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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5431

Chapter 5431 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mccrae M.A.; Mccorquodale J.G., 1987:
Expression of a major bovine rotavirus neutralization antigen vp7c in escherichia coli

Hibbs, M.S.; Hoidal, J.R.; Kang, A.H., 1987:
Expression of a metalloproteinase that degrades native type V collagen and denatured collagens by cultured human alveolar macrophages

Bar-Eli, M.; Stang, H.D.; Mercola, K.E.; Cline, M.J., 1983:
Expression of a methotrexate resistant di hydro folate reductase ec gene by transformed hematopoietic cells of mice

Frels, W.I.; Bluestone, J.A.; Hodes, R.J.; Capecchi, M.R.; Singer, D.S., 1985:
Expression of a microinjected porcine class I major histocompatibility complex gene in transgenic mice

Tidmarsh G.F.; Dailey M.O.; Weissman I.L., 1986:
Expression of a monoclonal antibody defined b lineage transformation antigen specifically identifies abelson diseased animals genetically determined resistance to abelson murine leukemia virus acts before induction of gp 1606c 3

Keydar I.; Ben Shaul Y.; Hizi A., 1982:
Expression of a mouse mammary tumor virus cross reacting antigen on the cell surface of t 47d a human mammary cell line

Behlke, M.A.; Henkel, T.J.; Anderson, S.J.; Lan, N.C.; Hood, L.; Braciale, V.L.; Braciale, T.J.; Loh, D.Y., 1987:
Expression of a murine polyclonal T cell receptor marker correlates with the use of specific members of the V beta 8 gene segment subfamily

Ivell, R.; Schmale, H.; Krisch, B.; Nahke, P.; Richter, D., 1986:
Expression of a mutant vasopressin gene differential polyadenylation and read through of the messenger rna 3' end in a frameshift mutant

Ludérus, M.E.; Reymond, C.D.; Van Haastert, P.J.; Van Driel, R., 1988:
Expression of a mutated ras gene in Dictyostelium discoideum alters the binding of cyclic AMP to its chemotactic receptor

Pfister, A.; DeVries, J.K.; Maas, W.K., 1976:
Expression of a mutation affecting F incompatibility in the integrated but not the autonomous state of F

Bettelheim P.; Paietta E.; Majdic O.; Gadner H.; Schwarzmeier J.; Knapp W., 1982:
Expression of a myeloid marker on terminal deoxy nucleotidyl transferase positive acute lymphocytic leukemic cells evidence by double fluorescence staining

Lehto, V.P.; Stenman, S.; Miettinen, M.; Dahl, D.; Virtanen, I., 1983:
Expression of a neural type of intermediate filament as a distinguishing feature between oat cell carcinoma and other lung cancers

Kaplan, A.M.; Mohanakumar, T., 1977:
Expression of a new cell surface antigen on activated murine macrophages

Winterleitner H., 1980:
Expression of a non t non b acute lymphocytic leukemia associated antigen on leukemic cells lympho blastoid cell lines and normal blood cells

Obaseiki Ebor E.E.; Akerele J.O., 1987:
Expression of a novel r plasmid peb 017 compared to pkm 101 in escherichia coli wild type rec 4 and uvr a strains

Takaki K.; Polack A.; Bornkamm G.W., 1984:
Expression of a nuclear and a cytoplasmic epstein barr virus early antigen after dna transfer cooperation of 2 distant parts of the genome for expression of the cytoplasmic antigen

Gritzmacher, C.A.; Liu, F.T., 1987:
Expression of a recombinant murine IgE in transfected myeloma cells

Miller A.D.; Eckner R.J.; Jolly D.J.; Friedmann T.; Verma I.M., 1984:
Expression of a retrovirus encoding human hypo xanthine phospho ribosyl transferase in mice

Hooykaas P.J.J.; Den Dulk Ras H.; Regensburg Tuink A.J.G.; Van Brussel A.A.N.; Schilperoort R.A., 1985:
Expression of a rhizobium phaseoli sym plasmid in rhizobium trifolii and agrobacterium tumefaciens incompatibility with a rhizobium trifolii sym plasmid

Stein, P.; Barra, Y.; Jay, G.; Strickland, S., 1986:
Expression of a secreted transplantation antigen gene during murine embryogenesis

