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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5429

Chapter 5429 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Smecka Z.; Stankus P.; Lichnovsky V., 1984:
Experimental uveitis in rabbits induced with bovine serum albumin and horseradish peroxidase

Meyers Elliott R.H.; Sumner H.L., 1982:
Experimental uveitis induced by products of activated lymphocytes intra ocular effects of rhod opsin induced lymphokines

Trivello, R.; Renzulli, G.; Romano, M.; Milone, G.; Moschen, M.E., 1978:
Experimental vaccination against measles using attenuated virus schwarz strain

Larsen, A.B.; Moyle, A.I.; Himes, E.M., 1978:
Experimental vaccination of cattle against paratuberculosis (Johne's disease) with killed bacterial vaccines: a controlled field study

Davis, D., 1988:
Experimental vaccination of rats with Dermatophilus congolensis zoospores

Blinzinger, K.; Hochstein-Mintzel, V.; Anzil, A.P., 1977:
Experimental vaccinia virus meningo encephalitis in adult albino mice virological light microscopic and ultrastructural studies

Alric R.; Kourad A.; Peskine F.; Hue B., 1986:
Experimental validation of a modulated infusion of thiopental

Rabkin I.Kh; Zaimovskii V.A.; Khmelevskaya I.Yu; Maksimovich I.V.; Rabkin D.I.; Khasepov B.P., 1984:
Experimental validation of and the 1st clinical experience with x ray endovascular prosthetics

Nikolaev A.V.; Tugarinova V.N.; Zolotnitskaya R.P.; Milovanova Z.P.; Kotova E.N.; Zozulya T.V.; Eliseeva S.V., 1981:
Experimental validation of d penicillamine use in liver cirrhosis in rabbits

Otto, C.M.; Pearlman, A.S.; Gardner, C.L.; Enomoto, D.M.; Togo, T.; Tsuboi, H.; Ivey, T.D., 1988:
Experimental validation of Doppler echocardiographic measurement of volume flow through the stenotic aortic valve

Gould K.L.; Kelley K.O.; Bolson E.L., 1982:
Experimental validation of quantitative coronary arteriography for determining pressure flow characteristics of coronary stenosis

Pinchuk V.G.; Berdinskikh N.K.; Voloshchenko Y.V., 1985:
Experimental validation of the clinical use of ceruloplasmin an enzymatic blood preparation

Csiki I.E.; Negoescu R., 1986:
Experimental validation of the fn 01 flicker an instrument for the evaluation of neuropsychical fatigue measuring the subjective critical frequency fusion of pulsed light

Rybka F.J., 1980:
Experimental value of silicone sheet dacron felt spacers in prevention of capsular contractures

Block H.U.; Sziegoleit W.; Mueller G.; Mest H.J., 1987:
Experimental variables affecting thromboxane b 2 formation during clotting of human blood

Fegley S.R., 1987:
Experimental variation of near bottom current speeds and its effects on depth distribution of sand living meiofauna

du Toit, D.F.; Heydenrych, J.J.; Smit, B.; Louw, G.; Zuurmond, T.; Laker, L.; Els, D.; Weideman, A.; Wolfe-Coote, S.; van der Merwe, E.A., 1984:
Experimental vascularized segmental pancreatic and islet transplantation in the baboon

Tsai T M.; Ogden L.; Jaeger S.H.; Okubo K., 1982:
Experimental vascularized total joint auto grafts a primate macaca fascicularis study

Ito M., 1980:
Experimental vaso spasms significance of oxy hemo globin fibrin degradation products and breakdown products of white ghost in the pathogenesis of cerebral vaso spasms treatment of vaso spasms with gabexate mesilate and diphenhydramine

McLachlin, A.D.; Carroll, S.E.; Clark, R.L.; Fisher, G.F., 1970:
Experimental venous thrombectomy

Maffei F.H.D., 1981:
Experimental venous thrombosis critical review of some experimental models

Maffei, F.H.; Pinto, A.M.; Fabris, V.E.; Lastória, S.; Rollo, H.D., 1977:
Experimental venous thrombosis in guinea pigs: effect of heparin and drugs affecting platelet function

Doutremepuich, C.; Gestreau, J.L.; Maury, M.O.; Quilichini, R.; Boisseau, M.R.; Toulemonde, F.; Vairel, E., 1983:
Experimental venous thrombosis in rats treated with heparin and a low molecular weight heparin fraction

Cotoi S.; Stefanescu M.; Badiu G., 1984:
Experimental ventricular preexcitation type wolff parkinson white syndrome

Reinink K., 1986:
Experimental verification and development of epipre a supervised disease and pest management system for wheat

Boswell, P.A.; Howell, J.R.; Huf, E.G., 1978:
Experimental verification of a multi compartment sodium ion flow model of frog skin epidermis

Bernstein, H.; Muntz, E.P., 1986 :
Experimental verification of a technique for predicting scattered radiation transfer: application to low photon energies

Kondratyuk V.A., 1985:
Experimental verification of allowable concentrations of sodium and potassium in reclaimed potable water

Still J.; Konrad J., 1985:
Experimental verification of auriculodiagnosis in the dog

Gapochko K.G.; Gamleshko K.P.; Gerasyuk L.G.; Emel'yanova O.V.; Litvinova A.P.; Titova T.S.; Zyablitsev I.F., 1981:
Experimental verification of combined sub cutaneous jet immunization against plague and small pox

Fencl Z.; Pazlarova J.; Plazek I.; Egorova L.A.; Loginova L.G., 1979:
Experimental verification of mathematical modeling results on the production of bacillus subtilis mutants synthesizing alpha amylase at a low rate in continuous cultivation

Benex, J.; Bayssade-Dufour, C., 1978:
Experimental verification of schistosoma mansoni cercariae specificity for mammalian hosts

Martynov S.P.; Krupnov V.A., 1982:
Experimental verification of selection index efficiency in spring wheat

Petrov, A.P.; Sokolov, I.D., 1978:
Experimental verification of some assumptions and methods in statistical genetics part 2

Gelnar, M., 1987:
Experimental verification of the effect of physical condition of gobio gobio l. on the growth rate of micropopulations of gyrodactylus gobiensis glaeser 1974 monogenea

Ergens R.; Gelnar M., 1985:
Experimental verification of the effect of temperature on the size of hard parts of opisthaptor of gyrodactylus katharineri monogenea

Gelnar, M., 1987:
Experimental verification of the effect of the form scaly or scaleless of carp host cyprinus carpio l. on the growth rate of micropopulations of gyrodactylus katharineri malmberg 1964 monogenea

Gelnar M., 1987:
Experimental verification of the effect of water temperature on micropopulation growth of gyrodactylus katharineri malmberg 1964 monogenea parasitizing carp fry cyprinus carpio l

Troitskaya, N.A.; Troitskii, G.V., 1976:
Experimental verification of the mathematical model of the regeneration of plasma proteins and erythrocytes after blood loss

Klimkina, N.V.; Ekhina, R.S.; Sergeev, A.N., 1976:
Experimental verification of the maximum permissible concentration of methyl and butyl esters of methacrylic acid in water bodies

Petrova S.; Popov T., 1982:
Experimental verification of the possibility of in vivo formation of nitroso compounds on combined action of dodecyl guanidine acetate and sodium nitrite

Pal, R.; Nath, J.; Khanna, S.S., 1977:
Experimental verification of the recently proposed calculation methods for the 2 parametric diffusivity water content functions

Nakagaki, M.; Takagi, R., 1986:
Experimental verification of the theory of membrane potential for collodion membranes with asymmetric charge distribution

Neumann, G.L., 1977:
Experimental verification of the validity of optimizing fertilization for corn fodder by the method of systematic variants

Matsuo, S., 1975:
Experimental vertical infection with rubella virus in mice

Osone S., 1983:
Experimental vertical infection with toxoplasma

Nayar J.K.; Rosen L.; Knight J.W., 1986:
Experimental vertical transmission of saint louis encephalitis virus by florida usa mosquitoes

Kryzhanovskii, G.N.; Rekhtman, M.B.; Konnikov, B.A.; Sheikhon, F.D., 1976:
Experimental vestibulopathy as a result of localization of the pathologically enhanced excitation in vestibular nuclei the phenomenon of determinative dispatch station

Jazic L., 1987:
Experimental vinification of grapes of white wine varieties from the area of fruska gora yugoslavia

Burch, G.E.; Chu, K.C., 1982:
Experimental viral arthritis

Davis, L.E.; Johnson, R.T., 1976:
Experimental viral infections of the inner ear part 1 acute infections of the new born hamster labyrinth

