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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5417

Chapter 5417 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kupletskaya M.B., 1981:
Examination of tyrosine and 3 4 di oxy phenyl alanine synthesis by citrobacter freundii strain 62

Hammond, G.W.; Mauthe, G.; Joshua, J.; Hannan, C.K., 1985:
Examination of uncommon clinical isolates of human adenoviruses by restriction endonuclease analysis

Matthias, M.; Pradel, I., 1978:
Examination of urinary alkylating cyclo phosphamide metabolite excretion in tumor patients

Grudzien, M., 1975:
Examination of urinary estrogens in women with uterine myoma cervical and ovarian carcinomas as compared with those found in women with functional bleeding during climacterium

Tischendorf D., 1987:
Examination of urinary tract by ultrasonic in term pregnancy

Ryznar V.; Erban J.; Pohanka J., 1986:
Examination of uteroplacental blood flow with indium 113m in physiological pregnancies

Eiben B.; Fischer K., 1984:
Examination of various blood parameters in fallow deer dama dama during the course of the year

Rost T.L.; Wang P.; Lambert C., 1979:
Examination of vegetative organs of jojoba simmondsia chinensis for stored wax

Syromyatnikov Y.P.; Ovakimov V.G., 1982:
Examination of vestibular apparatus sensitivity to galvanic current stimulation

Kleinebeckel, D., 1978:
Examination of weisss modulation hypothesis in regenerating hind limb nerves of xenopus laevis tadpoles

Tolson, N.D.; Boothroyd, B., 1982:
Examination of whole cell mounts by transmission electron microscopy using cultures grown on carbon coated coverslips

Rozhkova, N.I., 1977:
Examination of women with secernent mammary glands

Kukovics S.; Safar L.; Utasi J., 1984:
Examination of wool quality parameters of pure bred corriedale rams

Hasegawa H.; Sato M.; Okonogi K.; Shimaoka A.; Tsuruta H., 1979:
Examination of workers in polymerization process of vinyl chloride monomer

Sandberg, E.C.; Hebard, J.C., 1977:
Examination of young women exposed to stilbestrol in utero

Namikawa K.; Kashimura R.; Hamada M.; Fuyama M.; Kanno Y., 1985:
Examination on dosing frequency of genaseg by a new evaluation method of chemotherapeutic effect

Dickgiesser N.; Rittweger F., 1979:
Examination on the behavior of gram positive and gram negative bacteria in aqua bidest and tap water at different initial colony counts at different temperatures

Ebisuno T.; Takimoto M., 1981:
Examination on the bio degradability of guanyl compounds

Tolgyesi G.; Nagy B., 1986:
Examination on the correlation between the sodium content of the ration and urine of pigs

Sandor H.; Zsolt S., 1982:
Examination on the milk production of does

Watanabe M.; Yanagisawa M.; Fukuda S.; Takahashi I.; Matsumoto M., 1986:
Examination prevention and treatment of the congenital dislocation of the hip in the newborn experience over an eighteen year period

Johansson, G.; Laakso, M.L.; Karonen, S.L.; Peder, M., 1987:
Examination stress affects plasma levels of TSH and thyroid hormones differently in females and males

Johansson, G.G.; Laakso, M.L.; Peder, M.; Karonen, S.L., 1988:
Examination stress decreases plasma level of luteinizing hormone in male students

Barilla M.; Bossi P., 1981:
Examination with the double contrast method in the study of the resectioned stomach

Dickgiesser, N., 1978:
Examinations about the behavior of gram positive and gram negative bacteria in dry and moist atmosphere

Halle E.; Halle H.; Guenther E.; Guenther E.; Grauel E.L.; Schmidt G., 1987:
Examinations about the frequency of group b streptococci diseases clinical epidemiologic study

Menzel K.; Buchenau W.; Artjuschenko T.; Nissel C.; Heitsch J., 1986:
Examinations about the influence of a short time aerogenic hypoxia on the behavior of heart rate and blood pressure of newborn piglets

Dickgiesser, N., 1979 :
Examinations about the mutual influence of bacteria in aqueous medium with minimal nutritive substances

Hasse-Sander, I.; Gross, G.; Huber, G.; Peters, S.; Schüttler, R., 1982:
Examinations by psychological tests in basic stages and pure residual syndromes of schizophrenic diseases

Selypes A.; Berencsi G., 1985:
Examinations concerning the development of lymphoma following intraperitoneal transplantation of akr mouse lymphoma cells into hybrid mice

Kutzner J.; Goldhofer R.; Kreienberg R.; Lemmel E.M., 1979:
Examinations done to determine the effects of radio therapy on the immunity situation of tumor patients

Reincke I.; Straube W.; Briese V., 1986:
Examinations for evidence of circulating immune complexes in serum during normal pregnancy and pregnancy induced hypertension by precipitation with polyethylene glycol

Ambrosch, F.; Stemberger, H.; Kundi, M.; Wiedermann, G., 1978:
Examinations for small pox allergy with the aid of a modified skin test

Baehr R.V.; Timm M.; Forebe I., 1983:
Examinations for the detection of stimulant induced cyto toxicity of human mononuclear cells in short term culture

Boehmer B., 1980:
Examinations for the registration of leaf and bud nematode attack aphelenchoides spp in strawberry plantations

Meier C.; Amtsberg G., 1980:
Examinations for treponema hyodysenteriae by culture and fluorescent antibody test

Van Beuningen D.; Streffer C.; Wuebbelt F J., 1984:
Examinations in the small intestine of mice after fractionated neutron and x ray irradiation

Jueptner, H., 1978:
Examinations in tropical medicine of an isolated region of the central highlands of western new guinea

Fiedorowicz, R.; Moniuszko-Jakoniuk, J.; Wisniewski, K., 1983:
Examinations of contribution of brady kinin in the action of dopamine in circulatory system of rats 3. influence of brady kinin on chosen metabolic effects of dopamine

Kaneko Y., 1985:
Examinations of diagnostic characters mammae and bacula between eothenomys smithi and eothenomys kageus

Pozvai E.; Terpo A.; Nyeki J., 1984:
Examinations of flower morphology in sour cherry

Scherk, F.; Agthe, O., 1986:
Examinations of hens' eggs for residues of chloramphenicol using radioimmunoassay

Galos G., 1984:
Examinations of interactions in the course of the simultaneous use of cavinton saluretic and beta receptor blocker with special regard to blood pressure

