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Experimental attempts to induce ocular infection in cats with subperiodic Brugia malayi

Joon-Wah, M.; Sivanandam, S.

Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health 1: 21-29


ISSN/ISBN: 0125-1562
PMID: 1027103
Accession: 005421850

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In an attempt to determine whether the finding of human ocular lesions due to B. malayi was due to the site of entry of the infective larvae, cats were infected via ocular instillation, subconjunctival inoculation, subcutaneous inoculation around and infective mosquito bites over the eyes. Although no conjunctival lesion was seen patent infections were produced via ocular instillation, subconjunctival and subcutaneous inoculation of infective larvae. Adult worms were also recovered from periorbital tissues. Adult worms were localized mainly in the lymphatic system of the head and neck regions of the cat. The results show that the conjunctival lesions seen in humans could be due to the site of bite of the mosquito and thus the entry of the infective larvae.

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