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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 5426

Chapter 5426 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Tokarnia, C.H.; Dobereiner, J., 1975:
Experimental poisoning by baccharis coridifolia in cattle

Tokarnia, C.H.; Dobereiner, J.; Peixoto, P.V., 1985:
Experimental poisoning by conium maculatum umbelliferae in cattle and sheep

Dobereiner, J.; Gava, A.; Consorte, L.B.; Tokarnia, C.H., 1986:
Experimental poisoning by mascagnia pubiflora malpighiaceae in rabbits

Tokarnia, C.H.; Dobereiner, J.; Canella, C.F.C., 1987:
Experimental poisoning by mascagnia rigida malpighiaceae in rabbits

Tokarnia, C.H.; Dobereiner, J., 1982:
Experimental poisoning by palicourea juruana rubiaceae in bovines and rabbits

Tokarnia, C.H.; Peixoto, P.V.; Dobereiner, J., 1986:
Experimental poisoning by palicourea marcgravi rubiaceae in sheep

Tokarnia, C.H.; Dobereiner, J.; Canella, C.F.C., 1975:
Experimental poisoning by the leaves of ricinus communis in cattle

Menezes Filho, J.A.B., 1985:
Experimental poisoning by the pods and pericarp of dimorphandra mollis leguminosae caesalpinioideae in rabbits

Tokarnia, C.H.; Dobereiner, J.; Amorim, P.R.; Gava, A.; Consorte, L.B., 1986:
Experimental poisoning by vernonia mollissima compositae in rabbits

Gava, A.; Peixoto, P.V.; Tokarnia, C.H., 1987:
Experimental poisoning by vernonia mollissima compositae in sheep and cattle

Dobereiner, J.; Tokarnia, C.H.; Gava, A.; Consorte, L.B., 1985:
Experimental poisoning in cattle by the pods of dimorphandra gardneriana leguminosae caesalpinioideae

Tokarnia, C.H.; Doebereiner, J., 1984:
Experimental poisoning of cattle by senecio brasiliensis compositae

Locke, K.B.; McEwan, D.R.; Hamdorf, I.J., 1980:
Experimental poisoning of horses and cattle with Swainsona canescens var horniana

Rezende, A.M.L.D.; Tokarnia, C.H.; Dobereiner, J., 1981:
Experimental poisoning of rabbits by the pericarp of the fruit of ricinus communis euphorbiaceae

Poirier, A.; Baudin Laurencin, F.; Bodennec, G.; Quentel, C., 1986:
Experimental poisoning of the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri by engine diesel oil mortalities hematological changes histology

Kagan, G.Ya; Vul'fovich Y.V.; Zil'fyan A.V.; Zheverzheeva, I.V.; Gamova, N.A., 1982:
Experimental poly arthritis induced by mycoplasma fermentans in rabbits

Yoshimura, H.; Yoshihara, S.; Koga, N.; Kawano, K.; Nagata, K.; Wada, I.; Yamauchi, Y.; Masuda, Y.; Yamaryo, T.; E.A., 1981:
Experimental poly chlorinated bi phenyls poisoning in rhesus monkeys and crab eating monkeys 2

Peskova, T.N., 1980:
Experimental poly embryony in hens gallus gallus domestica

Svyatogor, G.P.; Svyatogor, L.N., 1977:
Experimental poly embryony in the common frog rana temporaria

Frangioni, G.; Borgioli, G., 1982:
Experimental polycythemia by lactate in triton

Morrissy, N.M., 1979:
Experimental pond production of marron cherax tenuimanus decapoda parastacidae

Cetl, I., 1976:
Experimental population genetics of arabidopsis thaliana

Lyttle, T.W., 1977:
Experimental population genetics of meiotic drive systems part 1 pseudo y chromosomal drive as a means of eliminating cage populations of drosophila melanogaster

Lyttle, T.W., 1979:
Experimental population genetics of meiotic drive systems part 2 accumulation of genetic modifiers of segregation distorter in laboratory populations

Tadei, W.P.; Bicudo, H.E.M.D., 1981:
Experimental populations of drosophila prosaltans drosophila saltans and their hybrids 1. chromosomal evolution

Stephano Hornedo, A.; Edington, N., 1987:
Experimental porcine cytomegalovirus encephalitis in gnotobiotic piglets histopathological study

Niebroj Dobosz, I.; Mayzner Zawadzka, E., 1982:
Experimental porcine malignant hyperthermia: the activity of certain transporting enzymes and myofibrillar calcium-binding protein content in the muscle fibre

Niebrój-Dobosz, I.; Kwiatkowski, H.; Mayzner-Zawadzka, E., 1984:
Experimental porcine malignant hyperthermia: macromolecular characterization of muscle plasma membranes

Del, C.Rios, D.M.lina M.; Billi, S.C.; D.C.lmanovici R.W.; San Martin, D.V.ale L.C., 1984:
Experimental porphyria produced by chlorinated hydrocarbons studies on porphyrinogen carboxy lyase in the experimental model of human porphyria cutanea tarda

Sima, A.A.; Kennedy, J.C.; Blakeslee, D.; Robertson, D.M., 1981:
Experimental porphyric neuropathy: a preliminary report

Kono, K.; Ohnishi, K.; Omata, M.; Saito, M.; Nakayama, T.; Hatano, H.; Nakajima, Y.; Sugita, S.; Okuda, K., 1988:
Experimental portal fibrosis produced by intraportal injection of killed nonpathogenic Escherichia coli in rabbits

Iramain, C.A.; Owasoyo, I.O.; Olowookere, I.O., 1980:
Experimental post natal mal nutrition in rats and its effect on the regional concentration of acetyl cholin esterase in the brain

Chakravarthy, U.; Maguire, C.J.F.; Archer, D.B., 1986:
Experimental posterior perforating ocular injury a controlled study of the gross effects of localized gamma irradiation

Stanford, M.R.; Brown, E.C.; Kasp, E.; Graham, E.M.; Sanders, M.D.; Dumonde, D.C., 1987:
Experimental posterior uveitis. I: A clinical, angiographic, and pathological study

Stanford, M.R.; Robbins, J., 1988:
Experimental posterior uveitis. II. Electroretinographic studies

Jansson, I.; Bäckstrand, B.; Rammer, L.; Lennquist, S., 1985:
Experimental posttraumatic pulmonary microembolism. Effects of methylprednisolone on its development

Düsing, R.; Bartter, F.C.; Gill, J.R.; Harrison, L.; Bhathena, S.J.; Recant, L.; Kramer, H.J., 1980:
Experimental potassium depletion in normal man

Corbett, A.J.; Pollock, M., 1981:
Experimental potassium depletion myopathy

Razina, T.G.; Udintsev, S.N.; Prishchep, T.P.; Yaremenko, K.V., 1987:
Experimental potentiation of selectivity of the action of the cytostatics cyclophosphamide and 5 fluorouracil using a scutellaria baicalensis georgi extract

Kalinin, Y.T.; Vorob'ev A.A.; Parfenov, V.V.; Titushkina, T.D.; Fridman, A.Ya; Andreev, V.A.; Yanulaitis, A.A.; Bumyalis, V.; Marchenko, V.I., 1985:
Experimental preclinical study of human interferon obtained by genetic engineering on the basis of the recombinant clones of escherichia coli 74 and pseudomonas sp vg 84

Losonczy, G.; Todd, H.; Palmer, D.C.; Hertelendy, F., 1988:
Experimental preeclampsia neurohormonal responses to uteroplacental ischemia induced in pregnant rabbits

Jensen, L.S.; Dybdahl, H.; Juhl, C., 1986:
Experimental prehepatic portal hypertension and esophageal varices in the rabbit

Osipova, E.G.; Solyanik, R.G.; Fedorov, Y.V.; Tymchishin, P.N., 1987:
Experimental preparation of split and whole virion tick borne encephalitis vaccines and the characterization of their immunogenic and antigenic properties

Zemskov, M.V.; D'yachkova S.Ya; Stepanov, I.I., 1981:
Experimental prerequisites for preventing staphylococcal infections with a toxoid rna mixture

Bakracheva, N.; Vlakhov, V.; Zafirov, D., 1986:
Experimental prerequisites for usage of extracts from a representative of the sort potentilla as an antivaricose drug

Baubinene, A.; Domarkene, S.; Klumbene Yu; Kuprenite Ya; Misyavichene, I.; Motuza, A.; Prokhorskas, R.; Reklaitene, R.; Tamoshyunas, A.; E.A., 1981 :
Experimental preventive and prospective epidemiological studies of ischemic heart disease in kaunas lithuanian ssr ussr

Kumar, M.L.; Prokay, S.L., 1983:
Experimental primary cytomegalovirus infection in pregnancy: timing and fetal outcome

Tsubokawa, T.; Nakamura, S.; Hayashi, N.; Miyagami, M.; Taguma, N.; Yamada, J.; Kurisaka, M.; Sugawara, T.; Shinozaki, H.; Et-Al, 1975:
Experimental primary fatal head injury caused by linear acceleration bio mechanics and pathogenesis

Orsetti, M., 1986:
Experimental procedure for estimating the dissociation constant of noncompetitive interactants. Part I

Orsetti, M., 1986:
Experimental procedure for estimating the dissociation constant of noncompetitive interactants. Part II

Berezhinskaya, V.V.; Solov'ev, V.N.; Dolgova, G.V., 1977:
Experimental procedure for quantitative estimation of pain reaction due to drug injection

Fagerberg, D.J.; Quarles, C.L.; Ranson, J.A.; Williams, R.D.; Williams, L.P.; Hancock, C.D.; Seaman, S.L., 1976:
Experimental procedure for testing the effects of low level antibiotic feeding and therapeutic treatment on Salmonella typhimurium var. copenhagen infection in broiler chicks

Naito, K.; Aritomi, M., 1980:
Experimental procedures for food instruction 3. convenient procedure to demonstrate decreased vitamin c in food