Schwytzer, F.X., 1977:
Examinations of lengthwise growth of vertebral bodies

Adamski J.; Bucko J.; Fischer Z.; Pislewski N., 1981:
Examinations of normal and neoplastically transformed myometrium with the technique of nmr

Eriksson B.; Laane M.M., 1982:
Examinations of nuclear behavior during the sexual cycle in the diplontic oomycete phytophthora palmivora

Wagner M.; Kollorz W., 1987:
Examinations of occupational medicine in 7 ethylene oxide loaded nurses

Wollert H G.; Pannwitz H G.; Panzner R., 1988:
Examinations of pericardial fluid in heart and lung diseases

Plakolli M., 1985:
Examinations of phenol degrading ability of bacterial cultures isolated from phenolic waste waters of the place for drying of the plant kosovo in obilic yugoslavia

Doszpod J.; Toeroek M.; Prievara F.; Csakany M.G.; Gati I., 1984:
Examinations of placental perfusion endocrine parameters and nonstress test in cases of intrauterine growth retardation

Voigt R.; Stoll W., 1980:
Examinations of renal function during the 1st half of pregnancy

Itoh T.J.; Sato H.; Kobayashi A., 1987:
Examinations of spindle structures modified by t 1 the mitotic arrester

Zimmer A.; Neumann G.; Guelke L., 1985:
Examinations of the biological resistance system in the sports medical practice

Masztalerz A.; Bujwidowa B.; Jagielska I.; Masztalerzowa Z.; Potoczek J.; Szczepanska H.; Warych B., 1985:
Examinations of the correlation between crowding and selected dental indices

Kloetzer K H.; Kob D.; Lauterbach H., 1980:
Examinations of the effectiveness of metronidazole in combination with radiation therapy

Eigener U.; Behrens U., 1984:
Examinations of the efficacy of a skin disinfectant

Jozsefne B., 1982 :
Examinations of the efflorescence and yield biology of pinus

Worms F.; Kozariszcuzuk G.; Hunger K L., 1985:
Examinations of the heart rate frequency at the aerobic anaerobic transition during bicycle ergometry in subjects of great and middle ages

Wojcik S.; Saba L.; Bialkowski Z.; Rozaniecka K., 1986:
Examinations of the metabolic profile of blood in goats

Ebert R.; Barrot R.; Bleichert J.; Voigtlaender D., 1986:
Examinations of the occupational exposure to chromium and its compounds

Schneider H G.; Adelani C.; Jaudszus M.; Klug W.; Volkmann M., 1987:
Examinations of the periodontal disease index of ramfjord and the parodontopathic index of koetzschke

Peiker G.; Schroeder S.; Mueller B., 1985:
Examinations of the pharmacokinetics of ampicillin in pregnant women suffering from a h gestosis during the last trimester of the pregnancy

Linss G.; Burchardt U.; Klagge M.; Bauerhorst V.; Stark E.; Barth A., 1988:
Examinations of the serum dipeptidylpeptidase iv activity in patients suffering from an atopic eczema during a six week stay at a health resort at the baltic sea

Schacht, W.; Gruber, H., 1980:
Examinations of the specific effect of low doses of ionizing radiation on the seed of culture plants

Nowacki J.; Lawandowska S.; Przymus J., 1985:
Examinations of the stability of listeria monocytogenes strains passaged through experimental animals treated with hydrocortisone

Ricklefs, G., 1968:
Examinations of the way of life of glaucoma patients

Karoly N., 1982:
Examinations of tree color in the cielab system

Grudzien M., 1979:
Examinations of urinary estrogens in women with uterine myomas before and after hysterectomy

Ramisz A.; Urban E.; Balicka Laurans A., 1986:
Examinations of usefulness of fasinex triclabendazole in the treatment of fluke disease in sheep

Wolff W.; Schneider H G., 1984:
Examinations of variants of treatment for the dolor postextractionem

Mersmann, B.; Haupt, H., 1971:
Examinations on accidental hypo thermia of pre term babies part 1 frequency and significance of the accidental hypo thermia

Mersmann, B.; Haupt, H., 1971:
Examinations on accidental hypo thermia of pre term babies part 2 why does the body temperature of pre term babies drop before admission to hospital

Mersmann, B.; Haupt, H., 1971:
Examinations on accidental hypo thermia of pre term babies part 3 environmental temperature during the transport of pre term babies in a heated incubator

Fiedorowicz, R.; Moniuszko-Jakoniuk, J.; Wisniewski, K., 1983:
Examinations on contribution of brady kinin in the action of dopamine in circulatory system of rats 1. influence of brady kinin in the action of dopamine on arterial blood pressure of rats

Fiedorowicz, R.; Moniuszko-Jakoniuk, J.; Wisniewski, K., 1983:
Examinations on contribution of brady kinin in the action of dopamine in circulatory system of rats 2. influence of brady kinin in the action of dopamine on the vessel perfusion of the isolated hind paw of rats

Hagedorn, H., 1969:
Examinations on correlations between the distribution of thiamin in podzol soil and its micro flora

Gruen, L.; Heyn, U., 1982:
Examinations on disinfectants resistance of bacteria 5. increase in the disinfectants resistance against amphotenside of serratia marcescens cultivated in water with different chemical compounds

Distler W.; Albrecht H.; Morgenstern J.; Scheele J.; Somville T., 1981:
Examinations on maternal morbidity and mortality during delivery and puerperium

Lingelbach H.; Opitz W.; Meyer P., 1987:
Examinations on phenol contamination of ground water by lixiviation of deposited phenol containing rubber wastes

Woloszyn S.; Andrychiewicz J., 1986:
Examinations on specific prophylaxis against leptospirosis in breeding foxes

Gwinner, E., 1969:
Examinations on the annual periodicity of warblers the development of the plumage weight and of the migratory restlessness in young birds of the species phylloscopus bonelli phylloscopus sibilatrix phylloscopus trochilus and phylloscopus collybita

Prager J.; Baumert A.; Hermann J.; Fuchs D.; Sauerbrey A.; Reiners B.; Zintl F., 1988:
Examinations on the behavior of vaccination antibodies in children after bone marrow transplantations part 1

Subasic D.; Mielke M., 1988:
Examinations on the biofeedback training in stuttering adults