Anklesaria, P.; Sakakeeny, M.A.; Klassen, V.; Rothstein, L.; FitzGerald, T.J.; Appel, M.; Greenberger, J.S.; Holland, C.A., 1987:
Expression of a selectable gene transferred by a retroviral vector to hematopoietic stem cells and stromal cells in murine continuous bone marrow cultures

Heikkila, J.J.; Schultz, G.A.; Iatrou, K.; Gedamu, L., 1982:
Expression of a set of fish genes following heat or metal ion exposure

Levy L.S.; Manning J.E., 1982:
Expression of a set of head specific genes during drosophila melanogaster development

Masson J M.; Meuris P.; Grunstein M.; Abelson J.; Miller J.H., 1987:
Expression of a set of synthetic suppressor phenylalanine transfer rna genes in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Callahan, G.N.; Pellegrino, M.A.; Ferrone, S.; Haubrich, L.; Reisfeld, R.A., 1979:
Expression of a sheep red blood cell receptor by a murine lymphoma

Deak, B.D.; Meruelo, D.; Mcdevitt, H.O., 1978:
Expression of a single major histo compatibility complex locus controls the immune response to synthetic poly peptide containing tyrosine glutamic acid alanine and lysine

Davis R.L.; Weintraub H.; Lassar A.B., 1987:
Expression of a single transfected complementary dna converts fibroblasts to myoblasts

Lawton M.A.; Tierney M.A.; Nakamura I.; Anderson E.; Komeda Y.; Dube P.; Hoffman N.; Fraley R.T.; Beachy R.N., 1987:
Expression of a soybean beta conglycinin gene under the control of the cauliflower mosaic virus 35s and 19s promoters in transformed petunia tissues

Legault Demare L.; Zeitoun Y.; Lando D.; Lamande N.; Grasso A.; Gros F., 1980:
Expression of a specific neuronal protein 14 3 2 during in vitro differentiation of neuro blastoma cells

Gorvel J P.; Bourges F.; Ferrero A.; Bernadac A.; Rasongles P.; Maroux S., 1987:
Expression of a subclass of human blood group a antigenicity in a positive rabbit jejunum specific glycosylation of the glycocalyx and a 140k brush border glycoprotein

Kraemer P.J.; Lariviere N.A.; Spear N.E., 1988:
Expression of a taste aversion conditioned with an odor taste compound overshadowing is relatively weak in weanlings and decreases over a retention interval in adults

Davis M T.B.; Miller S.G., 1988:
Expression of a testis beta tubulin gene in heliothis virescens during spermatogenesis

Ghangas, G.S.; Wilson, D.B., 1987:
Expression of a Thermomonospora fusca Cellulase Gene in Streptomyces lividans and Bacillus subtilis

Strauchen, J.A.; Bergman, S.M.; Hanson, T.A.S., 1980:
Expression of a tissue iso antigens and b tissue iso antigens in benign and malignant lesions of the breast

Murakawa G.J.; Nierlich D.P., 1987:
Expression of a transfer rna gene in the context of the lac z messenger rna

Jimenez A.; Davies J., 1980:
Expression of a transposable antibiotic resistance element in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Favre, R.; Wiater, A.; Puppo, S.; Iaccarino, M.; Noelle, R.; Freundlich, M., 1976:
Expression of a valine resistant aceto lactate synthase activity mediated by the ilvo and ilvg genes of escherichia coli strain k 12

Olson E.N.; Glaser L.; Merlie J.P.; Lindstrom J., 1984:
Expression of acetyl choline receptor alpha subunit messenger rna during differentiation of the bc 3h 1 muscle cell line

Grishchenko I.I.; Zubov A.N.; Antipanova E.M., 1988:
Expression of acetylcholinesterase and changes in electrical excitability in neurological differentiation induced by the medium ph rising

Tisa L.S.; Cotter D.A., 1979:
Expression of acid and alkaline phosphatase activities during germination of dictyostelium discoideum spores

Kallajoki, M.; Parvinen, M.; Suominen, J.J., 1986:
Expression of acrosin during mouse spermatogenesis: a biochemical and immunocytochemical analysis by a monoclonal antibody C 11 H

Usui T.; Nakai Y.; Tsukada T.; Jingami H.; Takahashi H.; Fukata J.; Imura H., 1988:
Expression of acth releasing hormone precursor gene in placenta and other nonhypothalamic tissues in man

