.; Kabat, K.; Martone, W.J., 1987:
Ewingella americana: recurrent pseudobacteremia from a persistent environmental reservoir

Rosen G.; Caparros B.; Nirenberg A.; Marcove R.C.; Huvos A.G.; Kosloff C.; Lane J.; Murphy M.L., 1981:
Ewings sarcoma 10 year experience with adjuvant chemo therapy

Campanacci, M.; Bacci, G.; Boriani, S.; Laus, M., 1979:
Ewing's sarcoma (a review of 195 cases)

Rosenstock, J.G.; Jones, P.M.; Pearson, D.; Palmer, M.K., 1978:
Ewings sarcoma adjuvant chemo therapy and pathologic fracture

Jenkin, R.D.T.; Rider, W.D.; Sonley, M.J., 1976:
Ewings sarcoma adjuvant total body irradiation cyclo phosphamide and vincristine

Lombardi, F.; Gasparini, M.; Gianni, C.; Petrillo, R.; Tesoro-Tess, J.D.; Volterrani, F.; Musumeci, R., 1979:
Ewing's sarcoma: an approach to radiological diagnosis

Dickman, P.S.; Liotta, L.A.; Triche, T.J., 1982:
Ewing's sarcoma. Characterization in established cultures and evidence of its histogenesis

Litvinova L.V.; Solov'ev Y.N., 1982:
Ewings sarcoma electron microscopic study

Lewis, R.J.; Marcove, R.C.; Rosen, G., 1977:
Ewing's sarcoma -- functional effects of radiation therapy

Sinkovics J.G.; Plager C.; Ayala A.G.; Lindberg R.D.; Samuels M.L., 1980:
Ewings sarcoma its course and treatment in 50 adult patients

Bertoni, F.; Campanacci, M., 1976:
Ewing's sarcoma of the soft tissues? Case report

Scheithauer, B.W.; Egbert, B.M., 1978:
Ewings sarcoma of the spinal epidural space report of 2 cases

Kahanovitz, N.; Johanson, P.H.; Hirose, F.M., 1979:
Ewing's sarcoma presenting with a coexistent bacterial organism. A case report

Bushnell D.; Shirazi P.; Khedkar N.; Blank J., 1983:
Ewings sarcoma seen as a cold lesion on bone scans

Turoff, N.B.; Becker, M.; Lewis, M., 1978:
Ewings sarcoma unusual presentation delineated by computerized tomography

Laus, M., 1978:
Ewings sarcoma with diffuse involvement of the bone marrow 2 cases

Schifter S.; Vendelbo L.; Jensen O.M.; Kaae S., 1983:
Ewings tumor following bilateral retino blastoma a case

Branson, J., 1976:
Ewings tumor of rib

Aiken, L.S.; Losciuto, L.A., 1985:
Ex addict vs. nonaddict counselors knowledge of clients drug use

Adesina A.A.; Abbott P.C.; Sanders J.S., 1988:
Ex ante risk programming appraisal of new agricultural technology experiment station fertilizer recommendations in southern niger

D.C.brera S.; D.A.riola M.C.; Morales E.; D.M.cheo F.; Rolz C., 1981:
Ex ferm ethanol production in packed bed fermentors a 3 cycle operation employing chipped sugarcane

D.C.brera S.; D.A.riola M.D.; Morales E.; D.M.cheo F.; Rolz C., 1982:
Ex ferm ethanol production using peeled ground sugarcane in packed bed fermentors

Sindhu S.S.; Dadarwal K.R., 1986:
Ex planta nitrogenase induction and uptake hydrogenase in rhizobium sp cowpea miscellany

Zavaleta L.R.; Dixon B.L., 1983:
Ex post estimation for agricultural pest systems

Pichlmayr R.; Bretschneider H.J.; Kirchner E.; Ringe B.; Lamesch P.; Gubernatis G.; Hauss J.; Niehaus K.J.; Kaukemueller J., 1988:
Ex situ operation of the liver a new possibility in liver surgery

Blackley, S.K.; Ladaga, L.; Woolfitt, R.A.; Schellhammer, P.F., 1988:
Ex situ study of the effectiveness of enucleation in patients with renal cell carcinoma

Jeste, D.V.; Kleinman, J.E.; Potkin, S.G.; Luchins, D.J.; Weinberger, D.R., 1982:
Ex uno multi: subtyping the schizophrenic syndrome

Caillouet, C.W.Jr ; Koi, D.B., 1983:
Ex vessel value and size composition of reported may aug. catches of brown shrimp penaeus aztecus and white shrimp penaeus setiferus from 1960 1981 as related to the texas usa closure

Pinto S.; Abbate R.; Favilla S.; Panetta A.; Gensini G.F.; Neri Serneri G.G., 1987:
Ex vivo and in vitro study of the effects of indobufen on endogenous and exogenous arachidonic acid metabolism by platelets

Samtleben, W.; Schmidt, B.; Gurland, H.J., 1987:
Ex vivo and in vivo protein A perfusion: background, basic investigations, and first clinical experiences

Salama A.; Mueller Eckhardt C.; Kissel K.; Pralle H.; Seeger W., 1984:
Ex vivo antigen preparation for the serological detection of drug dependent antibodies in immune hemolytic anemias

Komatsu, H.; Hayashi, S.; Tanabe, N.; Shirasu, N.; Takihana, Y.; Takei, K.; Ishihama, T.; Tago, K.; Yamada, Y.; Ueno, A., 1987:
Ex vivo comparison of radiological and histological evaluation of early metastatic lesions of pelvic lymph nodes from carcinoma of the bladder or prostate

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Ex vivo determination of potentially virulent Sporothrix schenckii,

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Ex vivo elimination of neoplastic t cells from human marrow using an anti 41000 molecular weight protein immunotoxin potentiation by asta z 7557 mafosfamid

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Ex vivo normo thermic hemo perfusion of the canine pancreas applications and limitations of a modified experimental preparation

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Ex vivo perfusion of a tumor containing colon with mono clonal antibody

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Ex vivo perfusion of the canine and human prostate gland

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Ex vivo removal of serum immuno globulin g in a patient with colon carcinoma some biochemical immunological and histological observations

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Ex vivo renal artery reconstruction using perfusion preservation

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Ex vivo surgery for treatment of intra renal arterio venous malformation

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Ex vivo treatment of donor bone marrow with anti t cell immuno toxins for prevention of graft vs. host disease

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Ex vivo tritium labeled spiroperidol binding to rat striatum and the inhibitory effects of neuroleptics

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Exacanthomysis new genus another detachment from the genus acanthomysis crustacea mysidacea

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Exacerbation of asthmatic symptoms after cessation of nifedipine therapy

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Exacerbation of chronic gastric and duodenal ulcer as a cause of serious postoperative complications

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Exacerbation of coronary occlusion induced ventricular arrhythmias by the vagolytic effect of procainamide

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Exacerbation of diabetes mellitus by antibodies to exogenous insulin

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Exacerbation of experimental pyelonephritis by cyclosporin A

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Exacerbation of experimental Trypanosoma cruzi infection in mice by concomitant malaria

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Exacerbation of generalized nonconvulsive seizures with ethosuximide therapy

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Exacerbation of graft vs host disease following repeated infusion of immuno competent donor cells

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Exacerbation of hypocalcemia by intravenous magnesium infusion in familial hypoparathyroidism

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Exacerbation of lymphomatoid papulosis during treatment with danazol

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Exacerbation of old tularemic foci

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Exacerbation of panic disorder during propranolol therapy

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Exacerbation of pemphigus vulgaris after ingestion of levamisole

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Exacerbation of porphyria during treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis

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Exacerbation of psoriasis induced by indomethacin

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Exacerbation of pulmonary lymphangioleiomyomatosis by exogenous estrogens

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Exacerbation of renal failure associated with doxycycline

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Exacerbation of seizures in children by carbamazepine

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Exacerbation of senile macular degeneration following cataract extraction

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Exacerbation of the calcium paradox with exogenous atp in isolated working rat heart

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Exacerbation of vasotonic angina pectoris by propranolol

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Exacerbation of visceral lupus erythematosus as a result of uv irradiation a hypothesis

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Exacerbation reactions in hyperactive lepromatous leprosy

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Exacerbation reactions in latent forms of syphilis

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Exacerbations of asthma in adults during experimental rhinovirus infection

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Exacerbative effect of vitamin A on malabsorption syndrome in chicks

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Exacerbative effect of vitamin a on the development of nutritional encephalopathy in chicks

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Exact age determination in laboratory and field caught drosophila

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Exact analysis for calculated hemodynamic parameters in unsteady blood flow in arteries in presence of static magnetic field

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Exact determination of the lecithin sphingomyelin ratio in amniotic fluid suggestion of a reference method

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Exact information on the distribution of cobitis taenia linnaeus 1758 cobitidae and valencia hispanica valenciennes 1846 cyprinodontidae in fresh waters in italy

Metral C.J.; Day R.A., 1986:
Exact mass fast atom bombardment and electron impact fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry with peptides using a direct insertion fast atom bombardment probe

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Exact maximum likelihood estimates of coxs regression parameters based on categorized factorial data

Korenberg, M.J.; Bruder, S.B.; McIlroy, P.J., 1988:
Exact orthogonal kernel estimation from finite data records: extending Wiener's identification of nonlinear systems

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Exact relations for calculating the binding of regulatory proteins and other lattice ligands to double stranded poly nucleotides

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Exact reproduction of daily treatment fields using wedge filters

Haseman, J.K., 1978:
Exact sample sizes for use with the fisher irwin test for 2 x 2 tables