Ivanov A.A.; Mozaiskij A.M., 1981:
Examinations on the efficient range of radiation protection of sodium citrate using mathematical planning

Barrot R.; Bleichert J.; Ebert R.; Voigtlaender D., 1985:
Examinations on the mercury hazards in research and industrial laboratories

Krolak M.; Chylinski G.; Stryszak A.; Nowosielski T.; Marciniecki W., 1981:
Examinations on the occurrence of bovine pig and sheep nonspecific antibodies against brucella spp procedure in diagnostic studies

Gaal M., 1982:
Examinations on the prolific maternal line of hungarian fine wool merino female x cadzov male f 1 population

Weyreter, H.; O'donoghue, P.J., 1982:
Examinations on the sero diagnosis of sarcocystis infections 1. antibody development in mice and pigs

Bergert K D.; Maehrlein W.; Nestler K.; Zehner C.; Neubert I.; Selbmann K., 1985:
Examinations on the strain of the organism by the solvent xylene

Vetter J.; Haraszti E.; Lokos L., 1985:
Examinations on trypsin inhibitors of pea varieties

Hoffman L.; Molitor H.; Schmidt M., 1982:
Examinations regarding the loss of ammonia in the system soil liquid dung of cattle or pigs caustic lime

Adám, J.; Garamvölgyi, G., 1984:
Examinations with Anteovin, a biphasic contraceptive

Tuck, J.P., 1978:
Examinees control of item difficulty sequence

Ambjornsen E.; Rise J.; Haugejorden O., 1984:
Examiner errors associated with measurement of denture plaque

Valachovic, R.W.; Douglass, C.W.; Berkey, C.S.; McNeil, B.J.; Chauncey, H.H., 1986:
Examiner reliability in dental radiography

Fischman, S.; Picozzi, A.; Juliano, D.; Slakter, M.; English, J., 1976:
Examiner standardization for caries studies

Greenberg, R.P.; Gordon, M., 1983:
Examiner's sex and children's Rorschach productivity

Wallbrown, F.H.; Reuter, E.K.; Barnett, R.W., 1988:
Examining 16 pf scores for male felons in a reception and diagnostic facility part i. four point codes

Copeland A.P.; Reiner E.M.; Jirkovsky A.M., 1984:
Examining a premise underlying self instructional techniques

Smurthwaite T.J.; Mcdonald R.D., 1987:
Examining ecological concern among persons reporting mystical experiences

Moore J.J.; Mullis R.L.; Mullis A.K., 1986:
Examining metamemory within the context of parent child interactions

Ahmad M.H.; Eaglesham A.R.J.; Hassouna S., 1981:
Examining serological diversity of cowpea vigna unguiculata rhizobia by the enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay technique

Lothner D.C.; Hoganson H.M.; Rubin P.A., 1986:
Examining short rotation hybrid poplar investments by using stochastic simulation

Todorov N.A., 1980:
Examining some elements of a technology of treating coarse forages with sodium hydroxide after the dry method

Silverstein M.L.; Chaifetz R.A., 1984:
Examining the chapman and chapman theory of schizophrenia through continuous word association with 2 nosological systems

O'Brien, M.L., 1987:
Examining the dimensionality of pathological narcissism: factor analysis and construct validity of the O'Brien Multiphasic Narcissism Inventory

Ahmad M.N.; Eaglesham A.R.J.; Hassouna S.; Seaman B.; Ayanaba A.; Mulongoy K.; Pulver E.L., 1981:
Examining the potential for inoculant use with cowpeas vigna unguiculata in west african soils

Eslinger, P.J.; Damasio, H.; Graff-Radford, N.; Damasio, A.R., 1984:
Examining the relationship between computed tomography and neuropsychological measures in normal and demented elderly

Robbins L.; Travis J., 1986:
Examining the relationship between functional gender and gender specialization in hermaphroditic plants

Engel G.; Borostyankoi T., 1984:
Examining the relationship between the performances of trotters aged 3 and 5

Giovagrandi Y.; Arbeille P.; Pourcelot D.; Paillet C.; Tariel D.; Magnin G.; Loyer N.; Berger C.; Body G.; Pourcelot L., 1987:
Examining umbilical arteries using a doppler technique its place in monitoring pregnancy

Herrmann W.M.; Roehmel J.; Streitberg B.; Willmann J., 1983:
Example for applying the comstat multi modal factor analysis algorithm to electro encephalogram data to describe variance sources

Maugeri, G.; Leonardi, S., 1974:
Example of a maquis with juniper and mastic in southern sicily italy

Boissel J.P.; Ferry S.; Gallois P., 1984:
Example of a method for testing the efficacy of prescribers information system

Gervais P.; Sauvageot F., 1984:
Example of a test battery to assess individual sensory tasting capacities

Bonnet, L.; Cassagnau, P.; Deharveng, L., 1976:
Example of disturbance of biocenotic equilibrium by de forestation the populations of edaphic collembolans of piau dengaly hautes pyrenees france

Lambrecht G.; Moser U.; Mutschler E., 1980:
Example of false quantitative structure activity relationship prediction about spasmolytic xanthenyl mandelates

Stigter C.J., 1984:
Example of mulch use in micro climate management by traditional farmers in tanzania

Heinicke W., 1982:
Example of presentation of scientific knowledge of rabies in man and animals in 1800

Belyi, V.P.; Nadezhdin, D.S., 1977:
Example of the complex recording of somato autonomic manifestations of instrumental behavior in rats during intra cerebral and drinking reinforcement

Sakurai M., 1981:
Example of the distribution pattern of aquatic insect larvae in a temporally dried out stream

Vyslouzil J., 1985:
Example of the method for estimating the recreational attractivity of productive forests

Rossoll A., 1984:
Examples of a modern water ecological orientation in flood protection engineering

Panetta, C.A.; Miller, A.L., 1978:
Examples of amino acid trans aminations with o formyl benzoic acid

Poelt J., 1983:
Examples of analogous thallus differentiation in lichens almbornia speerschneidera seirophora new genus

Randall J.E., 1981:
Examples of anti tropical and anti equatorial distribution of indo west pacific fishes

Becker Platen J.D.; Schumann H., 1980:
Examples of damage to nature in the hannover west germany area and adjacent regions

Andrade D.F.D.; Noleto A.Q., 1986:
Examples of fractional replications for fitting quadratic polynomial models