Shimizu N.; Kamel Reid S.; Zak R., 1988:
Expression of actin messenger rna in denervated chicken skeletal muscle

Kocher O.; Gabbiani G., 1986:
Expression of actin messenger rna species in rat aortic smooth muscle cells during development experimental intimal thickening and culture

Barton R.W., 1982:
Expression of adenosine deaminase and purine nucleoside phosphorylase isozymes in lympho hemopoietic precursor cells and normal and neoplastic lymphoid populations

Tagges M.A.; Raskas H.J., 1982:
Expression of adenovirus 2 early region 4 assignment of the early region 4 poly peptides to their respective messenger rna using in vitro translation

White, E.; Stillman, B., 1987:
Expression of adenovirus E1B mutant phenotypes is dependent on the host cell and on synthesis of E1A proteins

Oda K.; Kato H.; Saito I.; Sugano S.; Maruyama K.; Masuda M.; Shiroki K.; Shimojo H., 1983:
Expression of adenovirus type 12 e 1a gene in monkey cells using a sv 40 vector

Shiroki, K.; Saito, I.; Maruyama, K.; Fukui, Y.; Imatani, Y.; Oda, K.I.; Shimojo, H., 1983:
Expression of adenovirus type 12 early region 1 in KB cells transformed by recombinants containing the gene

Lawrence C.B., 1981:
Expression of adenovirus type 2 late genes in hela cells infected with adenovirus type 2 or adenovirus type 2 sv 40 hybrid viruses

Savvateeva E.V.; Peresleny I.V.; Ivanushina V.; Korochkin L.I., 1985:
Expression of adenylate cyclase and phosphodiesterase in development of temperature sensitive mutants with impaired metabolism of cyclic amp in drosophila melanogaster

Makman, M.H.; Klein, M.I., 1972:
Expression of adenylate cyclase catecholamine receptor and cyclic amp dependent protein kinase in synchronized culture of changs liver cells

Pomerantz S.M.; Roy M.M.; Thornton J.E.; Goy R.W., 1985:
Expression of adult female patterns of sexual behavior by male female and pseudohermaphroditic female rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Anderson C.D., 1981:
Expression of affect and physiological response in psycho somatic patients

Bloom L.; Capatides J.B., 1987:
Expression of affect and the emergence of language

Schwarz, M.; Peres, G.; Beer, D.G.; Maor, M.; Buchmann, A.; Kunz, W.; Pitot, H.C., 1986:
Expression of albumin messenger RNA detected by in situ hybridization in preneoplastic and neoplastic lesions in rat liver

Frankel, J.S., 1980:
Expression of alcohol dehydrogenase ec during pearl danio brachydanio albolineatus development

Crabb, D.W.; Li, T.K., 1985:
Expression of alcohol dehydrogenase ec in primary monolayer cultures of rat hepatocytes

Ricard B.; Mocquot B.; Fournier A.; Delseny M.; Pradet A., 1986:
Expression of alcohol dehydrogenase in rice oryza sativa embryos under anoxia

Mennecier F.; Daegelen D.; Schweighoffer F.; Levin M.; Kahn A., 1986:
Expression of aldolase a messenger rna in human adult and fetal tissues and in hepatoma

Numazaki, M.; Tsutsumi, K.I.; Tsutsumi, R.; Ishikawa, K., 1984:
Expression of aldolase ec isozyme messenger rna species in fetal rat liver

Hahn, E.C.; Ramos, L.; Kenyon, A.J., 1977:
Expression of Aleutian mink disease antigen in cell culture

Van Dun C.M.P.; Van Vloten Doting L.; Bol J.F., 1988:
Expression of alfalfa mosaic virus complementary dna 1 and 2 in transgenic tobacco plants

Loesch Fries L.S.; Jarvis N.P.; Krahn K.J.; Nelson S.E.; Hall T.C., 1985:
Expression of alfalfa mosaic virus rna 4 complementary dna transcripts in vitro and in vivo

Meschini, A.; Invernizzi, G.; Parmiani, G., 1977:
Expression of alien h 2 specificities on a chemically induced balb c fibro sarcoma

