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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5430

Chapter 5430 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Martin A.; Moisan A.; L.C.oirec J.; Chales G.; Herry J.Y.; Pawlotsky Y., 1987:
Exploration of osteoarticular infections with indium 111 labelled polymorphonuclears

Poole, M.E., 1978:
Exploration of relationship inherent in linguistic cognitive and verbal processing domains

Singh, Y.; Saxena, H.P.; Singh, K.M., 1980:
Exploration of resistance to pulse beetles 3. growth and development of callosobruchus maculatus

Singh, Y.; Saxena, H.P.; Singh, K.M., 1980:
Exploration of resistance to pulse beetles 4. influence of black gram vigna mungo flour on the growth and development of callosobruchus chinensis

Singh, Y.; Saxena, H.P.; Singh, K.M., 1980:
Exploration of resistance to pulse beetles 5. influence of lentil lens culinaris flour on the growth and development of callosobruchus maculatus

Kline, D.G.; Kott, J.; Barnes, G.; Bryant, L., 1978:
Exploration of selected brachial plexus lesions by the posterior subscapular approach

Labhsetwar, A.P., 1971:
Exploration of site(s) of action of progesterone in inhibiting ovulation in rats

Dhyani S.K.; Sharma R.K., 1987:
Exploration of socio economic plant resources of vyasi valley in tehri garhwal india

Nicolau A.; Guibert Trainer F.; Boit J.L.; Caille J.M., 1985:
Exploration of supra aortic vessels by digital subtraction angiography

Petroiu A.; Schneider F.; Mihalas G.; Tulea E., 1981:
Exploration of the adaptability to effort of a group of healthy and sick school children

Sanghvi, I.; Geyer, H.; Gershon, S., 1976:
Exploration of the anti depressant potential of iprindole

O'brien, R.D.; Test, K.E., 1978:
Exploration of the binding sites of acetyl cholin esterase with protein modifying reagents

Stein, P.D.; Sabbah, H.N.; Khaja, F.; Anbe, D.T., 1978:
Exploration of the cause of the low intensity aortic component of the 2nd sound in nonhypotensive patients with poor ventricular performance

Person J.M.; Frottier J.; L.G.rrec Y.; Barrat F.; Bastin R.; Pilet C., 1987:
Exploration of the cellular mediated immunity by the blastogenesis test during chronic brucellosis in human

Placidi, G.; Lenzi, A.; Lazzerini, F.; Dell'Osso, L.; Cassano, G.B.; Akiskal, H.S., 1988:
Exploration of the clinical profile of rubidium chloride in depression: a systematic open trial

Worthley, C.S., 1982:
Exploration of the common bile duct for benign conditions: an analysis of 413 patients

Khanna, T.S.; Falk, S.L., 1988:
Exploration of the common bile duct through the cystic duct

Gjelsvik, T., 1976:
Exploration of the continental shelf of the barents sea from the time of fridtjof nansen until today

Hannequin P.; Clement C.; Nicaise H.; Valeyre J., 1987:
Exploration of the deep lymphatic system of the lower limbs using lymphoscintigraphy

Prando, R.; Cordera, R.; Odetti, P.; De-Micheli, A.; Maiello, M.; Viviani, G.; Adezati, L., 1978:
Exploration of the early insulin response by 2 small successive loads of intra venous glucose in normal and obese subjects

Coutris G.; Dunand M.; Litwin I., 1987:
Exploration of the early kinetics of iron metabolism using iron 59 determination of extraction levels of plasma iron in hematopoietic organs and reserves

D.Brux J., 1987:
Exploration of the endometrium

Jovin G.; Pospai D.; Murgoci P.; Dumitrescu M.; Jovin M.; Andrei V., 1984:
Exploration of the gallbladder and bile ducts by radioisotopic methods

Grimaldi A.; Komajda M.; Eugene M.; Bosquet F., 1986:
Exploration of the left ventricular function in insulin dependent diabetic patients relation to retinopathy

Alonso, G.; Balmefrezol, M.; Assenmacher, I., 1978:
Exploration of the mono aminergic and peptidergic innervation of the rat medium eminence using combined histo fluorescence immuno cytochemical and radioautographic techniques on the same hypothalamus

Mestries J.C.; Gourmelon P., 1987:
Exploration of the neuromuscular excitability in the cynomolgus macaque macaca fascicularis methodology and preliminary results

Oghoghorie, C.G.O.; Pate, J.S., 1972:
Exploration of the nitrogen transport system of a nodulated legume d using nitrogen 15

Dupont, Y.; Brandolin, G.; Vignais, P.V., 1982:
Exploration of the nucleotide binding sites of the isolated adp atp carrier protein from beef heart mitochondria 1. probing of the nucleotide sites by naphthoyl atp a fluorescent nontransportable analog of atp

Brandolin, G.; Dupont, Y.; Vignais, P.V., 1982:
Exploration of the nucleotide binding sites of the isolated adp atp carrier protein from beef heart mitochondria 2. probing of the nucleotide sites by formycin tri phosphate a fluorescent transportable analog of atp

Rout D.; Sharma A.; Radhakrishnan V.V.; Rao V.R.K., 1984:
Exploration of the pineal region observations and results

L.R.; E.A., 1987:
Exploration of the satellite phenomenon formed by receptive bacteria sensible to ampicillin and transferred bacteria resistant to ampicillin

Perrin C.; Robert J.; Long F.X.; Naoun A., 1981:
Exploration of thyroid function after irradiation and surgery of cancers of the superior aero digestive tract value of the trh test

Fermand, M.; Melki, J.P.; Chaufour, J.; Riche, M.C., 1988:
Exploration of willis' circle by digital angiography its value for the detection of high risk carotid clamping

Main M., 1983:
Exploration play and cognitive functioning related to infant mother attachment

Kutzner J.; Kretzschmar K.; Gutjahr P., 1981:
Exploration with computed tomography before and after cranial irradiation in acute lymphocytic leukemia and malignant non hodgkins lymphoma

Goldstein E.L.; Gross M.; Degraaf R.M., 1981:
Explorations in birdland geometry

Fulton C.; Klein A.O., 1976:
Explorations in developmental biology

Woodruff, J.D.; Julian, C.G., 1970:
Explorations into the genesis of ovarian malignancy

Winter, D.A.; Shivakumar, H.; Brown, R.J.; Roitt, M.; Drysdale, W.J.; Jones, S., 1987:
Explorations of a crisis intervention service

Finke R.A.; Slayton K., 1988:
Explorations of creative visual synthesis in mental imagery

Butoianu E.; Gociu M.; Colita D.; Colita A.; Munteanu N.; Stoica I.; Dosius L.; Candea V.; Berceanu S., 1980:
Explorative laparotomy and splenectomy in the staging and treatment of hodgkins disease study of 106 cases

Hering, K.; Will, C.H.; Backmann, L., 1978:
Explorative laparotomy combined with splenectomy in malignant lymphomas (evaluation of 52 medical records)

Haubitz, I.; Hildebrand, R., 1985:
Explorative studies on karyometric frequency distributions 1. quantitative description and comparison of curves with 2 maxima

Hildebrand, R.; Haubitz, I.; Schultz, M., 1985:
Explorative studies on karyometric frequency distributions ii. approximation using normally distributed curves vs. median interpolation

Antoft P., 1983:
Explorative study of the motives for nonutilization of the danish youth dental care scheme

Doichev, R.L.; Molle, E.D., 1983:
Exploratory activity and emotional behavior of rodents in an open field test 2. common field mouse apodemus sylvaticus

Poucet B.; Durup M.; Thinus Blanc C., 1988:
Exploratory activity and spatial knowledge in the golden hamster mesocricetus auratus comparison with other species meriones unguiculatus rattus norvegicus

Plyusnin Y.M.; Rogov V.G., 1986:
Exploratory activity and the hierarchic rank of animals in the fluctuation population of the water vole

Adang O.M.J., 1985:
Exploratory aggression in chimpanzees

Gage F.H.; Evans S.H., 1981:
Exploratory analysis of deficits in differential reinforcement of low rate schedule performance induced by medial and lateral fornix damage

Oviatt C.A.; Walker H.; Pilson M.E.Q., 1980:
Exploratory analysis of microcosm and ecosystem behavior using multi variate techniques

Gervai J.; Csanyi V., 1986:
Exploratory and fear behavior in the macropodus opercularis ssp macropodus opercularis opercularis and macropodus opercularis concolor

Doitchev R., 1981:
Exploratory and nonagonistic behavior elements of yellow necked field mouse apodemus flavicollis common field mouse apodemus sylvaticus and bank vole clethrionomys glareolus

Lodewijckx E., 1984:
Exploratory and social behavioral elements of the wood mouse apodemus sylvaticus with special reference to agonistic behavior

Meyerson B.J.; Hoglund A.U., 1981:
Exploratory and socio sexual behavior in the male laboratory rat a methodological approach for the investigation of drug action

Eriksson, H.E.; Kohler, C.; Sundberg, H., 1976:
Exploratory behavior after angular bundle lesions in the albino rat

Rodgers R.J.; File S.E., 1979:
Exploratory behavior and aversive thresholds following intra amygdaloid application of opiates in rats

Myhrer, T., 1988:
Exploratory behavior and reaction to novelty in rats with hippocampal perforant path systems disrupted

Valzelli, L.; Kozak, W.; Giraud, O., 1987:
Exploratory behavior and the dual activity of some psychoactive drugs. Part 1

Valzelli, L.; Kozak, W.; Banfi, L., 1987:
Exploratory behavior and the dual activity of some psychoactive drugs: Part II

Valzelli, L.; Kozak, W.; Banfi, L.; Skorupska, M., 1988:
Exploratory behavior and the dual activity of some psychoactive drugs. Part III. Antidepressants

Suess, W.M.; Berlyne, D.E., 1978:
Exploratory behavior as a function of hippocampal damage stimulus complexity and stimulus novelty in the hooded rat

Tzuriel D.; Haywood C.H., 1984:
Exploratory behavior as a function of motivational orientations and task conditions

Bijou S.W., 1980:
Exploratory behavior in infants and animals a behavior analysis

Jonsson, C.O.; Edin, P.; Söderberg, S.; Waldton, S., 1976:
Exploratory behavior in patients suffering from senile dementia: a comparison with children

Chiszar, D.; Scudder, K.; Knight, L.; Smith, H.M., 1978:
Exploratory behavior in prairie rattlesnakes crotalus viridis and water moccasins agkistrodon piscivorus

Kirkby, R.J., 1978:
Exploratory behavior in rats following bilateral lesions of the anterodorsal caudate nuclei

Tamasy, V.; Meisami, E.; Du, J.Z.; Timiras, P.S., 1986:
Exploratory behavior, learning ability, and thyroid hormonal responses to stress in female rats rehabilitating from postnatal hypothyroidism

Birke L.I.A.; D'udine B.; Albonetti M.E., 1985:
Exploratory behavior of 2 species of murid rodents acomys cahirinus and mus musculus a comparative study

Torre E.; Fassino S.; Varetto B., 1982:
Exploratory behavior of mice treated with simultaneous administration of morphine and naloxone

Martin J.R.; Battig K., 1980:
Exploratory behavior of rats at estrus

Midgley G.C.; Prkachin K.M.; Tees R.C., 1981:
Exploratory behavior of rats following visual cortical and subcortical lesions