Broadley, R.H., 1979:
Experimental procedures used in insecticide screening trials against heliothis spp lepidoptera noctuidae larvae on tobacco in north queensland australia

Quinn, T.C.; Taylor, H.R.; Schachter, J., 1986:
Experimental proctitis due to rectal infection with Chlamydia trachomatis in nonhuman primates

Prakash, K.; Pillai, P.K.; Sharma, K.B., 1982:
Experimental production of acute glomerulo nephritis by various serotypes of beta hemolytic streptococci

Chatterjee, P.C.; Mukherjee, G., 1977:
Experimental production of adjuvant arthritis in female rats

Herbst, M.; Lehmhus, H.; Oldenburg, B.; Orlowski, C.; Ohgke, H., 1983:
Experimental production of aerosols with constant concentration of bacteria labeled particles

Ruban, V.Ts, 1983:
Experimental production of auto tetra ploids in mulberry silkworm

Horák, V.; Bestová, D.; Vejbora, O., 1987:
Experimental production of colicin type V of Shigella sonnei unusual in nature

Vavilov, P.P.; Balysheva, G.A.; Balyshev, L.N., 1984:
Experimental production of collard and kohlrabi tetraploid forms and their improvement

Hung, C.F.; Lin, K.R.; Lee, C.S., 1986:
Experimental production of congenital malformation of the central nervous system in rat fetuses by single dose intragastric administration of ethylenethiourea

Van-Oirschot, J.T., 1979:
Experimental production of congenital persistent swine fever infections 1. clinical pathological and virological observations

Van-Oirschot, J.T., 1979:
Experimental production of congenital persistent swine fever infections 2. effect on functions of the immune system

Addo, P.B.; Dennis, S.M., 1979:
Experimental production of corynebacterium pyogenes abortion in sheep

Macpherson, B.R.; Pfeiffer, C.J., 1978:
Experimental production of diffuse colitis in rats

Logan, A.; Selman, I.E.; Wiseman, A.; Allan, E.M.; Pirie, H.M., 1983:
Experimental production of diffuse pulmonary fibrosis and alveolitis in cattle: the effects of repeated dosage with 3, methyl indole

Lenzi, H.L.; Lenzi, J.G.A.; Andrade, Z.A., 1982:
Experimental production of endo cardium vessels and interstitium antibodies

Cootes, R.L.; Rogers, P.L.; Lee, T.H., 1979:
Experimental production of fortified sweet wine by single stage continuous fermentation part 1 evaluation of 5 strains of saccharomyces cerevisiae and saccharomyces bayanus

Cootes, R.L.; Rogers, P.L.; Lee, T.H., 1979:
Experimental production of fortified sweet wine by single stage continuous fermentation part 2 control procedures for saccharomyces cerevisiae

Niilo, L., 1986:
Experimental production of hemorrhagic enterotoxemia by Clostridium perfringens type C in maturing lambs

Duncan, W.C.; Mcbride, M.E.; Knox, J.M., 1970:
Experimental production of infections in humans

Abdulkader, M.; Vasudevan, D.M.; Leena Devi, K.R.; Nair, V.J., 1983:
Experimental production of keloids

Kryshen' V.P.; Smirnova, T.V.; Ardelyan, V.N., 1984:
Experimental production of liver abscesses in rabbits

Wagenaar, S.S.; Wagenvoort, C.A., 1978:
Experimental production of longitudinal smooth muscle cells in the intima of muscular arteries

Bissett, J.K.; Kane, J.J.; De-Soyza, N.; Mcconnell, J.R.; Schmitt, N., 1977:
Experimental production of manifest and concealed ventricular rhythms in man

Ikehira, H.; Aoki, Y.; Nagahara, Y.; Yamane, T.; Fukuda, N.; Matumoto, T.; Endo, M.; IInuma, T.; Fukuda, H.; Tateno, Y., 1987:
Experimental production of mri renal functional image using gadolinium dtpa

Nakagata, N.; Furuhata, A.; Murata, Y.; Sato, K., 1985:
Experimental production of myeloschisis associated with hindbrain crowding in the central nervous system of rat fetuses by single intragastric administration of ethylenethiourea

Kojima, A.; Taguchi, O.; Nishizuka, Y., 1980:
Experimental production of possible auto immune gastritis followed by macrocytic anemia in athymic nude mice

Hamamoto, Y.; Kobara, Y.; Kojima, A.; Kumazawa, Y.; Yasuhira, K., 1981:
Experimental production of pulmonary granulomas 1. immune granulomas induced by chemically modified cell walls and their constituents

Hamamoto, Y.; Kinoshita, K.; Hashimoto, K.; Matsushita, T.; Yasuhira, K., 1982:
Experimental production of pulmonary granulomas 2. age dependency and immune modulation of granuloma production

Hamamoto, Y.; Kinoshita, K.; Hashimoto, K.; Matsushita, T.; Kogishi, K.; Yasuhira, K., 1983:
Experimental production of pulmonary granulomas 4. eosinophilic granuloma

Friedlaender, R.P.; Grizzard, M.B.; Helms, C.M.; Barile, M.F.; Senterfit, L.; Chanock, R.M., 1976:
Experimental production of respiratory tract infection with Mycoplasma pneumoniae in rhesus monkeys

Fehr, K.; Velvart, M.; Boeni, A., 1976:
Experimental production of rheumatoid factor like antibodies and antibodies against the cathepsin d site of immuno globulin g following the injection of autologous fab 2

Duncan, C.J.; Greenaway, H.C.; Publicover, S.J.; Smith, J.L.; Rudge, M.F., 1980:
Experimental production of septa and apparent subdivision of muscle mitochondria

Shinagawa, K.; Kunita, N.; Matsuzaka, N.; Sakaguchi, G., 1982:
Experimental production of staphylococcal entero toxin a entero toxin b and entero toxin c on rice flour gel medium

Sarwar, M.; Virapongse, C.; Carbo, P., 1985:
Experimental production of superior sagittal sinus thrombosis in the dog

Vavilov, P.P.; Balyshev, L.N.; Koryabin, N.A.; Balysheva, G.A., 1977:
Experimental production of tetra ploid forms of the radish raphanus sativus var oleifera

Kamogawa, A.; Ohta, S.; Tatsugi, A.; Kumasaka, M.; Shinoda, M., 1986:
Experimental production of various types of cholestasis and the effect of cysteamine

Sahar, A., 1979:
Experimental progressive hydrocephalus in the young animal

Merciai, V.; Fabbri, L.P.; Piccioli, A.; Biagiotti, S.; Marsili, M., 1986:
Experimental prolonged hemoperfusion on activated coated charcoal carried out with heparin plus prostacyclin infusion some aspects of biocompatibility

Gramss, G., 1984:
Experimental proof for facultative necrotrophism in the fairy ring basidiomycete lepista nuda

Lecointre, O.; Pourprix, J.P.; Delcroix, L.; Joubert, L., 1987:
Experimental proof of a computerized mathematical model for us in bacterial growth with industrial fermentors provisions of optimal growth

Kellina, O.I.; Passova, O.M.; Alekseev, A.N., 1981:
Experimental proof of heterogeneous composition of natural populations of leishmania major with regard to virulence

Rack, K.; Butin, H., 1984:
Experimental proof of needle inhabiting fungi in conifers 1. spruce picea abies

Radman, N.; Venturini, L.; Denegri, G., 1986:
Experimental proof of the presence of capillaria aerophila creplin 1839 nematoda capillaridae in argentina

Von-Toerne, E., 1978:
Experimental proof of zootic influence on decomposition processes in a pine forest

Lutz-Ostertag, Y.; David, D., 1974:
Experimental proofs of the ddt action on the maintenance of bird embryonic male muellerian ducts

Ondrej, M., 1975:
Experimental proposals for the transfer of genes regulating atmospheric nitrogen fixation to cereals

Rozvadovskii, V.D.; Muzykantskii, E.L.; Myslovatyi, B.S.; Sekamova, S.M.; Ugryumov, A.I.; Shepelev, V.A., 1981:
Experimental protection of the myo cardium from anoxic injuries with low concentrations of formaldehyde solution

Kaladhar, M.; Rao, B.S., 1977:
Experimental protein and energy deficiencies: effects on brain free amino acid composition in rats

Campana, A.O.; Burini, R.C.; Outa, A.Y.; De Camargo, J.L., 1975:
Experimental protein deficiency in adult rats

Sharma, S.P.; Manocha, S.L., 1978:
Experimental protein mal nutrition as a causative factor in the histological and histochemical disruption of the ependymal cells of the 3rd ventricle and cervical central canal of squirrel monkeys

Manocha, S.L.; Long, J., 1977:
Experimental protein mal nutrition during gestation and breeding performance of squirrel monkeys saimiri sciureus

Hazlett, L.D.; Iglewski, B.H.; Berk, R.S., 1982:
Experimental pseudomonas aeruginosa exo toxin a mediated ocular damage in mouse pups microscopic observations

Van Horn, D.L.; Davis, S.D.; Hyndiuk, R.A.; Pederson, H.J., 1981:
Experimental pseudomonas aeruginosa keratitis in the rabbit bacteriologic clinical and microscopic observations

Chusid, M.J.; Davis, S.D.; Sarff, L.D., 1983:
Experimental Pseudomonas aeruginosa sepsis: absence of synergy between ticarcillin and tobramycin

Hazlett, L.D.; Rosen, D.D.; Berk, R.S., 1977:
Experimental pseudomonas keratitis in immuno suppressed hybrid mice

Dale, D.C.; Reynolds, H.Y.; Pennington, J.E.; Elin, R.J.; Herzig, G.P., 1976:
Experimental Pseudomonas pneumonia in leukopenic dogs: comparison of therapy with antibiotics and granulocyte transfusions