Goldstein, D.J.; Rogers, C.E.; Harris, H., 1980:
Expression of alkaline phosphatase ec loci in mammalian tissues

Khlebodarova, T.M.; Serov, O.L.; Korochkin, L.N., 1975:
Expression of alleles of the phospho glyceraldehyde dehydrogenase locus in the early development of the rat

Cornford C.A.; Black M.; Chapman J.M.; Baulcombe D.C., 1986:
Expression of alpha amylase and other gibberellin regulated genes in aleurone tissue of developing wheat grains

Alexandraki D.; Ruderman J.V., 1985:
Expression of alpha tubulin and beta tubulin genes during development of sea urchin lytechinus pictus embryos

Gordeev, V.K.; Turkov, M.I., 1983:
Expression of amino acid operons in escherichia coli strains with altered transcription and translation machinery 1. the influence of mutations in rps l gene coding for ribosomal s 2 protein on expression of the ilv operon

Gordeev, V.K.; Turkov, M.I., 1983:
Expression of amino acid operons in escherichia coli strains with altered transcription and translation machinery 3. the influence of mutations in rpo b gene coding for beta subunit of rna polymerase on expression of the ilv operon

Gordeev, V.K.; Turkov, M.I., 1983:
Expression of amino acid operons in escherichia coli strains with altered transcription and translation machinery 4. the influence of mutations altering coupling of transcription and translation systems on expression of the ilv operon in cells carrying the spo t mutation

Gordeev, V.K.; Turkov, M.I., 1983:
Expression of amino acid operons in escherichia coli strains with altered transcription and translational machinery 2. the influence of mutations in genes coding for the ribosomal s 5 protein and translational elongation g factor on expression of the ilv operon

Aoshima H.; Tomita K.; Sugio S., 1988:
Expression of amino acid transport systems in xenopus oocytes injected with messenger rna of rat small intestine and kidney

Onomichi K.; Eto Y.; Shibai H., 1987:
Expression of amplified complementary dna and genomic sequences encoding human interleukin 2 in chinese hamster ovary cells

Onomichi K.; Eto Y.; Shibai H., 1987:
Expression of amplified complementary dna sequences encoding human interleukin 2 in human cells

Bishop, J.G.; Corces, V.G., 1988:
Expression of an activated ras gene causes developmental abnormalities in transgenic Drosophila melanogaster

John, M.C.; Amasino, R.M., 1988:
Expression of an Agrobacterium Ti plasmid gene involved in cytokinin biosynthesis is regulated by virulence loci and induced by plant phenolic compounds

Hendson M.; Thomson J.A., 1986:
Expression of an agrocin encoding plasmid of agrobacterium tumefaciens in rhizobium meliloti

Tsang A.S.; Kay C.A.; Tasaka M., 1987:
Expression of an altered cyclic amp binding protein by rapid developing strains of dictyostelium discoideum

Steck, P.A.; Lee, P.; Hung, M.C.; Yung, W.K., 1988:
Expression of an altered epidermal growth factor receptor by human glioblastoma cells

Bishop, P.E.; Jarlenski, D.M.; Hetherington, D.R., 1982:
Expression of an alternative nitrogen fixation system in Azotobacter vinelandii

Budde Steffen C.; Anderson N.E.; Rosenblum M.K.; Posner J.B., 1988:
Expression of an antigen in small cell lung carcinoma lines detected by antibodies from patients with paraneoplastic dorsal root ganglionopathy

Clarke, G.J.; Qi, G.M.; Wallis, T.S.; Starkey, W.G.; Collins, J.; Spencer, A.J.; Haddon, S.J.; Osborne, M.P.; Worton, K.J.; Candy, D.C., 1988:
Expression of an antigen in strains of Salmonella typhimurium which reacts with antibodies to cholera toxin

Niederberger P.; Aebi M.; Furter R.; Prantl F.; Hutter R., 1984:
Expression of an artificial yeast trp gene cluster in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae and escherichia coli

Roeckel D.; Boos H.; Mueller Lantzsch N., 1987:
Expression of an early epstein barr virus antigen ea d in escherichia coli brief report

Flannery, V.H.; Courtney, R.J.; Schaffer, P.A., 1977:
Expression of an early nonstructural antigen of herpes simplex virus in cells transformed in vitro by herpes simplex virus