Walter, S.D., 1980:
Exact significance levels for Hewitt's test for seasonality

Passing H., 1984:
Exact simultaneous comparisons with control in an r x c contingency table

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Exact solution of the uni dimensional poisson boltzmann equation for a 1 to 2 or 2 to 1 electrolyte

Varma, V.S., 1977:
Exact solutions for a special prey predator or competing species system

Khuri A.I.; Littell R.C., 1987:
Exact tests for the main effects variance components in an unbalanced random two way model

Christ G., 1984:
Exact treatment of the dual energy method in computed tomography using polyenergetic x ray spectra

Wei L.J., 1988:
Exact two sample permutation tests based on the randomized play the winner rule

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Exact vs probabilistic coefficients of relationship some implications for sociobiology

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Exact vs. heuristic models of kin selection

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Exaggerated acetaldehyde response after ethanol administration during pregnancy and lactation in rats

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Exaggerated acoustic reflex response in a patient with transient facial palsy and hyperacusis

Mandell, G.A.; Kricun, M.E., 1979:
Exaggerated anterior vertebral notching

Sumaya, C.V.; Cherry, J.D.; Gohd, R., 1976:
Exaggerated antibody response following rubella vaccination in a child with sinus histiocytosis with massive lymph adenopathy

Evers, A.S.; Dunkel, C.G.; Saffitz, J.E.; Needleman, P., 1987:
Exaggerated atrial arachidonate metabolism in rabbit left ventricular myocardial infarction

Rodriguez Arnao M.D.; Peters J.R.; Foord S.M.; Dieguez C.; Edwards C.; Gomez Pan A.; Hall R.; Newcombe R.G.; Scanlon M.F., 1983:
Exaggerated circadian variation in basal tsh and in the dopaminergic inhibition of tsh release in pathological hyper prolactinemia evidence against a hypothalamic dopaminergic defect

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Exaggerated consumption of saccharide solutions following experimental porta caval anastomosis in rats

Yahiro J.; Glass A.R.; Fears W.B.; Ferguson E.W.; Vigersky R.A., 1987:
Exaggerated gonadotropin response to lhrh in amenorrheic runners

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Exaggerated hearing loss in compensation claimants

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Exaggerated human vascular cell prostaglandin biosynthesis mediated by monocytes: role of monokines and interleukin 1

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Exaggerated increase in serum potassium following succinylcholine in dogs with beta blockade

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Exaggerated jaundice in Navajo neonates. The role of bilirubin production

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Exaggerated natriuresis and diuresis in hypertension result of impaired fluid absorption in henles loop

DiBona, G.F.; Sawin, L.L., 1986:
Exaggerated natriuresis in experimental hypertension

Rudorfer, M.V.; Ross, R.J.; Linnoila, M.; Sherer, M.A.; Potter, W.Z., 1985:
Exaggerated orthostatic responsivity of plasma norepinephrine in depression

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Exaggerated posterior aortic wall excursion. A new echocardiographic feature of atrial septal defect with left to right shunt?

Olsen, N.; Petring, O.U.; Rossing, N., 1987:
Exaggerated postural vasoconstrictor reflex in Raynaud's phenomenon

Peillon F.; Vincens M.; Cesselin F.; Doumith R.; Mowszowicz I., 1982:
Exaggerated prolactin response of trh in women with anovulatory cycles possible role of endogenous estrogens and effect of bromocriptine

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Exaggerated prostaglandin and thromboxane synthesis in the rabbit with renal vein constriction

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Exaggerated response of gh to grf in patients with anorexia nervosa

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Exaggerated response of plasma glucagon like immuno reactivity to oral glucose in patients with reactive hypo glycemia

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Exaggerated response of thyrotropin to trh in patients resected for crohns ileitis

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Exaggerated response to dextro amphetamine in geriatric gerbils

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Exaggerated systolic blood pressure response to exercise in a water polo team

Buńag, R.D., 1976:
Exaggeration of experimental hypertension in rats by contraceptive steroids (Enovid)

Monne M.A.; Delfino S.M., 1981:
Exalcidion and trichalcidion penicillum new genus new species coleoptera cerambycidae lamiinae acanthocinini

French L.D., 1985 :
Exallopyga new genus of neotropical elampinae hymenoptera chrysididae

Lozovskaya R.G., 1985:
Exaltation phenomenon when inculcating an instrumental defensive reflex in animals of varying age

LeChevallier, M.W.; Babcock, T.M.; Lee, R.G., 1987:
Examination and characterization of distribution system biofilms

Bouvier, J.F.; Veillas, C.; Durand, J.P.; Lafon, J.C., 1984:
Examination and comparative study of a simple method to determine the left ventricular ejection fraction

Miura H.; Inoue E.; Kitamura Y.; Sugii M., 1985:
Examination and determination of arbutin in the leaves of viburnum spp and ilex spp

Zuckerman, A.J.; Bird, R.G.; Dunkley, L.J.; Love, G.J., 1969:
Examination by electron microscopy of the San Carlos viruses isolated from children with infectious hepatitis

Hartwell, W.V.; Auernheimer, A.H.; Pearce, G.W., 1968:
Examination by inst chromatography and inst immuno diffusion of an adenovirus 3 isolated from humans with infectious hepatitis

Broch H.; Vasilescu D., 1979:
Examination by the molecular orbital method of intrinsic conformational preferences of the nucleic acid skeleton

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Examination diagnosis and treatment of equine upper respiratory disorders part 1

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Examination effects in audiometric testing of children

Warrell M.J.; Tobin J.O.; Wald N.J., 1981:
Examination for influenza immuno globulin a and immuno globulin m antibodies in pregnancies associated with fetal neural tube defects

Maes L.; Pensaert M., 1984:
Examination for virus persistence on swine fattening and breeding farms after an outbreak of aujeszkys disease

Haralambiev, H.; Mitov, B.; Jarmin, P.; Bostandjieva, R.; Simeonov, S., 1987:
Examination for viruses of lung lavages from calves with bronchopneumonia: preliminary results

Weyer, R.; Tönnis, D., 1980:
Examination method for identification of snapping hip

D.C.osets F.; Combescot C., 1980:
Examination of 112 strains isolated from gynecologic smears

Chen, Y.M.; Lin, C.Y., 1978:
Examination of 2 4 d induced enlargement of nucleoli and changes in rna synthetic activity in pea epicotyl

Sawicki R.F.; Golden C.J., 1984:
Examination of 2 decision rules for the global interpretation of the luria nebraska neuro psychological battery summary profile

Hartung M.; Hellmann E., 1987:
Examination of 20 bacillus spp by crossed immunoelectrophoresis under taxonomic aspects

Zeller W.J.; Eisenbrand G.; Fiebig H.H., 1979:
Examination of 4 newly synthesized 2 chloroethylnitroso ureas in comparison with 1 3 bis 2 chloroethyl 1 nitroso urea 1 2 chloroethyl 3 cyclohexyl 1 nitroso urea 1 2 chloroethyl 3 4 methylcyclohexyl 1 nitroso urea chlorozotocin and hydroxyethyl chloronitroso urea in pre terminal rat leukemia l 5222

Ghent A.W., 1984:
Examination of 5 tau variants suited to ordered contingency tables from the viewpoint of biological research

Dominguez Carbayo B.M.; Mendivil Flores O., 1987:
Examination of 65 urinary calculi

Heiden G.L.V.; Sasse E.A.; Yorde D.E.; Madiedo G.; Barboriak J.J., 1983:
Examination of a competitive enzyme linked immunoassay technique and a laser nephelometric immunoassay technique for the measurement of apo lipo protein b

Moeller R.; Kuester J.; Landmann D.; Holtz W., 1988:
Examination of a milk progesterone kit that can be used in the milking stall

Breeze V.; Elston J., 1983:
Examination of a model and data describing the effect of temperature on the respiration rate of crop plants

Gadian D.; Ross B.; Bore P.; Radda G.; Hockaday J.; Taylor D.; Styles P., 1981:
Examination of a myopathy by phosphorus nmr

Dietzgen R.G.; Sander E.; Christner J.; Jung G., 1987:
Examination of a new cross linker in monoclonal antibody reaction against the carboxyl terminus of tobacco mosaic virus coat protein

Lotric Pentek S., 1986:
Examination of a pregnant woman

Schreurs V.V.A.M.; Van Amstel M.; Elbers F.J.; Holtslag E.S.M.; D.V.s N.; Boekholt H.A.; Koopmanschap R.E., 1987:
Examination of a protein sparing effect of exogenous leucine during physical activity

Feder H.M.; Hendee J.C.; Holmes P.; Mueller G.J.; Paul A.J., 1979 :
Examination of a reproductive cycle of protothaca staminea using histology wet weight dry weight ratios and condition indices

Csonka, E.; Koch, A.S.; Kadar, A.; Ovary, I., 1984:
Examination of a spontaneously transformed aortic smooth muscle cell line 1. morphological examinations

Hong M S.; Carmichael G.R., 1986:
Examination of a subgrid scale parameterization for the transport of pollutants in a nonprecipitating cumulus cloud ensemble

Beckenbach, A.T.; Prakash, S., 1977:
Examination of allelic variation at the hexo kinase loci of drosophila pseudoobscura and drosophila persimilis by different methods

Vlasova T.F.; Miroshnikova E.B.; Ushakov A.S., 1985:
Examination of amino acid metabolism in man exposed to 120 day antiorthostatic hypokinesia

Sey, O., 1977:
Examination of amphistomes trematoda paramphistomata parasitizing in egyptian ruminants

Hankinson T.R.; Schmidt E.L., 1984:
Examination of an acid forest soil form ammonia and nitrite oxidizing autotrophic bacteria

