Experimental studies on sulfur di oxide injuries in higher plants part 2 disturbance of amino acid metabolism in plants exposed to sulfur di oxide

Tanaka, H.; Takanashi, T.; Kadota, M.; Yatazawa, M.

Water Air and Soil Pollution 1(4): 343-346


ISSN/ISBN: 0049-6979
Accession: 005426178

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Incorporation of 14C into alanine and serine, but not glycine, was observed in 1-month-old plants of wheat cv. Norin 53 after exposure to 100 ppm SO2 and 300 ppm 14CO2 for 30 min under 4000 lx illumination. The relative 14C radioactivity of serine in SO2-exposed plants was 22%, compared with 46% in the control plants; corresponding figures for alanine were 34% for SO2-exposed plants and 29% for controls. The total incorporation of 14C into the amino-acid fraction in SO2-exposed plants was about 850 counts/min compared with 6600 counts/min for control plants. The reduction of 14C incorporation into serine was believed to indicate the formation of glyoxylate bisulphite in plants exposed to SO2. The reduction in 14C incorporation in SO2-exposed plants suggested the presence of other mechanisms inhibitory to photosynthesis besides the formation of glyoxylate bisulphite.