Sedlacek, T.V.; Mangan, C.E.; Giuntoli, R.L.; Rocereto, T.F.; Wheeler, J.E.; Mikuta, J.J., 1978:
Exploratory celiotomy for cervical carcinoma the role of histologic grading

Adams, R.; Koterba, A.M.; Brown, M.P.; Cudd, T.C.; Baker, W.A., 1988:
Exploratory celiotomy for gastrointestinal disease in neonatal foals: a review of 20 cases

Adams, R.; Koterba, A.M.; Cudd, T.C.; Baker, W.A., 1988 :
Exploratory celiotomy for suspected urinary tract disruption in neonatal foals: a review of 18 cases

Ford, D.L.; Murphy, C.J.; Edwards, K.L., 1983:
Exploratory development and validation of a perceptual job burnout inventory: comparison of corporate sector and human services professionals

Winstanley R.H., 1979:
Exploratory droplining for deep sea trevalla hyperoglyphe porosa off victoria australia

Knoblich K.; Bauer H., 1980:
Exploratory examinations of cardio vascular stress to which nurses working in an intensive therapy unit are exposed

Lacy, S.S.; King, J.S., 1972:
Exploratory experiments in direct evaluation of renal metabolic capabilities

Edwards W.R.; Smith K.E., 1984:
Exploratory experiments on the stability of mineral profiles of feathers

De-Villiers, G., 1976:
Exploratory fishing for and growth of scallop pecten sulciocostatus off the cape south coast africa

Winstanley R.H., 1980:
Exploratory fishing for southern rock lobster jasus novaehollandiae off western victoria australia

Donohue, K.; Edsall, P.; Robins, J.; Tregonning, R., 1982:
Exploratory fishing for spanish mackerel in waters off western australia during the period june 16 oct. 16 1981

Jaenicke H.W.; Brodeur R.D.; Fujii T., 1984:
Exploratory gill netting from the oshoro maru for juvenile salmonids off southeastern alaska usa 24 25 july 1982

Rodger R.W.; Davis N.D., 1982:
Exploratory grand banks canada scallop survey 1982

Ashton N.L., 1980:
Exploratory investigation of perceptions of influences on best friend relationships

Sen V.; Agarawal P.L.; Pandey K., 1983:
Exploratory investigation on the photo thermal influence in relation to the reproductive cycle of amphipnous cuchia in its natural habitat

Tsuganezawa, O., 1980:
Exploratory investigations on the technique of preliminary screening test for blood stains 6. comparative merits of several substituted benzidines still available in japan as a reagent for the preliminary blood test

Makhonova L.A.; Durnov L.A.; Polyakov V.E.; Pokrovskaya N.N., 1979:
Exploratory laparotomy combined with splenectomy in the diagnosis of the lympho granulomatosis stage in children

Shelley, E.D.; Shelley, W.B., 1986:
Exploratory nail plate removal as a diagnostic aid in painful subungual tumors: glomus tumor, neurofibroma, and squamous cell carcinoma

Jellison, J., 1987:
Exploratory numerical taxonomy based on biochemical and biophysical characters of the tymoviruses

Gordon M.S.; Gabaldon D.J.; Yip A.Y W., 1985:
Exploratory observations on microhabitat selection within the intertidal zone by the chinese mudskipper fish periophthalmus cantonensis

Jennings K.D.; Harmon R.J.; Morgan G.A.; Gaiter J.L.; Yarrow L.J., 1979:
Exploratory play as an index of mastery motivation relationships to persistence cognitive functioning and environmental measures

Sharma O.P.; Kaushal S.K., 1985:
Exploratory propagation of dendrocalamus hamiltonii by 1 node culm cuttings

Walk R.D.; Miller D.R., 1980:
Exploratory research with an adult visual cliff

Gause, E.M.; Mendez, V.; Geller, I., 1985:
Exploratory studies of a rodent model for inhalant abuse

Lee, D.E., 1976:
Exploratory studies of self destruction

Eckert, G.; Farges, J.P.; Gutmann, F., 1978:
Exploratory studies of some drug charge transfer interactions

Kwon E.H.; Yun B.J., 1979:
Exploratory study for increasing acceptability for male sterilization inductive analysis using female sterilization cases

Cabral-Neto, J.B.; Almeida, J.R.; Almeida, S.B., 1983:
Exploratory study of iso enzymes in the hemolymph of triatomine vectors of chagas 2. panstrongylus megistus

Abuin E.B.; Scaiano J.C., 1984:
Exploratory study of the effect of polyelectrolyte surfactant aggregates on photochemical behavior

Rossi B.; Mecacci L., 1987:
Exploratory study of the type of circadian rhythm in skeet shooters

Brothers G.; Barney W., 1986:
Exploratory surveys for snow crab in newfoundland and labrador canada 1968 1985

Hecker, E.T.; Malmstrom, J.S., 1980:
Exploratory thoracotomy and post mortem evaluation 3. clinical experience with diaphragmatic excursion

Blinov N.N.; Keller Y.M., 1982:
Exploratory thoracotomy for lung cancer an analysis of clinical roentgenological and morphological factors of inoperability

Van Den Bosch, J.M.; Gelissen, H.J.; Wagenaar, S.S., 1983:
Exploratory thoracotomy in bronchial carcinoma

Prabhakaran-Nair, K., 1974:
Exploratory trawl fishing in bombay saurashtra waters during 1968 1970

Puca F.M.; Savarese M.A.; Minervini M.G., 1987:
Exploratory trial of phosphatidylserine efficacy in mildly demented patients

Okita K.; Esaki T.; Nawata H.; Yasunaga M.; Shingai Y.; Kado Y.; Ogino K.; Ando K.; Fukumoto Y.; Takemoto T., 1986:
Exploratory use of television endoscope to the laparoscopy aimed to develop television laparoscope

Murphy, H.B.; Negrete, J.C.; Tousignant, M., 1979:
Exploring a new type of alcoholism survey

Schneider K.; Moch M.; Sandfort R.; Auerswald M.; Walther Weckman K., 1983:
Exploring a novel object by preschool children a sequential analysis of perceptual manipulating and verbal exploration

Kelso, J.A.; Holt, K.G., 1980:
Exploring a vibratory systems analysis of human movement production

Freij, L., 1977:
Exploring child health and its ecology. The Kirkos study in Addis Ababa an evaluation of procedures in the measurement of acute morbidity and a search for causal structure

Walker H.A.; Saila S.B.; Anderson E.L., 1979:
Exploring data structure of new york usa bight benthic data using post collection stratification of samples and linear discriminant analysis for species composition comparisons

Kraiger K.; Hakel M.D.; Cornelius E.T.IIi, 1984:
Exploring fantasies of thematic apperception test reliability

Lubben, J.E.; Chi, I.; Kitano, H.H., 1988:
Exploring Filipino American drinking behavior

Gathercole S.E.; Conway M.A., 1988:
Exploring long term modality effects vocalization leads to best retention

Piegorsch W.W.; Hoel D.G., 1988:
Exploring relationships between mutagenic and carcinogenic potencies

Bilett J.L.; Jones N.F.; Whitaker L.C., 1982:
Exploring schizophrenic thinking in older adolescents with the wechsler adult intelligence scale rorschach test and whitaker index of schizophrenic thinking

Piegorsch, W.W.; Weinberg, C.R.; Margolin, B.H., 1988:
Exploring simple independent action in multifactor tables of proportions

Rossmann, M.G.; Argos, P., 1976:
Exploring structural homology of proteins

Adamich, M.; Dennis, E.A., 1978:
Exploring the action and specificity of cobra venom phospho lipase a 2 ec toward human erythrocytes ghost membranes and lipid mixtures

Williams, N.; Coleman, P.S., 1982:
Exploring the adenine nucleotide binding sites on mitochondrial f 1 atpase with a new photo affinity probe 3' o 4 benzoylbenzoyl atp

Moerman C.; Corluy R.; Meersman W., 1983:
Exploring the aphasiacs naming disturbances a new approach using the neighborhood limited classification method

Baddeley A.; Lewis V.; Vallar G., 1984:
Exploring the articulatory loop

Chay T.R.; Cho S.H., 1982:
Exploring the basis for slow and fast oscillations in cellular systems

Caddell, J.L., 1978:
Exploring the magnesium deficient weanling rat as an animal model for the sudden infant death syndrome physical biochemical electro cardiographic and gross pathologic changes

Balch W.M., 1986:
Exploring the mechanism of ammonium uptake in phytoplankton with an ammonium analogue methylamine

Taft M., 1984:
Exploring the mental lexicon

Abravanel, E.; Sigafoos, A.D., 1984:
Exploring the presence of imitation during early infancy

Horsfield, S.; Taylor, L.J., 1976:
Exploring the relationship between sensory data and acceptability of meat

Sternlieb, J.J., 1987:
Exploring the risk of early dismissal following cardiac operations

Budd R.; Bleiker S.; Spencer C., 1983:
Exploring the use and nonuse of marihuana as reasoned actions an application of fishbein and ajzens methodology

Morris N., 1987:
Exploring the visuo spatial scratch pad

Enright R.J., 1985:
Explosibility of australian wheat dusts

Kuwahra M.; Sawada T.; Asada Y.; Tsunemoto S.; Nakamura Y., 1985:
Explosion and enzymatic saccharification of woods

Mamers H.; Menz D.N.J., 1984:
Explosion pretreatment of pinus radiata woodchips for the production of fermentation substrates

Sullivan J.F.; Egoville M.J., 1986:
Explosion puffing of mushrooms

Ponert J.; Prihoda P., 1979:
Explosions of intra galactic supernovae a possible external factor for macro evolution of organisms on the earth

Scharl A., 1988:
Explosive cervical cancer growth with unusual metastasizing

Balldin, U.I., 1978:
Explosive decompression of subjects up to a 20000 meter altitude using a 2 pressure flying suit

Buizer D.A.G., 1980:
Explosive development of styela clava in the netherlands after its introduction tunicata ascidiacea

Feehan J., 1985:
Explosive flower opening in ornithophily a study of pollination mechanisms in some central african loranthaceae

Salloum, A.; Lebel, M.; Reiher, J., 1977:
Explosive head aches mimicking subarachnoid hemorrhage

Kerambrun, P., 1976:
Explosive manifestations of poly chromatism in sphaeroma hookeri crustacea isopoda flabellifera during colonization of a new territory and description of the new phenotype griseum

Blair, R.; Liran, J.; Cytryniak, H.; Shizgal, P.; Amit, Z., 1978:
Explosive motor behavior rigidity and peri aqueductal gray lesions

D.M.rch Ayuela P.; Boque Genovard M.A., 1988:
Explosive outbreaks of tuberculosis a report based on ten school epidemics in barcelona spain and its province

Huve, H.; Kiener, A., 1978:
Explosive proliferation in the canet pond pyrenees orientales france of an anabaenopsis arnoldii water bloom cyanophyceae nostocaceae

Swaine, M.D.; Beer, T., 1977:
Explosive seed dispersal in hura crepitans euphorbiaceae

Shattuck, D.P.; Weinshenker, M.D.; Smith, S.W.; von Ramm, O.T., 1984:
Explososcan: a parallel processing technique for high speed ultrasound imaging with linear phased arrays

Colebatch, H.J.; Greaves, I.A.; Ng, C.K., 1979:
Exponential analysis of elastic recoil and aging in healthy males and females