Bishop, J.O., 1970:
Examination of an equilibrium interpretation of dna rna hybridization data

Kiyosawa K., 1979:
Examination of analytical methods for ions and saccharides in the extract of phaseolus pulvini

Lee Y.B.; Goo Y.M., 1986:
Examination of analytical methods for quantitative analysis of alpha aminophenylacetonitrile in the presence of its hydrolyzed products phenylglycine and phenylglycinamide and proteins and thiol compounds and in the biological samples

Babos K., 1982:
Examination of annual ring widths in some new poplar hybrids

Radulovic, D.; Krdzalic, P.; Marinac, J., 1976:
Examination of anti bacterial effect of lactoferm and interrelationship of lactobacilli and chymosin in the preparation

Kidani, Y.; Inagaki, K.; Tsukagoshi, S., 1976:
Examination of anti tumor activities of platinum complexes of 1 2 di amino cyclo hexane isomers and their related complexes

Katona Z.; Matejka Z.; Mikola B., 1987:
Examination of antibacterial therapy in the hospitals of bacs kiskun county hungary

Ryskova O.; Horacek J.; Vejbora O.; Chromova L.; Krajcikova D., 1984:
Examination of antiviral antibodies in the serum of patients affected by multiple sclerosis

Thuan, C.E.; Amarasingham, R.D., 1978:
Examination of areca nut areca catechu for the presence of afla toxins

Koeppe, R.A.; Hutchins, G.D.; Rothley, J.M.; Hichwa, R.D., 1987:
Examination of assumptions for local cerebral blood flow studies in PET

Loseva T.M., 1981:
Examination of b lymphocytes in the peripheral blood of schizophrenic patients by the complementary rosette method

Lapchin, L.; Thiec, M.I.L., 1977:
Examination of benthic invertebrates samples comparative study of different sorting methods

Davis, R.A.; Musso, C.A.; Malone-McNeal, M.; Lattier, G.R.; Hyde, P.M.; Archambault-Schexnayder, J.; Straka, M., 1988:
Examination of bile acid negative feedback regulation in rats

Wren C.D.; Maccrimmon H.R.; Loescher B.R., 1983:
Examination of bio accumulation and bio magnification of metals in a precambrian shield lake

Milkowska J.; Krzaczek T.; Grzycka K., 1980:
Examination of biological activity of selected species of flowering plants 2

Haider, E.; Rohmert, W., 1976:
Examination of blinking rate in a simulated 4 hour driving task

Schlageter N.L.; Carson R.E.; Rapoport S.I., 1987:
Examination of blood brain barrier permeability in dementia of the alzheimer type with gallium 68 edta and positron emission tomography

Kudo T.; Sagisaka K.; Iwasa M., 1985:
Examination of blood stains of about 400 years old

Pignon T.; Ralantoarimihanta M.; Vicens R.; Coulanges P., 1987:
Examination of bone marrow in oncology on 92 bone marrow biopsies done at the blood and cancer service of antananarivo madagascar

Pillmoor J.B.; Gaunt J.K.; Roberts T.R., 1984:
Examination of bound nonextractable residues of 2 methyl 4 chlorophenoxy acetic acid and flamprop in wheat triticum aestivum straw

Hedlund, L.; Lischko, M.M.; Kesler, D.J.; Garverick, H.A., 1977:
Examination of calf cerebro spinal fluid and plasma for the presence of luteinizing hormone

Schoemaker J.M.; Brasnett A.H.; Marston F.A.O., 1985:
Examination of calf prochymosin accumulation in escherichia coli disulfide linkages are a structural component of prochymosin containing inclusion bodies

Krut'ko B.T., 1982:
Examination of catecholamine regulation of atpase activity in the mouse liver and kidneys

Gitt H A.; Drechsel T.; Motschmann E., 1985:
Examination of cellular immunologic parameters in maxillo facial malignomas with particular consideration to t lymphocytes and skin tests

Cederholm-Williams, S.A.; Rees, M.C.; Turnbull, A.C., 1984:
Examination of certain coagulation factors in menstrual fluid from women with normal blood loss

Meszaros A.; Nagy G., 1986:
Examination of chemical and bacterial hypersensitivity on patients with ulcus cruris varicosum

Kaszas T., 1988:
Examination of children who recovered from scarlet fever

Buchanan R.L.; Goldstein S.; Budroe J.D., 1982:
Examination of chili pepper and nutmeg oleo resins using the salmonella mammalian microsome mutagenicity assay

Boichenko, M.N.; Aniskin, E.D., 1976:
Examination of chloramphenicol acetyl transferase synthesis in the cells of escherichia coli k 12 under conditions altering the intra cellular concentration of cyclic amp

Szendro P., 1979:
Examination of chopping process in self propelled forage harvesters mathematical analysis of distribution of cut length

Richard G.; Schorp C., 1988:
Examination of choroidal hemodynamics by videoangiography

Zakharova, A.V.; Sevastyanova, M.G.; Rybachenkova, M.A., 1976:
Examination of chromosomal complexes in patients with leukocytoses and leukopenias of obscure etiology

Huong T.T.T.; Szentesi I.; Czeizel E., 1988:
Examination of chromosome damaging effect of drug intoxication in intoxicated pregnant and non pregnant women

Fukumoto, K., 1979:
Examination of chromosome numbers and karyotypes in the genus commelina 2. intraspecific variation of the chromosome number in commelina communis

Mitchell, J.; Goltzman, D., 1985:
Examination of circulating parathyroid hormone in pseudohypoparathyroidism

Maie K I., 1985:
Examination of collagen and elastin of cerebral artery with the microspectrophotometry

Preusse C.; Seffner W.; Boesemann W.; Viehweger E., 1980:
Examination of condition of extremities of merino mutton sheep kept on grating flooring

Houser, B.B.; Beckman, L.J., 1978:
Examination of contraceptive perceptions and usage among los angeles county usa women

Nevo, Z.; Michaeli, D.; Daentl, D.L., 1978:
Examination of core protein of proteo glycans part 1 abnormal proteo glycans in auriculo epiphyseal dysplasia

Waldroup P.W.; Hazen K.R., 1979:
Examination of corn dried steep liquor concentrate and various feed additives as potential sources of a haugh unit improvement factor for laying hens

Heim O.; Ostrowska H., 1981:
Examination of crown covered teeth area in the deep parodontopathies

Keresztúry, S., 1976:
Examination of curettage material for the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy

Bodo I.; Dohy J.; Javorka L.; Takacs E.; Abranyi A., 1984:
Examination of data of identity cards of holstein friesian cows imported to hungary on basis of milk production

Carlo J.; Willis J.; Mcgarry P.; Duncan C., 1982:
Examination of dental pulp to diagnose infantile neuro axonal dystrophy

Pedigo N.W.; Ling N.C.; Reisine T.D.; Yamamura H.I., 1979:
Examination of des 1 tyrosyl gamma endorphin activity at tritiated spiroperidol binding sites in rat brain

Hasle, G.R., 1976:
Examination of diatom type material nitzschia delicatissima thalassiosira minuscula and cyclotella nana

Van-Coillie, R.; Rousseau, A.; Ouellet, M., 1976:
Examination of different metals incorporated in osteoid structures analytical electron microscope study

Jolly, S.R.; Woltmann, R., 1987:
Examination of diltiazem for preservation of myocardial function after brief regional ischemia

Kieffer R.; Garnreiter F.; Belitz H D., 1981:
Examination of dough properties by extension tests on a microscale

Glatz, B.A.; Chriswell, C.D.; Arguello, M.D.; Svec, H.J.; Fritz, J.S.; Grimm, S.M.; Thomson, M.A., 1978:
Examination of drinking water for mutagenic activity

Bongso, T.A.; Jainudeen, M.R.; Dass, S., 1981:
Examination of Droughtmaster bulls for breeding soundness

Muenzel, M., 1987:
Examination of efficacy of magnesium phosphide detiaphos r against the cigarette beetle lasioderma serricorne fabr. coleoptera anobiidae at low temperatures

Wolf S.L.; Gersh M.R.; Rao V.R., 1981:
Examination of electrode placements and stimulating parameters in treating chronic pain with conventional trans cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

Chin T S.; Zhang H J.; Huang S J.; Pan H P.; L.M.Y.; Tang Q Q., 1980:
Examination of endo parasites on chinese rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Filipovic R.; Neskovic M.; Jablanovic M.; Hoxha Y.; Grubisic D.; Konjevic R., 1981:
Examination of endogenous growth substances in apple fruits malus domestica cultivar crveni delises during development

Schiemann D.A., 1988:
Examination of enterotoxin production at low temperature by yersinia spp in culture media and foods

Davidyants V.A., 1982:
Examination of environment objects for the presence of toxocara eggs

Kecskemetine Kormendy A., 1981:
Examination of eocene bivalve shell structures by scanning electron microscopy

Komori, T., 1986:
Examination of epstein barr virus ebv related antigens in newly established ebv positive epithelial tumor cells and effect of human hybrid tumor cells and effect of human interferon treatment on the cells' activity

Eremenko, L.L.; Voronina, L.N.; Bykova, I.A.; Sukiasova, T.G.; Al'perin, P.M.; Miterev-Yu, G.; Kozinets, G.I., 1976:
Examination of erythroid cells of the bone marrow in agastric anemic patients

Noguchi, T.; Yoshida, A.; Ueda, Y.; Mitani, Y.; Urabe, K.; Adachi, T.; Onoyama, S.; Okamura, Y.; Shigemasa, C.; Abe, K., 1987:
Examination of exchange assay for glucocorticoid receptor