Klir S., 1987:
Examples of integrated protection of underground waters

Kuroda, N., 1976:
Examples of masculinized female pintails anas acuta

Radoman, P., 1978:
Examples of micro geographic speciation in lake ohrid yugoslavia and adrioinsulana new genus

Hueser, R., 1971:
Examples of nonsymbiotic binding of atmospheric nitrogen in forests with grass m

Gruber, G., 1976:
Examples of organic causes for developmental disturbances in childhood indicated by clinical syndrome according to leiber olbrich

Passarge H., 1987:
Examples of predatory animal cenoses in the brandenburg march east germany

Wittekopf G.; Ruehl H., 1984:
Examples of surface electromyographic studies to assess the muscular coordination of athletic processes of motion

Magnussen K., 1981:
Examples of temperature susceptible pigment formation in chinchilla rabbits with the pigment gene be in various kinds of disorders that lower skin temperature inadequate nutrition goiter spastic paralysis

Barillere J.M.; Benard P., 1986:
Examples of the interpretation of tasting results

Cauboue M., 1984:
Examples of the use of principal component analysis and discriminant analysis in phytoecology

Pratt T.K., 1984:
Examples of tropical frugivores defending fruit bearing plants

Langeland J., 1982:
Exanthema fixum due to uv radiation

Grøn, I.; Winther, A., 1988:
Exanthema in 2 patients with ulcerative colitis treated with Pentasa

Devlieger, H.; Melchior, S.; Jaeken, J.; De-Cock, P.; Eggermont, E., 1978:
Exanthema in sepsis neonatorum

Sala F.; Crosti C.; Bencini P.L.; Perotta E.; Andreani B.; Greppi F.; Bertani E.; Mansi M., 1987:
Exanthema of the erythema multiforme type due to the prolonged topical application of a metallic mercury based lotion

Gayral P.; Fresnel J., 1979:
Exanthemachrysis gayraliae prymnesiophyceae pavlovales ultrastructure and taxonomic discussion

Vespa M.P.; D.C.sare G.; Assensio A.M.; Casalli N.; Midulla M., 1986:
Exanthemas and respiratory virus infections

Sonntag M.R.; Zoppi M.; Fritschy D.; Maibach R.; Stocker F.; Sollberger J.; Buchli W.; Hess T.; Hoigne R., 1986:
Exanthemas under frequently used antibiotics and antiinfectious chemotherapeutics penicillins especially aminopenicillins cephalosporins and co trimoxazole and allopurinol results of the comprehensive hospital drug monitoring berne switzerland

Isbrucker I.J.H.; Nijssen H., 1985:
Exastilithoxus hoedemani new species of mailed catfish from rio marauia amazonas brazil

Kaul, U.; Kapil, R.N., 1974:
Exbucklandia populnea from flower to fruit

Kandan, S.; Wada, Y., 1978:
Excavated cranium from the funatoyama kofun ancient mound

Tohjinbara H.; Aosaki S.; Maruta S.; Sakaki N.; Shimotatara K.; Tokushige M.; Nakahara S.; Arimura K.; Higo K.; E.A., 1987:
Excavated lesions in the fornix of the stomach with special reference to the location and macroscopic findings

Lemarie E.; Belin T.; Lemaire B.; Lavandier M.; Toumieux B., 1986:
Excavated thin walled pulmonary metastases from sarcoma of the cervix uteri

Beggs I.; Freeman A.H., 1982:
Excavated tumors of the gut

Davies, O.; Macdonald, J., 1978 :
Excavation of a shell midden at umhlanga rocks natal south africa

Henry D.O.; Davis S.; Leroi Gourhan A., 1981:
Excavation of hayonim terrace israel an examination of terminal pleistocene climatic and adaptive changes

Loehrl H., 1982:
Excavation of nest holes by titmice parus and nuthatch sitta europaea

Hoeksema B.W., 1983:
Excavation patterns and spiculae dimensions of the boring sponge cliona celata from the southwestern netherlands

Schweitzer F.R., 1979:
Excavations at die kelders cape province south africa the holocene deposits

Rivallain J.; Van Neer W., 1983:
Excavations at koyom southern chad a study of the archaeological material and of the animal bones

Monro, D.F.; Spies, C.W., 1975:
Excavations at musimbira bikita district rhodesia

Harsant W.J., 1981:
Excavations at oue pa n 43 35 south auckland new zealand

Smith R.H., 1985:
Excavations at pella of the decapolis 1979 1985

Davies, O., 1975:
Excavations at shongweni south cave the oldest evidence to date for cultigens in southern africa

Watters D.R., 1987:
Excavations at the harney site slave cemetery montserrat west indies

Nioradze, M.G., 1976:
Excavations in the sakazhia cave georgian ssr ussr

Bochenski Z.; Ginter B.; Kozlowski J.K.; Mook W.G.; Muszynski M.; Nadachowski A.; Stworzewicz E.; Szyndlar Z., 1985:
Excavations of the rock shelters in zalas near krakow poland

Luetgemeier J.; Neumann D., 1986:
Excentric rotating irradiation in orl tumors

Neustadt D.; Paoloski G.B.; Neustadt D.; Gunning J.C., 1985:
Exception vascular access for hemodialysis its use in emergencies

Mukhtar H.; Das M.; Khan W.A.; Wang Z.Y.; Bik D.P.; Bickers D.R., 1988:
Exceptional activity of tannic acid among naturally occurring plant phenols in protecting against 7 12 dimethylbenz a anthracene benzo a pyrene 3 methylcholanthrene and n methyl n nitrosourea induced skin tumorigenesis in mice

Reid P.C.; Hunt H.G.; Jonas T.D., 1983:
Exceptional blooms of diatoms associated with anomalous hydrographic conditions in the southern bight north sea in early 1977

Althoff H., 1983:
Exceptional causes of acute cardiac arrest

Rothmund, M.; Hofmann, S.; Baumann, W.; Knolle, J., 1978:
Exceptional clinical courses of granulomatous colitis in children and adolescents

Wrazidlo W.; Kussmann J., 1987:
Exceptional dilatation of the colon resulting from an adult idiopathic megacolon

Doebley J.F.; Goodman M.M.; Stuber C.W., 1986:
Exceptional genetic divergence of cultivar northern flint corn zea mays ssp mays

Friedlander B.Z.; Sterritt G.M.; Kirk G.E., 1975:
Exceptional infant vol 3 assessment and intervention