Richter, S.; Sprung, L.; Moeller, A., 1980:
Experimental psychological analysis of cognitive processes in congenital visual disturbances

Kopaeva, N.A., 1985:
Experimental psychological study in the late period of a closed craniocerebral combat traumas

Kritskaya, V.P.; Litvak, V.V., 1985:
Experimental psychological study of elderly schizophrenics

Solozhenkin, V.V.; Noskov, G.G., 1985:
Experimental psychological study of prognosis in neurotic patients

Meerzon, M.M., 1987:
Experimental psychological study of the level of claims of alcoholics with respect to their sex

Eskenasy, A., 1979:
Experimental pulmonary berylliosis in rabbits sensitized to beryllium sulfate contact hyper sensitivity

Nakamura, T., 1985:
Experimental pulmonary candidiasis in modified rabbits ii. immunohistochemical evidence of participation of immune complexes in the formation of fungal lesions in candida albicans sensitized hosts

Yamamura, Y.; Maeda, H.; Ogawa, Y.; Hashimoto, T., 1986:
Experimental pulmonary cavity formation by mycobacterial components and synthetic adjuvants

Gamsu, G.; Hirji, M.; Moore, E.H.; Webb, W.R.; Brito, A., 1984:
Experimental pulmonary emboli detected using magnetic resonance

Sedlarik, K.M.; Moench, C.; Haenselt, V.; Riedel, E.; Duerschmied, H., 1986:
Experimental pulmonary embolism with electrically activated autologous blood

Miyasato, M.; Kakizoe, Y.; Iida, H.; Hirano, Y.; Tstsumi, H., 1984:
Experimental pulmonary embolism with schistosoma japonicum eggs 2. pulmonary lesions in rabbits infected with schistosoma japonicum

Miyasato, M.; Kakizoe, Y.; Hieda, T.; Ninomiya, S.; Tsutsumi, H., 1985:
Experimental pulmonary embolism with Schistosoma japonicum eggs. III. Pulmonary alterations induced by ova injected into the pulmonary microvasculature of rabbits

Nakamura, T.; Ishikawa, T.; Niwa, T.; Ariji, F.; Matsuda, T.; Asoo, N.; Nagai, H.; Arai, H.; Yokosawa, A.; Sato, H.; Motomiya, M.; Konno, K., 1976:
Experimental pulmonary emphysema in Syrian hamsters

Tani, E.M.; Franco, M.; Peraçoli, M.T.; Montenegro, M.R., 1987:
Experimental pulmonary paracoccidioidomycosis in the Syrian hamster: morphology and correlation of lesions with the immune response

Steffen, C.; Keresztesi, K.; Endler, A.T.; Smolen, J.; Menzel, J., 1976:
Experimental pulpal immunization part 1 route of application and demonstration of immune response

Arakelyan, L.A., 1978:
Experimental pulse laser ray irradiation of human corpse skin

Tanaka, N.; Une, T.; Ogawa, H., 1981:
Experimental pyelo nephritis in mice following ascending infection with escherichia coli acute phase

Mehrotra, R.M.L.; Pande, C.L.; Chaturvedi, U.C., 1976:
Experimental pyelo nephritis in rats

Kelly, D.F.; Lucke, V.M.; Mccullagh, K.G., 1979:
Experimental pyelo nephritis in the cat part 1 gross and histological changes

Roberts, J.A., 1976:
Experimental pyelo nephritis in the monkey part 4 vesico ureteral reflux and bacteria

Toshkov, A.; Kuyumdzhiev, A.; Zakharieva, S.; Georgiev, D.; Gumpert, J.; Kharizanova, T.; Tsenova, Z., 1977:
Experimental pyelo nephritis with l forms of proteus mirabilis in rats

Thomas, G.; Tange, J.D., 1985:
Experimental pyelonephritis and papillary necrosis in the Gunn rat

Kishimoto, R.A.; Rozmiarek, H.; Larson, E.W., 1978:
Experimental Q fever infection in congenitally athymic nude mice

Hajdu, F.; Babosa, M.; Somogyi, G.; Tombol, T., 1976:
Experimental quantitative electron microscopical studies on the nucleus lateralis posterior pulvinar complex of the thalamus in the cat

Kumagai, S., 1980:
Experimental rabbit corneal infection caused by erwinia herbicola 2. the variation of the agglutination titer and number of peripheral lymphocytes

Onodera, T.; Kumagai, S.; Watanabe, T.; Tazawa, Y.; Hirata, M.; Yoshida, M., 1985:
Experimental rabbit corneal ring formation caused by bacterial endotoxin

Soulebot, J.P.; Brun, A.; Chappuis, G.; Guillemin, F.; Petermann, H.G.; Precausta, P.; Terre, J., 1981:
Experimental rabies in cats: immune response and persistence of immunity

Rajan, T.S.S.; Padmanaban, V.D., 1988:
Experimental rabies in guinea pigs with street virus

Charlton, K.M.; Casey, G.A.; Webster, W.A.; Bundza, A., 1987:
Experimental rabies in skunks and foxes. Pathogenesis of the spongiform lesions

Charlton, K.M.; Casey, G.A.; Campbell, J.B., 1987:
Experimental rabies in skunks: immune response and salivary gland infection

Charlton, K.M.; Casey, G.A.; Campbell, J.B., 1984:
Experimental rabies in skunks mephitis mephitis effects of immuno suppression induced by cyclo phosphamide

Charlton, K.M.; Casey, G.A., 1979:
Experimental rabies in skunks mephitis mephitis immuno fluorescence light microscopic and electron microscopic studies

Charlton, K.M.; Casey, G.A.; Campbell, J.B., 1983:
Experimental rabies in skunks mephitis mephitis mechanisms of infection of the salivary glands

Charlton, K.M.; Casey, G.A., 1981:
Experimental rabies in skunks mephitis mephitis persistence of virus in de nervated muscle at the inoculation site

Charlton, K.M.; Casey, G.A., 1979:
Experimental rabies in skunks: oral, nasal, tracheal and intestinal exposure

Teixeira, F.; Aranda, F.J.; Castillo, S.; Pérez, M.; Del Peón, L.; Hernández, O., 1986:
Experimental rabies: ultrastructural quantitative analysis of the changes in the sciatic nerve

Artamonova, E.A., 1988:
Experimental radiation damage to the salivary glands

Gross, N.J., 1980:
Experimental radiation pneumonitis 4. leakage of circulatory proteins onto the alveolar surface

Gross, N.J., 1978:
Experimental radiation pneumonitis: changes in physiology of the alveolar surface

Toyoda, H., 1977:
Experimental radiation pneumonitis in the rabbit exposed to x irradiation with fractionated doses of 20000 roentgens to the hemi thorax on the morphogenesis associated with the category of inflammation

Gross, N.J., 1979:
Experimental radiation pneumonitis part 3 phospho lipid studies on the lungs

Veiras, C.; Costos, E.; Silva, M.; Ramos, S.; Losada, C.; Amenedo, M.; Alvarez, C.; Goyanes, V.J., 1987:
Experimental radiobiological model using dinoflagellata preliminary studies

Tirone, P.; Ferrari, D., 1981:
Experimental radiography with iopamidol

Badger, C.C.; Krohn, K.A.; Shulman, H.; Flournoy, N.; Bernstein, I.D., 1986:
Experimental radioimmunotherapy of murine lymphoma with iodine 131 labeled anti t cell antibodies

Milani-Comparetti, M.; Ambrosini, A.; Antonelli, A.; Canapa, A.; Saccucci, F.; D.N.gris, E.; Albertini, G., 1987:
Experimental radioinduction of chromosomal variants in man

Dormehl, I.C.; Plessis, M.D.; Maree, M.; Van Wyk, A., 1986:
Experimental radionuclide ventriculography and the baboon papio ursinus model imaging projection of the heart and blood pool labeling

Buchet, R.; Bill, H.; Siegfried, B., 1982:
Experimental raman and ir investigation of pheno barbital febarabamate di febarbamate and tetrabamate

Sarma, B.J.R.; Panduranga-Rao, V.; Gopalakrishana-Murthy, K.; Reddy, T.V.; Pargaonker, V.N., 1977:
Experimental ranikhet disease in ducklings

Kesyakova, S.; Enchev, G.; Karadzhov, S., 1985:
Experimental rat control on an industrial swine breeding complex

Minukhin, V.V.; Tsyganenko, V.Ya, 1986:
Experimental rationale for the combined use of tobramycin and immunological drugs in the treatment of acute pseudomonas aeruginosa infection

Kostyukov, M.A.; Alekseev, A.N.; Bulychev, V.P.; Gordeeva, Z.E., 1986:
Experimental rationale of the proved infection of mosquitos culex pipiens l. with west nile fever virus through rana ridibunda frogs with its further bite related transmission

Manders, P.T.; Botha, S.A., 1987:
Experimental re establishment of the clanwilliam cedar widdringtonia cedarbergensis a preliminary study

Sainz Ollero, H.; Hernandez Bermejo, J.E., 1979:
Experimental re introductions of endangered plant species in their natural habitats in spain

Nicolas, G.; Ismail, S., 1978:
Experimental realization of darkening of the tegument in the migratory locust locusta migratoria influence of brain neuro secretions comparison with the effect of carbon di oxide

Eisawy, A.M.; Ishak, M.M.; Hamza, A., 1974:
Experimental rearing of 2 mullet species mugil cephalus and mugil capito in egyptian fish farms

Hamza, A.K.; Zaki, M.I., 1987:
Experimental rearing of some marine fishes in brackish water system in egypt

Selivanova, A.T.; Markova, A.E.; Mutovkina, L.G.; Potapenko, E.G., 1983:
Experimental reasons for possibilities of integrative brain activity optimization by psychotropic drugs

Mattsson, J.; Notini, M., 1985:
Experimental recolonization by macrozoobenthos in a bay polluted by municipal sewage oil and heavy metals compared to an unpolluted baltic bay