Davis L.E., 1979:
Experimental viral infections of the temporal bone part 1 experimental otitis media due to vaccinia virus in hamsters

Banerjee K.; Ilkal M.A.; Bhat H.R.; Sreenivasan M.A., 1979:
Experimental viremia with japanese encephalitis virus in certain domestic and peri domestic vertebrates

Loiseau-Marolleau, M.L., 1977:
Experimental virulence of pseudomonas aeruginosa for mice comparison between human strains and environmental strains

Panasiak, W.; Luczak, M., 1985:
Experimental virus bacterial infection i. elaboration of mixed infection model using encephalomyocarditis virus and staphylococcus aureus in mice

Luczak, M.; Panasiak, W., 1988:
Experimental virus bacterial infections ii. development and course of mixed virus emc and staphylococcus aureus infection in mice

Premvati G., 1982:
Experimental visceral leishmaniasis in b 10lp a mice histo pathology of liver

Isaeva V.A.; Alekseeva I.A.; Blazheevich N.V.; Spirichev V.B., 1979:
Experimental vitamin d insufficiency at various ratios of calcium and phosphorus in a diet

Hilgard, P., 1977:
Experimental vitamin K deficiency and spontaneous metastases

Pilkerton, A.R.; Rao, N.A.; Marak, G.E.; Woodward, S.C., 1979:
Experimental vitreous fibroplasia following perforating ocular injuries

Ueno, A., 1980:
Experimental vitreous hemorrhage 2. absorption of vitreous hemorrhage

Forrester, J.V.; Sutherland, G.R.; Mcdonald, M., 1977:
Experimental vitreous hemorrhage echographic appearances

Miller, B.; Miller, H.; Ryan, S.J., 1985:
Experimental vitreous syneresis

Fuentes, C.; Marty, R.; Raymond, J., 1974:
Experimental Wallerian degeneration in the vestibular nuclei: study by light and electron microscopy after silver staining

Laszlo F.A.; Balaspiri L., 1986 :
Experimental water intoxication induced by ddavp in rat and its prevention with the vasopressin antagonist 1 beta mercapto beta beta cyclopentamethylenepropionic acid 2 o ethyltyrosine 4 valine arginine vasopressin

Ruijs, G.J.; van der Waaij, D., 1986:
Experimental whole gut irrigation in the rat

Niilo, L., 1970:
Experimental winter coccidiosis in sheltered and unsheltered calves

Job D.J.; Wright J.E., 1986:
Experimental wood rot of salix humboldtiana blocks by species of hymenochaete aphyllophorales

Job, D.J.; Rajchenberg, M., 1988:
Experimental wood rot of salix humboldtiana blocks by species of phellinus quel. aphyllophorales

Hammer, C.; Land, W.; Pielsticker, K.; Brendel, W., 1972:
Experimental xeno grafting in widely divergent species modification of the hyper acute xenogeneic rejection of organs by long time immunization of recipient dogs with complete liver homogenate from donor sheep

Pai, C.H.; Mors, V.; Seemayer, T.A., 1980:
Experimental Yersinia enterocolitica enteritis in rabbits

Teshima, S.; Natori, T.; Nakamura, K.; Aizawa, M.; Sakashita, S., 1979:
Experimental yolk sac tumors in the rat

March W.F.; Gherezghiher T.; Koss M.C.; Nordquist R.E., 1984:
Experimental yttrium aluminum garnet laser sclerostomy

Schwarz G.; Pallauf J., 1987:
Experimental zinc deficiency in growing rabbits and its influence on the zinc status of blood serum

Abbasi, A.A.; Prasad, A.S.; Rabbani, P.; DuMouchelle, E., 1980:
Experimental zinc deficiency in man. Effect on testicular function

Wright A.L.; King J.C.; Baer M.T.; Citron L.J., 1981:
Experimental zinc depletion and altered taste perception for sodium chloride in young adult males

Simberloff, D., 1976:
Experimental zoo geography of islands effects of island size

Anniko, M.; Wersäll, J., 1977:
Experimentally (atoxyl) induced ampullar degeneration and damage to the maculae utriculi

Wilson, J., 1972:
Experimentally determined 2 locus fitnesses of drosophila melanogaster males

Thomas, G.G.; Bell, R.A.; Mitchell, R., 1982:
Experimentally determined forces of maxillary lingual arch expansion appliances

Thomas V.G., 1985:
Experimentally determined impacts of a small suction gold dredge on a montana usa stream

Voronina T.A.; Garibova T.L.; Smirnov L.D.; Kutepova O.A.; Dyumaev K.M., 1986:
Experimentally established geropsychotropic properties of 3 hydroxypyridine antioxidant

Eschenbruch M.; Buerk R.R., 1982:
Experimentally improved reliability of ultra sensitive silver staining of protein in poly acrylamide gels

Ciepielewski W., 1986:
Experimentally increased fish stock in the pond type lake warniak poland changes of ichthyofauna between 1970 and 1983

Hatch R.C.; Clark J.D.; Jain A.V.; Mahaffey E.A., 1979:
Experimentally induced acute afla toxicosis in goats treated with ethyl maleate glutathione precursors or thio sulfate

Borisova, L.; Duparinova, M.; Aleksandrov, M.; Tacheva, T.; Dzhurov, A., 1987:
Experimentally induced aflatoxicosis in broilers

Bykov V.L., 1987:
Experimentally induced alimentary tract candidiasis in neonates

Wakayama H., 1980:
Experimentally induced allergic kerato conjunctivitis with reference to tracing of the antigen in the cornea

McIlwraith, C.W.; Fessler, J.F.; Blevins, W.E.; Page, E.H.; Rebar, A.H.; Van Sickle, D.C.; Coppoc, G.L., 1979:
Experimentally induced arthritis of the equine carpus: clinical determinations

McIlwraith, C.W.; Van Sickle, D.C., 1981:
Experimentally induced arthritis of the equine carpus: histologic and histochemical changes in the articular cartilage

Salt, W.G.; Samara, M.A.; Stretton, R.J., 1987:
Experimentally induced Bacteroides infections in the rabbit

Frelier, P.F., 1980:
Experimentally induced bovine sarcocystosis: correlation of in vitro lymphocyte function with structural changes in lymphoid tissue

Meador, V.P.; Deyoe, B.L., 1986:
Experimentally induced Brucella abortus infection in pregnant goats

Rowe, L.D.; Corrier, D.E.; Reagor, J.C.; Jones, L.P., 1987:
Experimentally induced Cassia roemeriana poisoning in cattle and goats

Nagata, I.; Handa, H.; Hashimoto, N.; Hazama, F., 1980:
Experimentally induced cerebral aneurysms in rats 6. hypertension

Nagata, I.; Handa, H.; Hashimoto, N.; Hazama, F., 1981:
Experimentally induced cerebral aneurysms in rats 7. scanning electron microscope study

Bang, B.G.; Bang, F.B., 1969:
Experimentally induced changes in nasal mucous secretory systems and their effect on virus infection in chickens i effect on mucosal morphology and function cocaine metab pilocarpine metab hexylcaine chloride metab

Bang, F.B.; Foard, M.A., 1969:
Experimentally induced changes in nasal mucous secretory systems and their effect on virus infection in chickens ii effects on adsorption of newcastle disease virus cocaine metab pilocarpine metab

Clark J.D.; Jain A.V.; Hatch R.C.; Mahaffey E.A., 1980:
Experimentally induced chronic afla toxicosis in rabbits

Miller R.A.W.; Griffiths W.A.D., 1982:
Experimentally induced complement and immuno globulin deposition along the basement membrane zone and in dermal blood vessels

Balint, G.A., 1978:
Experimentally induced contributions to the therapy of ricin intoxication

Saif, L.J.; Redman, D.R.; Moorhead, P.D.; Theil, K.W., 1986:
Experimentally induced coronavirus infections in calves: viral replication in the respiratory and intestinal tracts

Moskowitz, R.W.; Davis, W.; Sammarco, J.; Mast, W.; Chase, S.W., 1970:
Experimentally induced cortico steroid arthropathy

Wagner J.E.; Ferris D.H.; Kier A.B.; Wightman S.R.; Maring E.; Morehouse L.G.; Hansen R.D., 1980:
Experimentally induced cytauxzoonosis like disease in domestic cats

Hayes, D.J.; Byrne, E.; Shoubridge, E.A.; Morgan-Hughes, J.A.; Clark, J.B., 1985:
Experimentally induced defects of mitochondrial metabolism in rat skeletal muscle. Biological effects of the NADH: coenzyme Q reductase inhibitor diphenyleneiodonium