Bureau, M.A.; Côté, A.; Blanchard, P.W.; Hobbs, S.; Foulon, P.; Dalle, D., 1986 :
Exponential and diphasic ventilatory response to hypoxia in conscious lambs

Turkina N.V., 1979:
Exponential approximation of curves in the process of training in visual identification

Janacek, K.; Rybova, R., 1978:
Exponential course of temporal ph changes in suspensions of the alga hydrodictyon reticulatum

Keller, F.; Koeppe, P.; Emde, C., 1984:
Exponential function of chymotrypsin action

Perkkio J.; Keskinen R., 1982:
Exponential growth and allometric equations

Kolff, W.J., 1977:
Exponential growth and future of artificial organs

Carroad, P.A.; Wilde, C.R., 1977:
Exponential growth kinetics for Polyporus versicolor and Pleurotus ostreatus in submerged culture

Gushchin, V.A., 1981:
Exponential growth of cell number 1. the independence of the share of proliferating cells in various mitotic phases on phase duration variability

Huang S K.; Meng X., 1982:
Exponential infusion and its pharmaco kinetics

Dix L.P.; Frazier D.L.; Cooperstein M.; Riviere J.E., 1986:
Exponential intravenous infusions in toxicological studies achieving identical serum drug concentration profiles in individuals with altered pharmacokinetic states

Milhorn, H.T.Jr ; Reynolds, W.J., 1976 :
Exponential peeling of ventilatory transients following inhalation of 5 percent 6 percent and 7 percent carbon di oxide

Gatenby R.M., 1986:
Exponential relation between sweat rate and skin temperature in hot climates

Easton, D.M., 1978:
Exponentiated exponential model gompertz kinetics of sodium ion and potassium ion conductance changes in squid giant axon

Bosch D.; Voorhout W.; Tommassen J., 1988:
Export and localization of amino terminally truncated derivatives of escherichia coli k 12 outer membrane protein phoe

Gordon A.J.; Ryle G.J.A.; Powell C.E.; Mitchell D., 1980:
Export mobilization and respiration of assimilates in uniculm barley during light and darkness

Thompson R.G.; Dale J.E., 1981:
Export of carbon 14 and carbon 11 labeled assimilate from wheat triticum aestivum cultivar heron and maize zea mays cultivar golden bantam leaves effects of p chloromercuribenzyl sulfonic acid and fusicoccin and of potassium deficiency

Brunton, L.L.; Buss, J.E., 1980:
Export of cyclic AMP by mammalian reticulocytes

Heasley L.E.; Azari J.; Brunton L.L., 1985:
Export of cyclic amp from avian red cells independence from major membrane transporters and specific inhibition by prostaglandin a 1

Owens, R.A.; Hartman, P.E., 1986:
Export of glutathione by some widely used Salmonella typhimurium and Escherichia coli strains

Novick P.; Schekman R., 1983:
Export of major cell surface proteins is blocked in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae secretory mutants

Pratt J.R.; Cairns J.Jr, 1985:
Export of species of islands from sources of differing maturity

Achtman M.; Manning P.A.; Edelbluth C.; Herrlich P., 1979:
Export without pre oteolytic processing of inner and outer membrane proteins encoded by f sex factor tra cistrons in escherichia coli mini cells

Gersdorff M.; Hamoir M.; Robillard T.; Jaumin P.; Scholtes J.L.; Mathurin P.; Van Den Eeckhaut J., 1985:
Expose on and surgical treatment of tumors of the carotid body

Daban J.R.; Guasch M.D., 1980:
Exposed hydrophobic regions in histone oligomers studied by fluorescence

Bruce D.M., 1985:
Exposed layer barley drying three models fitted to new data up to 150 celsius

Nellist, M.E., 1976:
Exposed layer drying of rye grass seeds

Mclachlan A., 1980:
Exposed sandy beaches as semi closed ecosystems

Shirakawa M.; Kawata Y.; Lee S.J.; Akutsu H.; Sakiyama F.; Kyogoku Y., 1985:
Exposed tyrosine residues of lambda cro repressor protein evidenced by nitration and photochemically induced dynamic nuclear polarization experiments

Okland T., 1984:
Exposed vascular plants in vestfold county southeast norway a survey

Boidin J.; Lanquetin P., 1983:
Exposition of epithelioid aphyllophoral basidiomycetes

Comellas Fernandez C.; Hernandez Rodriguez J.E., 1984:
Exposition to general vibrations in some occupational places

Obioma G.O., 1986:
Expository and guided discovery methods of presenting secondary school physics tasks

Warren R.A.; Simpson H.M., 1980:
Exposure and alcohol as risk factors in the fatal nighttime collisions of men and women drivers

Zang H., 1985:
Exposure and breeding biology of cinclus cinclus ficedula hypoleuca parus major and parus ater

Chambless D.L.; Foa E.B.; Groves G.A.; Goldstein A.J., 1982:
Exposure and communications training in the treatment of agoraphobia

Suzuki M.; Harada Y., 1985:
Exposure and direct stimulation of the semicircular canal cupula

McGuire, E.L.; Dickson, P.A., 1986:
Exposure and organ dose estimation in diagnostic radiology

Karakousis, C.P., 1982:
Exposure and reconstruction in the lower portions of the retroperitoneum and abdominal wall

Boersma, K.; Hengst, S.D.; Dekker, J.; Emmelkamp, P.M.G., 1976:
Exposure and response prevention in the natural environment a comparison with obsessive compulsive patients

Farkas G.M.; Beck S., 1981:
Exposure and response prevention of morbid ruminations and compulsive avoidance

Ekman J., 1987:
Exposure and time use in willow tit flocks the cost of subordination

Smith T.J., 1987:
Exposure assessment for occupational epidemiology

Ikeda, M.; Ohtsuki, T., 1985:
Exposure concentration vs. environmental concentration a field survey in organic solvent workplaces

Kubo H., 1985:
Exposure contribution from titanium k x rays produced in the titanium capsule of the clinical iodine 125 seed

Altin J.G.; Biden T.J.; Karjalainen A.; Bygrave F.L., 1988:
Exposure depolarizing concentrations of potassium hormonally induced calcium influx rat liver

Yodono, H.; Yokoyama, Y.; Katto, K.; Kamata, K.; Kudo, I.; Shinozaki, T., 1985:
Exposure dose of digital subtraction angiography

Morgan M.J.; Watt R.J.; Mckee S.P., 1983:
Exposure duration affects the sensitivity of vernier acuity to target motion

Wandtke, J.C.; Plewes, D.B., 1985:
Exposure equalization radiography of the chest: clinical comparison of slit and raster scanning techniques

Cohen B.S.; Chang A.E.; Harley N.H.; Lippmann M., 1982:
Exposure estimates from personal lapel monitors

Menabue R.; Nichelli P.; Bellei S., 1986:
Exposure for color discrimination in the parafoveal field a new procedure to detect subtle visual dysfunction in multiple sclerosis patients

Prof-Public-Relat-Comm-Desad-Proj-Div-Cancer-Control-Rehabil, 1976:
Exposure in utero to di ethyl stilbestrol and related synthetic hormones association with vaginal and cervical cancer and other abnormalities

Grayson J.B.; Foa E.B.; Steketee G.S., 1986:
Exposure in vivo of obsessive compulsives under distracting and attention focusing conditions replication and extension

Ost, L.G.; Lindahl, I.L.; Sterner, U.; Jerremalm, A., 1984:
Exposure in vivo vs. applied relaxation in the treatment of blood phobia

Akesson B.; Skerfving S., 1985:
Exposure in welding of high nickel alloy

Stephenson S.L., 1982:
Exposure induced differences in the vegetation soils and micro climate of north facing and south facing slopes in southwestern virginia usa

Hall G., 1979:
Exposure learning in young and adult laboratory rats

Lavy T.L.; Shepard J.S.; Mattice J.D., 1980:
Exposure measurements of applicators spraying 2 4 5 t in the forest

Mazur, L., 1985:
Exposure of 2 aminoethylisothiuronium bromide cysteamine hydrochloride hydrobromide or serotonin pre treated pregnant mice to x irradiation ii. body weight of pregnant females number and weight of live fetuses and placental weight

Mazur, L., 1985:
Exposure of 2 aminoethylisothiuronium bromide hydrobromide cysteamine hydrochloride or serotonin pre treated pregnant mice to x irradiation i. dna content of fetal kidneys and heart

Reichert W.L.; L.E.erhart B T.; Varanasi U., 1985:
Exposure of 2 species of deposit feeding amphipods to sediment associated tritiated benzo a pyrene uptake metabolism and covalent binding to tissue macromolecules

Hiipakka, D.; Samimi, B., 1987:
Exposure of acrylic fingernail sculptors to organic vapors and methacrylate dusts

Konno, K.; Morales, M.F., 1985:
Exposure of actin thiols by the removal of tightly held calcium ions

Carlsson, A.; Lindqvist, T., 1977:
Exposure of animals and man to toluene

Sams, C.F.; Hemelt, V.B.; Pinkerton, F.D.; Schroepfer, G.J.; Matthews, K.S., 1985:
Exposure of antigenic sites during immunization. Monoclonal antibodies to monomer of lactose repressor protein

Akasaka K.; Fujii S.; Kaptein R., 1981:
Exposure of aromatic residues of streptomyces albogriseolus subtilisin inhibitor a photochemically induced dynamic nuclear polarization study

Thiagarajan, P.; Kelly, K.L., 1988:
Exposure of binding sites for vitronectin on platelets following stimulation

Chandler, R.L.; Smith, K.; Turfrey, B.A., 1985:
Exposure of bovine cornea to different strains of Moraxella bovis and to other bacterial species in vitro

Wright L.C.; Cone W.W., 1986:
Exposure of brachycorynella asparagi homoptera aphididae eggs to water vapor deficits effects on water loss and mortality of eggs and longevity of first instar fundatrices

Baranowska H.; Zaborowska D.; Zuk J., 1985:
Exposure of cdc 8 homozygous diploids of saccharomyces cerevisiae to nonpermissive temperature leads to an increase in mitotic conversion frequencies

King, A.C.; Cuatrecasas, P., 1982:
Exposure of cells to an acidic environment reverses the inhibition by methylamine of the mitogenic response to epidermal growth factor

Garcia, O.L.; Castellanos, A.; Sung, R.J.; Gelband, H., 1978:
Exposure of concealed right bundle branch block wolff parkinson white type b by pacing from the vicinity of the atrio ventricular node

Gorshkova, I.I.; Lavrik, O.I.; Popov, R.A., 1981:
Exposure of cooperativity of the active sites of rabbit skeletal muscle creatine kinase ec during its interaction with gamma amides of atp

Buskila D.; Levene C.; Biran H.; Levene N.A., 1988:
Exposure of cryptantigens on erythrocytes in patients with breast cancer

Yrjänheikki, E.; Anttonen, H.; Hassi, J., 1980:
Exposure of dental personnel to mercury and noise

Herber R.F.M.; D.G.e A.J.; Wibowo A.A.E., 1988:
Exposure of dentists and assistants to mercury levels in urine and hair related to conditions of practice

Colwill D.M.; Hickman A.J., 1980:
Exposure of drivers to carbon mon oxide

Williams, T.M.; Levine, R.J.; Blunden, P.B., 1984:
Exposure of embalmers to formaldehyde and other chemicals