Biro, V.; Vamhidy, L.; Horvath, A.; Balint, B.J.; Jozsa, L., 1985:
Experimental reconstruction of flexor tendon injuries with freely grafted tendon synovial sheath unit

Surani, M.A.; Barton, S.C.; Norris, M.L., 1987:
Experimental reconstruction of mouse eggs and embryos: an analysis of mammalian development

Papp, C.; McCraw, J.B.; Arnold, P.G., 1985:
Experimental reconstruction of the trachea with autogenous materials

Itoh, K.; Matsukawa, S.; Sohma, K.; Furusawa, H., 1986:
Experimental records for the variation of soil moisture tension and uptake moisture flux by the growth of ice column

H.C C., 1986:
Experimental recovery of aflatoxins from pig urine employing high pressure liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection

Frounfelker, C.R., 1978:
Experimental recovery of small mammal ear tags in horned owl pellets

Kirschbaum, F.; Meunier, F.J., 1981:
Experimental regeneration of the caudal skeleton of the glass knifefish eigenmannia virescens rhamphichthidae gymnotoidei

Watanabe, O.; Bremer, A.M.; West, C.R., 1977:
Experimental regional cerebral ischemia in the middle cerebral artery territory in primates part 1 angio anatomy and description of an experimental model with selective embolization of the internal carotid artery bifurcation

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Experimental release of juvenile lobster at koshiki islands in south japan

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Experimental release of masu salmon oncorhynchus masou smolts into the shiribetsu river japan adult returns of marked fish released in the spring of 1981

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Experimental release of romanomermis culicivorax mermithidae nematoda to control mosquitoes breeding in southwest florida usa

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Experimental removal and replacement of territorial male yellow breasted chats

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Experimental removal of intraspecific competitors effects on water relations and productivity of a desert bunch grass hilaria rigida

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Experimental removal of lugworms arenicola marina from marine sand affects small zoo benthos

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Experimental renal damage in rats 3. detection of renal damage with the serum half life of phenolsulfonphthalein

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Experimental renal papillary necrosis in the rat the selective vulnerability of medullary structures to injury

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Experimental repair of orbital floor fractures

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Experimental replacement of the cervical esophagus with bowel graft

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Experimental reproduction of bacillary hemo globinuria in rams

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Experimental reproduction of diarrhea in young growing rabbits with the strain o 103 of escherichia coli

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Experimental reproduction of hemorrhagic syndrome and sudden death in calves by ingestion of urechites lutea

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Experimental reproduction of nontypical bullet exit wounds

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Experimental reproduction of Potomac horse fever in horses with a newly isolated Ehrlichia organism

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Experimental research of the influence of the body electrolytic composition on the toxic effect of morphine

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Experimental research on metabolic effects of heparin and myo cardial activity

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Experimental research on regulation of the spermatogenic cycle during post embryonic development in lithobius forficatus myriapoda chilopoda

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Experimental research on the contrast production of the chemical elements with the atomic numbers 1 83 in a computer total body tomogram

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Experimental research on the correlation between some parameters associated with the root network of forest plants for the purpose of systematizing mountain forestation

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Experimental research on the embryotoxic influence of phosphamidon on the epithelium of renal convoluted tubules i. macroscopic studies

Latuszynska, J., 1983:
Experimental research on the embryotoxic influence of phosphamidon on the epithelium of renal convoluted tubules ii. histological and histochemical studies

Latuszynska, J., 1983:
Experimental research on the embryotoxic influence of phosphamidon on the epithelium of renal convoluted tubules iii. submicroscopic studies

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Experimental research on the individual susceptibility of some cyprinid fish to gyrodactylus

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Experimental research on the influence of anti asthmatic drugs on lung tissue

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Experimental research on the interdigestive migrating electric complex after transection and anastomosis of the small intestine

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Experimental research on the larval development of skrjabingylus nasicola nematoda metastrongyloidea in 2 terrestrial mollusks

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Experimental research on the permeability of the blood cochlea barrier to furosemide

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Experimental research on the surface antigen of ehrlich ascites tumor cells

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Experimental research regarding metabolic changes determined by prolonged exposure to light or keeping in darkness

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Experimental research to carry out a contralateral anastomosis of the arteria carotis

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Experimental researches regarding the acute toxicity of butanol monoamine and diamine and tributylamine

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Experimental respiratory carcinogenesis in hamsters: environmental, physicochemical and biological aspects

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Experimental respiratory tract infection induced by sendai virus scanning and transmission electron microscope studies

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Experimental restoration of the digital synovial sheath

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Experimental results about the problem of the species in the genus euplotes ciliate hypotrich

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Experimental results concerning inbreeding and heterosis in tetra ploid red clover trifolium pratense

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Experimental results concerning the system of minimal tillage of hop yards

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Experimental results concerning vegetative propagation of herniaria glabra

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Experimental results of fertilization in the kromberk vineyard near nova gorica yugoslavia

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Experimental results of new methods and agents for preventing wildlife damage to forests

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Experimental results on cell volume growth rate and macronuclear dna variation in a ciliated protozoan

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Experimental results on the behavior of some fiber flax lines

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Experimental results to control white grubs melolontha melolontha l. damaging hop plantations

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Experimental results to the deposition hypothesis of antero sclerosis

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Experimental results with different fractionation patterns and low linear energy transfer irradiation on animals

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Experimental results with new round grain forms of common wheat

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Experimental retinal detachment 2. role of the vitreous

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Experimental retinal detachment 4. aqueous humor dynamics in rhegmatogenous detachments

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Experimental retinal detachment 9. aqueous vitreous and subretinal protein concentrations

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Experimental retinal detachment. X. Effect of acetazolamide on vitreous fluorescein disappearance

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Experimental retinal vascular obstruction photochemical thrombosis produced by intravascular fluorescein sodium and laser irradiation

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Experimental retinitis induced herpes simplex virus 1. immuno histological study of necrotic retinitis

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Experimental retinochoroidal tissue vaporization with a carbon dioxide laser probe

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Experimental retraction pocket cholesteatoma

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Experimental retroperitoneal infection

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Experimental reversal of polarity in chick embryo epi blast sheets in vitro

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Experimental rhizobium trifolii mutants studied under field conditions

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Experimental ribosomal gene amplification in hep 2 cells treated with thio acetamide

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Experimental ridge augmentation with porous hydroxylapatite implants

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Experimental right ventricular hypertrophy and failure in swine

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Experimental right ventriculotomy: effects on local propagation at a small size scale

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Experimental rodent malaria to plasmodium yoelii yoelii automatic counting and distribution applied to the study of parasitemia

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Experimental rotavirus diarrhea in colostrum deprived newborn calves assay of treatment by administration of bacterially produced human interferon

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Experimental round window membrane rupture

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Experimental round window membrane rupture electro physiological consequences in guinea pigs

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Experimental rubeosis of the iris in rabbits

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Experimental Salmonella dublin infection in calves

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Experimental salmonella typhimurium associated conjunctivitis in cats

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Experimental Salmonella typhimurium infection in calves

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Experimental salmonellosis in calves treatment by apramycin

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Experimental salpingitis in grivet monkeys cercopithecus aethiops using chlamydia trachomatis modes of spread of infection to the fallopian tubes

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Experimental salpingitis in rabbits provoked by Chlamydia trachomatis

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Experimental Sarcocystis suicanis infections: disease in growing pigs

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Experimental sarcocystosis in goats capra hircus i. distribution and morphometry of the cysts

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Experimental sarcocystosis in goats capra hircus ii. clinical signs and hematological indices

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Experimental schistosoma mansoni parasitosis in golden hamsters effects on the intensity of parasitism and on the rate of antibody circulation after administration of estrogen testosterone or progesterone

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Experimental schistosomiasis infection of biomphalaria glabrata by 2 miracidia of schistosoma mansoni

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Experimental scoliosis in monkeys

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Experimental scoliosis in primates. Failure of a technique

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Experimental screening of bcg preparations produced for cancer immunotherapy safety and immunostimulating and antitumor activity of 4 consecutively produced batches

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Experimental sea ranching of brook trout salvelinus fontinalis

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Experimental secondary caries around restorations in roots

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Experimental secretion of grounds daily rhythms of vertical distribution and swimming velocity of immature russian sturgeon acipenser guldenstadti acipenseridae

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Experimental segmental replacement of esophagus by biological tissues

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Experimental selection of glycosuric strain and changes of glycolytic enzymes activities in herbivorous vole microtus arvalis pallas

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Experimental Sendai virus infection in laboratory rats. I. Virus replication and immune response

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Experimental Sendai virus infection in laboratory rats. II. Pathology and immunohistochemistry

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Experimental sensitization of p phenylenediamine and p toluenediamine in man

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Experimental sensitization with an extract of Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus ticks

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Experimental separation of effects of consumers on sessile prey in the low zone of a rocky shore in the bay of panama direct and indirect consequences of food web complexity

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Experimental separation of pronuclei in fertilized sea urchin eggs chromosomes do not organize a spindle in the absence of centrosomes

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Experimental septic shock in bovines recognition of possible target organs

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Experimental serotonin myopathy

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Experimental serous retinal detachment and focal pigment epithelial damage

Tichacek, B., 1980:
Experimental serratia marcescens infection

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Experimental sex determination and age determination in the red fox vulpes vulpes validity and reproducibility of the selected techniques

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Experimental shift work studies of permanent night and rapidly rotating shift systems 2. behavior of various characteristics of sleep

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Experimental shift work studies of permanent night and rapidly rotating shift systems part 1 circadian rhythm of body temperature and re entrainment at shift change

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Experimental shock due to burn and electric stimulation

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Experimental short time production of aflatoxins by Aspergillus parasiticus in mixed feeds as related to various moisture contents

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Experimental siderosis of articular chondrocytes cultured in vitro