Tsuda, F.; Nishima, S., 1984:
Examination of factors influencing exercise induced broncho spasm in asthmatic children 3. investigation of the interval between exercise tests

Popov I.G.; Vlodavets V.V.; Chizhov S.V.; Sinyak Y.E.; Shikina M.I.; Binogradova L.A.; Kolesina N.B., 1986:
Examination of factors responsible for the formation of hydrogen sulfide in reclaimed water

Toth S.; Szelne M.S.; Nguyen V.D., 1988:
Examination of factors that influence the feather production of geese

Martin G.M., 1982:
Examination of factors which might disrupt a learned association between pento barbital and lithium chloride

Olechnowicz Stepien W.; Banach R., 1979:
Examination of fatty acids as substances dissolving the gall stones

Hatheway, C.L.; McCroskey, L.M., 1987:
Examination of feces and serum for diagnosis of infant botulism in 336 patients

Szendro, Z., 1985:
Examination of feed conversion efficiency of growing rabbits

Varhegyi J.; Sandi O.; Varhegyi J., 1986:
Examination of feeding concentrate with growing bulls

Bassler R., 1980:
Examination of feeds and some soil seeds for afla toxin

Dolezal, L.; Závodný, P.; Krikal, Z.; Gazárek, F.; Pohanka, J.; Machovská, K., 1987:
Examination of fetal oxygenation by controlled hypoxia

Gilliam M.; Meffett J.O.; Kauffeld N.M., 1983:
Examination of floral nectar of citrus cotton and arizona desert usa plants for microbes

Eckert H J.; Renger G.; Bernarding J.; Faust P.; Eichler H J.; Salk J., 1987:
Examination of fluorescence lifetime and radical pair decay in photosystem ii membrane fragments from spinach

Koreczne Laky I., 1973:
Examination of foraminifera in miocene rocks of the tokaj mountains hungary

Stolarik R.; Joachimsthaler J.; Tauslova S., 1981:
Examination of forest workers during logging

Hanada M.; Komatsu K.; Sato W.; Moriai N.; Nakanome C.; Sasaki M.; Ishida H., 1985:
Examination of gallbladder diseases by ultrasonic laparoscope and comparison with extracorporeal scanning

Padarathsingh, M.L.; Mccoy, J.L.; Dean, J.H.; Lewis, D.D.; Northing, J.W.; Law, L.W., 1977:
Examination of general and tumor specific cell mediated immune responses in mice bearing progressively growing plasma cytomas

Balk, S.J.; Dreyfus, N.G.; Harris, P., 1982:
Examination of genitalia in children: 'the remaining taboo'

O'Connell, M.A.; Hosticka, L.P.; Hanson, M.R., 1986:
Examination of genome stability in cultured Lycopersicon

Haars L.J.; Pitot H.C., 1980:
Examination of glycosylated alpha 2u globulin containing medium for steroid binding activity

Scholbach T., 1988:
Examination of granulocyte function with an optimized spectrophotometric nbt test

Wyman J.; Bishop G.; Richey B.; Spokane R.; Gill S., 1982:
Examination of haldanes 1st law for the partition of carbon mon oxide and oxygen to hemo globin a 0

Babayan, R.A.; Belostotskii, V.M.; Tokarev-Yu, N., 1977:
Examination of hapto globin phenotypes in the serum of patients with chronic lympho leukemia and their blood relatives

Heikkila J.J.; Ovsenek N.; Krone P., 1987:
Examination of heat shock protein messenger rna accumulation in early xenopus laevis embryos

Sey, O., 1977:
Examination of helminth parasites of marine turtles caught along the egyptian coast

Ciocnitu, V.; Dimitriu, C.; Păunescu, G.; Avram, N.; Manolescu, N.; Micu, D., 1979:
Examination of human and animal leukemic cells by high contrast scanning electron microscopy

Yamagishi M.; Nakamura H.; Suzuki S.; Hasegawa S.; Nakano Y.; Iwanaga T., 1988:
Examination of human olfactory epithelium in patients with olfactory disturbance caused by common cold immunohistochemical findings

Swenson, C.E.; O'Leary, W.M., 1980:
Examination of human semen infected with Ureaplasma urealyticum by fluorescence microscopy

Bassel, J.; Phaff, H.J.; Mortimer, R.K.; Miranda, M., 1978:
Examination of hydro carbon utilizing mutants of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Trick C.G.; Andersen R.J.; Price N.M.; Gillam A.; Harrison P.J., 1983:
Examination of hydroxamate siderophore production by neritic eukaryotic marine phyto plankton

Bokonjic M.; Regoje D.; Radovanovic S., 1982:
Examination of hyper sensitivity to penicillin and its importance

Lee C.W.; Chang H.N., 1985:
Examination of immobilized cells in a rotating packed drum reactor for the production of ethanol from d glucose

Deo Y.M.; Costerton K.W.; Gaucher G.M., 1983:
Examination of immobilized fungal cells by phase contrast microscopy and scanning electron microscopy

Baumann H.; Meyer P.; Zippel R., 1980:
Examination of immuno globulin a immuno globulin g albumin and lysozyme content in nasal and tracheo bronchial secretions in laryngectomized patients

Udvardi G., 1986:
Examination of imodium in patients suffering from acute and chronic diarrhea

Trucksess M.W.; Page S.W., 1986:
Examination of imported cheeses for aflatoxin m 1

Gern, W.A.; Greenhouse, S.S., 1988:
Examination of in vitro melatonin secretion from superfused trout (Salmo gairdneri) pineal organs maintained under diel illumination or continuous darkness

Suhonen-Polvi, H.; Määttänen, H.; Alanen, A.; Katevuo, K.; Tenovuo, A.; Kero, P.; Kormano, M., 1988:
Examination of infant brain maturation using ultra low field MRI

Bond A.M.; Bradbury J.R.; Hanna P.J.; Howell G.N.; Hudson H.A.; Strother S.; O'connor M.J., 1984 :
Examination of interferences in the stripping voltammetric determination of trimethyllead in seawater by polarography and mercury 199 and lead 207 nmr spectrometry

Goltzman, D., 1980:
Examination of interspecies differences in renal and skeletal receptor binding and adenylate cyclase stimulation with human calcitonin

Takahashi T.; Tanaka T.; Sekizawa G.; E.A., 1982:
Examination of ischemic heart disease with computed tomography

Nakamura, K.D.; Schlenk, F., 1974:
Examination of isolated yeast cell vacuoles for active transport

Ninkov D.; Savin Z., 1986:
Examination of ivomec for ovine mange

Muller A.J.; Carr P.W., 1984:
Examination of kinetic effects in the high performance liquid affinity chromatography of glyco proteins by stopped flow and pulsed elution methods

Balogh, G., 1986:
Examination of Kliostom in the prophylaxis of oral surgery cases and treatment of microbial diseases of the oral mucosa

Lentsner A.A.; Lentsner K.P.; Mikel'saar M.E.; Shilov V.M.; Kiz'ko N.N.; Syrykh G.D.; Legenkov V.I., 1981:
Examination of lacto flora isolated from the digestive tract of soyuz 13 and salyut 4 crewmembers

Pueppke S.G.; Friedman H.P.; S.L.C., 1981:
Examination of le and lele genotypes of glycine max for membrane bound and buffer soluble soybean lectin

Oulaghan, S.A.; Wills, R.B.H., 1976:
Examination of linseed linum usitatissimum for the presence of medium chain trienoic fatty acids

Luttmer, S.J.; Longo, F.J., 1986:
Examination of living and fixed gametes and early embryos stained with supravital fluorochromes hoechst 33342 and 3 3' dihexyloxacarbocyanine iodide

Gramss G., 1983:
Examination of low pathogenicity isolates of armillaria mellea from natural stands of picea abies in middle europe

Jakab, F.; Sugár, I.; Závodszky, Z.; Metzger, P.; Ughy, T., 1987:
Examination of lymph and bile composition following experimental liver transplantation in rat

Das R.; Nag N.C., 1986:
Examination of market milk collected from calcutta india and neighboring places with special reference to isolation of salmonellae

Kremer R.J.; Hughes L.B.Jr; Aldrich R.J., 1984:
Examination of microorganisms and deterioration resistance mechanisms associated with velvetleaf abutilon theophrasti seed

Szucs E.; Acs I.; Csiba A.; Ugry K., 1985:
Examination of milk production order of milking and time and intervals of milkings in cow groups of different size

Danon J.; Jakovljevic M., 1987:
Examination of mineral composition of soil and plant material from meadows in northeastern serbia yugoslavia

Regiusne Mocsenyi A.; Anke M.; Szentmihalyi S., 1985:
Examination of mineral supply of horses

Poulsen, J.S.D.; Jorgensen, G., 1986:
Examination of mink mustela vison fed a sulfuric acid preserved fish silage during lactation and growth period i. a clinical chemical examination

Poulsen, J.S.D.; Jorgensen, G., 1986:
Examination of mink mustela vison fed a sulfuric acid preserved fish silage during lactation and growth period ii. production and pathologic studies correlated to results of clinical chemical studies

Boyd, D.B.; Ott, J.L., 1986:
Examination of model enzyme and penetration systems in relation to antibacterial activity

Josserand M., 1983:
Examination of mushroom remains in the feces of a poisoned patient does it permit identification of the suspected species

Mersch-Sundermann, V.; Dickgiesser, N.; Hablizel, U.; Gruber, B., 1988:
Examination of mutagenicity of organic microcontaminant on the environment i. communication the mutagenicity of selected herbicides and insecticides with the salmonella microsome test ames test in consideration of the pathogenetic potence of contaminated ground and drinking water

