Section 6
Chapter 5,424

Experimental infection of calves and sheep with leptospira interrogans balcanica

Durfee, P.T.; Presidente, P.J.A.

Australian Journal of Experimental Biology and Medical Science 57(5): 447-454


ISSN/ISBN: 0004-945X
Accession: 005423649

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Of 4 calves inoculated with L. interrogans serovar balcanica, 2 developed low microscopic agglutinating (MA) titers to L. interrogans serovar hardjo. A 3rd calf had an MA titer of 1:1024 by day 19 post-inoculation (PI). Transient leptospiruria was recorded in 1 calf on days 12 and 13 PI. An in-contact calf did not seroconvert. None of the calves had fever or other clinical signs of disease. Four ewes inoculated with L. interrogans serovar balcanica developed MA titers to L. interrogans serovar hardjo by day 13 PI and a transient leptospiruria between days 14 and 25 PI. None of the ewes showed any evidence of clinical disease and 3 of them delivered healthy lambs 22-64 days PI. One ewe had mild lesions of focal interstitial nephritis.

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