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Experimental siderosis of the cornea an electron microscopic study

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Experimental silicosis 1. acute effects of intra tracheally instilled quartz on collagen metabolism and morphologic characteristics of rat lungs

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Experimental silicosis 2. long term effects of intra tracheally instilled quartz on collagen metabolism and morphologic characteristics of rat lungs

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Experimental silicosis in rats during chronic inhalation of a colloidal solution of silicic acid

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Experimental simulation evaluation of electro cardiogram gated heart scans with a small number of views

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Experimental simulation of an automated information system on drugs in the dialog regimen

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Experimental simulation of an estrous cycle gonadotropin surges in estradiol infused ovariectomized rats

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Experimental simulation of bio degradation in rivers oxygen organic matter and biomass concentration changes

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Experimental simulation of chronic gastric ulcer

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Experimental simulation of glucose fluctuations the influence of continually changing glucose concentrations on the fed batch baker's yeast production

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Experimental simulation of the environment of the delta opioid receptor a 500 megahertz study of enkephalins in deuterated chloroform

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Experimental simulation of the results of clay translocation in the b horizons of soils the formation of intrapedal cutans

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Experimental simulation study on the hemodynamics in multiple cerebral arterial stenoses and ec ic bypass

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Experimental site of the ecology of arable land project

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Experimental skin cancer 4. electron microscopic study of transplantable skin cancer after administration of aromatic retinoid etretinate ro 10 9359

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Experimental skin grafting in rats

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Experimental skin necrosis produced by adriamycin

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Experimental slow influenza infection in mice

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Experimental smooth muscle antibodies

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Experimental sorptional detoxication by xenogenous spleen in staphylococcal infection

Sichkar', V.I., 1980:
Experimental soybean mutations and their breeding value 2. the frequency of morphological mutations and their relation to chlorophyll mutations

Wedler, E., 1980:
Experimental spat collecting and growing of the oyster crassostrea rhizophorae in the cienaga grande de santa marta colombia

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Experimental spectral line parameters in the 1 0 band of nitric oxide

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Experimental splenic regeneration

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Experimental spongy degeneration in calves

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Experimental sporotrichosis in Syrian hamsters

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Experimental stand for chest radiography in rabbits

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Experimental stand for modeling the working posture and work of machine tool operators

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Experimental staphylococcal mastitis in the mouse: the induction of chronic mastitis and its response to antibiotic therapy

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Experimental staphylococcus aureus osteo myelitis treated with fosfomycin and cephazolin single and combined therapy

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Experimental statistical determination of the volatility of pharmacochemical preparations

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Experimental status spongiosus in brain tissue of chick embryos

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Experimental stereotype induced by disturbance of gamma amino butyric acid ergic mechanisms in caudate nuclei

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Experimental steroid glaucoma 6. the relation between intra ocular pressure and aqueous levels of cyclic amp in steroid treated young rabbit eyes

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Experimental stimulation of cell mediated immunity without concomitant stimulation of humoral immunity in graft vs host immuno suppressed mice

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Experimental stimulation of eosinophil production in the domestic fowl (Gallus gallus domesticus)

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Experimental stocking of lake izmik turkey with coregonidae salmonidae

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Experimental strabismus in the kitten

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Experimental strain analysis of infant adolescent and adult miniature swine skulls subjected to simulated mastication forces

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Experimental Streptococcus equi infection in the horse: correlation with in vivo and in vitro immune responses

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Experimental stress analysis of topographic diversity in early hominid gnathic morphology

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Experimental stress situations and the state of autonomic arousal in schizophrenic and depressive patients

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Experimental stress ulcer and gastric catecholamine contents in spontaneously hypertensive rats

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Experimental stroke in gerbils effect on translation and transcription

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Experimental stromal herpes simplex keratitis influence of treatment with topical bromovinyldeoxy uridine and trifluridine

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Experimental structural scoliosis

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Experimental studies about the growth of the lower jaw of wistar rats depending on size and position of the tongue

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Experimental studies and phase II trial of bisantrene in advanced urothelial malignancies

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Experimental studies concerning the mechanism of the thyroid pineal inter relationship part 3 nycthemeral variations of blood and pituitary thyrotropin under the action of the pineal extract crinofizin

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Experimental studies concerning the mechanism of the thyroid pineal interrelationship part 1 the action of the pineal peptides on the thyroid gland

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Experimental studies concerning the mechanism of the thyroid pineal interrelationship part 2 action of the pineal peptides on the pituitary thyrotropin reserve and hypothalamic content of thyroliberin in methyl thio uracil treated rats

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Experimental studies concerning the relations between the central effects of amphetamine and certain beta adrenergic blocking agents

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Experimental studies designed to evaluate the management of patients with incurable cancer

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Experimental studies for cardia cancer production of experimental model of cardia cancer by vx2 carcinoma and observation of metastasis

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Experimental studies for determining runoff and backflow of irrigation in agriculture

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Experimental studies for lobe selective univisceral shwartzman reaction of the liver in rabbits

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Experimental studies for patho physiology of intestinal obstructions

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Experimental studies for preventing reperfusion injury after myocardial protection in hypertrophied heart an evaluation of myocardial blood flow in the hypertrophied left ventricle

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Experimental studies for testing claimed after drinks problems in searching for congeners of ethanol from alcoholic beverages in body fluids

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Experimental studies for the antitumor effect of oral antitumor agents on gynecological malignant tumors

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Experimental studies for the prevention of pericardial adhesion with urokinase and dextran 40

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Experimental studies in demineralization and its effects on cytology and staining of bone and marrow cells

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Experimental studies in intestinal healing of the dog part 4 observations on the various types of enterotomy

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Experimental studies in natural groundwater recharge dynamics the analysis of observed recharge events

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Experimental studies in nonsuture end to side micro vascular anastomosis

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Experimental studies in prophylaxis and treatment of peritoneal dissemination of gastric cancer

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Experimental studies in rats relative to potential side effects of intestinal bypass

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Experimental studies in regeneration of spinal neurons

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Experimental studies in stream aquifer interaction along the arkansas river in central kansas usa field testing and analysis

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Experimental studies in syn carcinogenesis part 7 syn carcinogenic effects of poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons in epi cutaneous tests in mice

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Experimental studies in the forest biotope on trophic relationships between different species of lachnidae and ants

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Experimental studies in vitro and in vivo on the mutagenicity of flavoxate

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Experimental studies into action of peracetic acid containing antiseptic on endometrium of cattle

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Experimental studies into estrus and functions of ovary and uterus of pre puberal gilts after puberty induction followed by synchronization of estrus and ovulation

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Experimental studies into ingesta ph and its role in pathogenesis of coli enterotoxemia of swine

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Experimental studies into use of aerosol technique for controlling musca domestica imagines using various insecticide formulations

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Experimental studies of 2 4 d herbicide drift characteristics

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Experimental studies of a benthic predator prey relationship 1. feeding growth and egg collar production in long term cultures of the gastropod drill polinices alderi feeding on the bivalve tellina tenuis

Ansell, A.D., 1982:
Experimental studies of a benthic predator prey relationship 2. energetics of growth and reproduction and food conversion efficiencies in long term cultures of the gastropod drill polinices alderi feeding on the bivalve tellina tenuis

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Experimental studies of a human di ploid cell rabies vaccine for human use

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Experimental studies of acupuncture analgesia in dentistry

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Experimental studies of acute and recurrent herpes simplex virus infections in the murine heart and dorsal root ganglia

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Experimental studies of adhesive orchiopexy in animals

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Experimental studies of anti canine prostatic serum

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Experimental studies of anti depressive properties of procaine

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Experimental studies of anti metastatic activity of thaliblastine

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Experimental studies of anti tumor effect induced by microwave tumor coagulation

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Experimental studies of apocrine secretion in the dorsal prostate epithelium of the rat

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Experimental studies of autologous vein grafts for arterial defect, using fibrin glue

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Experimental studies of avascular necrosis of femoral head

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Experimental studies of biliary excretion of piperacillin

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Experimental studies of biventricular bypass using the centrifugal blood pump

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Experimental studies of bladder neck obstruction 1. an evaluation of the cystometric changes and contractility of the detrusor muscle to acetyl choline

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Experimental studies of blood brain barrier permeability in acute hepatic failure

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Experimental studies of cartilage transplantation in the alveolar region of mandible fresh allo xeno transplantation of cartilage and lyophilized allo and xeno transplantation of cartilage

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Experimental studies of chlorophyll water relations

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Experimental studies of choroidal micro circulation 3. high speed cinematographic analysis of chorio capillary blood flow

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Experimental studies of combination of vincristine and 1 2 5 6 dianhydrogalactitol

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Experimental studies of competition between free bred and selfed individuals in thyme thymus vulgaris

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Experimental studies of competition between potamopyrgus jenkinsi and lymnaea truncatula in vienne and haute vienne france

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Experimental studies of continuous positive pressure ventilation and high frequency positive pressure ventilation

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Experimental studies of corneal damage caused by arc welding exposure histopathological changes of corneal epithelia and endothelia brought about by welding

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Experimental studies of cyclachena xantifolia allergic activity

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Experimental studies of decapod and fish predation on seagrass macro benthos

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Experimental studies of detection and processing of Legionella spp. in public drinking water supplies

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Experimental studies of distal axonal atrophy

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Experimental studies of echinococcus on white mice

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Experimental studies of effect of chronic aerogenous toxic gas exposure of unweaned piglets with ammonia of various concentrations ii. reaction of cellular and humoral infection defense mechanisms of ammonia exposed unweaned piglets under conditions of experimental pasteurella multocida infection with and without thermo motor stress

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Experimental studies of endo toxin induced mastitis metritis agalactia

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Experimental studies of esophageal cancer 2. experimental lymphographic study of the esophagus as an aid in the treatment of esophageal cancer

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Experimental studies of exploitative competition in a grazing stream insect