Akers, R.M.; Phillips, C.R.; Wessells, N.K., 1986:
Expression of an epidermal antigen used to study tissue induction in the early Xenopus laevis embryo

Morgan, J.R.; Barrandon, Y.; Green, H.; Mulligan, R.C., 1987:
Expression of an exogenous growth hormone gene by transplantable human epidermal cells

Dzierzak, E.A.; Janeway, C.A.J. ; Rosenstein, R.W.; Gottlieb, P.D., 1980:
Expression of an idiotype id 460 during in vivo anti di nitro phenyl antibody responses 1. mapping of genes for id 460 expression to the variable region of immuno globulin heavy chain locus and to the variable region of immuno globulin kappa light chain locus

Dzierzak, E.A.; Rosenstein, R.W.; Janeway, C.A.J., 1981:
Expression of an idiotype id 460 during in vivo anti di nitro phenyl antibody responses 2. transient idiotypic dominance

Dzierzak, E.A.; Janeway, C.A.J., 1981:
Expression of an idiotype id 460 during in vivo anti di nitro phenyl antibody responses 3. detection of id 460 in normal serum that does not bind di nitro phenyl

Grunstrom T.; Von Gabain A.; Nilsson G.; Andersson M.; Lundstrom M.; Lund B.; Lundgren E., 1987:
Expression of an interferon alpha gene variant in escherichia coli using tandemly repeated synthetic ribosomal binding sites

Umbach J.A.; Gundersen C.B., 1987:
Expression of an omega conotoxin sensitive calcium channel in xenopus oocytes injected with messenger rna from torpedo electric lobe

English L.H.; Epstein J.; Cantley L.; Housman D.; Levenson R., 1985:
Expression of an ouabain resistance gene in transfected cells ouabain treatment induces a potassium transport system

Emanuel J.R.; Schulz J.; Zhou X M.; Kent R.B.; Housman D.; Cantley L.; Levenson R., 1988:
Expression of an ouabain resistant sodium potassium atpase in cv 1 cells after transfection with a complementary dna encoding the rat sodium potassium atpase alpha 1 subunit

Eskinazi D.P.; Bessinger B.A.; Mcnicholas J.M.; Leary A.L.; Knight K.L. , 1979:
Expression of an unidentified immuno globulin isotype on rabbit immuno globulin bearing lymphocytes

Manly, K.F.; Petrelli, N.; Anderson, G.R.; Emrich, L.J.; Herrera, L.; Mittelman, A., 1987:
Expression of an unusual isozyme of lactate dehydrogenase in the serum of cancer patients and comparison with carcinoembryonic antigen

Mohandas, T.; Sparkes, R.S.; Hellkuhl, B.; Grzeschik, K.H.; Shapiro, L.J., 1980:
Expression of an x linked gene from an inactive human x chromosome in mouse human hybrid cells further evidence for the noninactivation of the steroid sulfatase ec locus in man

Delamater, R.J.; McNamara, J.R., 1987:
Expression of anger: its relationship to assertion and social desirability among college women

Salmons B.; Groner B.; Friis R.; Muellener D.; Jaggi R., 1986:
Expression of anti sense messenger rna in h ras transfected nih 3t3 cells does not suppress the transformed phenotype

Beland, G.L.; Hatchett, J.H., 1976:
Expression of antibiosis to the bollworm in 2 soybean genotypes

Gripenberg M.; Gripenberg G., 1983:
Expression of antibody activity measured by elisa enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay anti single stranded dna antibody activity characterized by the shape of the dose response curve

Weidle U.H.; Koch S.; Buckel P., 1987:
Expression of antibody complementary dna in murine myeloma cells possible involvement of additional regulatory elements in transcription of immunoglobulin genes

Ball, E.D.; Keefe, K.A.; Colby, E., 1987:
Expression of antigens associated with small cell carcinoma of the lung on hematopoietic progenitor cells

Wustrow, T.P.; Good, R.A., 1985 :
Expression of antigens coded in murine leukemia viruses on thymocytes of allogeneic donor origin in AKR mice following syngeneic or allogeneic bone marrow transplantation

Skurnik, M., 1985:
Expression of antigens encoded by the virulence plasmid of Yersinia enterocolitica under different growth conditions