Kojima, K.; Matsubara, H.; Mizuno, K.; Harada, T.; Suzuki, M.; Hotta, N.; Kakuta, H.; Sakamoto, N., 1985:
Experimentally induced diabetic retinal microangiopathy and polyol pathway 2. effect of aldose reductase inhibitors on microangiopathy

Ashhurst, D.E.; Vrbová, G., 1979:
Experimentally induced differentiation of slow tonic and fast twitch muscles in the chick

Baghaei M., 1981:
Experimentally induced encapsulation of diplostomulum phoxini in the fish host

Ellis, F.W.; Pick, J.R., 1970:
Experimentally induced ethanol dependence in rhesus monkeys

Presidente, P.J.A.; Mccraw, B.M.; Lumsden, J.H., 1975:
Experimentally induced fasciola hepatica infection in white tailed deer part 1 clinico pathological and parasitological features

Presidente, P.J.A.; Mccraw, B.M.; Lumsden, J.H., 1975:
Experimentally induced fasciola hepatica infection in white tailed deer part 2 pathological features

Hoover, E.A.; Kahn, D.E.; Langloss, J.M., 1978:
Experimentally induced feline chlamydial infection (feline pneumonitis)

Hutchinson, G.W.; Slocombe, J.O., 1976:
Experimentally induced Haemonchus contortus infections in the rabbit

Brack M.; Eichberg J.W.; Heberling R.L.; Kalter S.S., 1980:
Experimentally induced herpesvirus sa 8 encephalitis in kenyan baboons papio cynocephalus

Pi-Sunyer, F.X.; Campbell, R.G.; Hashim, S.A., 1970:
Experimentally induced hyper ketonemia and insulin secretion in the dog

Felkai F., 1985:
Experimentally induced hypopotassemia in dogs

Zirm, M.; Hanselmayer, H.; Schmut, O.; Roll, P., 1977:
Experimentally induced immunological reaction of the eye after kerato plasty part 1 light microscopy

Roll, P.; Zirm, M.; Hanselmayer, H.; Schmut, O., 1977:
Experimentally induced immunological reaction of the eye after kerato plasty part 2 ultrastructural changes of the receptors cornea

Lindsay, D.S.; Blagburn, B.L.; Hoerr, F.J., 1987:
Experimentally induced infections in turkeys with Cryptosporidium baileyi isolated from chickens

Pugh, G.W.Jr ; Hughes, D.E.; Booth, G.D., 1977:
Experimentally induced infectious bovine kerato conjunctivitis effectiveness of a pilus vaccine against exposure to homologous strains of moraxella bovis

Miller, J.M.; Van der Maaten, M.J., 1986:
Experimentally induced infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus infection during early pregnancy: effect on the bovine corpus luteum and conceptus

Mello, N.K.; Mendelson, J.H., 1970 :
Experimentally induced intoxication in alcoholics: a comparison between programed and spontaneous drinking

Weber-Tschopp, A.; Fischer, T.; Gierer, R.; Grandjean, E., 1977:
Experimentally induced irritating effects of acrolein on men

Sugawara M.; Oki Y., 1982:
Experimentally induced ketosis in microtus montebelli

Davis, J.W.; Libke, K.G.; Watson, D.F.; Bibb, T.L., 1976:
Experimentally induced lead poisoning in goats: clinical observations and pathologic changes

Tuffin K.; Hesketh B.; Podd J., 1985:
Experimentally induced learned helplessness how far does it generalize?

Inzana T.J.; Dawe D.L., 1979:
Experimentally induced leptospira interrogans autumnalis infections in young swine

Marler, R.J.; Cook, J.E.; Kerr, A.I., 1979:
Experimentally induced leptospirosis in coyotes (Canis latrans)

Lüllmann-Rauch, R., 1981:
Experimentally induced lipidosis in rat retinal pigment epithelium. A brief review

Chausow D.G.; Forbes R.M.; Czarnecki G.L.; Corbin J.E., 1986:
Experimentally induced magnesium deficiency in growing kittens

Horvath G.; Marton E.T.; Meszaros M.J.; Quarini L., 1985:
Experimentally induced mastitis caused by bacillus cereus in cattle

Kolev K., 1982:
Experimentally induced mesothelioma in white rats in response to intra peritoneal administration of amorphous crocidolite asbestos preliminary report

Thoen, C.O.; Johnson, D.W.; Himes, E.M.; Menke, S.B.; Muscoplat, C.C., 1976:
Experimentally induced Mycobacterium avium serotype 8 infection in swine

Holzmann, A.; Laber, G., 1977:
Experimentally induced mycoplasmal infection in the genital tract of the male dog part 1 andrological spermatological investigations before infection

Laber, G.; Holzmann, A., 1977:
Experimentally induced mycoplasmal infection in the genital tract of the male dog part 2 andrological and microbiological investigations after exposure to mycoplasms

Dallenbach F.D.; Thomas J.A., 1982:
Experimentally induced myo fibroblastic neoplasia in guinea pigs

Snider, T.G.; Williams, J.C.; Romaire, T.L.; Besch, E.D., 1985:
Experimentally induced ostertagiosis in rabbits inoculated with Ostertagia ostertagi of bovine origin

Anderson, C.A.; Sawyer, M.; Higgins, R.J.; East, N.; Osburn, B.I., 1987:
Experimentally induced ovine border disease: extensive hypomyelination with minimal viral antigen in neonatal spinal cord

Lahoda, R.; Stacher, G.; Bauer, P., 1977:
Experimentally induced pain: measurement of pain threshold and pain tolerance using a new apparatus for electrical stimulation of the skin

Rueckert K.; Klink E.; Kloeppel G., 1979:
Experimentally induced pancreatic carcinoma after choledocho jejunostomy

Cutlip, R.C.; Lehmkuhl, H.D., 1982:
Experimentally induced parainfluenza type 3 virus infection in young lambs: pathologic response

Eriksen, L., 1982:
Experimentally induced resistance to Ascaris suum in pigs

Grevstad, H.J., 1987:
Experimentally induced resorption cavities in rat molars

Armstrong, D.; Hiramitsu, T.; Gutteridge, J.; Nilsson, S.E., 1982:
Experimentally induced retinal degeneration 1. effect of lipid per oxides on electro retinographic activity in the albino rabbit

Axelsson, A.; Hallén, O.; Miller, J.M.; McPherson, D.L., 1977:
Experimentally induced round window membrane lesions

Palmer, D.G.; Rübel, A.; Mettler, F.; Völker, L., 1984:
Experimentally induced skin changes in tortoises by high parenteral doses of vitamin A

Miyakawa T., 1980:
Experimentally induced symptoms and host range of citrus likubin greening disease

Kume, K.; Kawakubo, Y.; Morita, C.; Hayatsu, E.; Yoshioka, M., 1977:
Experimentally induced synovitis of chickens with mycoplasma synoviae effects of bursectomy and thymectomy on course of the infection for the 1st 4 weeks

Kume, K.; Kawakubo, Y.; Yoshioka, M., 1979:
Experimentally induced synovitis of chickens with Mycoplasma synoviae: effects of dexamethasone treatment

Read, D.H.; Harrington, D.D., 1981:
Experimentally induced thiamine deficiency in beagle dogs: clinical observations

Berger J., 1985:
Experimentally induced toxic hemolytic anemia in laboratory rats following phenacetin administration

Waterfield, J.D.; Bick, P.H.; Moller, E.; Moller, G., 1981:
Experimentally induced transplantation tolerance 1. dissociation of effector lymphocytes specific for allo antigens by neo natal tolerance induction

Strecker E.P.; Kraus W.; Fiebig H.H.; Kauffmann G.; Hauenstein K.H., 1982:
Experimentally induced tumors used for angiographic estimation of embolization and cytostatic treatment

Nörgaard, J.O., 1979:
Experimentally induced ultrastructural changes in epithelial cells of isolated glomeruli

Kimura M., 1985:
Experimentally induced vasculitis

Dzhurmanski, G.; Yankulov, J., 1978:
Experimentally obtained auto tetra ploid thorn apple and yellow poppy

Nguyen Huu Phuoc; H.N.m Tran; Buchmann M.; Kesselring U.W., 1987:
Experimentally optimized determination of the partial and total cohesion parameters of an insoluble polymer microcrystalline cellulose by gas solid chromatography

Bugental, D.B.; Caporael, L.; Shennum, W.A., 1980:
Experimentally produced child uncontrollability: effects on the potency of adult communication patterns

Gaton, E.; Ben-Ishay, D.; Wolman, M., 1976:
Experimentally produced hypertension and aortic acid esterase

Jansma, W.B.; Rogers, S.H.; Liu, C.L.; Bueding, E., 1977:
Experimentally produced resistance of Schistosoma mansoni to hycanthone