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Experimental studies of eyeballs damage by neodymium yag laser regarding endothelial damages

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Experimental studies of feeding in copepods calanus helgolandicus and calanus glacialis at various food concentrations

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Experimental studies of feeding of the black sea mysid siriella jaltensis

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Experimental studies of food ingestion and assimilation of the soldier crab mictyris longicarpus latreille decapoda mictyridae

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Experimental studies of grass legume associations

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Experimental studies of growth and reproduction in the moss pleurozium schreberi

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Experimental studies of haustorium initiation and early development in agalinis purpurea scrophulariaceae

Gakuho, S., 1985:
Experimental studies of healing process on hydroxyapatite hap implantation in rabbit mandible comparison of porous and dense hydroxyapatite

Kurihara, Y., 1987:
Experimental studies of healing process on hydroxyapatite hap particles and tricalcium phosphate tcp particles implantation in rabbit mandible comparison of calcium phosphorus ratios

Ohmiya, A., 1986:
Experimental studies of hepatic circulation effects of some drugs on blood flows in liver tissue and portal vein of cats

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Experimental studies of herbivory and algal competition in a low intertidal habitat

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Experimental studies of heterotransplantation of the cornea

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Experimental studies of human hepatocellular carcinoma transplanted to nude mice the effects of indomethacin on tumor growth

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Experimental studies of hyperthermic effect on vascular system evaluation with angiographic histologic correlations in vx2 tumor transplanted in rabbit

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Experimental studies of immunologically mediated enteropathy: IV. Correlation between immune effector mechanisms and type of enteropathy during a GvHR in neonatal mice of different ages

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Experimental studies of immunosuppressing properties of vitamin d

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Experimental studies of indirect pulp capping

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Experimental studies of infection dynamics: infection of the definitive host by the cercariae of Transversotrema patialense

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Experimental studies of influence of tongue volume on maxillo facial skeleton growth 1. radiographic measurements of maxillo facial skeleton

Honda, T., 1981:
Experimental studies of influence of tongue volume on maxillo facial skeleton growth 2. histological study of mandibular condyle

Ohno, T., 1982:
Experimental studies of influences on healing process of mandibular defect stimulated by micro current

Watanabe, Y., 1983:
Experimental studies of intraluminal factors influencing gastroesophageal reflux

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Experimental studies of larger foraminifera and their symbionts from the gulf of elat on the red sea

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Experimental studies of laser thermal retinal injury

Komoda, T., 1985:
Experimental studies of left heart bypass using the centrifugal blood pump

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Experimental studies of male infertility and zinc

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Experimental studies of manganese toxicity neuro chemical studies

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Experimental studies of metoclopramide action on ulceration

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Experimental studies of migration in bugs of the genus dysdercus

Yamagata, S., 1982:
Experimental studies of nonsuture micro vascular anastomosis using soluble poly vinyl alcohol tube and plastic adhesive

Yoshidome, I., 1981:
Experimental studies of obstructive jaundice with special reference to the changes of urea cycle enzymes in obstructive jaundice and following biliary decompression

Nelson, W.G., 1982:
Experimental studies of oil pollution on the rocky inter tidal community of a norwegian fjord

Watanabe, N., 1984:
Experimental studies of osteochondral allografts

Hay, D.E.; Cooke, K.D.; Gissing, C.V., 1986:
Experimental studies of pacific herring gillnets

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Experimental studies of particle ingestion by the sand fiddler crab uca pugilator

Kondo, H., 1987:
Experimental studies of perfluorochemicals on rat brain tissue and its clinical applications i. histological and physiological influences of fluosol da on the rat brain using two different experimental models

Kondo, H., 1987:
Experimental studies of perfluorochemicals on rat brain tissue and its clinical applications ii. clinical studies of fluosol da on cerebral ischemia

Muradyan, R.E., 1986:
Experimental studies of phenacetin carcinogenicity

Kudo, J., 1985:
Experimental studies of photosensitivity induced by penicillin in rats

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Experimental studies of phylloplane and litter fungi on ilex aquifolium

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Experimental studies of physical factors affecting seston transport in streams

Lenski, R.E., 1988:
Experimental studies of pleiotropy and epistasis in escherichia coli i. variation in competitive fitness among mutants resistant to virus t4

Lenski, R.E., 1988:
Experimental studies of pleiotropy and epistasis in escherichia coli ii. compensation for maladaptive effects associated with resistance to virus t4

Carras, J.N.; Williams, D.J., 1986:
Experimental studies of plume dispersion in convective conditions ii. horizontal plume dispersion

Waser, N.M.; Price, M.V., 1984:
Experimental studies of pollen carryover effects of floral variability in ipomopsis aggregata

Csovari, S.; Kesthein, B.; Csovari, M., 1977:
Experimental studies of possible accelerated elimination of uranium after its penetration into the body

Robertson, L.N., 1986:
Experimental studies of predation on grassland populations of australian soldier fly inopus rubriceps diptera stratiomyidae

Waser, P.M.; Waser, M.S., 1977:
Experimental studies of primate vocalization specializations for long distance propagation

Nagase, T., 1986:
Experimental studies of prophylactic internal hepatic radiotherapy for micrometastatic liver tumor by phosphorus 32 labeled resin microsphere

Imamura, H.; Ookura, M.; Katohgi, T.; Inoue, T., 1980:
Experimental studies of prosthetic graft replacement of entire aorta and its major branches under the apico aortic bypass

Kudryashov, B.A.; Pytel' Y.A.; Ul'yanov A.M.; Tarasov, Y.A., 1986:
Experimental studies of protamine sulfate induced intensification of hyperglycemic diabetogenic factor effects

Kubo, S., 1987:
Experimental studies of pulp response to composite resin full crown restoration on deciduous anterior teeth

Mizutani, T., 1985:
Experimental studies of pulpectomy in permanent teeth with incompletely formed apices root canal filling with iodoform calcium hydroxide paste with an addition of silicon oil

Vasileva, E.Y. ; Vasilkova, A.D.; Kolesnikova, N.V.; Elkind, E.Y., 1978:
Experimental studies of radio isotope emission transverse tomography

Uchida, Y.; Luo, T.Y.; Azekura, K.; Kotake, Y.; Shirabe, J.; Tsuji, Y., 1982:
Experimental studies of reflux esophagitis following total gastrectomy in rats pathogenesis and treatment

Kawano, Y., 1987:
Experimental studies of regional liver blood flow during low flow cardiopulmonary bypass under deep hypothermia

Goto, S., 1987:
Experimental studies of reinnervation by fibrin glue

Buersch, J.H.; Ochs, C.; Hahne, H.J.; Heintzen, P.H., 1985:
Experimental studies of renal blood flow by digitized functional angiography

McLean, R.G.; Szmyd, D.M.; Calisher, C.H., 1982:
Experimental studies of Rio Grande virus in rodent hosts

Fujii, H., 1984:
Experimental studies of root canal therapy for infected nonvital permanent teeth with incompletely formed apices

Hammond, L.S., 1983:
Experimental studies of salinity tolerance burrowing behavior and pedicle regeneration in lingula anatina brachiopoda inarticulata

Mittelbach, G.G.; Gross, K.L., 1984:
Experimental studies of seed predation in old fields

Nelson, W.G., 1979:
Experimental studies of selective predation on amphipods consequences for amphipod distribution and abundance

Kang, K.Y.; Bice, D.; Hoffmann, E.; D'amato, R.; Salvaggio, J., 1977:
Experimental studies of sensitization to beryllium, zirconium, and aluminum compounds in the rabbit

Tanishima, T.; Ando, E.K.; Matsubara, M.; Tsuru, T.; Ueno, N.; Yamauchi, H., 1985:
Experimental studies of sodium hyaluronate in monkey eyes

Aoyama, O., 1987:
Experimental studies of splenic autotransplantation

McLean, R.G.; Francy, D.B.; Campos, E.G., 1985:
Experimental studies of St. Louis encephalitis virus in vertebrates

Setogawa, T.; Noumi, T.; Matsuura, H.; Watanabe, M.; Kawai, Y.; Higaki, A., 1981:
Experimental studies of talc retinopathy in monkeys 1. clinico pathological study

Abe, H.; Tomita, H., 1987:
Experimental studies of taste disturbance due to food additives

Slobodchikoff, C.N., 1978:
Experimental studies of tenebrionid beetle predation by skunks

Schuster, C.R.; Aigner, T.; Johanson, C.E.; Gieske, T.H., 1982:
Experimental studies of the abuse potential of racemic glaucine 1 5 phosphate in rhesus monkeys

Weinhold, C.; Reichart, B.; Kemkes, B.M.; Schaff, J.; Davila, J.; Eberhard, C., 1984:
Experimental studies of the anatomical and functional characteristics of kangaroo aortic valve bioprostheses

Baird, W.M.; Riopel, J.L., 1983:
Experimental studies of the attachment of the parasitic angiosperm agalinis purpurea to a host

Semenov, O.Yu, 1976:
Experimental studies of the biology of the miracidium of philophthalmus rhionica trematoda philophthalmidae

Koh, K.; Hattori, T., 1980:
Experimental studies of the blood supply in the oral end of the gastric tube utilized for esophageal reconstruction

Blagodarnaya, O.A.; Vorontsov, R.S., 1977:
Experimental studies of the changes in toxic properties of dust produced in the thermo oxidative destruction of the inert plastic fluoroplast 4

Koyama, T., 1980:
Experimental studies of the choroidal micro circulation 1. physiology of the choroidal micro circulation of the rabbit

Majima, T., 1988:
Experimental studies of the combination therapy of hyperthermia and chemotherapy for cancer

Clemens, S.; Kroll, P.; Stein, E.; Wagner, W.; Wriggers, P., 1987:
Experimental studies of the disappearance of subretinal fluid after episcleral buckling procedures without drainage