Remennik L.V.; Litvinov S.V.; Kryukova I.N.; Chuev Y.V., 1985:
Expression of antigens immunologically related to antigens of mouse mammary gland carcinoma virus in human mammary tumors

Fraser J.K.; Leahy M.F.; Berridge M.V., 1986:
Expression of antigens of the platelet glycoprotein iib iiia complex of human hematopoietic stem cells

Inouye S.; Sakaki Y.; Goto T.; Tsuji F.I., 1986:
Expression of apoaequorin complementary dna in escherichia coli

Williams, M.G.; Rogers, P., 1987:
Expression of arg genes of Escherichia coli during arginine limitation dependent upon stringent control of translation

Benedict, W.F.; Nebert, D.W.; Thompson, E.B., 1972:
Expression of aryl hydro carbon hydroxylase induction and suppression of tyrosine amino transferase ec induction in somatic cell hybrids

Uehara, Y.; Gasa, S.; Makita, A.; Sakurada, K.; Miyazaki, T., 1985:
Expression of arylsulfatase B variant from leukocytes in chronic myelogenous leukemia related to chemotherapy

Suttles J.; Schwarting G.A.; Hougland M.W.; Stout R.D., 1987:
Expression of asialo gm 1 on a subset of adult murine thymocytes histological localization and demonstration that the asialo gm 1 positive subset contains both the functionally mature and the proliferating thymocyte subpopulations

Matthews, B.F.; Widholm, J.M., 1979 :
Expression of asparto kinase ec di hydro di picolinic acid synthase ec and homo serine dehydrogenase ec during growth of carrot daucus carota cultivar danvars cell suspension cultures on lysine supplemented and threonine supplemented media

Simons M.A.; Hayward A.R.; Gathings W.E.; Lawton A.R.; Young Cooper G.O.; Cooper M.D.; Mage R.G., 1979:
Expression of b 4 and b 5 kappa light chain allotypes by bone marrow derived and pre bone marrow derived cells in allotype suppressed and neutralized b 4 b 5 rabbits

Freedman, A.S.; Boyd, A.W.; Berrebi, A.; Horowitz, J.C.; Levy, D.N.; Rosen, K.J.; Daley, J.; Slaughenhoupt, B.; Levine, H.; Nadler, L.M., 1987:
Expression of B cell activation antigens on normal and malignant B cells

Lavelle, G.; Foote, L.; Heberling, R.L.; Kalter, S.S., 1979:
Expression of baboon endogenous virus in exogenously infected baboon cells

Paddon C.J.; Hartley R.W., 1987:
Expression of bacillus amyloliquefaciens extracellular rnase barnase in escherichia coli following inactivating mutation

Y.J.H.; Park Y S.; Kong I S.; Yum D Y.; Lim H C.; Kim J M., 1988:
Expression of bacillus sp n 4 cmcase gene in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Smits M.A.; Schoenmakers J.G.G.; Konings R.N.H., 1980:
Expression of bacterio phage m 13 dna in vivo isolation identification and characterization of phage specific messenger rna species

Smits, M.A.; Simons, G.; Konings, R.N.H.; Schoenmakers, J.G.G., 1978:
Expression of bacterio phage m 13 dna in vivo part 1 synthesis of phage specific rna and protein in mini cells

Karam J.; Bowles M.; Leach M., 1979:
Expression of bacterio phage t 4 genes 45 44 and 62 part 1 dis coordinate synthesis of the t 4 45 and 44 proteins

Bowles M.; Karam J., 1979:
Expression of bacterio phage t 4 genes 45 44 and 62 part 2 a possible regulatory site between genes 45 and 44

Leal, J.; Marcovich, H., 1974:
Expression of bacterio phage t 6 sensitivity in escherichia coli strain k 12 f minus bacteria after mating with hfr cells

Olsen D.R.; Chu M L.; Uitto J., 1988:
Expression of basement membrane zone genes coding for type iv procollagen and laminin by human skin fibroblasts in vitro elevated alpha 1 iv collagen messenger rna levels in lipoid proteinosis

Newman R.A.; Boss M.A., 1980:
Expression of binding sites for peanut agglutinin during murine bone marrow derived lymphocyte differentiation

Greenberg R.; Lundell D.; Alroy Y.; Bonitz S.; Condon R.; Fossetta J.; Frommer B.; Gewain K.; Katz M.; E.A., 1988:
Expression of biologically active mature human granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor with an escherichia coli secretory expression system