Szepsenwol, J.; Fletcher, J.; Casales, E.A.; Murison, G.L., 1985:
Experimentally produced synovial sarcoma in mice

Costa R.L.Jr; Greaves W.S., 1981:
Experimentally produced tooth wear facets and the direction of jaw motion

Chung H M.; Malacinski G.M., 1984:
Experimentally provoked double axes formation in xenopus laevis embryos

Mayer V., 1980:
Experimentally segregated attenuated tick borne encephalitis virus altered behavior after prolonged storage at subzero temperatures

Kapoor M.L.; Sharma V.K., 1985:
Experimentally synthesized allotetraploids in eucalyptus

Marcotrigiano, M.; Gouin, F.R., 1984:
Experimentally synthesized plant chimeras 1. in vitro recovery of nicotiana tabacum chimeras from mixed callus cultures

Marcotrigiano, M.; Gouin, F.R., 1984:
Experimentally synthesized plant chimeras 2. a comparison of in vitro and in vivo techniques for the production of interspecific nicotiana chimeras

Marcotrigiano, M., 1986:
Experimentally synthesized plant chimeras 3. qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the flowers of interspecific nicotiana chimeras

Pirvan C.; Gheorghe V.; Manea M.; Stanciu V.; Vadineanu E.; Teodorescu I.; Constantinescu P., 1986:
Experimentation in laboratory animals and testing in young children of the antimicrobial and biostimulating effects of a new medicinal drug macronil

Clerc Y.; Lemullois M.; Guillot P.; Dubos M.; Dore J.; Goyffon M.; Saint Blancard J., 1985:
Experimentation in the rat with a pyridoxalated and polymerized hemoglobin

Anastasatu C.; Fierbinteanu O.; Macry V.; Murgoci G.; Dobre M.; Calciu M.; Popescu E.; Brener V.; Tifescu R.; E.A., 1987:
Experimentation of a new short course antituberculosis chemotherapy 3 plus 3 in children

Auroi C., 1981:
Experimentation on a method of breeding for larvae of hybomitra bimaculata diptera tabanidae

Grundner, H.G.; Erler, U., 1976:
Experimentation on animals for investigation of ozone treatment in tumors with and without irradiation part 2 ehrlich ascites carcinoma in vivo

Bellefleur P.; Petillon Y., 1983:
Experimentation on interspecific competition by the selective elimination of forest species

Vervelde, G.J.; Ringelberg, J., 1977:
Experimentation with ecosystems

Cohen, R.Y.; Sattler, J.; Felix, M.R.; Brownell, K.D., 1987:
Experimentation with smokeless tobacco and cigarettes by children and adolescents: relationship to beliefs, peer use, and parental use

Barber, P.J., 1977:
Experimenter bias against subliminal perception? A rejoinder

Spence, D.P.; Smith, G.J., 1977:
Experimenter bias against subliminal perception? Comments on a replication

Stark-Adamec, C.; Adamec, R.E.; Pihl, R.O., 1982:
Experimenter effects in marihuana research: a note of caution

Jastrebske E., 1981:
Experimenter effects in the festinger carlsmith paradigm

Segreto Bures J.; Kotses H., 1982:
Experimenter expectancy effects in frontal electro myographic conditioning

Bruyer, R.; Jaël, G.; Noël, B., 1987:
Experimenters' expectation and subjects' knowledge of hypotheses in simple reaction time to lateralized visual stimuli

Warden D.A., 1981:
Experimenting with childrens language

Ahren Y.; Berk H J., 1980:
Experimenting with constructions and behavior therapy

Belsky, J., 1985:
Experimenting with the family in the newborn period

Hager, A.; Menzel, H.; Krauss, A., 1971:
Experiments and hypothesis concerning the primary action of auxin in elongation growth

Buschinger, A., 1974:
Experiments and observations on foundation and development of new colonies of the slavemaker ant harpagoxenus sublaevis

Huettenbrink K.B.; Grosse Nobis W., 1987:
Experiments and theoretical considerations on the behavior of metallic stapedectomy protheses in nuclear magnetic resonance imaging nmr

Kuchta B., 1982:
Experiments and ultrastructural investigations on the embryo during early teratogen sensitive stages

Fazlul Haque A.K.M.; Broom D.M., 1985:
Experiments comparing the use of kites and gas bangers to protect crops from wood pigeon columba palumbus damage

Bauer, T., 1976:
Experiments concerning the biological value of stridulation in the coleoptera

Silver, P.H., 1977:
Experiments concerning the initiation of the choroid fissure in Gallus domesticus

Halsband, E., 1978:
Experiments concerning the reactions of heavy metal salt contaminated fish in an electrical field

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Experiments for individual marking of anura by tattooing amphibia salientia

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Experiments for production of monoclonal antibodies against antigens of lymphocytes of bovines with enzootic leukosis

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Experiments for production of monoclonal antibodies against human mammary carcinoma cells

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Experiments for quantitative determination of coarse components of boiled and scalded sausage by means of grid plate

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Experiments for the characterization and bio availability of nonextractable simazine residues in soils

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Experiments for the development of a hepatitis b vaccine immunogenicity of hepatitis b surface antigen in guinea pigs

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Experiments for the production of graft vs host reaction in adult and infantile mice by means of human immuno competent cells

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Experiments for the purification and concentration of the foot and mouth disease virus

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Experiments for the structural analysis of citrate starches 2. structural models of individual citric acid esters of amylose and amylo pectin

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Experiments for the structural analysis of citrate starches 3. results of degradation experiments with amylolytic enzymes

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Experiments in physiology

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Experiments on iris function and the course of light rays in the human eye

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Experiments on mechanisms of metastasization dependence on reaction susceptibility in the host

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Experiments on the action mechanism of vascular spasmolytic agents part 2 the action of nitroprusside sodium nitro glycerin prenylamine and verapamil on the lanthanum contracture of isolated coronary arteries

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Experiments on the action of collagenase in the cornea

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Experiments on the application of the insect juvenile hormone analog 738 jh 25 1 7 ethoxy 3 7 dimethyl 4 ethyl benzene ether as a chemo sterilant against the yellow sugarcane borer argyroploce schistaceana

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Experiments on the artificial rearing of the black sea turbot scophthalmus maeoticus maeoticus

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Experiments on the artificial regulation of the amino acid and fatty acid contents of food organisms to meet the assessed nutritional requirements of larval post larval and juvenile dover sole solea solea l

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Experiments on the behavior of paraquat after use for weed control in drainage ditches

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Experiments on the behavior of the seed borne fungus alternaria zinniae

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Experiments on the biological significance of the morphology of seed dispersal units in grasses

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Experiments on the carbon di oxide fixation and the assimilate import by leaf galls of phylloxera dactylosphaera vitifolii on grapevine vitis rupestris 187g

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Experiments on the cellular and humoral response in recurrent aphthae 2. quantitative evaluation of t lymphocytes and lymphokine production in vitro

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Experiments on the chemo sterilization of the lychee stink bug tessaratoma papillosa

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Experiments on the chemo therapy of a transplantable glio blastoma in the rat employing 1 2 chloroethyl 3 cyclohexyl 1 nitroso urea

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Experiments on the control of deceptive signals of status in white crowned sparrows

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Experiments on the cultivation of protoplasts and calli of agriculturally important plants part 1 oat avena sativa

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Experiments on the culture of isolated micro spores in nicotiana tabacum var atropurpurea and hyoscyamus niger var annuus

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Experiments on the detection of roll motion

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Experiments on the digestive tract of roe deer fallow deer and mouflon part 4 fermentation products in the rumen of roe deer fallow deer and mouflon

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Experiments on the distribution of organic pollutants between airborne particulate matter and the corresponding gas phase

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Experiments on the drug treatment of noise induced cochlear damage the effect of dipyridamole and allopurinol on the micro phonic potential of the guinea pig cochlea after noise

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Experiments on the effect of cattle liquid manure on changes in communities of soil nematodes

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Experiments on the effect of environmental parameters on the spawning of carps

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Experiments on the effect of hormone weed killers on sugar beet

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Experiments on the effect of the gnawing of side shoots by roe deer on the growth of spruce

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Experiments on the effect of the medium in mutation tests with the hypo xanthine guanine phospho ribosyl transferase system in cultured mammalian cells

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Experiments on the efficacy and toxicity of locoregional chemotherapy of liver tumors with 5 fluoro 2 deoxyuridine and 5 fluorouracil in an animal model

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Experiments on the efficiency and cost of dry compound pelletized feed in relation to conventional feed in kashmir india trout farm

