Section 6
Chapter 5,430

Exploratory and nonagonistic behavior elements of yellow necked field mouse apodemus flavicollis common field mouse apodemus sylvaticus and bank vole clethrionomys glareolus

Doitchev, R.

Godishnik na Sofiiskiya Universitet "Kliment Okhridski" Biologicheski Fakultet Kniga 1 Zoologiya 72-73(1): 88-99


Accession: 005429064

Characteristic and often repeated zoosocial behavior of 3 spp. of rodents, widely distributed in Bulgaria, are described. The expressive poses, movements and actions are divided into 4 main functional groups. The elements described characterize the first 2 groups: territory and partners exploration behavior as well as behavior enhancing establishment and strengthening of zoosocial relationships. The results obtained can be used in studying the ethology and ecology of these 3 spp. of rodents in laboratory and field conditions, in studies on the ontogenesis and phylogenesis of behavior and in resolving taxonomic and microevolutionary problems.

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