Adkins Regan E., 1985:
Exposure of embryos to an aromatization inhibitor increases copulatory behavior of male quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Esmen N.A.; Corn M.; Hammad Y.Y.; Whittier D.; Kotsko N.; Haller M.; Kahn R.A., 1979:
Exposure of employees to man made mineral fibers ceramic fiber production

Esmen, N.A.; Hammad, Y.Y.; Corn, M.; Whittier, D.; Kotsko, N.; Haller, M.; Kahn, R.A., 1978:
Exposure of employees to man made mineral fibers mineral wool production/

Esmen N.A.; Sheehan M.J.; Corn M.; Engel M.; Kotsko N., 1982:
Exposure of employees to man made vitreous fibers installation of insulation materials

Alldrick A.J.; Rowland I.R.; Gangolli S.D., 1984:
Exposure of escherichia coli to nitroso cimetidine induces the adaptive response to alkylating agents

Generoso W.M.; Rutledge J.C.; Cain K.T.; Hughes L.A.; Braden P.W., 1987:
Exposure of female mice to ethylene oxide within hours after mating leads to fetal malformation and death

Gandelman R.; Rosenthal C.; Howard S.M., 1980:
Exposure of female mouse fetuses of various ages to testosterone and the later activation of intraspecific fighting

Niewiarowski, S.; Budzynski, A.Z.; Morinelli, T.A.; Brudzynski, T.M.; Stewart, G.J., 1981:
Exposure of fibrinogen receptor on human platelets by proteolytic enzymes

Kornecki, E.; Ehrlich, Y.H.;, D.D.; Lenox, R.H., 1986:
Exposure of fibrinogen receptors in human platelets by surface proteolysis with elastase

D.M.nno, G.; Capitanio, A.M.; Thiagarajan, P.; Martinez, J.; Murphy, S., 1983:
Exposure of fibrinogen receptors on fresh and stored platelets by ADP and epinephrine as single agents and as a pair

Matthews G.M., 1979:
Exposure of fingerling spring chinook salmon to mixtures of furanace 10 quinaldine and ms 222

Manninen A.; Kangas J.; Klen T.; Savolainen H., 1985:
Exposure of finnish farm workers to phenoxy acid herbicides

Froines, J.R.; Hinds, W.C.; Duffy, R.M.; Lafuente, E.J.; Liu, W.C., 1987:
Exposure of firefighters to diesel emissions in fire stations

Gold, A.; Burgess, W.A.; Clougherty, E.V., 1978:
Exposure of firefighters to toxic air contaminants

Nigg H.N.; Stamper J.H., 1983:
Exposure of florida usa airboat aquatic weed applicators to 2 4 d

Lavy T.L.; Norris L.A.; Mattice J.D.; Marx D.B., 1987:
Exposure of forestry ground workers to 2 4 d picloram and dichlorprop

Oliver, D.; Jagendorf, A., 1976:
Exposure of free amino groups in the coupling factor of energized spinach chloroplasts

Wagner R.; Hermes H., 1987:
Exposure of gardeners during and after application of dichlorvos methamidophos and aldicarb in hothouses

Davies H.J., 1985:
Exposure of hay fever subjects to an indoor environmental grass pollen challenge system

Dolan M.E.; Corsico C.D.; Pegg A.E., 1985:
Exposure of hela cells to o 6 alkylguanines increases sensitivity to the cytotoxic effects of alkylating agents

Krauss, S.W.; Mochly-Rosen, D.; Koshland, D.E.; Linn, S., 1987 :
Exposure of HeLa DNA polymerase alpha to protein kinase C affects its catalytic properties

Bardell, D., 1987:
Exposure of herpes simplex virus type 1 and its host cells to cigarette smoke in vitro

Robinson M.B.; Whittemore E.R.; Marks R.L.; Koerner J.F., 1986:
Exposure of hippocampal slices to quisqualate sensitizes synaptic responses to phosphonate containing analogs of glutamate

Sanderson, B.J.S.; Morley, A.A., 1986:
Exposure of human lymphocytes to ionizing radiation reduces mutagenesis by subsequent ionizing radiation

Pyatkin E.K.; Nugis V.Yu, 1982:
Exposure of human peripheral blood lymphocytes in vitro to cobalt 60 gamma quanta at the g 0 phase does not increase the frequency of sister chromatid exchanges

Barzilay, M.; De-Vries, A.; Condrea, E., 1978:
Exposure of human red blood cell membrane phospho lipids to snake venom phospho lipases a ec part 1 hydrolysis of substrates by vipera palaestinae phospho lipase from within re sealed red cells

Barzilay, M.; Kaminsky, E.; Condrea, E., 1978:
Exposure of human red blood cell membrane phospho lipids to snake venom phospho lipases a part 2 hydrolysis of substrates in intact and re sealed cells by phospho lipase from ringhals hemachatus haemachates venom effect of calcium ions

Niwa E.; Kohda S I.; Kanoh S.; Nakayama T., 1986:
Exposure of hydrophobic amino acid residues from actomyosin on freezing reconfirmation by fluorometry

Niwa E.; Kohda S I.; Kanoh S.; Nakayama T., 1986:
Exposure of hydrophobic amino acid residues from myosin on freezing

Young, A.S.; Radley, D.E.; Cunningham, M.P.; Musisi, F.L.; Payne, R.C.; Purnell, R.E., 1977 :
Exposure of immunized cattle to prolonged natural challenge of theileria lawrencei derived from african buffalo syncerus caffer

Blacker P.; Tindall B.; Wodak A.; Cooper D., 1986:
Exposure of intravenous drug users to acquired immune deficiency syndrome retrovirus sydney australia 1985

Taylor M.J.; Brons G., 1982:
Exposure of isolated rat islets of langerhans to di methyl sulfoxide at 0 celsius effect on the static release of insulin

Yamanaka, S.; Tanaka, H.; Nishimura, M., 1982:
Exposure of Japanese dental workers to mercury

Mcree, D.I.; Hamrick, P.E., 1977:
Exposure of japanese quail embryos to 2.45 gigahertz microwave radiation during development

Dluzniewska K.; Krzyzewski Z.; Wojtowicz B., 1981:
Exposure of krakow poland inhabitants to the action of fluorine and the following fate of fluorine in the organism

Luria R.; Rimon G., 1986:
Exposure of latent prostaglandin binding sites in the rat epididymal adipocyte membrane and the effects of albumin heating and alkylating agents

Jones K.C.; Bennett B.G., 1986:
Exposure of man to environmental aluminum an exposure commitment assessment

Bennett B.G., 1981:
Exposure of man to environmental arsenic an exposure commitment assessment

Davies D.J.A.; Bennett B.G., 1985:
Exposure of man to environmental copper an exposure commitment assessment

Bennett B.G., 1982:
Exposure of man to environmental nickel an exposure commitment assessment

Bennett B.G., 1983:
Exposure of man to environmental poly chlorinated bi phenyls an exposure commitment assessment

Bennett B.G., 1983:
Exposure of man to environmental selenium an exposure commitment assessment

Ohlendorf, H.M.; Risebrough, R.W.; Vermeer, K., 1978:
Exposure of marine birds to environmental pollutants

Rhodes, D.N.; Patterson, R.L.S.; Puckey, D.J.; Heuser, S.G.; Wainman, H.E.; Chakrabarti, B.; Allan, E.N.W., 1975:
Exposure of meat to methyl bromide during refrigerated store pest control residues in beef and lamb and effect on quality

Munley, A.J.; Railton, R.; Gray, W.M.; Carter, K.B., 1986:
Exposure of midwives to nitrous oxide in four hospitals

Clemmensen O.J.; Menne T.; Kaaber K.; Solgaard P., 1981:
Exposure of nickel and the relevance of nickel sensitivity among hospital cleaners

Tyrrell R.M., 1984:
Exposure of nondividing populations of primary human fibroblasts to uv 254 nanometers radiation induces a transient enhancement in capacity to repair potentially lethal cellular damage

Kammerbauer H.; Ziegler Joens A.; Selinger H.; Roemmelt R.; Knoppik D.; Hock B., 1987:
Exposure of norway spruce at the highway border effects on gas exchange and growth

Sass Kortsak A.M.; Wheeler I.P.; Purdham J.T., 1981:
Exposure of operating room personnel to anesthetic agents an examination of the effectiveness of scavenging systems and the importance of maintenance programs

Hugod, C.; Hawkins, L.H.; Astrup, P., 1978:
Exposure of passive smokers to tobacco smoke constituents

Nässberger, L.; Arbin, A.; Ostelius, J., 1987:
Exposure of patients to phthalates from polyvinyl chloride tubes and bags during dialysis

Putnam, A.R.; Willis, M.D.; Binning, L.K.; Boldt, P.F., 1983:
Exposure of pesticide applicators to nitrofen: influence of formulation, handling systems, and protective garments

Ostgaard K.; Eide I.; Jensen A., 1984:
Exposure of phyto plankton to ekofisk crude oil

Schlenker G.; Pohle M.; Wiegand C.; Von Lengerken G.; Arndt S., 1985:
Exposure of pigs to stress conditions impact on positive reactions to halothane test

Furlan M.; Stieger J.; Beck E.A., 1987:
Exposure of platelet binding sites in von willebrand factor by absorption onto polystyrene latex particles

Hato, T.; Ikeda, K.; Yasukawa, M.; Watanabe, A.; Kobayashi, Y., 1988:
Exposure of platelet fibrinogen receptors by a monoclonal antibody to CD9 antigen

Bennett, J.S.; Vilaire, G., 1979:
Exposure of platelet fibrinogen receptors by ADP and epinephrine

Das Y.T.; Taskar P.K.; Brown H.D.; Chattopadhyay S.K., 1983:
Exposure of professional pest control operator to dichlorvos and residue on house structures

Giblin F.J.; Schrimscher L.; Chakrapani B.; Reddy V.N., 1988:
Exposure of rabbit lens to hyperbaric oxygen in vitro regional effects on ghs level

Kamstrup O.; Hugod C., 1979:
Exposure of rabbits to 50 parts per million carbonyl sulfide a biochemical and histo morphological study

Skotte, J., 1984:
Exposure of radio officers to radio frequency radiation on Danish merchant ships

Abel, E.L.; Bush, R.; Dintcheff, B.A., 1981:
Exposure of rats to alcohol in utero alters drug sensitivity in adulthood

Adham N.; Smith M.E., 1987:
Exposure of receptor sites on rat muscle membranes by a neurally released factor

Battocletti J.H.; Salles Cunha S.; Halbach R.E.; Nelson J.; Sances A.Jr; Antonich F.J., 1981:
Exposure of rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta to 20000 gauss steady magnetic field effect on blood parameters

Kempf C.; Michel M.R.; Kohler U.; Koblet H., 1988:
Exposure of semliki forest virus infected baby hamster kidney cells to low ph leads to a proton influx and a rapid depletion of intracellular atp which in turn prevents cell cell fusion

Gibson C.F.; Donaldson A.I., 1986:
Exposure of sheep to natural aerosols of foot and mouth disease

Tang, C.K.; Chalon, J.; Markham, J.P.; Ramanathan, S.; Turndorf, H., 1984:
Exposure of sires to enflurane affects learning function of murine progeny