Wijdenes J., 1981:
Experiments on the endocrine control of penial complex maturation in the slug agriolimax reticulatus pulmonata limacidae

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Experiments on the energy and protein level for growing pigs

Nuechterlein G.L., 1985:
Experiments on the functions of the bare crown patch of downy western grebe aechmophorus occidentalis chicks

Szczygiel, A.; Danek, J., 1975:
Experiments on the harmfulness of pratylenchus penetrans to generative rootstocks of fruit trees

Collins, M.A.J., 1978:
Experiments on the hatching period of the eggs of the lumpfish cyclopterus lumpus in newfoundland waters

Bessei W., 1984:
Experiments on the heritability of feather pecking behavior in pullets 1

Schousboe C., 1981:
Experiments on the importance of factors used by 3 nest parasites in localizing nests of bumble bees bombus spp hymenoptera apidae

Roessner J., 1981:
Experiments on the influence of earthworms on phyto parasitic nematodes in the soil in relation to the ingestion of nematode infested parts of plants

Spittler, H., 1976:
Experiments on the influence of herbicides on the embryonic development of phasianus colchicus and coturnix coturnix japonica

Seibert K.; Fuehr F.; Mittelstaedt W., 1982:
Experiments on the influence of roots and soils on 2 4 d degradation

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Experiments on the influence of the central nervous system on the behavior of larvae of plectrocnemia conspersa

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Experiments on the influence of the frequency of feeding on rumen fermentation food intake and milk yield

Muelling M., 1979:
Experiments on the ingestion location harmfulness of shotgun cartridge cases in healthy cows

Fairweather P.G., 1987:
Experiments on the interaction between predation and the availability of different prey on rocky seashores

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Experiments on the iron physiology of grapes with respect to chlorosis 2. induction of chlorosis by bicarbonate

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Experiments on the isolation and cultivation of protoplasts and calli from agriculturally important plants part 2 soybean glycine max

Plesser, A.; Weissenboeck, G., 1977:
Experiments on the localization of flavonoids in plastids part 4 flavonoid content of intact chloroplasts from avena sativa

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Experiments on the manuring of main crop potatoes on soils of ross series

Oette, K.; Phlippen, R.; Frotz, H.; Gheorghiu, T.; Lanckohr, H.; Kupfer, I., 1974:
Experiments on the metabolism of cholesterol and cholesterol esters in human liver biopsies with different precursors and its dependence upon the carbohydrate fat content in the diet

Oette, K., 1974:
Experiments on the metabolism of fatty acids in human liver biopsies and rat liver slices and its dependence upon chain length and number of double bonds

Phlippen, R.; Oette, K., 1974:
Experiments on the metabolism of linoleic acid in human liver biopsies and its dependence upon the carbohydrate fat content in the diet

Mueller-Haeckel, A., 1973:
Experiments on the movement behavior of uni cellular algae in flowing water

Broster, W.H.; Smith, T.; Broster, V.J.; Siviter, J.W., 1978:
Experiments on the nutrition of the dairy heifer part 10 effect on nitrogen utilization for growth of chemical and physical treatment of the principal source of protein in the diet

Broster, W.H.; Smith, T.; Siviter, J.W.; Schuller, E.; Broster, V.J., 1978:
Experiments on the nutrition of the dairy heifer part 11 further observations on the effect of energy intake on protein utilization

Kresze G.; Sabuni M., 1987:
Experiments on the optical resolution of conduramine analogs by enzymatic transesterification in organic solvents

Thielcke G.; Wuestenberg K., 1985:
Experiments on the origin of dialects in the short toed tree creeper certhia brachydactyla

Janitschke K.; Lichy S.; Thalmann U., 1983:
Experiments on the pathogenicity of acanthamoeba isolated from the environment

Hance T., 1986:
Experiments on the population control of aphis fabae by different densities of carabidae coleoptera carabidae

Steudel W.; Rumpenhorst H.J., 1978:
Experiments on the population dynamics of the cereal cyst nematode heterodera avenae and the yield of susceptible and resistant oats growing in continuous cultivation

Riecken I., 1985:
Experiments on the prevention of the coral spot disease nectria cinnabarina

Glandt D., 1983:
Experiments on the prey predator relationship between sticklebacks gasterosteus aculeatus and pungitius pungitius teleostei and common frog larvae rana temporaria amphibia

Osz, E.; Rethy, L., 1975:
Experiments on the production of graft vs host reaction in new born mice by means of human immuno competent cells

Mcgregor A.J., 1983:
Experiments on the profitability of chemical black pod control in papua new guinea

Schneider, P., 1972:
Experiments on the question of the individual food distribution of the small red forest ant formica polyctena

Wilson, P.M.W.; Wilson, J.W., 1977:
Experiments on the rate of development of adventitious roots on sambucus nigra cuttings

Fleuster, W., 1973:
Experiments on the reaction of free living birds to sound lures of various chaffinch alarms

Howell B.R., 1979:
Experiments on the rearing of larval turbot scophthalmus maximus

Eiben B.; Fischer K., 1983:
Experiments on the relationship between the activity of the alkaline phosphatase and the antler development cycle in fallow deer stags dama dama

Kent J.P., 1987:
Experiments on the relationship between the hen and chick gallus gallus the role of the auditory mode in recognition and the effects of maternal separation

Arnold, G.; Vogt, C.H., 1972:
Experiments on the relaxation of human tendons

Zum-Sande, G.; Spittler, H., 1975:
Experiments on the renaturalization of capercaillie tetrao urogallus in the ebbegebirge of north rhine westphalia west germany from 1954 1962

Fischer K., 1983:
Experiments on the reproductive capability of young female and male fallow deer dama dama

Braum E., 1985:
Experiments on the respiration and in situ development of baltic herring clupea harengus eggs

Ohguchi, O., 1978:
Experiments on the selection against color oddity of water fleas by three spined sticklebacks

Mariath H.A., 1982:
Experiments on the selection against different color morphs of a twig caterpillar by insectivorous birds

Hoffmeyer, I., 1976:
Experiments on the selection of food and foraging site by the mice apodemus sylvaticus and apodemus flavicollis

Stanovich, K.E.; Bauer, D.W., 1978:
Experiments on the spelling to sound regularity effect in word recognition

Passam H.C.; Blunden G., 1982:
Experiments on the storage of limes citrus aurantifolia cultivar west indies at tropical ambient temperature

Corbineau, F.; Come, D., 1986:
Experiments on the storage of seeds and seedlings of symphonia globulifera l. f. guttiferae

Sowig P., 1986:
Experiments on the substrate preference and the reduction of competition of riparian carabid beetles

Pasqualini E.; Briolini C.; Memmi M.; Monari S., 1982:
Experiments on the supervised control of the apple aphids

Dare, P.J.; Edwards, D.B., 1976:
Experiments on the survival growth and yield of re laid seed mussels mytilus edulis in the menai straits north wales united kingdom

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Experiments on the synthesis of racemic camptothecin part 4 synthesis and anti leukemic activity of racemic camptothecin analogs

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Experiments on the synthesis of tetracycline part 14 closure of ring b by base catalyzed photo cyclization

Duthaler, R.O.; Mathies, P.; Petter, W.; Heuberger, C.; Scherrer, V., 1984:
Experiments on the total synthesis of lysolipin i 1. on configuration and conformation of 5 substituted 1 2 3 4 4a 9 10 10a octahydrophenanthrene 4 9 diones

Duthaler, R.O.; Wegmann, U.H.U., 1984:
Experiments on the total synthesis of lysolipin i 2. michael addition of 1 3 cyclohexanedione to quinone acetals

Duthaler, R.O.; Scherrer, V., 1984:
Experiments on the total synthesis of lysolipin i 3. preparation and transformation of substituted 1 2 3 4 tetrahydrodibenzofuran 1 ones

Centurier, C.; Allgayer, F.; Woehrle, W., 1978:
Experiments on the transmission of 3 babesia spp of rodents by ixodid and argasid ticks

Titov Y.V., 1982:
Experiments on the transplantation of plants into meadow phytocenoses

Lethmate, J., 1976:
Experiments on the use of a double stick by a young orangutan

Chiu S F.; Huang B Q.; H.M.Y., 1983:
Experiments on the use of seed oils of some meliaceous plants as anti feedants in brown planthopper nilaparvata lugens control

Cave A.J., 1982:
Experiments on the use of the sun by starlings in the discrimination of geographical locations for navigation

Mazokhin-Porshnyakov, G.A.; Burakova, O.V., 1976:
Experiments on the visual selection of prey by tabanids tabanidae diptera the attack activity as a function of the shape and mobility of a dummy trap