Macey, D.J.; Cake, M.H.; Potter, I.C., 1988:
Exceptional iron concentrations in larval lampreys (Geotria australis) and the activities of superoxide radical detoxifying enzymes

Lockshin, A.; Giovanella, B.C.; D.I.olyi, P.D.; Williams, L.J.; Mendoza, J.T.; Yim, S.O.; Stehlin, J.S., 1985:
Exceptional lethality for nude mice of cells derived from a primary human melanoma

Budu T.; Purea P.; Vladulescu V., 1986:
Exceptional location of hydatid cyst

Dunson, W.A.; Swarts, F.; Silvestri, M., 1977:
Exceptional tolerance to low ph of some tropical black water fish

Feng Y.; Krupp G.; Gross J.H., 1985:
Exceptionally high and diverse mutation rates in insects small ribosomal rna

Jaap, R.G.; Forssido, T., 1976:
Exceptionally large eggs from dwarf leghorn pullets

Feldmann R.M.; Babcok L.E., 1986:
Exceptionally preserved conulariids from ohio usa reinterpretation of their anatomy

Briggs D.E.G.; Robison R.A., 1984:
Exceptionally preserved nontrilobite arthropods and anomalocaris from the middle cambrian of utah usa

González Santander, R.; Martínez Cuadrado, G.; Rubio Sáez, M., 1988 :
Exceptions to Cajal's neuron theory: communicating synapses

Yuill, N.; Perner, J., 1987:
Exceptions to mutual trust children's use of second order beliefs in responsibility attribution

Phillips, D.M., 1968:
Exceptions to the prevailing pattern of tubules 9 plus 9 plus 2 in the sperm flagella of certain insect species psocus ctenocephalides felis mayfly mosquito caddis fly treehopper

Rozhold O., 1980:
Exceptions to the rules of proprioception among muscle spindles in the muscles of the human head

Monteiro, E.S., 1977:
Excerpts from a personal perspective of medicine in Singapore in the last 50 years

Tracey, M.L.; Bellet, N.F.; Gravem, C.D., 1975:
Excess allozyme homo zygosity and breeding population structure in the mussel mytilus californianus

Benoit G.R.; Grant W.J., 1985:
Excess and deficient water stress effects on 30 years of aroostook county maine usa potato yields

Lee, E.S.; Roberts, R.E.; Labarthe, D.R., 1976:
Excess and deficit lung cancer mortality in 3 ethnic groups in texas usa

Johansen, L.; Orstavik, T.B.; Nustad, K.; Holck, M., 1983:
Excess antibody immunoassays for rat glandular kallikreins ec measurement of kallikrein from different organs in the presence of cross reacting antigens

Tilak, M.A.; Hoffmann, J.A., 1977:
Excess azide method for peptide synthesis

Belinskii, V.P., 1987:
Excess body weight its fat and muscular components in the diagnosis of the initial levels of alimentary obesity in women

Anderson, C.K.; Fine, L.J.; Herrin, G.D.; Sugano, D.S., 1985:
Excess days lost as an index for identifying jobs with ergonomic stress

Tillet H.E.; Smith J.W.G.; Gooch C.D., 1983:
Excess deaths attributable to influenza in england and wales uk age at death and certified cause

Massie H.R.; Williams T.R.; Aiello V.R., 1985:
Excess dietary aluminum increases drosophila melanogaster rate of aging

Veltmann, J.R.; Jensen, L.S.; Rowland, G.N., 1986:
Excess dietary vitamin A in the growing chick: effect of fat source and vitamin D

D.M.rianis, B.; Olmo, E.; Giuditta, A., 1979:
Excess DNA in the nuclei of the subesophageal region of octopus brain

Barone, G.; Castronuovo, G.; Elia, V.; Stassinopoulou, K.; Della-Gatta, G., 1984:
Excess enthalpies of aqueous solutions of amides and saccharides glycine n acetylglycinamide and aldopentoses at 298.15 kelvin

Barone G.; Cacace P.; Castronuovo G.; Elia V., 1981:
Excess enthalpies of aqueous solutions of mono saccharides and oligo saccharides at 25 celsius

Wallace, A.; Mueller, R.T.; Romney, E.M., 1976:
Excess ethylenediamine di o hydroxyphenyl acetic acid in the nutrient solution on iron uptake by bush bean plants

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Excess hydration of cationic and anionic detergents in presence and absence of inorganic salts sucrose and urea

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Excess mortality from traffic accidents among elderly pedestrians living in the inner city

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Excess of beta subunit of tsh in patients with idiopathic central hypo thyroidism due to the secretion of tsh with reduced biological activity

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Excess of cancer deaths in close relatives of patients with bilateral retinoblastoma

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Excess of interfering over infectious particles in herpes simplex virus passaged at high multiplicity of infection and their effect on single cell survival

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Excess polymorphism at the Adh locus in Drosophila melanogaster

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Excess release of substance p from the spinal cord of mice during morphine withdrawal and involvement of the enhancement of presynaptic calcium entry

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Excess trace metal effects on cotton part 3 chromium and lithium in solution culture

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Excess trace metal effects on cotton part 4 chromium and lithium in yolo loam soil

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Excess trace metal effects on cotton part 6 nickel and cadmium in yolo loam soil

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Excessive accommodation of the eye in desk workers

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Excessive accumulation of cerebro spinal fluid in the infantile subarachnoid space differentiation from subdural effusion

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Excessive accumulation of folic acid in uremic patients on dialysis

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Excessive antidiuretic hormone secretion after radical cystectomy

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Excessive binding of natural anti alpha galactosyl immunoglobulin g to sickle erythrocyte may contribute to extravascular cell destruction

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Excessive bleeding during at hepatic resection after experimental liver de nervation

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Excessive cerumen production due to the aromatic retinoid Tigason in a patient with Darier's disease

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Excessive consumption of alcohol in men as a biological influence factor in clinical laboratory investigations

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Excessive consumption of sodium chloride in arterial hypertension habit or necessity?