Garlinski P.; Mlynarczyk G.; Mlynarczyk A.; Zabuska K.; Sawicka Grzelak A.; Machowska G.; Osowiecki H.; Roszkowski W., 1987:
Exposure of staphylococcus aureus cells to antibiotics as a factor modifying their interaction with human leukocytes

Brammer A.J., 1984:
Exposure of the hand to vibration in industry

Gushak, V.; Lidova, L.; Trousil, I.; Kukachka, R., 1976:
Exposure of the hands to dosed radiation in handling molybdenum 99 technetium 99m generators and technetium 99m

Lampio, A.; Finne, J.; Homer, D.; Gahmberg, C.G., 1984:
Exposure of the major human red cell glycolipid globoside to galactose oxidase ec

Burkadze G.M., 1987:
Exposure of the neurospecific protein 14 3 2 in neurocytes of the frontal posterior area of the cerebral cortex by the immuno histochemical method

May, J.; Sheil, A.G., 1977:
Exposure of the right renal artery for a graft

Zwaveling, J.H.; de Kort, W.L.; Meulenbelt, J.; Hezemans-Boer, M.; van Vloten, W.A.; Sangster, B., 1987:
Exposure of the skin to methyl bromide: a study of six cases occupationally exposed to high concentrations during fumigation

Zimmerli B., 1985:
Exposure of the swiss population to cadmium through cigarette smoke

Mirbaha, M.M., 1978:
Exposure of the vertebral bodies of the proximal lumbar segments. Some anatomic points

Zick Y.; Cesla R.; Shaltiel S., 1982:
Exposure of thymocytes to a low temperature 4 celsius inhibits the onset of their hormone induced cellular refractoriness

Byfield P.G.H.; Clingan D.; Himsworth R.L., 1984:
Exposure of thyroxine residues in human thyro globulin 2 site binding studies

Eftink, M.R.; Ghiron, C.A., 1977:
Exposure of tryptophanyl residues and protein dynamics

Miller, B.G.; Evan, A.P.; Bohlen, H.G., 1987:
Exposure of vascular smooth muscle cells for analysis with the scanning electron microscope

Stendell R.C.; Smith R.I.; Burnham K.P.; Christensen R.E., 1979:
Exposure of waterfowl to lead a nationwide survey of residues in wing bones of 7 species 1972 1973

Van Der Wal J.F., 1985:
Exposure of welders to fumes chromium nickel copper and gases in dutch industries

Parikh, D.J.; Pandya, C.B.; Ghodasara, N.B.; Ramanathan, N.L., 1979:
Exposure of workers to inorganic lead in some small and medium industries

Read, L.R.; Burns, J.E.; Liquorish, R.A.C., 1978:
Exposure rate calibration of small radioactive sources of cobalt 60 radium 226 and cesium 137

Kanazawa T.; Yamamoto T.; Ohnishi T.; Okamoto S., 1985:
Exposure rate measurement with ionization chamber and estimation of its accuracy

Tyndall D.A.; Matteson S.R.; Soltmann R.E.; Hamilton T.L.; Proffit W.R., 1988:
Exposure reduction in cephalometric radiology a comprehensive approach

Campbell, J.M.; Kuntzler, C.M.; Nikesch, W., 1986:
Exposure reduction using yttrium filters in a cardiac catheterization unit

Cross, F.T., 1979:
Exposure standards for uranium mining

Joyner, K.H.; Bangay, M.J., 1986:
Exposure survey of operators of radiofrequency dielectric heaters in Australia

Hamnerius Y., 1983:
Exposure systems for studies of the effects of electro magnetic fields on biological systems

Sedivec, V.; Flek, J., 1976:
Exposure test for xylenes

Christensen J.C., 1987:
Exposure time and frequency of irradiation in brain tumors

Ryno R.R.; Leftwich M.W., 1981:
Exposure time of warm leftovers to temperatures suitable for microbial growth in a home type refrigerator

Lobo E.; Buselato Toniolli T.C., 1985:
Exposure time on artificial substrate for periphyton community settlement in the low part of the cai river rio grande do sul brazil

Imbriani M.; Romagnoli F.; Pugliese F.; Ghittori S., 1985:
Exposure to acetone concentration in alveolar and in mixed expired air at rest and during exercise

Wigaeus, E.; Holm, S.; Astrand, I., 1981:
Exposure to acetone. Uptake and elimination in man

Brownson, R.C.; Chang, J.C., 1987:
Exposure to alcohol and tobacco and the risk of laryngeal cancer

Handa R.J.; Mcgivern R.F.; Noble E.S.P.; Gorski R.A., 1985:
Exposure to alcohol in utero alters the adult patterns of luteinizing hormone secretion in male and female rats

Mintz M.; Tomer R., 1986:
Exposure to amphetamine after substantia nigra lesion interferes with the process of behavioral recovery

Göthe, C.J.; Ovrum, P.; Hallen, B., 1976:
Exposure to anesthetic gases and ethanol during work in operating rooms

Axelsson G.; Rylander R., 1982:
Exposure to anesthetic gases and spontaneous abortion response bias in a postal questionnaire study

Enterline, P.E.; Henderson, V.L.; Marsh, G.M., 1987:
Exposure to arsenic and respiratory cancer. A reanalysis

Edelman D.A., 1988:
Exposure to asbestos and the risk of gastrointestinal cancer a reassessment

Kauppinen, T.; Korhonen, K., 1987:
Exposure to asbestos during brake maintenance of automotive vehicles by different methods

Lebovits A.H.; Chahinian A.P.; Holland J.C., 1983:
Exposure to asbestos psychological responses of mesothelioma patients

Nordlinder, R.; Ramnäs, O., 1987:
Exposure to benzene at different work places in Sweden

Aksoy M.; Ozeris S.; Sabuncu H.; Inanici Y.; Yanardag R., 1987:
Exposure to benzene in turkey between 1983 and 1985 a hematological study on 231 workers

Poxon V.A.; Morris D.L.; Youngs D.J.; Albutt E.C.; Keighley M.R., 1986:
Exposure to bile acids and bacteria over 24 hours following partial gastrectomy vagotomy and pyloroplasty

Astrand, I.; Ovrum, P.; Lindqvist, T.; Hultengren, M., 1976:
Exposure to butyl alcohol: uptake and distribution in man

Schlegel, R.; Croy, R.G.; Pardee, A.B., 1987:
Exposure to caffeine and suppression of DNA replication combine to stabilize the proteins and RNA required for premature mitotic events

Sweetnam P.M.; Taylor S.W.C.; Elwood P.E., 1987:
Exposure to carbon disulfide and ischemic heart disease in a viscose rayon factory

Joumard R.; Humbert D.; Racamier C., 1983:
Exposure to carbon mon oxide during the trip from home to work depending on the mode of transportation

Hartiala J.; Simberg N.; Uotila P., 1982:
Exposure to carbon mon oxide or to nicotine does not inhibit prostaglandin i 2 formation by rat arterial rings incubated with human platelet rich plasma

Dolara, P.; Mazzoli, S.; Rosi, D.; Buiatti, E.; Baccetti, S.; Turchi, A.; Vannucci, V., 1981:
Exposure to carcinogenic chemicals and smoking increases urinary excretion of mutagens in humans

Rona, R.J.; Chinn, S.; Du-Ve-Florey, C., 1985:
Exposure to cigarette smoking and children's growth

Guzmán, J.A.; Piezzi, R.S.; Pelzer de García, L.E.; Domínguez, S.; Scardapane, L.A., 1983:
Exposure to constant light increases pineal weight and RNA content in the pineal of the vizcacha (Lagostomus maximus maximus)

Banerji A.P.; Kothari L., 1987:
Exposure to continuous light and chronic melatonin administration affects the pituitary protein profiles of the rat

Haglind, P.; Rylander, R., 1984:
Exposure to cotton dust in an experimental cardroom

Heikkilä, P.R.; Hämeilä, M.; Pyy, L.; Raunu, P., 1987:
Exposure to creosote in the impregnation and handling of impregnated wood

Järvholm, B.; Fast, K.; Lavenius, B.; Tomsic, P., 1985:
Exposure to cutting oils and its relation to skin tumors and premalignant skin lesions on the hands and forearms

Belaisch J., 1983:
Exposure to di ethyl stilbestrol during intra uterine life the signs that suggest this the therapeutic implications

Kullander, S.; Kallen, B.; Sandahl, B., 1976:
Exposure to drugs and other possibly harmful factors during the 1st trimester of pregnancy

Dutkiewicz, J., 1978:
Exposure to dust borne bacteria in agriculture part 1 environmental studies

Dutkiewicz, J., 1978:
Exposure to dust borne bacteria in agriculture part 2 immunological survey

Bravo M.P.; Del Rey Calero J.; Conde M., 1988:
Exposure to dyes and bladder cancer in males

Gandelman, R.; Vom-Saal, F., 1977:
Exposure to early androgen attenuates androgen induced pup killing in male and female mice

Sheikh, K., 1986:
Exposure to electromagnetic fields and the risk of leukemia

Salonen I., 1986:
Exposure to ethanol during capacitation impairs the fertilizing ability of human spermatozoa in vitro

Yager, J.W.; Hines, C.J.; Spear, R.C., 1983:
Exposure to ethylene oxide at work increases sister chromatid exchanges in human peripheral lymphocytes

Hennig, B.; Shasby, D.M.; Spector, A.A., 1985:
Exposure to fatty acid increases human low density lipoprotein transfer across cultured endothelial monolayers

Goolish E.M.; Burton R.S., 1988:
Exposure to fluctuating salinity enhances free amino acid accumulation in tigriopus californicus copepoda

Shannon F.T.; Fergusson D.M.; Horwood L.J., 1986:
Exposure to fluoridated public water supplies and child health and behavior

Levi S.; Zilberman L.; Frumin A.; Frydman M., 1986:
Exposure to fluoride in the chemical industry

Schmidt C.W., 1988:
Exposure to fluorides and aortic sclerosis is there a connection

Bertazzi, P.A.; Pesatori, A.C.; Radice, L.; Zocchetti, C.; Vai, T., 1986:
Exposure to formaldehyde and cancer mortality in a cohort of workers producing resins

Alexandersson, R.; Hedenstierna, G.; Kolmodin-Hedman, B., 1982:
Exposure to formaldehyde: effects on pulmonary function

Bracken M.J.; Leasa D.J.; Morgan W.K.C., 1985:
Exposure to formaldehyde relationship to respiratory symptoms and function

Hennig, B.; Shasby, D.M.; Fulton, A.B.; Spector, A.A., 1984:
Exposure to free fatty acid increases the transfer of albumin across cultured endothelial monolayers

Gallin E.K.; Green S.W., 1987:
Exposure to gamma irradiation increases phorbol myristate acetate induced hydrogen peroxide production in human macrophages

Gjesdal, K.; Bille, S.; Bredesen, J.E.; Bjørge, E.; Halvorsen, B.; Langseth, K.; Lunde, P.K.; Silvertssen, E., 1985:
Exposure to glyceryl trinitrate during gun powder production: plasma glyceryl trinitrate concentration, elimination kinetics, and discomfort among production workers

Chalon, J.; Tang, C.K.; Ramanathan, S.; Eisner, M.; Katz, R.; Turndorf, H., 1981:
Exposure to halothane and enflurane affects learning function of murine progeny