Matsumoto H.; Kashimoto T.; Goto S.; Matsushita H., 1985:
Examination of mutagenicity on organic extracts from airborne particulates using salmonella typhimurium ta 1535 psk 1002

Baveja S.K.; Rao K.V.R.; Arora J., 1988:
Examination of natural gums and mucilages as sustaining materials in tablet dosage forms

Bodolay E.; Berenyi E.; Suranyi P.; Szegedi G., 1985:
Examination of natural killer function in systemic lupus erythematosus and mixed connective tissue disease

Endo, B.; Baba, H., 1986:
Examination of nonmetrical characters of the form of innominate bones from pleistocene in japan part ii. nonparametric statistical analysis

Endo, B.; Baba, H., 1985:
Examination of nonmetrical characters of the form of innominate bones from the pleistocene in japan part i. description

Detling J.K.; Ross C.W.; Walmsley M.H.; Hilbert D.W.; Bonilla C.A.; Dyer M.I., 1981:
Examination of north american bison bison bison saliva for potential plant growth regulators

Grunwaldt, H.S., 1977:
Examination of nutritive substance and heavy metal contents in urban refuse

Yashchuk E.V., 1985:
Examination of one of the hypothesis of human finger patterns heredity

Allen, B.W.; Mitchison, D.A.; Darbyshire, J.; Chew, W.W.; Gabriel, M., 1983:
Examination of operation specimens from patients with spinal tuberculosis for tubercle bacilli

Shillitoe E.J.; Hwang C.B.C.; Silverman S.Jr; Greenspan J.S., 1986:
Examination of oral cancer tissue for the presence of the proteins icp 4 icp 5 icp 6 icp 8 and gb or herpes simplex virus type 1

Bailey A.; Blackson J., 1984:
Examination of organic rich sediments structurally maintained using low viscosity resin impregnation

Bayliss C.E.; Turner R.J., 1982:
Examination of organisms associated with mucin in the colon by scanning electron microscopy

Agapkina G.I., 1988:
Examination of organoiodine substances in soil solutions by radioactive indicators and electrophoresis

Olynyk J.E.; Freitag R., 1979:
Examination of over wintering adult carabid beetles for associated mites

Borjanovic S.; Vukovic D.; Danicic O.; Solesa M.; Urosev D., 1986:
Examination of oviduct patency in cows by the phenolsulfonphthalein test

Northolt, M.D.; Mcclymont, D.M.; Harwig, J., 1976:
Examination of papads for filth and afla toxins

Devay A.; Racz I., 1988:
Examination of parameters determining particle size distribution acetylsalicylic microcapsules

Sey, O.; Vishnyakov, Y., 1976:
Examination of paramphistomid species of bulgarian domestic ruminants

Ginzburg, V.S.; Narkevich, B.Y., 1978:
Examination of partial functions of each kidney by means of radio pharmaceutical preparations

Hahn G., 1983:
Examination of passive oral immunization against enteric intoxication by staphylococcal entero toxin b

Cobourn, C.S.; Makowka, L.; Langer, B.; Taylor, B.R.; Falk, R.E., 1987:
Examination of patient selection and outcome for hepatic resection for metastatic disease

MacDermott, R.P.; Wells, R.A.; Zolyomi, S.; Pavanand, K.; Phisphumvidhi, P.; Permpanich, B.; Gilbreath, M., 1980:
Examination of peripheral blood mononuclear cells and sera from Thai adults naturally infected with malaria in assays of blastogenic responsiveness to mitogenic lectins and allogeneic cell surface antigens

Aliev E.B.; Almazov I.I.; Malyshev Y.M., 1980:
Examination of peripheral tissue circulation and oxygen tension in the blood and tissues of patients with cardiac insufficiency

Lachman M.E.; Baltes P.; Nesselroade J.R.; Willis S.L., 1982:
Examination of personality ability relationships in the elderly the role of the contextual interface assessment mode

Lukin A.A.; Koz'mina L.M.; Lysenko A.M.; Drobyshev V.I.; Naroditskaya V.A.; Rebentish B.A., 1983:
Examination of phenotypic expression of the plasmid ppl 7065 in bacillus pumilus in the autonomous and integrated state

Kujirai K.; Ooishi K.; Tamamushi N.; Miyata K.; Furukawa M.; Hiiragi K.; Sawaki S., 1988:
Examination of phonetic function in young adults and older persons

Sedlarzhova, I.; Iansova, K.; Eber, M., 1987:
Examination of pillar teeth in fixed substitutes

Wang, T.; Weitzel, H.; Hartge, R., 1980:
Examination of placenta by light and electron microscope in a woman patient with renal transplant

Hueckmann T.; Blasini R.; Haas S.; Krieglsteiner P.; Erhardt W.; Wriedt Luebbe I.; Bluemel G., 1980:
Examination of plasminogen activators and plasmin inhibitors in maternal and fetal rat lung tissue after administration of racemic carnitine hydro chloride

Bouwkamp F.T., 1985:
Examination of porcine parvovirus antibodies on a rearing farm

Braithwaite, L.W., 1976:
Examination of possible sociological influences on band return rates for mountain duck tadorna tadornoides in southeastern australia

Maccrimmon H.R.; Claytor R.R.; Gots B.L., 1983:
Examination of possible taxonomic differences within the lake erie rainbow smelt osmerus mordax

Christopher F.M.; Smith G.C.; Vanderzant C., 1982:
Examination of poultry giblets raw milk and meat for campylobacter fetus ssp jejuni

Fukuda M.; Fukuda K.; Mochizuki M., 1988:
Examination of previous cesarean section scars by ultrasound

Smith A.K.; Peterson R.L., 1983:
Examination of primary roots of asparagus officinalis infected by fusarium oxysporum f sp asparagi

Kukovics S., 1984:
Examination of production characteristics of corriedale f 1 sheep slaughter characteristics of corriedale f 1 male lambs weaned at different ages

Rushton, D.I., 1981:
Examination of products of conception from previable human pregnancies

Otaka, E.; Ooi, T.; Kumazaki, T.; Itoh, T., 1985:
Examination of protein sequence homologies 1. 11 escherichia coli l 7 l 2 type ribosomal a protein sequences from eubacteria and chloroplast

Otaka, E.; Ooi, T.; Kumazaki, T.; Itoh, T., 1985:
Examination of protein sequence homologies ii. six escherichia coli l 7 l 12 type ribosomal a protein sequences from eukaryotes and metabacteria contrasted with those from prokaryotes

Otaka, E.; Ooi, T.; Itoh, T.; Kumazaki, T., 1986:
Examination of protein sequence homologies: III. Ribosomal protein YS25 from Saccharomyces cerevisiae and its counterparts from Schizosaccharomyces pombe, rat liver, and Escherichia coli

Mayo J.B.; Kiehn T.E.; Wong B.; Bernard E.M.; Armstrong D., 1982:
Examination of pseudomonas aeruginosa gentamicin discrepancies encountered in autobac i disc diffusion comparison

Van Tonder, E.M., 1977:
Examination of rams for genital soundness

Juhr N C.; Schiller S.; Ratsch H.; Stuckenberg R., 1988:
Examination of rat embryo cell cultures for mycoplasma pulmonis with an autoradiographic method

Tonkowicz P.A.; Voogt J.L., 1983:
Examination of rat placental lactogen and prolactin at 6 hour intervals during mid pregnancy

Jennings, T.A., 1982:
Examination of real and virtual leaks in vacuum freeze dryers

Bardo J.W.; Yeager S.J.; Burdsal C.A., 1985:
Examination of response formats without anchoring items

Alberding N.; Farrell N.; Crozier E.D., 1985:
Examination of rhodium carboxylate antitumor agents complexed with nucleosides by extended x ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy

Bettag, E., 1978:
Examination of secondary effects on insects caused by using fenethcarb for the extirpation of mosquitoes

Földes, J.; Bános, C.; Csillag, J.; Lakatos, P.; Tarján, G., 1987:
Examination of serum thyrotropic hormone level by 'supersensitive' immunoradiometric assay in functioning thyroid adenoma

Zoltanne N.; Otto S.; Imre B., 1985:
Examination of several data of beef cattle production on basis of figures in 1983 and collection of data of the last 3 years

Nagy Z.; Sandi O.; Barany I., 1984:
Examination of several parameters of beef cattle production on the basis of data for state farms in 1982

Cook S.P.; Wagner T.L.; Flamm R.O.; Coulson R.N.; Dickens J.C., 1983:
Examination of sex ratios and mating habits of ips avulsus and ips calligraphus coleoptera scolytidae

Gregory M.J.; Cameron G.N., 1988:
Examination of socially induced dispersal in sigmodon hispidus

Koryagina, I.V.; Sokolova, T.A., 1978:
Examination of soil chlorites from various soil types using various extracts

Shimizu M.; Kono M.; Hasegawa M., 1982:
Examination of solitary pulmonary nodule or shadow based on computed tomography numbers

Sadovnikova N.V.; Sokolov Y.A.; Fedotov V.P., 1979:
Examination of somatotropic function of the hypophysis and of gluco corticoid function of the adrenal glands in rats with alloxan diabetes

Higley L.G.; Pedigo L.P., 1985:
Examination of some adult sampling techniques for the seedcorn maggot delia platura

Kaznacheev, V.P.; Gichev-Yu, P.; Khasnulin, V.I.; Kim-Yu, O.; Grek, O.R.; Nepomnyashchikh, G.I., 1976:
Examination of some biophysical and biochemical indices in the development of chronic experimental hepatitis

Connolly J.; O'connor F., 1982:
Examination of some factors affecting the accuracy of bulk milk chemical composition using composite and random sampling methods

