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Experimental infections of brush tailed possums trichosurus vulpecula common wombats vombatus ursinus and water rats hydromys chrysogaster with serovars leptospira interrogans balcanica and leptospira interrogans hardjo

Durfee, P.T.; Presidente, P.J.A.

Australian Journal of Experimental Biology and Medical Science 57(3): 231-240


ISSN/ISBN: 0004-945X
Accession: 005423921

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Of 12 brush-tailed possums inoculated with L. interrogans serovar balcanica, 11 developed microagglutination (MA) antibody to hardjo antigen by 14 days post-inoculation (PI). Leptospiruria was observed in 2 possums at 117-145 days PI. Of 6 possums inoculated with serovar hardjo, 4 developed low short-lived titers by day 18 PI. Two of 3 wombats inoculated with balcanica had high MA titers (.gtoreq. 1:128) by day 16 PI and liptospiruria occurred by day 16. One wombat inoculated with hardjo developed a low MA titer. Low transitory MA titers to hardjo were found in 1 of 3 water rats after inoculation with balcanica and 1 of 2 given hardjo. Histopathological examination of kidneys revealed mild to moderately severe focal interstitial nephritis in 4 of 8 possums, in 2 wombats and in 2 water rats following experimental infection with balcanica. Similar lesions were observed in 2 of 4 possums, 1 wombat and 2 water rats following experimental infection with hardjo.

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