Lamouroux, M.; Loyer, J.C.; Pinta, M.; Bouleau, A., 1978:
Experiments on the washing down of dissolved and suspended products in a fersiallitic material

Weale, R.A., 1978:
Experiments on the zoellner and related optical illusions

Brett J.R.; Clarke W.C.; Shelbourn J.E., 1982:
Experiments on thermal requirements for growth and food conversion efficiency of juvenile chinook salmon oncorhynchus tshawytscha

Baba, T.; Kimura, N.T.; Kanematsu, T.; Aoki, K.; Kidera, Y.; Kamura, T.; Taniguchi, S.; Kimura, M., 1977:
Experiments on thermo differential chemo therapy with thoracotomy for blood borne pulmonary metastasis in rats

Burkovskii I.V., 1986:
Experiments on transplantation of marine psammophilous infusorians into the estuary

Geigy, R.; Kauffmann, M., 1977 :
Experiments on trypanosome transmission by Auchmeromyia larvae. Preliminary note

Hornok, L.; Foldesi, D.; Szasz, K., 1975:
Experiments on updating the growing methods to common thyme thymus vulgaris

Kirby K.J., 1980:
Experiments on vegetative reproduction in bramble rubus vestitus

White, J.B.; Allos, M.R., 1976:
Experiments on waste water sedimentation

Kolb G.; Scherer C., 1982:
Experiments on wavelength specific behavior of pieris brassicae during drumming and egg laying

Drury, C.G.; Begbie, K.; Ulate, C.; Deeb, J.M., 1985:
Experiments on wrist deviation in manual materials handling

Iwao Y.; Yamasaki H.; Katagiri C., 1985:
Experiments pertaining to the suppression of accessory sperm in fertilized newt cynops pyrrhogaster eggs

Seemueller, E., 1976:
Experiments to control cane diseases of raspberries

Steinhart H., 1979:
Experiments to determine free and total tryptophan in plasma by ultra centrifugation

Durrant M.J.; Loads A.H., 1987:
Experiments to determine the optimum advancement treatment for sugar beet seed

Kaufmann, W., 1975:
Experiments to develop biological technical feeding systems to control fermentation in the fore stomach

Jenkyn J.F.; Finney M.E., 1984:
Experiments to examine the significance of ammonia evolution from barley seedlings infected with the powdery mildew fungus erysiphe graminis f sp hordei/

Kristiansen J.E.H., 1979:
Experiments to illustrate the effect of chlorpromazine on the permeability of the bacterial staphylococcus aureus cell wall

Hahn, J.; Hahn, R.; Baumgaertner, G.; Lotthammer, K.H.; Lorrmann, W.; Schneider, U.; Traub, J.; Zoder, H.F., 1977:
Experiments to improve results of ova collection and transfer in cattle by pre selection of donors and recipients

Hagemeister, H.; Kaufmann, W., 1975:
Experiments to improve the exploitation of the energy potential of the fodder by speeding its passage through the intestine

Altenkirch W.; Heynen C.; Huang P.; Niemeyer H., 1983:
Experiments to include formica polyctena hymenoptera formicidae in a program to test undesirable side effects of pesticides

Abe S., 1986:
Experiments to induce tracheal cancer in beagle dogs by silicone pellets containing 3 methylcholanthrene

Emmrich, F.; Pliquett, F.; Wunderlich, S.; Irmscher, I.; Kotzsch, M., 1978:
Experiments to recognize specific sensitization against tumor antigens by measuring passive electrical sum effects in comparison to the electrophoresis mobility test

Khaznadar N.; Hartwig W.; Mathes G.; Richter E., 1986:
Experiments to reduce membrane damage in low temperature preservation of bull sperm

Adam, W.; Marcy, G., 1976:
Experiments to study paper for its suitability as sterile wrapping

Schaefer, E.; Glaenzer, U., 1976:
Experiments to test the effect of surfactants on higher water plants

Wilson, J.C.; Moffitt, R., 1976:
Experiments to test the performance of a small plot combine harvester part 1 effects of nitrogen and plot length on combine yield

Wilson, J.C., 1976:
Experiments to test the performance of a small plot combine harvester part 2 effects of previous treatment and turning on combine yield

Mijuskovic M., 1980:
Experiments toward control of excoriosis of the grapevine phomopsis viticola

Atwater J.W.; Jasper S.; Koch F.A.; Mavinic D.S., 1983:
Experiments using daphnia pulex to measure landfill leachate toxicity

Blingsmo K.R., 1986:
Experiments using three fertilizers in stands of pinus sylvestris

Oette, K.; Phlippen, R.; Lanckohr, H., 1974:
Experiments with 1 carbon 14 acetate on the lipid metabolism of human liver biopsies and their dependence upon the dietary fat content

Toth M.; Szocs G.; Majoros B.; Bellas T.E.; Novak L., 1983:
Experiments with a 2 component sex attractant of the silver y moth autographa gamma and some evidence for the presence of both components in natural female sex pheromone

Fejer S.O.; Fedak G.; Clark R.V., 1982:
Experiments with a barley oat mixture and its components

Walter M.; Brenner U.; Keller H.W.; Mueller J.M., 1985:
Experiments with a biological material for the closure of abdominal defects

Walter, M.; Brenner, U.; Holzmüller, W.; Müller, J.M., 1987:
Experiments with a biological material for the closure of incisional hernias

Dannenhauer H.; Resz A.; Grossmann F., 1983:
Experiments with alzodef cyanamide for soil disinfection in vegetable and ornamental crops

Knapp, U., 1978:
Experiments with animals on the treatment of fresh wounds with various skin replacement materials

Jeyachandran, P.; Raj, S.P., 1976:
Experiments with artificial feeds on cyprinus carpio communis fingerlings

Lee S.K.; N.L.L.; Lee S.I., 1980:
Experiments with banana trunk juice as a neuro muscular blocker

Lindhagen M.; Nedstam B., 1988:
Experiments with biological control of frankliniella occidentalis thysanoptera thripidae by using the predatory mite amblyseius cucumeris acari phytoseiidae

Andersson P.; Nyberg P., 1984:
Experiments with brown trout salmo trutta during spring in mountain streams at low ph and elevated levels of iron manganese and aluminum

Belousov L.V., 1979:
Experiments with changes of tension fields of axial rudiments in amphibian embryos

Legault, C.; Caritez, J.C., 1983:
Experiments with chinese pigs in france 1. reproductive performance in pure and cross breeding with european breeds

Soos, T., 1977 :
Experiments with claviceps purpurea inocula containing alkaloids in different quantities

Böttcher, M.; Falkenhagen, D.; Nebe, B.; Holtz, M.; Neumann, J.; Ryan, C.; Wüstenberg, P.W.; Dörp, E.; Klinkmann, H., 1986:
Experiments with continuous hemofiltration and hemofiltrate regeneration in the rat

Langerud B.R.; Sandvik M.; Sjovold A., 1988:
Experiments with different growth media and irrigation regimes in some commercial nurseries

Lerici C.R.; Mastrocola D.; Pinnavaia G., 1986:
Experiments with direct high temperature short time osmosis

Stabbetorp H., 1980:
Experiments with early planting of spring cereals in southern ostfold county norway 1974 1976

Morch J., 1982:
Experiments with feed additives in relation to the prevention of necrotic enteritis in broiler chickens

Werthemann B., 1980:
Experiments with fluorescent tracers for the investigation of diffusion conditions in the lake of zurich switzerland

Jauhri K.S.; Gupta M.; Dutt N.S.; Rao N.S.S., 1988:
Experiments with freeze dried inoculum of rhizobium sp nodulating groundnut arachis hypogaea

Lang, K.J., 1976:
Experiments with fungi causing damping off part 2 infections of conifer seedlings of different provenances with 1 or more damping off fungi and trichoderma viridae

Byford, W.J., 1977:
Experiments with fungicide sprays in late summer and early autumn on sugar beet root crops

Byford, W.J., 1976:
Experiments with fungicide sprays to control ramularia beticola in sugar beet seed crops

Byford, W.J.; Prince, J., 1976:
Experiments with fungicides to control aphanomyces cochlioides in sugar beet

Kostina L.N.; Anikeeva I.D.; Vaulina E.N., 1986:
Experiments with growing plants on board salyut 5 salyut 6 salyut 7 orbital stations

Krul, J.M., 1977:
Experiments with haliscomenbacter hydrossis in continuous culture without and with zoogloea ramigera

Goldschmidt Reischel E., 1984:
Experiments with hardwood cuttings of fruit tree rootstocks

Wienberg, M., 1976:
Experiments with ir light on the motion and efficiency of food search of the north sea shrimp crangon crangon