Kwiatkowski, T.; Gladysz, A.; Bakowski, J., 1984:
Examination of some metabolic compounds in ruminants fed on increasing doses of urea of the food i. evaluation of liver function determining the activity of enzymes and indices of protein metabolism

Kiss, I.; Salanki, J., 1977:
Examination of some morphological properties and axonal pathways of giant neurons in the central nervous system of lymnaea stagnalis

Valerianov Ts; Popova A.; Kuyumdzhiev A., 1979:
Examination of some pesticides by the method of phage induction for mutagenic carcinogenic cancerostatic and teratogenic action

Kinbara T.; Mashimo M.; Fukushiro R., 1983:
Examination of some properties of dermatophytes for long term preservation using the periodic transfer method

Al'perin, P.M.; Zhukovskaya, E.D.; Zamchii, A.A.; Mikhailova, L.I.; Tkacheva, N.I., 1975:
Examination of some trace elements in patients with chronic hypo sideremic anemias

Alekseev, L.P.; Levitskii, E.R.; Poryadin, N.F.; Zeidlits, L.A.; Filiptsev, P.Y. ; Alekseeva, L.V.; Sarkisyan, O.M.; Polunin, A.I., 1977:
Examination of specific activity of the thymus dependent lymphocyte population in the clinical allo transplant

Toth S.; Buczolics O.; Soad E.S., 1987:
Examination of sperm production in ganders kept on two levels of protein in the second autumn production cycle

Kuckein D., 1981:
Examination of spinal canal by computed tomography

Green S.; Wiseman J.; Cole D.J.A., 1988:
Examination of stability and its effect on the nutritive value of fish silage in diets for growing pigs

Polezhaev A.A., 1984:
Examination of stability of contrasting dissipative structures

Bruns J.; Schoch U.; Arnold I., 1986:
Examination of stabilization methods for the unstable ankle joint a comparative experimental study

Regös, E.; Horvath, K.; Varga, S., 1975 :
Examination of sterilization parameters with a view to improving the quality of infusion solutions

Treiger, N.D., 1979:
Examination of sterols from milk fat

Kline, D.W.; Orme-Rogers, C., 1978:
Examination of stimulus persistence as the basis for superior visual identification performance among older adults

Krdzalic P.; Vujovic M.; Mihailovic M.; Jovanovic M.J.; Krdzalic L.; Aleksic M., 1988:
Examination of stock glycogen and functional status of cow liver using adrenaline test

Mozsik, G.; Vizi, F., 1976:
Examination of stomach wall magnesium sodium potassium ion dependent atpase atp and adp in pylorus ligated rats

Wulf J.J.; Thunell R.K.; Sandine W.E., 1983:
Examination of strain interaction in a multiple strain lactic starter culture by streptomycin resistant mutants of lactic streptococci

Reid, G.; Cook, R.L.; Bruce, A.W., 1987:
Examination of strains of lactobacilli for properties that may influence bacterial interference in the urinary tract

Loyevsky M.M.; Guseva N.R.; Belous A.M., 1987:
Examination of structural changes in erythrocyte membranes induced by freeze thawing in the presence of cryoprotectants by fluorescence probe analysis using the probe pyrene

Ogan, M.T., 1988:
Examination of surface waters used as sources of supply in the port harcourt area nigeria ii. chemical hydrology

Faragó, E., 1988:
Examination of Tardyferon depot coated tablet in patients treated by general practitioners

Kilp, H.; Schmid, E.; Vogel, A., 1982:
Examination of tear film by specular microscopy

Oikawa S.; Itazawa Y., 1983:
Examination of techniques for manometric determination of the rate of tissue respiration

Hussein, M.A., 1977:
Examination of temperature relationships of 4 soil oribatid mites

Hasle G.R., 1980:
Examination of thalassiosira type material thalassiosira minima and thalassiosira delicatula bacillariophyceae

Shabad, L.M.; Kolesnichenko, T.S.; Nikonova, T.V., 1976:
Examination of the action of afla toxin b 1 in vitro and in vivo

Firsova S.V.; Nikolaev A.V.; Mamedov L.A.; Grinkevich N.I.; Balandina I.A.; Novikova A.N.; Egorova N.D., 1988:
Examination of the acute toxicity of multicomponent antidiabetic species

Beer R.; Hamm K D.; Heimann D., 1987:
Examination of the adhesive quality of a biological fibrin glue

Tret'yakova, K.A.; Chechulin-Yu, S.; Bobkov-Yu, I.; Frolova, T.M., 1978:
Examination of the adrenal cortex function in dogs with myo cardial infarction complicated by cardiogenic shock

Frick A.; Baumeister R.G.H.; Wiebecke B., 1987:
Examination of the anatomy of the vasculature of the scapular flap

Hittner, H.M.; Gorman, W.A.; Rudolph, A.J., 1981:
Examination of the anterior vascular capsule of the lens 2. assessment of gestational age in infants small for gestational age

Zalewski J.; Jankowski S., 1981:
Examination of the anti bacterial properties of amniotic fluid in relation to selected bacterial strains

Bakonyi, G., 1978:
Examination of the applicability of the mark re capture method in german cockroaches blattella germanica

Johnson W.C.; Keller B.L., 1983:
Examination of the area of effect of snap trap transects in idaho desert usa

Pal A.; Kurjak A., 1986:
Examination of the arterial blood flow in the pregnant uterus by ultrasound

Pal A.; Asim K., 1986:
Examination of the blood flow in the pregnant uterus and fetal vessels by ultrasound

Ellison M.D.; Povlishock J.T.; Hayes R.L., 1986:
Examination of the blood to brain transfer of alpha aminoisobutyric acid and horseradish peroxidase regional alterations in blood brain barrier function following acute hypertension

Champagne G.; Fagret D., 1980:
Examination of the carotid circulation by continuous wave doppler ultrasound

Kottke D.; Beyrich T.; Friedrich W., 1985:
Examination of the catalysis of the micelles of cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide against phenylalanine arylation by 2 4 dinitrofluorobenzene

Ottaviano, M.; L.T.rre, P., 1982:
Examination of the cervix with the naked eye using acetic acid test

Williams K.L., 1980:
Examination of the chromosomes of polysphondylium pallidum following metaphase arrest by benzimidazole derivatives and colchicine

Takiff, H.; Novak, M.; Yin, L.; Iwaki, Y.; Terasaki, P.I., 1987:
Examination of the clonal deletion hypothesis following transfusions in rat cardiac transplants

Yankov L.K.; Krysteva M.A.; Kamburov M.N., 1982:
Examination of the composition of aroma forming substances of bulgarian dry table wines

Vereshchagin P.V.; Bezzubov A.A.; Rodopulo A.K., 1983:
Examination of the composition of volatile oils of edible honeysuckle lonicera edulis

Tsaplina, I.A.; Loginova, L.G.; Perevezentsev, V.P.; Golovatenko, A.T., 1976:
Examination of the conditions of protease synthesis during cultivation of the thermophilic bacterium bacillus brevis in the biotec fermentor

Gabor D., 1984:
Examination of the construction and hydromechanics of watering equipment used in large scale cattle units

Kodym, A.; Broda, H.; Dragunowicz, I., 1979:
Examination of the content of chemical substances in the preparation biostymina and in the leaves of the triennial plant aloe arborescens grown in greenhouses 7. physiochemical properties of mucilage obtained from the leaves

Suda T.; Matsuda M.; Osako K.; Ohashi Y.; Manabe R., 1982:
Examination of the corneal endothelium in keratoconus using a specular microscope

Dvoracszek, E.; Kassai, S.; Torok, I., 1988:
Examination of the correlation between serum levels of sexual steroid and bilirubin in newborn

Moore J.V., 1984:
Examination of the correlation of 1st week mortality with the gastrointestinal syndrome following chemotherapy

Johnson J.L.; Busk G.C.; Labuza T.P., 1980:
Examination of the crystallinity of food gels by x ray diffraction

Dissado L.A.; Hill R.M., 1982:
Examination of the di electric susceptibility of poly gamma benzyl l glutamate

Nakamura, Y.; Kojima, S.; Mori, H.; Nagata, M.; Miyazaki, T.; Miyamori, R.; Hattori, S.; Takahashi, M., 1987:
Examination of the direct effects of antianginal agents on the hypoxic canine myocardium

Corbel, M.J.; Eades, S.M., 1977:
Examination of the effect of age and acquired immunity on the susceptibility of mice to infection with Aspergillus fumigatus

Farkas M.; Farkas E.; Sas M., 1985:
Examination of the effect of anteovin tablets on the endometrium

Jehle J.; Loesse B.; Spiller P.; Wolter C., 1981:
Examination of the effect of aorto coronary re vascularization by means of exercise tests

Nikolic J.A.; Jovanoic M.; Andric R.; Djordjevic D.; Krsmanovic J., 1983:
Examination of the effect of copper and molybdenum on microbial protein synthesis in rumen contents using sulfur 35

Jarnicka Stanios H.; Chybowski J., 1986:
Examination of the effect of selected pesticides on the development and infectivity of ascaris suum eggs

Sequeira, S.J.; McKenna, T.J., 1985:
Examination of the effects of epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine on aldosterone production in bovine glomerulosa cells in vitro

Zinov'ev-Yu, V.; Kozlov, S.A.; Podgornaya, E.Y., 1977:
Examination of the efficacy of the replacement of acute lethal hemorrhage with polyglucin and polyglucin with the ionic composition of hanks solution

Taylor D.J.; Crowe M.; Bore P.J.; Styles P.; Arnold D.L.; Radda G.K., 1984:
Examination of the energetics of aging skeletal muscle using nmr