Prostyakova, M.A., 1975:
Experimental studies of the dosimetric aspects of x ray radiation used in x ray diagnosis

Nakamura, T., 1980:
Experimental studies of the effect of intra aortic balloon pumping for asynergy due to acute myo cardial infarction

Suzuki, A., 1980:
Experimental studies of the effect of intra cerebral hematoma on cerebral circulation and metabolism

Kelly, J.R.; Nixon, S.W., 1984:
Experimental studies of the effect of organic deposition on the metabolism of a coastal marine bottom community

Huang, G.J.; Zhao, Y., 1983:
Experimental studies of the effect of sodium artesunate on the immune functions of mice

Dale, J.; Freedman, B.; Kerekes, J., 1985:
Experimental studies of the effects of acidity and associated water chemistry on amphibians

Hideoki, T., 1978:
Experimental studies of the effects of atp on the cerebro vascular circulation in cats

Leaver, M.J.; Murison, D.J.; Davies, J.M.; Rafaelli, D., 1987:
Experimental studies of the effects of drillings discharges

Yui, H., 1987:
Experimental studies of the effects of triphenyltin chloride on serum enzymes lipids and glucose of rabbits

Willis, M., 1988:
Experimental studies of the effects of zinc on ancylus fluviatilis mueller mollusca gastropoda from the afon crafnant north wales uk

Monov, A.; Klouchek, E.; Nikolov, M., 1986:
Experimental studies of the efficacy of some drugs and drug combinations in acute barbiturate intoxications

Shikata, J.; Sanada, H.; Yamamuro, T.; Takeda, T., 1979:
Experimental studies of the elastic fiber of the capsular ligament influence of aging and sex hormones on the hip joint capsule of rats

Nakamura, H., 1978:
Experimental studies of the esophageal blood flow on the pathogenesis of achalasia

Langevin, R.; Paitich, D.; Ramsay, G.; Anderson, C.; Kamrad, J.; Pope, S.; Geller, G.; Pearl, L.; Newman, S., 1979:
Experimental studies of the etiology of genital exhibitionism

Ellstrand, N.C.; Antonovics, J., 1985:
Experimental studies of the evolutionary significance of sexual reproduction 2. a test of the density dependent selection hypothesis

Schmitt, J.; Antonovics, J., 1986:
Experimental studies of the evolutionary significance of sexual reproduction iii. maternal and paternal effects during seedling establishment

Schmitt, J.; Antonovics, J., 1986:
Experimental studies of the evolutionary significance of sexual reproduction iv. effect of neighbor relatedness and aphid infestation on seedling performance

Woyciechowski, M., 1980:
Experimental studies of the exploitation and over crowding of a natural population of the roman snail helix pomatia

Espiau, P.; Pedro, G., 1983:
Experimental studies of the ferrolysis process production of exchange acidity and demonstration of the catalytic role of clay mineral

Reeve, E.B.; Stephens, A.; Carlson, T.H., 1979:
Experimental studies of the fibrinogen response to hemorrhage

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Experimental studies of the interactions between a web invading spider and 2 host species

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Experimental studies of the origin and expression of metameric pattern in the chick embryo

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Experimental studies of the osteochondral allograft

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Experimental studies of the pathogenesis of ulcer carcinoma in the glandular stomach of rats

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Experimental studies of the pathogenicity of melanin producing pseudomonas aeruginosa strains

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Experimental studies of the perfusion flow rate during deep hypo thermic cardio pulmonary bypass optimal flow rate from the analysis of blood gas values and metabolic changes

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Experimental studies of the pericardial releasing technique in rabbits

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Experimental studies of the possibilities of indirect electroroentgenography of the mediastinum

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Experimental studies of the potentiation of proguanil and pyrimethamine by dapsone using Plasmodium berghei in white mice

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Experimental studies of the regeneration of pancreatic islet cell with reference to the prohibitive effect of glucose on diabetes mellitus after subtotal pancreatectomy in rats

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Experimental studies of the reproductive strategy of caltha palustris populations

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Experimental studies of the shoot apical meristem of seed plants part 2 morphological and cytochemical effects of kinetin applied to the exposed meristem of pinus elliottii

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Experimental studies of the shoot apical meristem seed plants part 1 morphological and cytochemical effects of iaa applied to the exposed meristem of lupinus albus

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Experimental studies of the transfer of neptunium from sea water to sediments and organisms annelids and molluscs

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Experimental studies of the translocation of plutonium from simulated wound sites in the rat

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Experimental studies of the use of di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid and other agents to limit the systemic burden of plutonium after wound contamination

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Experimental studies of thermotolerance in vivo. I. The baby rat tail model

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Experimental studies of transabdominal mucosal transection of the esophagus for esophageal varices about especially the blood flow of the lower esophagus and cardiac portion of the stomach

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Experimental studies of tumor radio immuno detection using antibody mixtures against carcino embryonic antigen and colon specific antigen

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Experimental studies of visceral larva migrans with toxocara tanuki

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Experimental studies of wound repair of the pancreas in dogs i. healing of the pancreatic stump

Kawamura, A., 1986:
Experimental studies of wound repair of the pancreas in dogs ii. ultrastructural study of acinar cell degeneration and regeneration at the pancreatic stump

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Experimental studies on 2 mutant genes r and x in the mexican axolotl ambystoma mexicanum

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Experimental studies on a lethal gene (t) in the Mexican axolotl, Ambystoma mexicanum

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Experimental studies on a mutant gene (p) causing premature death of Ambystoma mexicanum embryos

W.D., 1984:
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Experimental studies on absorptive ability in intestinal aganglionosis of the rat

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Experimental studies on acarine predator prey interactions distribution of search effort and predation rates of a predator population in a patchy environment acarina phytoseiidae

Eveleigh, E.S.; Chant, D.A., 1982:
Experimental studies on acarine predator prey interactions effects of temporal changes in the environment on searching behavior predation rates and fecundity acarina phytoseiidae

Eveleigh, E.S.; Chant, D.A., 1982:
Experimental studies on acarine predator prey interactions the effects of predator density on immature survival adult fecundity and emigration rates and the numerical response to prey density acarina phytoseiidae

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Experimental studies on aclacinomycin

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Experimental studies on acoustical and visual communication in the common tern sterna hirundo with particular reference to the raising of the young

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Experimental studies on activation of the kininogenic system after exclusion of the hepatic circulation

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Experimental studies on acute gastric mucosal lesion involved with obstructive jaundice changes of amine contents in the gastric mucosa on cold restraint stress

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Experimental studies on acute spinal cord injury

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Experimental studies on acute vanadium intoxication in rats

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Experimental studies on anatomical or functional exclusion of the small intestine in the pig

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Experimental studies on anomalous arrangement of the pancreaticobiliary duct a preliminary report

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Experimental studies on anomalous arrangement of the pancreaticobiliary ductal system in puppies with a pancreaticocholedochal end to side anastomosis

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Experimental studies on anti helminthic effect of drugs 1. preliminary observation on the life cycles of syphacia obvelata different developmental stages as anti helminthic test organisms

Adachi, J., 1980:
Experimental studies on anti helminthic effect of drugs 2. anti helminthic effect against the larval parasites of different development stages

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Experimental studies on anti reflux effect of various operations for achalasia of the esophagus

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Experimental studies on antigenicity and osteogenicity in allotransplantation of cancellous bone

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Experimental studies on antioxidative effect of coenzyme q 10 on the retina

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Experimental studies on antitumor activity of neutrophils activated by a nonspecific immunopotentiator ok 432 light microscopic and electron microscopic observations

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Experimental studies on antitumor activity of retinoids i. inhibitory effects of retinoids on dmh induced colon carcinogenesis in rats

Ninomiya, M., 1987:
Experimental studies on antitumor activity of retinoids ii. site of action of retinoids with respect to cellular retinoid binding proteins

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Experimental studies on antitumor activity of vitamin a like compounds i. inhibitory effects of retinoid and polyprenoic acid on the development of spontaneous hepatic tumors in c 3h hencrj mice

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Experimental studies on antitumor activity of vitamin a like compounds ii. effects on metabolism of retinoids in spontaneously transformed mouse fibroblasts

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Experimental studies on antitumor immunological activity after cryosurgery

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Experimental studies on assisted circulation in acute hypoxic state

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Kashihara, M., 1984:
Experimental studies on atherosclerotic changes in the carotid bifurcation 2. formation and evolution of atheromatous plaque under hypercholesterolemia

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Experimental studies on atrophic gastritis in the mouse

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Experimental studies on bacterial prostatitis 2nd report efficacy of various antimicrobial agents

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Experimental studies on bacterial prostatitis 3rd report infective bladder stones and prostatitis

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Experimental studies on beta g release function of pmns

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Experimental studies on bile acid metabolism in obstructive jaundice urinary excretion of bile acids

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Experimental studies on bile secretion effects of several antibiotics on bile secretion in rats

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Experimental studies on blood transfusion in dogs 2. incompatibilities based on red cell and leukocyte blood groups

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Experimental studies on burrowing of ocypode cursor crustacea ocypodidae in response to sand moisture

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Experimental studies on cadaver pancreas preserved by perfusion

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Experimental studies on cardiac function and renal hemodynamics in extra anatomical bypass of the thoracic aorta

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Experimental studies on cardio pulmonary relation under hypoxia hypercapnia and airway obstruction in the dog

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Experimental studies on cataract

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Experimental studies on cerebellar foliation 2. a morphometric analysis of cerebellar fissuration defects and growth retardation after neo natal treatment with 6 hydroxy dopamine in the rat

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Experimental studies on cerebral metabolic alteration induced by penicillin

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Experimental studies on cerebral vaso spasm effect of continuous subarachnoid irrigation

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Experimental studies on cerebro cardio pulmonary resuscitation especially cerebral cooling method through carotid carotid bypass perfusion

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Experimental studies on changes of pulmonary surfactant following aspiration pneumonitis