Agamirov U.M.; Abdullaev A.T.; Mekhtiev T.A., 1986:
Experiments with landscaping some industrial enterprises on apsheron peninsula azerbaijan ssr ussr

Leah, R.T.; Moss, B.; Forrest, D.E., 1978:
Experiments with large enclosures in a fertile shallow brackish lake hickling broad norfolk uk

Straughan, D.; Hadley, D., 1978:
Experiments with littorina spp to determine the relevancy of oil spill data from southern california to the gulf of alaska

Admiraal, W., 1977:
Experiments with mixed populations of benthic estuarine diatoms in laboratory micro ecosystems

Vanhanen R., 1981:
Experiments with nonmercury seed dressings on spring cereals

Becker, K., 1977:
Experiments with odorous baits in trapping rats and mice

Seehuber R., 1987:
Experiments with oilseed crops for the production of erucic acid

Tsenin, A.N.; Nesterenko, A.V.; Rybchin, V.N.; Potokin, I.L.; Pisarevskii-Yu, S., 1983:
Experiments with protoplasts of bacillus thuringiensis 1. formation and reversion of bacillus thuringiensis protoplasts to the bacillary form

Tsenin, A.N.; Karamyan, N.A.; Rybchin, V.N.; Potokin, I.L., 1983:
Experiments with protoplasts of bacillus thuringiensis 2. study of the possibility of interspecific fusion of bacterial protoplasts bacillus thuringiensis and bacillus megaterium

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Experiments with pulsed magnets for the extraction of intra ocular foreign bodies

Gazenko O.G.; Il'in E.A.; Savina E.A.; Serova L.V.; Kaplanskii A.S.; Oganov V.S.; Popova I.A.; Smirnov I.V.; Konstantinova I.V., 1987:
Experiments with rats on the biosatellite cosmos 1667 goals protocols results

Staines, B.W., 1976:
Experiments with rumen cannulated red deer to evaluate rumen analyses

Hansen, K.E., 1981:
Experiments with seed treatment of cereals 2. field experiments

Von-Rosen, H., 1977:
Experiments with selective pest control in apple growing in central sweden during the years 1973 1976

Heyne, E.G.; Campbell, L.G., 1971:
Experiments with semi dwarf wheats in kansas

Petkov M.; Mircheva D., 1979:
Experiments with silkworms aimed at studying the content and utilization of energy from leaves of some mulberry tree varieties

Penny A.; Widdowson F.V.; Jenkyn J.F., 1983:
Experiments with solid and liquid nitrogen fertilizers and fungicides on winter wheat at saxmundham suffolk england uk 1976 1979

Rahman, F., 1978:
Experiments with soybean cultivars in the joint program of the international soybean program and amazon national research institute in the varzea of the island of paciencia solimoes river amazonas brazil 1976 1977

Saur R., 1983:
Experiments with spore traps for timing the control of sclerotinia sclerotiorum on winter rape

Lorenzen, H.; Kaushik, B.D., 1976:
Experiments with synchronous anacystis nidulans

Lange W.; Schmutterer H., 1982:
Experiments with synergists to improve the effect of the growth disturbing properties of a methanolic extract of seeds of the neem tree azadirachta indica

Sass, N.L., 1982:
Experiments with the aim of a more exact division of a layered tissue in stereological investigations

Morris, T.R.; Midgley, M.; Butler, E.A., 1988:
Experiments with the Cornell intermittent lighting system for laying hens

Golub D.M.; Leontyuk L.A.; Mokhort V.A.; Novikov I.I.; Trushnikova E.V., 1987:
Experiments with the effect of adhesions on the innervation apparatus of the internal organs in order to correct their function

Meier M., 1979:
Experiments with the objective of obtaining mud flats low in vegetation for sandpipers along the shore of a pond

Furdzhev I.; Kosturski N., 1984:
Experiments with triticale and rye varieties cultivated after a rice crop

Erlandsson G., 1987:
Experiments with vibrating and temperature programs in greenhouse tomato

Haider G.; Wunder W., 1983:
Experiments with young spawners of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri to evaluate vertebral and muscular damage after long term exposure to heavy metals zinc

Robichaux D.M.; Cohen A.C.; Reaka M.L.; Allen D., 1981:
Experiments with zoo plankton on coral reefs or will the real demersal plankton please come up?

Mueller Vahl H., 1980:
Expert assessment of iatrogenic lesions of peripheral nerves

Bondareva Z.G.; Khromenkov I.I., 1986:
Expert assessments in the prognosis of myocardial infarction in patients with unstable angina

Zaides V.M.; Berezin V.E.; Klyushnik S.Yu; Strokov A.A.; Marennikova S.S.; Matsevich G.R.; Bukrinskaya A.G.; Zhdanov V.M., 1986:
Expert diagnosis of aids viruses infection by means of immune blotting development of the system and evaluation of its parameters

Malinin, I.D., 1976 :
Expert diagnostic importance of physiological parameters of objective control over in flight condition of pilots

Anikin B.S., 1981:
Expert evaluation of occupational fitness of patients with hodgkins disease

Costa E.; Bottino G.B.; Marasi G.; Caldani I.; Giannotti A.; Quaglia A., 1981:
Expert evaluation of respiratory function in chronic broncho pneumopathy

Ivanov S.S.; Antoshkin A.V.; Puzin S.N., 1985:
Expert evaluation of working capacity and surgical treatment of patients with varicose of the lower extremities

Demin V.A.; Chernin A.N.; Konyaeva V.A., 1987:
Expert medical examination of the working capacity of people wounded in the heart area during world war ii

Spielmann W.; Kuhnl P., 1980:
Expert opinion about blood groups in cases of related presumptive fathers

Musch, G.; De-Smet, M.; Massart, D.L., 1985:
Expert system for pharmaceutical analysis i. selection of the detection system in high performance liquid chromatographic analysis uv vs. amperometric detection

Izumoto Y.; Ojika T.; Hashimoto T., 1987:
Expert system for wood identification i

Semmel, R.D., 1988:
Expert systems: a classical introduction

Starfield A.M.; Bleloch A.L., 1983:
Expert systems an approach to problems in ecological management that are difficult to quantify

Holman, J.G.; Cookson, M.J., 1987:
Expert systems for medical applications

Finlay A.Y.; Hammond P., 1986:
Expert systems in dermatology the computer potential the example of facial tumor diagnosis

Stone N.D.; Coulson R.N.; Frisbie R.E.; Loh D.K., 1986:
Expert systems in entomology three approaches to problem solving

Parrozzani A.; Fedriga P.; Rende B., 1986:
Expert systems in ophthalmology presentation of a shell and its evaluation about the diagnosis of glaucoma

Reardon R.; Durso F.T.; Foley M.A.; Mcgahan J.R., 1987:
Expertise and the generation effect

Belomyttseva, L.A.; Valeeva-Kh, N., 1976:
Expertise in using propolis aerosol inhalation in treating patients with occupational diseases of the respiratory organs

Perret, W., 1978:
Expertises for private insurance companies in case of total hip joint prosthesis

Babayan E.A.; Mashkovskii M.D.; Oboimakova A.N.; Savel'eva V.V., 1984:
Expiration dates of drugs

Dobrykh, V.A., 1987:
Expiration of endogenous aerosol in patients with chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma

Kuze S.; Ito Y.; Miyahara T., 1986:
Expiration of radioactive carbon dioxide by rats after administration of isotopic lactate and acetate

Sibuya, M.; Homma, I.; Hara, T.; Tsuyama, N., 1987:
Expiratory activity in transferred intercostal nerves in brachial plexus injury patients

Koehler, R.C.; Bishop, B., 1979:
Expiratory duration and abdominal muscle responses to elastic and resistive loading

Farber, J.P., 1987:
Expiratory effects of cerebellar stimulation in developing opossums

Trippenbach, T.; Kelly, G., 1985:
Expiratory effects of vagal stimulation in newborn kittens

Mink, S.N.; Greville, H.; Gomez, A.; Eng, J., 1988:
Expiratory flow limitation in dogs with regional changes in lung mechanical properties

Lauterburg, B.H.; Bircher, J., 1976:
Expiratory measurement of maximal aminopyrine demethylation in vivo effect of pheno barbital partial hepatectomy porta caval shunt and bile duct ligation in the rat

Farber, J.P., 1983:
Expiratory motor responses in the suckling opossum

South, M.; Morley, C.J.; Hughes, G., 1987:
Expiratory muscle activity in preterm babies

Vergeret, J.; Kays, C.; Choukroun, M.L.; Douvier, J.J.; Taytard, A.; Guenard, H., 1987:
Expiratory muscles and exercise limitation in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Shannon R.; Lindsey B.G., 1987:
Expiratory neurons in the region of the retrofacial nucleus inhibitory effects of intercoastal tendon organs