Guidotti, T.L., 1988:
Exposure to hazard and individual risk: when occupational medicine gets personal

Prerost F.J.; Ruma C., 1987:
Exposure to humorous stimuli as an adjunct to muscle relaxation training

Kangas, J.; Jäppinen, P.; Savolainen, H., 1984:
Exposure to hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and sulfur dioxide in pulp industry

Jackson, R.L.; Maier, S.F.; Rapaport, P.M., 1978:
Exposure to inescapable shock produces both activity and associative deficits in the rat

Grazer R.E.; Meislin H.W.; Westerman B.R.; Criss E.A., 1987:
Exposure to ionizing radiation in the emergency department from commonly performed portable radiographs

Samimi, B., 1982:
Exposure to isophorone and other organic solvents in a screen printing plant

Roels H.A.; Buchet J P.; Lauwerys R.R.; Bruaux P.; Claeys Thoreau F.; Lafontaine A.; Verduyn G., 1980:
Exposure to lead by the oral and the pulmonary routes of children living in the vicinity of a primary lead smelter

Rizzo G.; Ceccarelli S., 1982:
Exposure to lead in a foundry of metals electro physiological findings

Loi A.M.; Paggiaro L.; Nanni P.; Toma G.; Baschieri L., 1982:
Exposure to lead in a group of a motorway workers

Fischbein, A.; Rice, C.; Sarkozi, L.; Kon, S.H.; Petrocci, M.; Selikoff, I.J., 1979:
Exposure to lead in firing ranges

Tieman S.B.; Hirsch H.V.B., 1982:
Exposure to lines of only 1 orientation modifies dendritic morphology of cells in the visual cortex of the cat

Pozzoli L.; Seghizzi P.; Cassina G.; Beni L.; Dompe M.; Pogna R., 1982:
Exposure to low concentration aniline personal sampling and bio monitoring

Howie S.; Norval M.; Maingay J., 1986:
Exposure to low dose uv radiation suppresses delayed type hypersensitivity to herpes simplex virus in mice

Carlson J.N.; Rosellini R.A., 1987:
Exposure to low doses of the environmental chemical dieldrin causes behavioral deficits in animals prevented from coping with stress

Nekhoroshev A.S., 1985:
Exposure to low frequency narrow band noise and reaction of the stria vascularis vessels

Messmer J.M.; Porter J.H.; Fatouros P.; Prasad U.; Weisberg M., 1987:
Exposure to magnetic resonance imaging does not produce taste aversion in rats

Valic F.; Beritic Stahuljak D.; Skuric Z.; Cigula M., 1986:
Exposure to man made mineral fibers and respiratory effects in users industry shipbuilding

Veith J.L.; Buck M.; Getzlaf S.; Van Dalfsen P.; Slade S., 1983:
Exposure to men influences the occurrence of ovulation in women

Brune, D.; Hensten-Pettersen, A.; Beltesbrekke, H., 1980:
Exposure to mercury and silver during removal of amalgam restorations

Calvino D.R.o A.; Bermudez C.; Wilford Lamelas E.; Martin Chagarrua M.; Gonzalez Artiles O., 1980:
Exposure to mercury vapor in dental consulting rooms

Ksir C.; Hakan R.; Hall D.P.Jr; Kellar K.J., 1985:
Exposure to nicotine enhances the behavioral stimulant effect of nicotine and increases binding of tritiated acetylcholine to nicotinic receptors

Akerstedt, T.; Theorell, T., 1976:
Exposure to night work serum gastrin reactions psycho somatic complaints and personality variables

Brodsky, J.B.; Cohen, E.N.; Brown, B.W.; Wu, M.L.; Whitcher, C.E., 1981:
Exposure to nitrous oxide and neurologic disease among dental professionals

Ossenkopp K P.; Kavaliers M.; Prato F.S.; Teskey G.C.; Sestini E.; Hirst M., 1985 :
Exposure to nmr imaging procedure attenuates morphine induced analgesia in mice

Russell, A.; Glow, P.H., 1976:
Exposure to noncontingent light change in separate sessions prior to light contingent bar pressing

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Exposure to radio iodine in the pre conception and conception periods a case

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Exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic energy decreases aggressive behavior

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Exposure to the odor of food determines the eating preferences of rat pups

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Exposure to toluene in a photogravure printing plant. Concentration in ambient air and uptake in the body

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Exposure to tri chloro ethylene monitored by analysis of metabolites in blood and urine

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Exposure to tri chloro ethylene part 2 metabolites in blood and urine

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Exposure to tri chloro ethylene part 3 psychological functions

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Exposure to uncontrollable stress alters withdrawal from morphine

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Exposure to vinyl chloride and angiosarcoma of the liver: a report of the register of cases

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Exposure to xylene and ethyl benzene part 2 concentration in sub cutaneous adipose tissue

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Exposure to young induces post partum like fighting in virgin female mice

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Exposure treatment of wounds

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Exposure vegetation and sediment as primary factors for mobile epibenthic faunal community structure and production in shallow marine soft bottom areas

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Exposure with response prevention and energy regulation in the treatment of bulimia

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Exposure with response prevention training in energy balance and problem solving therapy for bulimia nervosa

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Exposures and mortality among chrysotile asbestos workers 2. mortality

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Exposures from indoor powder releases models and experiments

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Exposures to patient and personnel in computed axial tomography

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Exposures to respirable, airborne Penicillium from a contaminated ventilation system: clinical, environmental and epidemiological aspects

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Express determination of radio nuclide activity in humans

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Express diagnosis of hemodynamic disorders in patients with cardiac diseases

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Express diagnosis of mycoplasma pneumoniae infection by the fluorescent antibody test under experimental and clinical conditions

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Express drop quantitative method for determination of thallium aerosols in working environmental air

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Express method for determination of choline kinase ec activity choline kinase in marine invertebrates

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Express method for determining the capacity for symbiotic nitrogen fixation in growing plants under sterile and natural conditions

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Express method for evaluating potato cultivar resistance to late blight

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Express method for fractioned and semi quantitative determination of thioorganophosphates in the existence of other inhibitors of cholinesterase activity

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Express method for study of x chromatin and y chromatin in embryonal tissues

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Express method of ascorbic acid content determination in tomato fruit

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Express method of cholagogue standardization on mice

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Express method of soil testing in determination of bio resistance of textiles

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Express methods of determining the carcinogenicity of chemical compounds

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Express saccades of the monkey reaction times vs. intensity size duration and eccentricity of their targets

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Express techniques for identification of microorganisms based on dna hybridization

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Expressed emotion and its connection with the course of illness in schizophrenic cyclothymic and neurotic patients

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Expressed occupational choice of nontraditional premedical students as measured by the self directed search an investigation of holland's theory

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Expressed resistance to black shank phytophthora parasitica var nicotianae among tobacco nicotiana callus cultures

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Expressing a human pro insulin complementary dna in a mouse acth secreting cell intra cellular storage proteolytic processing and secretion on stimulation

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Expressing the nutrient concentrations of mineral soils

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Expressing the phosphorus loading concept in probabilistic terms

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Expression and accurate processing of yeast penta-ubiquitin in Escherichia coli

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Expression and amplification of the genes for ribosomal RNA in bobbed mutants of Drosophila melanogaster

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Expression and assembly of functional bacterial luciferase in plants

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Expression and base sequence of the citrate synthase gene of Acinetobacter anitratum

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Expression and characterization of a truncated murine Fc gamma receptor

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Expression and complex formation of sv 40 large t antigen and mouse p53 in insect cells

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Expression and cyclic amp mediated regulation of the human gonadotropin alpha subunit gene in transfected mouse l cells

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Expression and disposition of the murine mammary tumor virus envelope gene products by murine mammary tumor cells

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Expression and distribution of cell adhesion molecule uvomorulin in mouse preimplantation embryos

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Expression and distribution of microtubule associated protein 2 in neuroblastoma and primary neuronal cells

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Expression and distribution of vimentin and keratin filaments in heterokaryons of human fibroblasts and amnion epithelial cells

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Expression and dna sequence of the cloned bacteriophage t4 deoxy cmp hydroxymethylase gene

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Expression and enhanced secretion of proteochondroitin sulfate in a metastatic variant of a mouse lymphoma cell line

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Expression and function of a cd 5 complementary dna in human and murine t cells

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Expression and function of a nonglycosylated major histocompatibility class I antigen

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Expression and function of a putative cell surface receptor for fibronectin in hamster and human cell lines

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Expression and function of CD8 in a murine T cell hybridoma

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Expression and function of class II antigens on gastric carcinoma cells and gastric epithelia: differential expression of DR, DQ, and DP antigens

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Expression and function of i region products on immuno competent cells part 2 i region products in thymus derived cell bone marrow derived cell interaction

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Expression and functional significance of the J11d marker on mouse thymocytes

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Expression and glycosylation of the respiratory syncytial virus G protein in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Expression and immunological properties of the five subunits of pertussis toxin

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Expression and induction of cathepsins B and D in K562 cells

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Expression and inheritance of parthenocarpy in cultivar severianin tomato

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Expression and intracellular distribution of stress fibers in aortic endothelium

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Expression and modulation of complement c 3 receptors during early thymus derived cell ontogeny

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Expression and modulation of virus receptors on lymphoid and myeloid cells relationship to infectivity

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Expression and processing of bacterial beta lactamase ec in the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Expression and processing of recombinant human terminal transferase in the baculovirus system

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Expression and rearrangement of the alpha, beta, and gamma chain genes of the T cell receptor in cloned murine large granular lymphocyte lines. No correlation with the cytotoxic spectrum

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Expression and regional assignment of chinese hamster esd esterase d and ribosomal rna genes associated with translocations giving rise to chromosomes z 1 and z 6 in cho cells

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Expression and regulation of 2 idiotype families and subsets within an idiotype family among balb c antibodies against p azo phenyl arsonate

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Expression and regulation of 2 steps of steroidogenesis in human leydig cells x murine cell line clone 1d hybrids

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Expression and regulation of a Vibrio alginolyticus sucrose utilization system cloned in Escherichia coli

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Expression and regulation of alpha amylase ec gene family in barley aleurones

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Expression and regulation of catecholaminergic traits in primary sensory neurons: relationship to target innervation in vivo

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Expression and regulation of chicken actin genes introduced into mouse myogenic and nonmyogenic cells

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Expression and regulation of glycogen phosphorylase in preneoplastic and neoplastic hepatic lesions in rats

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Expression and regulation of lactose genes carried by plasmids

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Expression and regulation of the Escherichia coli glutamate dehydrogenase gene (gdh) in Rhizobium japonicum

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Expression and regulation of the penicillin G acylase gene from Proteus rettgeri cloned in Escherichia coli

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Expression and regulation of the vaccinia virus thymidine kinase gene in nonpermissive cells

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Expression and regulation of transferrin receptors on human leukemic cells (HL 60) during cellular proliferation and differentiation

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Expression and regulation of tyrosine hydroxylase in adult sensory neurons in culture effects of elevated potassium and nerve growth factor

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Expression and rescuing of a cloned human tumor necrosis factor gene using an ebv based shuttle cosmid vector

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Expression and role of the T cell receptor in early thymocyte differentiation in vitro

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Expression and Secretion of a Cellulomonas fimi Exoglucanase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Expression and secretion of biologically active human atrial natriuretic peptide in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Expression and secretion of hepatitis b viral surface antigen in escherichia coli