Tamasi L.; Dezsi A.; Sonkoly I.; Kiss E.; Balazs C.; Szegedi G., 1987:
Examination of the epidemiology of immunopathological diseases in inhabitants of hajdu bihar county hungary

Szabo, I., 1977:
Examination of the fauna in the nests of mammals and birds of hungary

Hartwig W.; Gorowski T.; Czech W.; Stopinska Gluszczak U., 1979:
Examination of the feedback procedures in the hypophysis thyroid system in recent pregnancy and after its interruption

Hoeppner W.; Reinel D.; Hartmann M., 1986:
Examination of the fertility of patients with testicular cancer at the time of orchiectomy

Johnston, C.C.; Dowers, S.L.; Urbanski, R.J., 1977:
Examination of the filterability of oxygenated erythrocytes containing normal trait or sickle cell disease type hemo globins in the presence of l epinephrine dl isoproterenol or prostaglandin a 1 prostaglandin a 2 prostaglandin e 1 prostaglandin e 2 prostaglandin f 1 alpha or prostaglandin f 2 alpha

Kido M.; Miyazaki N.; Harada S.; Nakata H., 1986:
Examination of the fine interstitial changes of pneumoconiosis with high resolution computed tomography

Ohara K.; Shimizu H., 1987:
Examination of the finishing of intraocular lenses by specular microscopy

Olifson, L.E.; Kenina-Sh, M.; Kartashova, V.L., 1978 :
Examination of the fractional composition of the lipid complex of cereals infected by the microscopic fungus fusarium sporotrichiella

Trajkovic M., 1984:
Examination of the function of lung ventilation in workers exposed to carbon monoxide in the casting and rolling division of tub factory at svetozarevo yugoslavia

Harcourt C., 1981:
Examination of the function of urine washing in galago senegalensis moholi

Zapletal L.; Cecava J.; Hornova J., 1981:
Examination of the gingiva in parodontal atrophy under scanning electron microscopy and its relation to the histological picture

Kob D.; Kriester A.; Hacker I., 1981:
Examination of the growth behavior of lung metastases of testicular tumors

Gere G., 1985:
Examination of the growth of blaberus craniifer blattidae

Simmann, J.; Jentsch, F.; Havemeister, G., 1977:
Examination of the growth of pathogenic organisms on the elastic joints made of plastic material in swimming baths

Bajomie D., 1983:
Examination of the habitats of residual urban norway rat populations after eradication

Simonsen, H.B., 1970:
Examination of the hair cuticle by differential interference microscopy

Tokuda K., 1985:
Examination of the hemodynamic effects of external cardiac massage particularly of effects influenced by compression strength and sustained compression duration

Pyman M.A.F.; Knuiman M.; Armitage T.M.; Posner A.M., 1979:
Examination of the heterogeneity of amorphous silico aluminas and allophanes using the electron micro probe

Gould, E.A.; Buckley, A.; Cammack, N.; Barrett, A.D.; Clegg, J.C.; Ishak, R.; Varma, M.G., 1985:
Examination of the immunological relationships between flaviviruses using yellow fever virus monoclonal antibodies

King S Y.P.; Fung H L., 1985:
Examination of the in vitro degradation of carbon 14 pentaerythritol tetranitrate in rat and human blood with an improved thin layer radiochromatographic procedure

Katto, K., 1987:
Examination of the indices useful for evaluation of masticatory function

Satava M.; Allah M.A.; Krizek J.; Slana O.; Picalek J.; Lindovsky R., 1985:
Examination of the influence of some factors on the live weight of ten month old lambs of merino sheep

Miyasato, Z.; Nishima, S., 1983:
Examination of the influencing on exercise induced broncho spasm of asthmatic children 1. an investigation with di sodium cromoglycate

Oikawa T.; Kyan K., 1986:
Examination of the interaction of sire and environment and the estimate of genetic parameters for carcass traits of japanese black steers

Vaught, J.L.; Mathiasen, J.R.; Raffa, R.B., 1988:
Examination of the involvement of supraspinal and spinal mu and delta opioid receptors in analgesia using the mu receptor deficient CXBK mouse

Aplin, R.T.; D'arcy-Ward, R.; Rothschild, M., 1975:
Examination of the large white and small white butterflies pieris spp for the presence of mustard oils and mustard oil glycosides

Yoshioka M., 1981:
Examination of the linear pitch model

Szendro Z., 1984:
Examination of the live weight and weight gain of growing rabbits in point of view of breeding

Ebert, E.C.; Roberts, A.I.; Brolin, R.E.; Raska, K., 1986:
Examination of the low proliferative capacity of human jejunal intraepithelial lymphocytes

Soimakallio S.; Manninen H.; Mahlamaki S., 1985:
Examination of the lumbar spine with large field image intensifier photofluorography

Singh, A.N.; Hester, L.S.; Raushel, F.M., 1987:
Examination of the mechanism of sucrose synthetase by positional isotope exchange

Coulson, P.S.; Wilson, R.A., 1988:
Examination of the mechanisms of pulmonary phase resistance to Schistosoma mansoni in vaccinated mice

Baranyi E.; Brooser G.; Borbely J.; Toth J., 1987:
Examination of the metabolic state of diabetics in an ophthalmic ward

Dittmann, J.; Ludt, H., 1979:
Examination of the metabolism of edematous brain tissue 5. the metabolism of edematous white matter from rabbit brain

Herrmann, H.D.; Dittmann, J., 1970:
Examination of the metabolism of edematous brain tissue part 1 alterations of the metabolism in the cold induced edema of the rabbit brain measured manometrically in vitro

Glockmann E.; Gruhn I.; Lange G., 1987:
Examination of the microbial colonization of the infected root canal

Kruger J.E.; Marchylo B.A., 1985:
Examination of the mobilization of storage proteins of wheat kernels during germination by high performance reversed phase and gel permeation chromatography

Szarek W.A.; Korppi Tommola S L.; Martin O.R.; Smith V.H.Jr, 1984:
Examination of the molecular properties of d fructose and l sorbose by ab initio linear combination of atomic orbitals molecular orbital method calculations

Marrie, T.J.; Noble, M.A.; Costerton, J.W., 1983:
Examination of the morphology of bacteria adhering to peritoneal dialysis catheters by scanning and transmission electron microscopy

Evill, C.A.; Wilcox, J.; Hassam, R.M.; Benness, G.T.; Arozoo, E., 1988:
Examination of the nephrographic potential of iotrol by computed tomography

Gomes A.C., 1985:
Examination of the nose for the general practitioners

Diamon J.M.; Gilpin M.E., 1982:
Examination of the null model of connor and simberloff for species co occurrences on islands

Shevelev I.A.; Lazareva N.A.; Sharaev G.A.; Novikova R.V.; Tikhomirov A.S., 1987:
Examination of the orientation scanning effect in the neurons of cat visual cortex

Koltai G.; Aranyi Z.; Czinner A., 1985:
Examination of the ouabain sensitive sodium potassium pump in essential hypertensive children of normal body weight

Morel F.; Vignais P.V., 1984:
Examination of the oxidase function of the b type cytochrome in human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Itokawa H.; Kano R.; Nakajima T.; Yasuhara T., 1985:
Examination of the pain producing amines in the venomous hairs or spines of japanese urticating caterpillars

Sudakov, K.V.; Yumatov, E.A.; Chervyakov, M.E.; Ivanova, L.I.; Vagin-Yu, E., 1977:
Examination of the pain reaction of rabbits under conditions of experimental electro acupuncture

Forsberg, L.; Olsson, A.M., 1983:
Examination of the pathological scrotum with dynamic and static ultrasound

Jones, B.; Donner, M.W., 1988:
Examination of the patient with dysphagia

Suba J.; Kiszely Vamosi A.; Legrady G.; Orban S., 1982:
Examination of the photosynthetic fixation of carbon 14 di oxide on bryophyte and lichen species

Terazaki M.; Ishii T., 1986:
Examination of the possibility of automated identification of chaetognatha utilizing an image processor

Kovács, I.; Somos, P.; Hámori, M., 1986:
Examination of the potential interaction between ketoconazole (Nizoral) and oral contraceptives with special regard to products of low hormone content (Rigevidon, anteovin)

Blake J.P.; Kling L.J., 1984:
Examination of the potential role of gamma carboxy glutamic acid in egg shell quality

Sey, O.; Sayed, R.I., 1976:
Examination of the pre parasitic stages of 2 species of fish amphistomes trematoda A.N.; Herman E.H.; Ferrans V.J., 1983:
Examination of the protective effect of icrf 187 1 2 bis 3 5 di oxo piperazin 1 yl propane and di methyl sulfoxide against acetaminophen induced hepato toxicity in syrian golden hamsters

Takeda Y.; Shirasaka K.; Hizukuri S., 1984:
Examination of the purity and structure of amylose by gel permeation chromatography

Korotaev G.K.; Gamazina E.V.; Kulachkova T.S.; Kursta E.F.; Gafurova N.D.; Avramenko L.G.; Mikhailova N.V., 1988:
Examination of the quality of calcitonin drugs obtained from porcine thyroid glands

Woggon B.; Jau B.; Meyer H.; Meyer P.; Schnyder B.; Storck U.; Taueben M., 1979:
Examination of the re test reliability of the findings of the 1st psycho pathological examination work study group for methods and documentation in psychiatry system

Wohlrab G.; Wohlrab G.; Neupert G.; Knoefler W., 1985:
Examination of the reaction of cultivated cells with respect to various phthalocyanines

Shimabayashi S.; Kojima M.; Kusada O.; Nakagaki M., 1986:
Examination of the reaction products in the aqueous phase preparation of hydrated calcium diphosphates