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Experimental studies on chela leaf ficus tisela poisoning in calves

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Experimental studies on chemical peritonitis with endotoxemia relationship between chemical peritonitis and endotoxemia

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Experimental studies on chemo immuno therapy against tumors especially those associated with the leukemias antigenic changes in tumor cells accompanying their acquisition of resistance against anti tumor drugs

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Experimental studies on chlorofluoro hydro carbon poisoning

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Experimental studies on cholinomimetic effects of carnitine in isolated preparations of aorta and masseteric artery

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Experimental studies on combination chemotherapy based on cell cycle analysis

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Experimental studies on combination therapy with radiation and anti neoplastic agents based on the cell cycle synchronization theory by irradiation

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Experimental studies on compartment syndrome caused by tourniquet

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Experimental studies on compensatory function of ileum after colectomy water and electrolyte absorption and morphological changes

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Experimental studies on competition between bosmina longirostris and bosmina fatalis

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Experimental studies on coracidia in two species of bothriocephalus parasites of flat fishes the behavior to light stimulations

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Experimental studies on corrected orthogonal lead systems of vector cardiography with canine homogenous torso model

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Experimental studies on cryo surgery in dermatology

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Experimental studies on curing elapid bite with trypsin

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Experimental studies on daphniphyllum macropodum intoxication in rabbits

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Experimental studies on determination of maturation potency of pig ova in vitro

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Experimental studies on development and pathogenesis of chronic atrophic gastritis in rat

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Experimental studies on different thresholds for epileptiform activity

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Experimental studies on differentiation of cells originated from human neural crest tumors in vitro and in vivo

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Experimental studies on drug sensitization part 2 production of anti acetyl salicylate antibodies and their detection by passive hem agglutination

Cirstea, M.; Suhaciu, G., 1978:
Experimental studies on drug sensitization part 4 immune response to conjugates of penicillin and acetyl salicylic acid with autologous serum proteins

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Experimental studies on early weaned lambs 2. nitrogen and amino acid metabolism

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Experimental studies on early weaned lambs 3. hematological appraisal of protein and amino acid nutrition

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Experimental studies on early weaned lambs 4. energy and gas metabolism

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Experimental studies on effects of antispasmodic agent timepidium bromide on motility of intestinal tract

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Experimental studies on effects of cdp choline on the lungs of fetal rats

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Experimental studies on effects of chronic aerogenous toxic gas stress on unweaned piglets with ammonia of varying concentrations 3. light microscopic and electron microscopic studies on the pathology and pathogenesis of chronic aerogenous ammonia damage to the respiratory apparatus of the piglet

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Experimental studies on effects of coenzyme q 10 and glucose insulin potassium on the myocardial infarct size

Amari, H., 1981:
Experimental studies on effects of coenzyme q 10 on the ischemic myo cardium

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Experimental studies on effects of fluoridation on experimental glomerulonephritis in the rat

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Experimental studies on effects of humoral antibodies on transplanted tissues in rats

Kawaguchi, T., 1982:
Experimental studies on effects on grafted bone by transplantation of vessels in mandible of rabbits

Douglas, A.E., 1983:
Experimental studies on egg production by convoluta roscoffensis turbellaria acoela

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Experimental studies on electro retinogram of congenitally diabetic kk mice

Saitoh, T., 1984:
Experimental studies on electromyographic changes in destroyed myenteric plexus of canine intestine

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Experimental studies on elimination of zinc 65 cesium 137 and cerium 144 by euphausiids

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Experimental studies on embryo transfer in sheep part 1 embryo transfer between different breeds of sheep after estrus synchronization

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Experimental studies on energy metabolism of the kidneys in acute pancreatitis

Hoshida, S., 1982:
Experimental studies on entero chromaffin cells in cold restraint stressed rats

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Experimental studies on epizoochorous dispersal in californian usa plants

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Experimental studies on evaluation of myocardial viability using continuous intramyocardial pH measurements during hypothermic heart preservation

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Experimental studies on extraosseous calcification in hyper vitaminosis d 3 1. significance of proteo glycans in early stages of calcification in rats

Regal, D.S., 1983:
Experimental studies on extraosseous calcification in hyper vitaminosis d 3 2. effect of goldhafer trisetum flavescens on formation of proteo glycans in the cardio vascular system and kidneys of quail

Regal, D.S., 1983:
Experimental studies on extraosseous calcification in hyper vitaminosis d 3 3. effect of goldhafer on formation on proteo glycans and on calcium dependent atpase in the egg laying organs of quails

Regal, D.S., 1983:
Experimental studies on extraosseous calcification in hyper vitaminosis d 3 4. light and electron optical studies on localization of intestinal calcium binding protein in quails

Regal, D.S., 1983:
Experimental studies on extraosseous calcification in hyper vitaminosis d 3 5. light and electron optical localization of calcium binding protein in the uterus of egg laying quail

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Experimental studies on extravesical uretero neo cystostomy in dogs

Oyamada, Y., 1981:
Experimental studies on eye wall resection operation in rabbit eye

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Experimental studies on factors causing acute serum sickness glomerulo nephritis of immune complex origin part 1 the role of immune complexes and the immunological status of the host

Szabo, J.; Szabo, T.; Lustyik, G.; Lenkey, A., 1977:
Experimental studies on factors causing acute serum sickness glomerulo nephritis of immune complex origin part 2 patho morphological analysis

Neill, W.E., 1978:
Experimental studies on factors limiting colonization by daphnia pulex of coastal montane lakes in british columbia canada

Kurihara, S., 1984:
Experimental studies on fetal pancreatic tissue transplantation effect of culture and cryopreservation on graft survival

Mcmillan, C., 1976:
Experimental studies on flowering and reproduction in seagrasses

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Experimental studies on fluid patho physiology in small intestinal obstruction in the rat part 4 effects of intra luminal hyper osmolality and simultaneous intra venous infusions on the experimentally obstructed small intestine of the rat

Johnson, L.; Nordstrom, H.; Nylander, G., 1978:
Experimental studies on fluid patho physiology in small intestinal obstruction in the rat part 5 effects of intra luminal hyper osmolality and simultaneous intra venous infusions on the experimentally obstructed and decompressed small intestine

Milhaud, G.; Riviere, F.; Enriquez, B., 1985:
Experimental studies on fluorosis in the lamb

Eggert, A.; Grueber, J., 1986:
Experimental studies on functional stabilization in the postoperative treatment of injuries to the ankle joint ligament

Kobayashi, N., 1980:
Experimental studies on gall stone formation after partial ileal bypass operation 2. effects of partial ileal bypass operation on biliary lipids and entero hepatic circulation of bile acids in hamsters

Ito, Y., 1984:
Experimental studies on gastric stress ulceration with particular reference to observations in rats with subarachnoid hemorrhage

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Experimental studies on gastric ulcer. (4). Sequential observation and evaluation of gastric ulcers by endoscope in the rat

Fukawa, K.; Misaki, N.; Kawano, O.; Uchida, M.; Ohbayashi, S.; Irino, O., 1983:
Experimental studies on gastric ulcer 5. endoscopical evaluation of the healing processes of acetic acid ulcer in rats ulcer reducing process

Fukawa, K.; Kawano, O.; Misaki, N.; Uchida, M.; Irino, O., 1984:
Experimental studies on gastric ulcer (6). Endoscopical evaluation of healing processes of acetic acid ulcer in rats (2): Healing, recurrence and relapse of ulcer

Kolpakov, V.G.; Gilinsky, M.A.; Alekhina, T.A.; Barykina, N.N.; Nikulina, E.M.; Voitenko, N.N.; Kulikov, A.V.; Shtilman, N.I., 1987:
Experimental studies on genetically determined predisposition to catatonia in rats as a model of schizophrenia

Nishiura, H.; Hayakawa, K.; Matsui, Y.; Sawada, M.; Nii, S., 1980:
Experimental studies on genital herpetic infection in mice

Heerkloss, B.; Bartolomaeus, W., 1980:
Experimental studies on germination behavior of cultivated plants at different salinities of the germination media

Tsuge, N., 1986:
Experimental studies on grafting in rat mandibular region comparative observation between autogenous iliac bone and rib

Sakurai, A., 1986:
Experimental studies on grafting of free autologous gracilis muscle for anal sphincter insufficiency

Ormieres, R., 1975:
Experimental studies on gregarina ovata macro sporocysts and micro sporocysts parasite specificity duration of life cycle

Hauke, R.L., 1977:
Experimental studies on growth and sexual determination in equisetum gametophytes

Homma, Y., 1985:
Experimental studies on healing process after sagittal splitting technique in the dog mandible

Okano, M., 1981:
Experimental studies on healing process of fresh autogenous iliac bone grafting in the mandibular region

Takano, M., 1987:
Experimental studies on healing process of vascularized bone replantations in the mandible

Uchiwa, N.; Seo, K., 1976:
Experimental studies on health care administration before menstruation part 1 menstrual cycle variation of urinary electrolytes and specific gravity of the students and their pre menstrual and menstrual symptoms

Tanabe, H., 1986:
Experimental studies on heart preservation an assessment of heart viability by phosphorus 31 nmr

Wakita, N., 1987:
Experimental studies on heart preservation using simple immersion method

Sugiki, K.; Minami, K.; Kaneko, S.; Komatsu, S., 1983:
Experimental studies on heart rate control with electrical vagus nerve stimulation

Abe, N., 1981:
Experimental studies on hemo dilution and peripheral circulation during extracorporeal circulation with special reference to blood viscosity

Shibairi, M., 1980:
Experimental studies on hemodynamic characteristics of internal mammary artery graft in coronary bypass operations

Sobti, V.K.; Mirakhur, K.K.; Krishnamurthy, D.; Nigam, J.M., 1982:
Experimental studies on hemodynamics of hemorrhagic shock in buffalo calves