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Excessive daytime sleepiness and insomnia association with deviated nasal septum and nocturnal breathing disorders

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Excessive deposition of abdominal fat cellularity of adipose tissues and occurrence of fatty liver in female broilers of five strains

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Excessive deposition of fibrin, platelets and platelet thrombi on vascular subendothelium during contraceptive drug treatment

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Excessive doses of caerulein stimulate pancreatic secretion and promote pancreatic growth in newborn rats

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Excessive drinking by rats with septal lesions during hypo volemia induced by sub cutaneous colloid treatment

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Excessive excretion of beta alanine and of 3 hydroxypropionic acid r and s 3 aminoisobutyric acids r and s 3 hydroxyisobutyric acids and s 2 hydroxymethylbutyric acid probably due to a defect in the metabolism of the corresponding malonic semialdehydes

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Excessive fatigue of rats caused by heavy exercise 3. electrophoretic studies on blood protein

Nukui, T.; Ichiki, H., 1980:
Excessive fatigue of rats caused by heavy exercise 4. changes in serum protein with the lapse of time during forcible exercise

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Excessive fragmentary myoclonus in non rapid eye movement sleep a report of 38 cases

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Excessive growth of cultured beta cells from an adult patient with beta cell hyperplasia

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Excessive handling as a cause of hypoxemia

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Excessive hepatic accumulation of intra cellular calcium in chlordecone potentiated carbon tetra chloride toxicity

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Excessive hepatic glycogen storage in glucose phosphate isomerase ec deficiency

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Excessive ingestion of iodide by the rat during pregnancy and lactation effects on rna transcription in the pups brain

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Excessive intra cellular acidosis of skeletal muscle on exercise in a patient with a post viral exhaustion fatigue syndrome phosphorus 31 nmr study

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Excessive lead absorption resulting from exposure to lead naphthenate

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Excessive masturbation of childhood: a symptom of tactile deprivation?

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Excessive mirror movements and aggression

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Excessive permeability in diabetic maculopathy

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Excessive plasma concentrations of tri cyclic anti depressants resulting from usual doses 6 cases

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Excessive plasma dopamine increase at rest and during exercise after long term beta adreno receptor blockade in hypertensive patients

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Excessive polycythemia of high altitude: role of ventilatory drive and lung disease

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Excessive right subdiaphragmatic fat: a potential diagnostic pitfall

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Excessive suppressor thymus derived cell activity of the rheumatoid synovial tissue in x linked hypo gamma globulinemia

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Excessive transitory migration of guppy populations 1. analysis of sensory cues and mechanisms

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Excessive twinning in a rural American genealogy: the demographic pedigree

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Excessive work of breathing during intermittent mandatory ventilation

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Exchange acidity in soils application to the altitudinal soil sequence of mount aigoual france

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Exchange adsorption of trace quantities of cadmium in soils treated with calcium and sodium a reappraisal

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Exchange and hydration properties of copper ion on mixed ion sodium ion copper ion smectites

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Exchange and localization of tritium and oxygen 18 from water and substrates by mitochondria

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Exchange and mass efflux of cholesterol in macrophages. Evidence for a common mechanism and a role for plasma membrane proteins

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Exchange and stability of HeLa ribosomal proteins in vivo

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Exchange area and surface properties of the microvasculature of the rabbit submandibular gland following duct ligation

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Exchange between gases in the atmosphere and dissolved gases in water

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Exchange between the ribosomal RNA genes of X and Y chromosomes in Drosophila melanogaster males

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Exchange dynamics of chamber humor and gonioscopic value in the pigmentary form of open angle glaucoma

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Exchange of adenylic nucleotides and bacterial growth

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Exchange of histone h 1 and h 5 between chromatin fragments a preference of h 5 for higher order structures

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Exchange of hydrogen at carbon 21 during dehydroxylation of deoxy cortico sterone by mixed cultures of human fecal flora

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Exchange of individuals as an integrity maintaining mechanism in ant settlements

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Exchange of information concerning atmospheric pollution by certain sulfur compounds and suspended particulates in the european community annual report for jan. to dec. 1977

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Exchange of krypton 85 between blood vessels of the human uterine adnexa

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Exchange of labeled nuclei in the carbon di oxide bi carbonate solvent system catalyzed by carbonic anhydrase ec

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Exchange of lipids between spermatozoa and seminal plasma in normal and pathological human semen

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Exchange of macromolecules between peritoneal cavity and plasma

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Exchange of marked juvenile spots between adjacent tidal creeks in the york river estuary virginia usa

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Exchange of nitrate and the products of bacterial nitrate reduction between sea water and sediment from a uk salt marsh

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Exchange of occluded catheters with transcatheter and pericatheter maneuvers

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Exchange of organic molecules between the environment and tubifex tubifex part 2 release of bi tri carboxylic acid by specimens exposed to different environmental conditions

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Exchange of oxime functions a useful reaction in gas chromatography mass spectrometry analysis of steroids/

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Exchange of oxygen and carbon di oxide across the water surface during algal blooms in a pond

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Exchange of oxygen between phosphate and water catalyzed by the plasma membrane ATPase from the yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe

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Exchange of phosphatidyl choline between small uni lamellar liposomes and human plasma high density lipo protein involves exclusively the phospho lipid in the outer mono layer of the liposomal membrane

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Exchange of phospho lipids between low density and high density lipo proteins of squirrel monkeys

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Exchange of potassium and strontium in adult bone

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Exchange of pronuclei during conjugation in the suctorian ciliate heliophrya erhardi is mediated by a microtubule filament network

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Exchange of radioactive and para magnetic lecithin between blood platelets and high density lipo proteins

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Exchange of sister chromatids in cell lines derived from Burkitt's lymphoma

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Exchange of some radio nuclides between the environment and fresh water algae

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Exchange of sterols between myelin and other membranes of developing rat brain

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Exchange of sulfur and some of its compounds in patients with mycoses of the foot

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Exchange of various phospho lipids and of cholesterol between liposomes in the presence of highly purified phospho lipid exchange protein

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Exchange processes over a middle atlantic bight shelfbreak canyon usa

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Exchange properties and mineralogy of some soils derived from lavas of lower old red sandstone devonian age part 2 mineralogy

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Exchange properties of solid ground soils from lauragais france dynamics of ammonium and potassium ions

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Exchange properties of the activator carbon dioxide of spinach ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase

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Exchange rate of sodium in epiphyseal cartilage a study of sodium 24 efflux analysis

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Exchange rates and numbers of annular lipids for the calcium and magnesium ion dependent atpase

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Exchange rates of oxygen and carbon dioxide between an algal culture and atmosphere

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Exchange rates of the amide protons of d biotin sulfoxide stereoisomers