Horakova K.; Jantova S.; Devinsky F., 1985:
Examination of the relation between the structure and cytotoxic effect of amine oxide derivates upon the hela cell line

Karoly B., 1986:
Examination of the relationship between annual ring width and precipitation in a wood species robinia pseudo acacia l

Relethford, J.H., 1985:
Examination of the relationship between inbreeding and population size

Corbel, M.J.; Day, C.A.; Cole, D.J., 1980:
Examination of the relationship between pathological changes, immunological response and serum protein concentrations in pregnant sheep inoculated with Aspergillus fumigatus

Babos K., 1984:
Examination of the relationship between the annual ring width of quercus cerris as well as of some other wood species and the annual precipitation

Wood, M.D., 1987:
Examination of the relationship between the uptake site for 5 hydroxytryptamine and the high affinity binding site for tritiated imipramine ii. the role of sodium ions

Wood M.D.; Broadhurst A.M.; Wyllie M.G., 1986:
Examination of the relationship between the uptake system for 5 hydroxytryptamine and the high affinity tritiated imipramine binding site i inhibition by drugs

Goetze M.; Torner H.; Kauffold P.; Koenig I.; Dautzenberg H.; Loth F., 1986:
Examination of the release of immobilized substances from symplex capsules

Goltzman, D., 1978:
Examination of the requirement for metabolism of parathyroid hormone in skeletal tissue before biological action

Linne, C.; Martens, R., 1978:
Examination of the risk of contamination by poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons in the harvested crops of carrots and fungi after the application of composted municipal waste

Kitai, H.; Santulli, R.; Wright, K.H.; Wallach, E.E., 1985:
Examination of the role of calcium in ovulation in the in vitro perfused rabbit ovary with use of ethylene glycol bis beta aminoethylether n n n' n' tetraacetic acid and verapamil

Lundy P.M.; Shih T M., 1983:
Examination of the role of central cholinergic mechanisms in the therapeutic effects of hi 6 4 aminocarbonylpyridinomethoxymethyl 2 hydroxyiminomethyl pyridinium di chloride in organo phosphate poisoning

Koksal F.; Gulmezoglu E.; Akan E.; Ozcan K., 1986:
Examination of the role of chlamydia trachomatis in genitourinary infections using enzyme immunoassay and giemsa staining methods

Gaffney, M.; Altshuler, B., 1988:
Examination of the role of cigarette smoke in lung carcinogenesis using multistage models

Rani, C.S.S.; Moudgal, N.R., 1977:
Examination of the role of follicle stimulating hormone in peri ovulatory events in the hamster

Green, J.M.; Ballou, D.P.; Matthews, R.G., 1988:
Examination of the role of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase in incorporation of methyltetrahydrofolate into cellular metabolism

de Greef, W.J.; van der Schoot, P., 1979:
Examination of the role of 'non-functional' corpora lutea in the female rat

Smith P.A., 1984:
Examination of the role of the electrogenic sodium pump in the adrenaline induced hyper polarization of amphibian rana pipiens neurons

Chernesky, M.; Castriciano, S.; Mahony, J.; DeLong, D., 1985:
Examination of the Rotazyme II enzyme immunoassay for the diagnosis of rotavirus gastroenteritis

Byler D.M.; Susi H., 1986:
Examination of the secondary structure of proteins by deconvoluted fourier transform ir spectra

Nordestgaard A.; Juel O., 1979:
Examination of the seed producing capacity of some cultivars of perennial rye grass

Badura L.; Smylla A.; Szumlas J., 1986 :
Examination of the sensitivity of actinomycete to the lead ions and the attempt at their acceptation

Tomovic J.; Litricin V., 1981:
Examination of the sensitivity of the macula using the friedmann static perimeter in initial diabetic angiopathies

Polubinski J.P.; Melamed L.E., 1986:
Examination of the sex difference on a symbol digit substitution test

Voigtmann L.; Ehrhardt M.; Schorcht J.; Lehmann D., 1980:
Examination of the skin exposure with tele cesium therapy with the irradiation unit cesioterax 3

Miyazaki I.; Chiu J K., 1980:
Examination of the so called paragonimus westermani in taiwan

Peerce B.E.; Wright E.M., 1987:
Examination of the sodium induced conformational change of the intestinal brush border sodium glucose symporter using fluorescent probes

Rifai M.A.; Lyusov V.A.; Kharchenko V.I., 1985:
Examination of the sodium metabolism in essential hypertension patients by profile scanning with the nuclide sodium 22

Zurzul D.; Milivojevic D.; Nikic S., 1981:
Examination of the spread of mastitis in cows caused by staphylococcus aureus and the possibilities of curing it with antibodies

Modic P.V., 1982:
Examination of the spread of trichinellosis in the socialistic republic of serbia yugoslavia evaluation of some testing procedures and possibilities for survival of trichinella spiralis larvae in pork

Riley J., 1985:
Examination of the staple and effective land equivalent ratios

Bozdech V., 1981:
Examination of the stool for parasitic stages

Lundgren B.; Meijer J.; Depierre J.W., 1987:
Examination of the structural requirements for proliferation of peroxisomes and mitochondria in mouse liver by hypolipidemic agents with special emphasis on structural analogues of 2 ethylhexanoic acid

Lotter H.L., 1984:
Examination of the structure activity relationship of antihepatotoxic natural products silybin antamanide by x ray analysis

Kanda, S.; Maekawa, M.; Kohno, H.; Sudo, K.; Hishiki, S.; Nakamura, S.; Kanno, T., 1984:
Examination of the sub cellular distribution of tri peptide amino peptidase ec and evaluation of its clinical usefulness in human serum

Olorundare O.E.; Rudy T.A., 1986:
Examination of the subdiencephalic rat brain for sites mediating prostaglandin e 1 induced pyrexia

Fenner R.A.; Lephardt J.O., 1981:
Examination of the thermal decomposition of kraft pine lignin by fourier transform ir evolved gas analysis

Jackle M.; Geiges O.; Schmidt Lorenz W., 1988:
Examination of the thermal inactivation of alkaline phosphatase alpha amylase salmonella typhimurium salmonella senftenberg 775 w pseudomonas aeruginosa and staphylococcus aureus in egg yolk

Sarvary L.; Rigo K.; Keresztes T.; Meszaros M.H., 1984:
Examination of the thimet g 10 uptake of maize hybrids

Hedin, H., 1976:
Examination of the tintinnid ciliate parafavella denticulata by scanning electron microscopy and the bodian protargol technique

Roberts, V.J.; Gorenstein, C., 1987:
Examination of the transient distribution of lysosomes in neurons of developing rat brains

Abraham, A., 1977:
Examination of the ultrastructure of herbst corpuscles

Pal A.; Kurjak A., 1987:
Examination of the umbilical vein blood flow by ultrasound

Goldwasser, B.; Sarig, S.; Azoury, R.; Orda, S.; Boichis, H.; Wax, Y.; Many, M., 1985:
Examination of the urinary potential of hyperuricosuric patients to retard calcium oxalate precipitation

Terzic L.; Terzic V.; Slavic M., 1985:
Examination of the usefulness of florisil as an adsorbent in the toxicologico chemical demonstration of warfarin

Smith, L.J.; Schaible, K.L.; Fessler, R.G.; Rachlin, J.R.; Brown, F.D., 1987:
Examination of the utility of the rat as an animal model for human anticoagulation

Baller, D.; Jonas, W.; Sigmund-Duchanova, H.; Prennschuetz-Schuetzenau, H.; Zipfel, J.; Hellige, G., 1978:
Examination of the validity of the diastolic pressure time index as an estimate of myo cardial oxygen supply with special reference to the diastolic pressure time index tension time index ratio

Tuba, Z., 1977:
Examination of the vertical pigment structure in an oak forest

Janitschke, K.; Lichy, S.; Westphal, C., 1982:
Examination of thermally polluted water for free living amoebae and testing for their possible pathogenic properties

Stojkovic Atanackovic M.; Jeremic S.; Popovic M., 1987 :
Examination of thermolabile enterotoxin produced in aeromonas hydrophila isolates on tissue cultures

Baars F., 1987:
Examination of three body dimensions in newborns of the gynecological hospital of brandenburg east germany over a period of 21 years

Gerard R.V.; Maclean D.B.; Antonio T.M., 1986:
Examination of three siparuna species for alkaloid content

Tsveibakh, A.S., 1978:
Examination of thymus derived cell and bone marrow derived cell markers in chronic lympho leukemia

Thompson J.A.J.; Nassichuk M.D.; Paton D.W.; Reid B.J.; Farrell M.A., 1986:
Examination of tissue metal burdens and metal binding proteins in the golden king crab lithodes aequispina benedict from alice arm and hastings arm british columbia canada

Krupa, B., 1979:
Examination of trace element concentration in the myometrium of pregnant women

Bargman, J.; Leonard, S.L.; McNeely, E.; Robertson, C.; Jamison, R.L., 1984:
Examination of transepithelial exchange of water and solute in the rat renal pelvis

Karr, T.L.; Purich, D.L., 1978:
Examination of tubulin nucleotide interactions by protein fluorescence quenching measurements

Acuff G.R.; Vanderzant C.; Gardner F.A.; Golan F.A., 1982:
Examination of turkey eggs poults and brooder house facilities for campylobacter jejuni

Hawkins, D.B.; Montgomery, A.A.; Prosek, R.A.; Walden, B.E., 1987:
Examination of two issues concerning functional gain measurements

Dodson G.; George S.B., 1986:
Examination of two morphs of gall forming aciurina diptera tephritidae ecological and genetic evidence for species