Grelot L.; Bianchi A.L.; Iscoe S.; Remmers J.E., 1988:
Expiratory neurons of the rostral medulla anatomical and functional correlates

Liese, W.; Smidt, U.; Lotz, P.; Muysers, K., 1971:
Expiratory oxygen tension and carbon di oxide tension curves in nitrogen helium and argon

Mortola, J.P.; Magnante, D.; Saetta, M., 1985:
Expiratory pattern of newborn mammals

Jammes, Y.; Bye, P.T.; Pardy, R.L.; Katsardis, C.; Esau, S.; Roussos, C., 1983:
Expiratory threshold load under extracorporeal circulation: effects of vagal afferents

Khadartsev A.A.; Khoruzhaya V.A.; Vorob'ev V.N.; Donets S.N.; Shakhov A.M.; Shtykova L.A., 1986:
Expiratory tracheal and bronchial stenosis as a therapeutic problem

Grunstein, M.M.; Springer, C.; Godfrey, S.; Bar-Yishay, E.; Vilozni, D.; Inscore, S.C.; Schramm, C.M., 1987:
Expiratory volume clamping: a new method to assess respiratory mechanics in sedated infants

Biglan A.; Gallison C.; Ary D.; Thompson R., 1985:
Expired air carbon monoxide and saliva thiocyanate relationships to self reports of marihuana and cigarette smoking

Malkinson, T.J.; Martin, S.; Simper, P.; Cooper, K.E., 1981:
Expired air volumes of males and females during cold water immersion

Kuze S.; Yagi Y.; Ito Y.; Miyahara T.; Koshin M.; Mori M.; Kozuka H., 1985:
Expired carbon 14 carbon dioxide and carbon 14 radioactivities in tissues following intravenous injection of carbon 14 sodium acetate in rats

Grbcich, P.A.; Lacouture, P.G.; Kresel, J.J.; Russell, M.T.; Lovejoy, F.H., 1986:
Expired ipecac syrup efficacy

Lindahl S.; Nordstrom L.; Olsson A K., 1981:
Expired minute volume measurements during anesthesia using nonrebreathing valves

Sanders A.B.; Ewy G.A.; Bragg S.; Atlas M.; Kern K.B., 1985:
Expired partial pressure of carbon dioxide as a prognostic indicator of successful resuscitation from cardiac arrest

Ebmeier, K.P., 1987:
Explaining and understanding in psychopathology

Brainerd C.J.; Howe M.L.; Kingma J.; Brainerd S.H., 1984:
Explaining category interference effects in associative memory

Sosowsky, L., 1980:
Explaining the increased arrest rate among mental patients: a cautionary note

Bachman J.G.; Johnston L.D.; O'malley P.M.; Humphrey R.H., 1988:
Explaining the recent decline in marihuana use differentiating the effects of perceived risks disapproval and general lifestyle factors

Anderson, G.M.; Lomas, J., 1985:
Explaining variations in cesarean section rates: patients, facilities or policies?

Moerike, K., 1971:
Explanation and origin of the name of the lachmoewe larus ridibundus

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Explanation in psychology

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Explanation in science: is there a general theory of systems?

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Explanation of structure by optimization and systemization

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Explanation of the eustachian tube function

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Explanation of the failure of a commercial scale application of benomyl to protect pruned apricot trees against eutypa armeniacae dieback disease

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Explanation verification and application of helical axis error propagation formulas

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Explanations of mental illness

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Explanations of native american drinking a literature review

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Explanations of the sex deviance relationship

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Explant culture of adult goldfish retina a model for the study of central nervous system regeneration

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Explant culture of human fetal small intestine

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Explanted and implanted notochord of amphibian anuran embryos. Histofluorescence study on the ability to synthesize catecholamines

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Explanted embryo culture in vitro and in ovo techniques for domestic fowl

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Explicit approaches for evolutionary classification

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Explicit criteria for the care of high risk pregnancy

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Explicitly unpaired delivery of morphine and the test situation extinction and retardation of tolerance to the suppressing effects of morphine on loco motor activity

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Exploded wood lignins from pinus radiata wood 2. the effect of sulfur dioxide pretreatment on structure

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Exploitable molecular mechanisms in hibernation part 1 liver di phospho fructose phosphatase of the rat and hamster a comparison

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Exploitation in 3 trophic levels an extension allowing intraspecies carnivore interaction

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Exploitation interactions and the structure of ecosystems

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Exploitation of a thermosensitive splicing event to study pre messenger rna splicing in vivo

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Exploitation of early rains by a traditional cultivation technique in the west african savanna

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Exploitation of fecal resource units by coprophilous ascomycotina

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Exploitation of floral resources by plebeia remota apidae meliponinae

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Exploitation of gorillas gorilla gorilla gorilla in rio muni equatorial guinea west africa

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Exploitation of non trout fishing areas in the western czech ssr czechoslovakia

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Exploitation of opuntia cactus by birds on the galapagos pacific ocean

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Exploitation of products and intra cellular components of staphylococcus aureus 1. clumping factor

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Exploitation of products and intra cellular components of staphylococcus aureus 2. gamma lysin

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Exploitation of products and intra cellular components of staphylococcus aureus 3. protein a

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Exploitation of rapeseed meal part 1 nutritive value in growing rat after glucosinolate elimination de hulling and alpha galactoside extraction

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Exploitation of redfish sebastes marinus in the gulf of maine georges bank region usa with particular reference to the 1971 year class

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Exploitation of tabulated indicator values in the gradient analysis of vegetation

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Exploitation of take all gaeumannomyces graminis decline in wheat and barley

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Exploitation of the sea as an example of the interrelations between biology environment and development

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Exploitational properties of tensiometer gauges

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Exploitative and familiarity dependent support strategies in a colony of semi free living chimpanzees

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Exploitative city rural relationship a human ecological problem in economic development in indonesia

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Exploitative competition in salamanders test of a hypothesis

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Exploiter victim relationships of major plant diseases implications for biological weed control

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Exploration and avoidance in rats with lesions in amygdala and piriform cortex

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Exploration and play revisited a hierarchical analysis

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Exploration and recruitment in field colonies of eastern tent caterpillars malacosoma americanum

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Exploration and seed collection of multiple purpose dry zone trees in central america

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Exploration and spatial learning in staggerer mutant mice

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Exploration for and importation of natural enemies of the gypsy moth lymantria dispar lepidoptera lymantriidae in north america an update

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Exploration for golden crab geryon fenneri in the south atlantic bight distribution population structure and gear assessment

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Exploration for phosphorite in the offshore territories of the congo west africa

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Exploration in psychoanalysis

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Exploration in two inbred strains of mice and their hybrids additive and interactive models of gene expression

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Exploration of a new criterion of logic of conservation behavior of quantities the production of problems

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Exploration of a virile erectile impotent clinical interview

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Exploration of adp atp binding sites of escherichia coli atpase with arylazido adenine nucleotides

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Exploration of affective illness

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Exploration of an acontractile bladder

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Exploration of an interdisciplinary research theme. The case of public health and health care in the society

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Exploration of beta adrenergic function in man the isoprenaline test

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Exploration of cancer receptor site part 2 theoretical proof by iterative self consistent partition of energy method and molecular orbit for the inter strand guanine binding of dna by nitrogen and sulfur mustards through their minimum energy conformations cum preferred conformations

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Exploration of cancer receptor sites computation of minimum energy conformations of glutamine and s carbamoyl l cysteine

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Exploration of cellular immunity in certain cutaneous pathological manifestation

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Exploration of depression triggering potential of various drugs

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Exploration of effects of divorce on the preschool home observation for measurement of the environment inventory

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Exploration of essential oil plant wealth of ladakh region of jammu and kashmir state india

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Exploration of factors affecting acceptance of menstruation of adolescent girls

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Exploration of faultily registered origins by examination of six polymorph blood proteins and enzymes in four pig breeds

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Exploration of fetal erythropoiesis

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Exploration of hemostasis on dogs affected by babesiasis

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Exploration of hepatic renal and cardiac function during chronic toxicity studies

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Exploration of histamine pharmacophore geometry by active member geometry approach using iterative self consistent partition of energy method and molecular orbital formulation formalism through computation of minimum energy conformations

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Exploration of humoral immunity in aspergillosis interest of enzyme linked immuno electro diffusion assay

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Exploration of life on mars

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Exploration of mechanisms of amine storage in the dense bodies of human platelets

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Exploration of mechanisms regulating larval survival in lake michigan usa bloater a recruitment analysis based on characteristics of individual larvae