Experimental data on the toxicity of organochlorine pesticides on the hematopoietic system

Balea, M.; Micu, D.; Cheţa, N.; Schioiu, L.; Talasman, V.

Revista de Medicina Interna Neurologe Psihiatrie Neurochirurgie Dermato-Venerologie. Medicina Interna 36(3): 271-276


ISSN/ISBN: 1220-0905
PMID: 6084278
Accession: 005422559

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Male Rap strain mice were used to test the extent to which DDT and lindane modify the reactivity of the hemopoietic system. The 140 mice were divided into 3 groups, the 1st being exposed to benzene vapors, the 2nd to variable concentrations of DDT and lindane, and the 3rd being a control group. All 3 groups were subsequently exposed to benzene vapors. A leukocyte count was made from peripheral blood before and after the exposure to benzene. The organochlorine pesticides increased sensitivity to benzene, there existing a linear correlation between the concentration of pesticide and the increment in sensitivity. The effect studied persisted for a long period of time.