Experimental data on toxicology of the ester of ethyl carbitol and fatty acids

Beketov, A.I.; Fomochkin, I.P.; Barsukov, N.P.; Gusev, G.F.; Kipisheneva, E.D.; Levandovskii, V.B.; Svistov, V.V.; Chumak, A.I.; Puida, T.V.

Farmakologiya i Toksikologiya 43(3): 358-363


Accession: 005422561

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In acute experiments on white rats and mice, the ester of ethylcarbitol and fatty acids was not toxic. LD50 intragastrically was 36.5 g/kg for rats and 22.75 g/kg for mice. Threshold and sub-threshold doses equal to 1.825 and 0.730 g/kg, respectively, were determined in subacute experiments on rats. The ester of ethylcarbitol and fatty acids was a moderately cumulative substance.