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Exchange reactions between atp and pyro phosphate in isolated chloroplasts

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Exchange reactions catalyzed by acetate kinase ec

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Exchange reactions catalyzed by methioninase ec from pseudomonas putida isolation and characterization of the exchange products

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Exchange reactions of both immune systems and their clinical results

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Exchange technique final development and application to the measurement of the cytosol linkage of 5 alpha androstane 3 beta 17 beta diol and 17 beta estradiol to estrogen receptor in the male rat anterior pituitary

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Exchange transfusion and major surgery in acute hepatic failure

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Exchange transfusion by means of volumes by weight control

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Exchange transfusion in acute episodes of maple syrup urine disease studies on branched chain amino acids and keto acids

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Exchange transfusion therapy in pediatric burn shock

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Exchange transfusion via arterio venous lines for the treatment of endo toxin shock in rabbits

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Exchange transplantation of the liver in the pig

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Exchange vs net uptake of exogenously applied gamma amino butyric acid in retina

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Exchangeability of heart calcium in cardiomyopathic hamsters

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Exchangeable potassium levels for maximum crop yields on soils of different cation exchange capacities

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Exchangeable producer and scrounger roles in a captive flock of feral pigeons columba livia a case for the skill pool effect

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Exchangeable reserve potassium in soils of rajasthan

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Exchangeable sodium in rats with goldblatt 2 kidney 1 clip hypertension

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Exchangeable sodium subplasticity and hydraulic conductivity of some australian soils

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Exchangeable trans hepatic drainage in benign obstructions of the proximal hepatic duct

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Exchanges at the bobbed locus of Drosophila melanogaster

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Exchanges of land vertebrate faunas between europe and northwest africa in the upper messinian

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Exchanges of sodium and chloride at low salinities by Nereis diversicolor (Annelida, Polychaeta)

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Excimer laser ablation of the lens

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Excimer laser angioplasty quantitative comparison in vitro of three uv wavelengths on tissue ablation and hemolysis

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Exciplex formation between indole derivatives and polar solutes

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Excipuloid stroma ontogeny in peziza quelepidotia

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Excised barley root uptake of several carbon 14 labeled organic compounds

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Excised group ii introns in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae mitochondria are lariats and can be formed by self splicing in vitro

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Excised human neoplastic tissues are more sensitive to heat than the adjacent normal tissues

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Excised leaf water retention capability as an indicator of drought resistance of triticum genotypes

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Excised lupine lupinus luteus cotyledons as a system for studying the mechanisms of cytokinin action

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Excised root culture of dioscorea floribunda for diosgenin synthesis

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Excised twig assay for the study of apple malus pumila tree crown rot pathogens in vitro

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Excision alcohol replantation method for bone grafting after tumor resection

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Excision alcoholization replantation method an alternative method of bone grafting following bone tumor resection a preliminary report

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Excision and delayed closure of pilonidal sinuses

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Excision and duplication of dna inserts in plasmid inverted repeats

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Excision and duplication of su 3 plus transducing fragments carried by bacterio phage phi 80 part 2 red dependent or rec dependent excision and duplication

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Excision and fixation of central nervous system

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Excision and grafting in treatment of recurrent pilonidal sinus disease

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Excision and post replication dna repair capacities enhanced transformation and survival of syrian hamster embryo cells irradiated by light

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Excision and recombination of adenovirus DNA fragments in Escherichia coli

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Excision and replication of extrachromosomal DNA of pea (Pisum sativum)

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Excision and wire fixation of rigid myelomeningocele kyphosis

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Excision arthropathy of the hip in an ongole bull a case report

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Excision arthroplasty of the humero radial joint

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Excision biopsy of the spleen by ultrasonic guidance

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Excision of 4 nitro quinoline 1 oxide damage and transformation in mouse cells

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Excision of a brain stem epidermoid cyst in a 12 month old boy

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Excision of an intact intron as a novel lariat structure during pre messenger rna splicing in vitro

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Excision of apurinic and or apyrimidinic sites from dna by nucleolytic enzymes from rat brain

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Excision of bartholin duct cysts using the carbon dioxide laser

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Excision of copia element in a revertant of the white apricot mutation of drosophila melanogaster leaves behind 1 long terminal repeat

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Excision of dna segments introduced into cloning vectors by the double stranded poly deoxy adenylic acid poly deoxy thymidylic acid joining method

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Excision of Ds produces waxy proteins with a range of enzymatic activities

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Excision of epithelial tumors carbon di oxide laser vs conventional methods

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Excision of hemivertebrae in children with congenital scoliosis

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Excision of large basal cell carcinomas problems and planning

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Excision of o 6 methyl guanine from dna of various mouse tissues following a single injection of n methyl n nitroso urea

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Excision of oral leukoplakias by carbon dioxide laser on an out patient basis a useful procedure for prevention and early detection of oral carcinomas

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Excision of orbital tumor through trans frontal approach

Przystasz T., 1984:
Excision of peripheral lymph nodes for diagnostic purposes in surgical practice

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Excision of pulmonary and renal aspergillomas. Its use in treating chronic granulomatous disease of childhood

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Excision of pyelo caliceal diverticulum under renal hypo thermia

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Excision of pyrimidine dimers by several uv sensitive mutants of schizosaccharomyces pombe

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Excision of pyrimidine dimers from nuclear dna in uv irradiated dictyostelium discoideum

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Excision of skin tumors without wound closure

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Excision of submucus fibroids with hysteroscopic control

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Excision of symptomatic coalition of the middle facet of the talocalcaneal joint

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Excision of the 40 kilobase segment of the tol plasmid from pseudomonas putida mt 2 involves direct repeats

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Excision of the ciliary body (Sautter procedure) as a last resort in secondary glaucoma

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Excision of the dba ecotropic pro virus in dilute coat color revertants of mice occurs by homologous recombination involving the viral long terminal repeats

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Excision of the distal ulna in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

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Excision of the lunate in kienboeck's disease results after long term follow up

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Excision of the plasmid containing inserted human satellite iii dna from chinese hamster chromosomes after the fusion of hamster cells with human cells

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Excision of the ulnar head in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

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Excision of thymine dimers from the dna of uv irradiated plant seedlings

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Excision of tissue from chick embryo spinal cord under stereomicroscope observation description of the technique and application to the study of cholinergic enzymes