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Expression and secretion of human epidermal growth factor by escherichia coli using enterotoxin signal sequences

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Expression and secretion of human epidermal growth factor in escherichia coli

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Expression and secretion of the cloned Pseudomonas aeruginosa exotoxin A by Escherichia coli

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Expression and secretion of type beta transforming growth factor by activated human macrophages

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Expression and segregation of nucleoplasmin during development in Xenopus

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Expression and sequence analysis of a complementary dna encoding the orotidine 5' monophosphate decarboxylase domain from ehrlich ascites uridylate synthase

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Expression and shedding of major histo compatibility complex product and blood group antigens by cells in mono layer cultures

Schwabl H., 1983:
Expression and significance of the winter strategies in a partially migratory population of european blackbirds turdus merula

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Expression and specificity of fc immuno globulin g receptor sites on neoplastic lymphocytes

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Expression and stability of a recombinant plasmid in Zymomonas mobilis and Escherichia coli

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Expression and stability of c sis messenger rna in human glioblastoma cells

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Expression and stability of lambda p l promoter containing recombinant trp plasmid in escherichia coli mutants

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Expression and structure of CD22 in acute leukemia

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Expression and structure of the human nerve growth factor receptor

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Expression and sub cellular distribution of mouse cytochrome p 1 450 messenger rna as determined by molecular hybridization with cloned p 1 450 dna

Perez H.; M., 1986:
Expression and suppression of immune responses in chronic experimental cutaneous leishmaniasis

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Expression and thermal stability of sv 40 tumor specific transplantation antigen and tumor antigen in wild type and tsa mutant transformed cells

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Expression at the cell surface of biologically active fusion and hemagglutinin neuraminidase proteins of the paramyxovirus simian virus 5 from cloned complementary dna

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Expression at the cell surface of native fusion protein of the newcastle disease virus ndv strain italien from cloned complementary dna

Watson R.J., 1988:
Expression by the c myb and c myc gene is regulated independently in differentiating mouse erythroleukemia cells by common processes of premature transcription arrest and increased messenger rna turnover T.; Gallatin W.M.; Siegelman M.; Smith H.T.; Fried V.A.; Weissman I.L., 1986:
Expression cloning of a lymphocyte homing receptor complementary dna ubiquitin is the reactive species

Turner, C.G., 1985:
Expression count: a method for calculating morphological dental trait frequencies by using adjustable weighting coefficients with standard ranked scales

Inana, G.; Hotta, Y.; Zintz, C.; Takki, K.; Weleber, R.G.; Kennaway, N.G.; Nakayasu, K.; Nakajima, A.; Shiono, T., 1988:
Expression defect of ornithine aminotransferase gene in gyrate atrophy

Mathur, A.; Lynch, R.G.; Köhler, G., 1988:
Expression, distribution and specificity of Fc receptors for IgM on murine B cells

Joyner, A.L.; Kornberg, T.; Coleman, K.G.; Cox, D.R.; Martin, G.R., 1985:
Expression during embryogenesis of a mouse gene with sequence homology to the Drosophila engrailed gene

Bandyopadhyay, P.K.; Temin, H.M., 1984:
Expression from an internal AUG codon of herpes simplex thymidine kinase gene inserted in a retrovirus vector

Rose J.K.; Bergmann J.E., 1982:
Expression from cloned complementary dna of cell surface secreted forms of the glyco protein of vesicular stomatitis virus in eukaryotic cells

Carroll, S.B.; Laughon, A.; Thalley, B.S., 1988:
Expression, function, and regulation of the hairy segmentation protein in the Drosophila embryo

Anfimova M.L.; Bannikov G.A., 1985:
Expression gamma glutamyl transpeptidase in iar cells cultured on a nonadhesive substrate

Bustos, M.M.; Luckow, V.A.; Griffing, L.R.; Summers, M.D.; Hall, T.C., 1988:
Expression, glycosylation and secretion of phaseolin in a baculovirus system

Morrison, D.P.; Quah, S.K.; Hastings, P.J., 1980:
Expression in di ploids of the mutator phenotype of some mutator mutants of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Woodruff, W.A.; Parr, T.R.; Hancock, R.E.; Hanne, L.F.; Nicas, T.I.; Iglewski, B.H., 1986:
Expression in Escherichia coli and function of Pseudomonas aeruginosa outer membrane porin protein F

Mengaud, J.; Vicente, M.F.; Chenevert, J.; Pereira, J.M.; Geoffroy, C.; Gicquel-Sanzey, B.; Baquero, F.; Perez-Diaz, J.C.; Cossart, P., 1988:
Expression in Escherichia coli and sequence analysis of the listeriolysin O determinant of Listeria monocytogenes

Vapnek, D.; Hautala, J.A.; Jacobson, J.W.; Giles, N.H.; Kushner, S.R., 1977:
Expression in escherichia coli k 12 of the structural gene for catabolic dehydro quinase ec of neurospora crassa

D.L.zanne, A.; Berlot, C.H.; Leinwand, L.A.; Spudich, J.A., 1987:
Expression in Escherichia coli of a functional Dictyostelium myosin tail fragment

Hardy, K.; Haefeli, C., 1982:
Expression in Escherichia coli of a staphylococcal gene for resistance to macrolide, lincosamide, and streptogramin type B antibiotics

Hoog, J.O.; Weis, M.; Zeppezauer, M.; Jornvall, H.; Von-Bahr-Lindstrom, H., 1987:
Expression in escherichia coli of active human alcohol dehydrogenase lacking amino terminal acetylation

Vold B.S.; Green C.J., 1986:
Expression in escherichia coli of bacillus subtilis transfer rna genes from a promoter within the transfer rna gene region

Azad A.A.; Fahey K.J.; Barrett S.A.; Erny K.M.; Hudson P.J., 1986:
Expression in escherichia coli of complementary dna fragments encoding the gene for the host protective antigen of infectious bursal disease virus

Tocci M.J.; Hutchinson N.I.; Cameron P.M.; Kirk K.E.; Norman D.J.; Chin J.; Rupp E.A.; Limjuco G.A.; Bonilla Argudo V.M.; Schmidt J.A., 1987:
Expression in escherichia coli of fully active recombinant human il 1b comparison with native human il 1 beta

Gatenby A.A.; Castleton J.A.; Saul M.W., 1981:
Expression in escherichia coli of maize and wheat chloroplast genes for large subunit of ribulose bis phosphate carboxylase

Owolabi, J.B.; Beguin, P.; Kilburn, D.G.; Miller, R.C.; Warren, R.A., 1988:
Expression in Escherichia coli of the Cellulomonas fimi Structural Gene for Endoglucanase B

Suryanarayana V.V.S.; Rao B.U.; Padayatty J.D., 1986:
Expression in escherichia coli of the cloned complementary dna for the major antigen of foot and mouth disease virus asia 1 63 72

Lanar, D.E.; Pearce, E.J.; Sher, A., 1985 :
Expression in Escherichia coli of two Schistosoma mansoni genes that encode major antigens recognized by immune mice

Bollen, A.; Glineur, C.; Delcuve, G.; Loriau, R.; Herzog, A., 1981:
Expression in escherichia coli of uro kinase ec antigenic determinants

Letarte M.; Meghji G.; Lorimer G., 1982:
Expression in large amounts of both i a and i e antigens on the murine b cell leukemia bcl 1

Jouanneau, J.; Stragier, P.; Bouvier, J.; Patte, J.C.; Yaniv, M., 1985:
Expression in mammalian cells of the diaminopimelic acid decarboxylase ec of escherichia coli permits cell growth in lysine free medium

Breton A.M.; Younes G.; Van Gijsegem F.; Guespin Michel J., 1986:
Expression in myxococcus xanthus of foreign genes coding for secreted pectate lyases of erwinia chrysanthemi

D.W.ele P.; Feys V.; Van D.V.orde A.; Molemans F.; Fiers W., 1988:
Expression in non lymphoid cells of mouse recombinant immunoglobulin directed against the tumor marker human placental alkaline phosphatase

Mccarthy N.C.; Simpson J.R.M.; Coghill G.; Kerr M.A., 1985:
Expression in normal adult fetal and neoplastic tissues of a carbohydrate differentiation antigen recognized by antigranulocyte mouse monoclonal antibodies

Knisely, A.S.; Gasser, D.L.; Silvers, W.K., 1975:
Expression in organ culture of agouti locus genes of the mouse

Van Emmelo J.; Ameloot P.; Fiers W., 1987:
Expression in plants of the cloned satellite tobacco necrosis virus genome and of derived insertion mutants

Rosenthal A.; Lindquist P.B.; Bringman T.S.; Goeddel D.V.; Derynck R., 1986 :
Expression in rat fibroblasts of a human transforming growth factor alpha complementary dna results in transformation

Sakaki T.; Shibata M.; Yabusaki Y.; Ohkawa H., 1987:
Expression in saccharomyces cerevisiae of chimeric cytochrome p450 complementary dnas constructed from complementary dnas for rat cytochrome p450 c and p450 d

Drabkin H.J.; Rajbhandary U.L., 1985:
Expression in vivo of a mutant human initiator transfer rna gene in mammalian cells using a sv 40 vector

Kunze G.; Meixner M.; Steinborn G.; Hecker M.; Bode R.; Samsonova I.A.; Birnbaum D.; Hofemeister J., 1988:
Expression in yeast of a bacillus alpha amylase gene by the adh1 promoter

Barr, P.J.; Gibson, H.L.; Enea, V.; Arnot, D.E.; Hollingdale, M.R.; Nussenzweig, V., 1987:
Expression in yeast of a Plasmodium vivax antigen of potential use in a human malaria vaccine

Konenkov V.I.; Naumov Y.N.; Musatov M.I.; Prokof'ev V.F.; Voronova I.A., 1986:
Expression level of products of class ii hla complex genes in peripheral blood cells of normal subjects and rheumatoid arthritis patients

Krause, H.M.; Klemenz, R.; Gehring, W.J., 1988:
Expression, modification, and localization of the fushi tarazu protein in Drosophila embryos

Verderame M.F.; Pollack R., 1986:
Expression of 100000 molecular weight sv 40 tumor antigen in mouse fibroblasts transfected with replication defective sv 40 genomes

Ades, E.W.; Bukacek, A.; Zwerner, R.K.; Dougherty, P.A.; Balch, C.M., 1978:
Expression of 2 differentiation antigens on normal and cultured human thymus derived cells

Pavlakis G.N.; Hizuka N.; Gorden P.; Seeburg P.; Hamer D.H., 1981 :
Expression of 2 human growth hormone genes in monkey cells infected by sv 40 recombinants

Sitia, R.; Rubartelli, A.; Hammerling, U., 1981:
Expression of 2 immuno globulin isotypes immuno globulin m and immuno globulin a with identical idiotype in the b cell lymphoma i. 29

Lenk R.P.; Maizel J.V.Jr; Crouch R.J., 1982:
Expression of 2 late adenovirus genes is altered by introducing antibodies against ribo nucleo protein into living hela cells

Shi Z., 1985:
Expression of 2 oncofetal antigens in human colonic adenocarcinoma by double immunofluorescence technique

Rak B.; Lusky M.; Hable M., 1982:
Expression of 2 proteins from overlapping and oppositely oriented genes on transposable dna insertion element is 5