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Excision of tumors of humerus and femur with restoration by internal prostheses

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Excision of uv damage and the effect of irradiation on dna synthesis in a strain of blooms syndrome fibroblasts

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Excision repair and DNA synthesis with a combination of HeLa DNA polymerase beta and DNase V

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Excision repair characteristics of recb minus res minus and uvrc minus strains of escherichia coli

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Excision repair following uv irradiation in toluene treated escherichia coli

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Excision repair functions in Saccharomyces cerevisiae recognize and repair methylation of adenine by the Escherichia coli dam gene

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Excision repair in ataxia telangi ectasia fanconis anemia cockayne syndrome and blooms syndrome after treatment with uv radiation and n acetoxy 2 acetylamino fluorene

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Excision repair in drosophila melanogaster analysis of strand breaks appearing in dna of mei 9 mutants following mutagen treatment

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Excision repair in mutants of escherichia coli deficient in dna polymerase i and or its associated 5 prime to 3 prime exo nuclease

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Excision repair in permeable arrested human skin fibroblasts damaged by uv 254 nanometer radiation evidence that alpha polymerase and beta polymerase act sequentially at the repolymerization step

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Excision repair in uv 254 nanometer damaged non dividing human skin fibroblasts a major biological role for dna polymerase alpha

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Excision repair of thymine glycols, urea residues, and apurinic sites in Escherichia coli

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Excision repair of uracil during replication of phage phi x 174 dna in vitro

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Excision repair of uracil in higher plant cells uracil dna glycosylase and sister chromatid exchanges

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Excision repair of uracil incorporated in dna as a result of a defect in deoxy utpase

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Excision repair of uv damage in mammalian cells evidence for 2 steps in the excision of pyrimidine dimers

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Excision repair of uv induced and chemically induced damage in the dna of fibroblasts derived from 2 closely related species of marine fishes

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Excision repair of uv induced or benzo a pyrene diol epoxide induced lesions in xeroderma pigmentosum variant cells is error free

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Excision repair of uv irradiated dna in plasmolyzed cells of escherichia coli

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Excision repair participates in the weigle reactivation of uv light irradiated phage phi x 174 double stranded dna

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Excision repair properties of isogenic rec negative mutants of escherichia coli k 12

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Excision sequences in the mitochondrial genome of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Excisional biopsy and delayed wide excision vs. primary wide excision of malignant melanoma

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Excitability and calcium exchange of intestinal smooth muscle guinea pig taenia coli below the critical temperature for spontaneous activity

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Excitability and NADH fluorescence of spontaneously active portal veins in relation to glucose withdrawal

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Excitability to beta endorphin morphine and catecholamines of the vas deferens of the rat at different stages of development

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Excitable active electrogenic ion transport units in the plasmalemma of nitellopsis obtusa

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Excitable artificial membrane mimicking nervous membrane

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Excitable channels in nitellopsis obtusa as part of an active ion transport system

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Excitable membrane and submembranous fibrous proteins

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Excitable properties of olfactory receptor neurons

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Excitant activity of methyl derivatives of quinolinic acid on rat cortical neurons

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Excitation adaptation and de adaptation of the cyclic amp mediated cyclic gmp response in dictyostelium discoideum

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Excitation and axonal flow auto radiographic study on moto neurons intra cellulary injected with a tritiated amino acid

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Excitation and contraction in muscle cell with calcium electrogenesis

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Excitation and de excitation processes in lanthanide chelates bearing aromatic side chains

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Excitation and inhibition in unblocking

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Excitation and inhibition of cardiac vagal moto neurons by electrical stimulation of the carotid sinus nerve

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Excitation by dopamine of putative oxytocinergic neurons in the rat supraoptic nucleus in vitro evidence for 2 classes of continuously firing neurons

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Excitation by ethanol of rat muscle spindles

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Excitation conduction in Auerbach's plexus of rabbit small intestine

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Excitation conduction in Meissner's plexus of rabbit small intestine

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Excitation contraction coupling during poisoning with 2 4 di nitro phenol and recovery in papillary muscle of guinea pig 1. effect on cardiac mechanical activity

Re, G.G.; Ageno, R., 1981:
Excitation contraction coupling during poisoning with 2 4 di nitro phenol and recovery in papillary muscle of guinea pig 2. effect on cardiac electrical activity

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Excitation contraction coupling frog rana pipiens ventricle possible calcium transport mechanisms

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Excitation contraction coupling heart part 7 calcium accumulation in sub cellular particles in congestive heart failure

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Excitation contraction coupling in cardiac muscle fiber

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Excitation contraction coupling in cardiac purkinje fibers effects of caffeine on the intra cellular calcium ii transient membrane currents and contraction

Wier W.G.; Hess P., 1984:
Excitation contraction coupling in cardiac purkinje fibers effects of cardiotonic steroids on the intra cellular calcium ii transient membrane potential and contraction

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Excitation contraction coupling in crab callinectes danae muscle fibers with swollen t tubules

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Excitation contraction coupling in frog conus arteriosus

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Excitation contraction coupling in frog ventricle evidence from voltage clamp studies

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Excitation contraction coupling in mammalian cardiac muscle during barium induced contracture

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Excitation contraction coupling in myocardium of nonhibernating and hibernating chipmunks tamias sibiricus effects of isoprenaline a high calcium medium and ryanodine

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Excitation contraction coupling in normal and myopathic hamster hearts 1. identification of a calcium pool involved in contraction

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Excitation contraction coupling in normal and myopathic hamster hearts 3. functional deficiencies in interstitial glyco proteins

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Excitation contraction coupling in normal myopathic hamster hearts 2. changes in contractility and calcium pools associated with development of the cardio myopathy

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Excitation contraction coupling in portal vein smooth muscle cells under noradrenaline action

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Excitation contraction coupling in spiking smooth muscle in the gill of aplysia

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Excitation contraction coupling in the short twitch muscle fiber of the xenopus as examined by voltage clamped depolarization contraction

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Excitation contraction coupling role of potassium activation within the transverse tubular system

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Excitation contraction uncoupling in skeletal muscle by dantrolene sodium

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Excitation contraction uncoupling of striated muscle fibers by formamide treatment evidence of de tubulation

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Excitation dependent and rest dependent shifts of calcium in guinea pig ventricular myo cardium

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Excitation energy distribution in green algae the existence of 2 independent light driven control mechanisms

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