Kondratyuk T.P.; Babich L.G.; Kurskii M.D., 1984:
Expression of 2 types of soluble cyclic amp dependent protein kinase of rabbit myometrium at different functional states

Esser K.M.; Schoenbechler M.J., 1985:
Expression of 2 variant surface glycoproteins on individual african trypanosomes during antigen switching

Goldstein, J.L.; Marks, J.F.; Gartler, S.M., 1971:
Expression of 2 x linked genes in human hair follicles of double heterozygotes

Bozzoni I.; Fragapane P.; Annesi F.; Pierandrei Amaldi P.; Amaldi F.; Beccari E., 1984:
Expression of 2 xenopus laevis ribosomal protein genes in injected frog oocytes a specific splicing block interferes with the l 1 rna maturation

Weinstein Y., 1981:
Expression of 20 alpha hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase in the mouse marrow cells strain differences thymic effect of enzymatic activity and possible localization in pre t lymphocytes

Johnson K.P.; Norrby E.; Swoveland P.; Carrigan D.R., 1982:
Expression of 5 viral antigens in cells infected with wild type and subacute sclerosing pan encephalitis strains of measles virus correlation with cytopathic effects and productivity of infections

Stuart D.A.; Nelsen J.; Nichol J.W., 1988:
Expression of 7s and 11s alfalfa seed storage proteins in somatic embryos

Upton C.; Pinney R.J., 1983:
Expression of 8 unrelated muc plus plasmids in 11 dna repair deficient escherichia coli strains

Burma P.K.; Lakhotia S.C., 1986:
Expression of 93d heat shock puff of drosophila melanogaster in deficiency genotypes and its influence on activity of the 87c puff

Johnston, P.A.; Somers, S.D.; Hamilton, T.A., 1987:
Expression of a 120,000 dalton protein during tumoricidal activation in murine peritoneal macrophages

Rymo L.; Klein G.; Ricksten A., 1985:
Expression of a 2nd epstein barr virus determined nuclear antigen in mouse cells after gene transfer with a cloned fragment of the viral genome

Nagatsu, T.; Nakano, T.; Kato, T.; Higashida, H., 1981:
Expression of a and b types of mono amine oxidase ec in neuro blastoma hybrid cells

Nakano, T.; Nagatsu, T.; Higashida, H., 1985:
Expression of a and b types of monoamine oxidase ec in differentiated neuroblastoma hybrid cells

Maisin, J.R.; Lambiet-Collier, M.; Janowski, M.; Eyden, B.P., 1978:
Expression of a and c type particles in mouse embryos

Campos L.; Guyotat D.; Gentilhomme O.; Treille D.; Fiere D.; Germain D., 1987:
Expression of a b lymphoid differentiation antigen cd 19 on acute non lymphoblastic leukemia cells

Levine, A.; Moreau, P.L.; Sedgwick, S.G.; Devoret, R.; Adhya, S.; Gottesman, M.; Das, A., 1978:
Expression of a bacterial gene turned on by a potent carcinogen

Jyssum K.; Allunans J., 1983:
Expression of a bacteriocin like activity in batch cultures of neisseria meningitidis and consequences for genetic recombination

Chee, P.P.; Klassy, R.C.; Slightom, J.L., 1986:
Expression of a bean storage protein 'phaseolin minigene' in foreign plant tissues

Teem J.L.; Rosbash M., 1983:
Expression of a beta galactosidase gene containing the ribosomal protein 51 intron is sensitive to the rna 2 mutation of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Nicolau C.; Rottem S., 1982:
Expression of a beta lactamase activity in mycoplasma capricolum transfected with the liposome encapsulated escherichia coli pbr 322 plasmid

Peters M.A.; Lau E.P.; Snitman D.L.; Van Wyk J.J.; Underwood L.E.; Russell W.E.; Svoboda M.E., 1985:
Expression of a biologically active analog of somatomedin c insulin like growth factor i

Liu F T.; Albrandt K.A.; Bry C.G.; Ishizaka T., 1984:
Expression of a biologically active fragment of human immunoglobulin e epsilon chain in escherichia coli

Sullivan, A.K.; Jerry, L.M.; Rowden, G.; Shea, M., 1977:
Expression of a bone marrow derived lymphocyte antigen in chronic lymphocytic and other leukemias

Williams, N.E.; Doerder, F.P.; Ron, A., 1985:
Expression of a cell surface immobilization antigen during serotype transformation in Tetrahymena thermophila

Goyette, M.; Petropoulos, C.J.; Shank, P.R.; Fausto, N., 1983:
Expression of a cellular oncogene during liver regeneration

Misawa N.; Okamoto T.; Nakamura K., 1988:
Expression of a cellulase gene in zymomonas mobilis

D.M.eyer, E.; Skup, D.; Prasad, K.S.; D.M.eyer-Guignard, J.; Williams, B.; Meacock, P.; Sharpe, G.; Pioli, D.; Hennam, J.; Schuch, W.; Atherton, K., 1982:
Expression of a chemically synthesized human alpha 1 interferon gene

Vardimon L.; Kressmann A.; Cedar H.; Maechler M.; Doerfler W., 1982:
Expression of a cloned adenovirus gene is inhibited by in vitro methylation

Schnepf, H.E.; Wong, H.C.; Whiteley, H.R., 1987:
Expression of a cloned Bacillus thuringiensis crystal protein gene in Escherichia coli

Hanecak R.; Semler B.L.; Ariga H.; Anderson C.W.; Wimmer E., 1984:
Expression of a cloned gene segment of poliovirus in escherichia coli evidence for auto catalytic production of the viral proteinase

Lord S.T., 1985:
Expression of a cloned human fibrinogen complementary dna in escherichia coli synthesis of an a alpha polypeptide

Dobkin, C.; Clyne, J.; Metzenberg, A.; Bank, A., 1986:
Expression of a cloned Lepore globin gene

Brann, M.R.; Buckley, N.J.; Jones, S.V.; Bonner, T.I., 1987 :
Expression of a cloned muscarinic receptor in A9 L cells

Loison G.; Jund R., 1981:
Expression of a cloned saccharomyces cerevisiae gene ura 1 is controlled by a bacterial promoter in escherichia coli and a yeast promoter in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Warne T.R.; Lloyd R.M., 1987:
Expression of a clumped chloroplast mutant in the fern acrostichum danaeifolium

Angerer, L.M.; Chambers, S.A.; Yang, Q.; Venkatesan, M.; Angerer, R.C.; Simpson, R.T., 1988:
Expression of a collagen gene in mesenchyme lineages of the Strongylocentrotus purpuratus embryo

Willems L.; Bruck C.; Portetelle D.; Burny A.; Kettmann R., 1987:
Expression of a complementary dna clone corresponding to the long open reading frame x b l i of the bovine leukemia virus

Hanes S.D.; Burn V.E.; Sturley S.L.; Tipper D.J.; Bostian K.A., 1986:
Expression of a complementary dna derived from the yeast killer preprotoxin gene implications for processing and immunity

Schubert M.; Harmison G.G.; Richardson C.D.; Meier E., 1985:
Expression of a complementary dna encoding a functional 241 kilodalton vesicular stomatitis virus rna polymerase

Mcivor, R.S.; Goddard, J.M.; Simonsen, C.C.; Martin, D.W.Jr, 1985:
Expression of a complementary dna sequence encoding human purine nucleoside phosphorylase ec in rodent and human cells

Stougaard, J.; Petersen, T.E.; Marcker, K.A., 1987:
Expression of a complete soybean leghemoglobin gene in root nodules of transgenic Lotus corniculatus

Laurent, J.C.; Noël, P.; Faucon, M., 1978:
Expression of a cryptic cell surface antigen in primary cell cultures from human breast cancer

Kaufman S.J.; Foster R.F.; Haye K.R.; Faiman L.E., 1985:
Expression of a developmentally regulated antigen on the surface of skeletal and cardiac muscle cells

Gerald W.L.; Karam J.D., 1984:
Expression of a dna replication of gene cluster in bacteriophage t 4 genetic linkage and the control of gene product interactions

Choi Y.C.; Kim J.Y.; Y.M.H.; Han M.H., 1986:
Expression of a dna sequence encoding for the pre s2 region of hepatitis b virus in escherichia coli

Keller G.; Paige C.; Gilboa E.; Wagner E.F., 1985:
Expression of a foreign gene in myeloid and lymphoid cells derived from multipotent hematopoietic precursors

O.L.e T M.; Turgeon R.; W.R., 1986:
Expression of a foreign gene linked to either a plant virus or a drosophila promoter after electroporation of protoplasts of rice oryza sativa cultivar tai hung 67 wheat triticum monococcum and sorghum sorghum bicolor

Ueda K.; Cardarelli C.; Gottesman M.M.; Pastan I., 1987:
Expression of a full length complementary dna for the human mdr1 gene confers resistance to colchicine doxorubicin and vinblastine

Ebina Y.; Edery M.; Ellis L.; Standring D.; Beaudoin J.; Roth R.A.; Rutter W.J., 1985:
Expression of a functional human insulin receptor from a cloned complementary dna in chinese hamster ovary cells

Cozens, A.L.; Walker, J.E., 1988:
Expression of a gene encoding a novel ferredoxin in the cyanobacterium Synechococcus 6301

Roth W.W.; Bragg P.W.; Corrias M.V.; Reddy N.S.; Dholakia J.N.; Wahba A.J., 1987:
Expression of a gene for mouse eukaryotic elongation factor tu during murine erythroleukemic cell differentiation

Whitmore F.W.; Kriebel H.B., 1987:
Expression of a gene in pinus strobus ovules associated with fertilization and early embryo development

Smolen J.E.; Todd R.F.IIi; Boxer L.A., 1986:
Expression of a granule membrane marker on the surface of neutrophils permeabilized with digitonin correlations with calcium induced degranulation

Lang R.A.; Metcalf D.; Gough N.M.; Dunn A.R.; Gonda T.J., 1985:
Expression of a hemopoietic growth factor complementary dna in a factor dependent cell line results in autonomous growth and tumorigenicity

Matsumoto M.; Tamakoshi K.; Kanai K.; Kako M.; Fukumoto T., 1988:
Expression of a hepatocyte membrane antigen during hepatocarcinogenesis and in the developing liver of the rat

Vibe Pedersen K.; Kornblihtt A.R.; Baralle F.E., 1984:
Expression of a human alpha globin fibronectin gene hybrid generates 2 messenger rna species by alternative splicing

Bouvier M.; Hnatowich M.; Collins S.; Kobilka B.K.; Deblasi A.; Lefkowitz R.J.; Caron M.G., 1988:
Expression of a human complementary dna encoding the beta 2 adrenergic receptor in chinese hamster fibroblasts chw functionality and regulation of the expressed receptors

Hitzeman R.A.; Hagie F.E.; Levine H.L.; Goeddel D.V.; Ammerer G.; Hall B.D., 1981:
Expression of a human gene for interferon in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Henthorn, P.; Zervos, P.; Raducha, M.; Harris, H.; Kadesch, T., 1988:
Expression of a human placental alkaline phosphatase gene in transfected cells: use as a reporter for studies of gene expression

Hiserodt J.C.; Laybourn K.A.; Varani J., 1985 :
Expression of a laminin like substance on the surface of murine natural killer lymphocytes and its role in natural killer recognition of tumor target cells

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