Miyamoto, C.; Byers, D.; Graham, A.F.; Meighen, E.A., 1987:
Expression of bioluminescence by Escherichia coli containing recombinant Vibrio harveyi DNA

Karhi, K.K.; Andersson, L.C.; Vuopio, P.; Gahmberg, C.G., 1981:
Expression of blood group A antigens in human bone marrow cells

Sasagawa, T.; Inoue, M.; Shimizu, C.; Shimizu, H.; Saito, J.; Ueda, G.; Tanizawa, O.; Nakayama, M., 1988:
Expression of blood group antigens A, B, H, Lewis a, Lewis b, in malignant lesions of the uterine cervix

Mauduit, G.; Ohrt, C.; Faure, M.; Kanitakis, J.; Demidem, A.; Thivolet, J., 1987:
Expression of blood group antigens by cultured human epidermal cells used as allografts

Hara A.; Kodaira S.; Teramoto T.; Abe O.; Watanabe M.; Tsuyuki N., 1988:
Expression of blood group antigens in rat colonic mucosa treated with dimethylhydrazine dmh

Thorpe S.J.; Abel P.; Henderson D.; Jones N.; Feizi T., 1986:
Expression of blood group antigens in urinary tract tumors prospective fluorescence study using cryostat sections of fresh frozen tissues

Pullen S.; Hersey P., 1980:
Expression of blood group like antigens on the thymus derived lymphocytes of acute leukemia patients in remission

Ullrich S.; Wollheim C.B., 1985:
Expression of both alpha 1 adrenoceptors and alpha 2 adrenoceptors in an insulin secreting cell line parallel studies of cytosolic free calcium and insulin release

Rezelman, G.; Goldbach, R.; Van Kammen, A., 1980:
Expression of bottom component RNA of cowpea mosaic virus in cowpea protoplasts

Zuber M.X.; Simpson E.R.; Waterman M.R., 1986:
Expression of bovine 17 alpha hydroxylase cytochrome p 450 complementary dna in nonsteroidogenic cos 1 cells

Nagao M.; Nakagawa Y.; Ishii A.; Sasaki R.; Tanaka H.; Chiba H., 1988:
Expression of bovine alpha s 1 casein complementary dna in escherichia coli

Brodin, P.; Grundström, T.; Hofmann, T.; Drakenberg, T.; Thulin, E.; Forsén, S., 1986:
Expression of bovine intestinal calcium binding protein from a synthetic gene in Escherichia coli and characterization of the product

Nambiar K.P.; Stackhouse J.; Presnell S.R.; Benner S.A., 1987:
Expression of bovine pancreatic rnase a in escherichia coli

Francavilla, M.; Miranda, P.; D.M.tteo, A.; Sarasini, A.; Gerna, G.; Milanesi, G., 1987:
Expression of bovine rotavirus neutralization antigen in Escherichia coli

Foster, C.S.; Neville, A.M., 1987:
Expression of breast epithelial differentiation antigens in human primary breast cancer

Murray, L.J.; Habesahw, J.A.; Wiels, J.; Greaves, M.F., 1985:
Expression of burkitt lymphoma associated antigen defined by the monoclonal antibody 38.13 on normal and malignant germinal center b cells

Wetsel R.A.; Kolb W.P., 1983:
Expression of c 5a like biological activities by the human complement c 5 upon limited digestion with noncomplement enzymes without release of poly peptide fragments

Biesiada, E.; Wisniewski, J.; Krawczyk, Z.; Chorazy, M., 1987:
Expression of c fos c myc and hsp70 genes at early stages of the regenerating of rat liver

Mason I.; Murphy D.; Hogan B.L.M., 1985:
Expression of c fos in parietal endoderm amnion and differentiation f 9 teratocarcinoma cells

Koning F.; Yokoyama W.M.; Maloy W.L.; Stingl G.; Mcconnell T.J.; Cohen D.I.; Shevach E.M.; Coligan J.E., 1988:
Expression of c gamma 2 t cell receptors and lack of isotype exclusion by dendritic epidermal t cell lines

Basset N.; Vie A.; Blanchard J.M.; Guilhou J.J., 1987:
Expression of c myc c myb c erb b and c h ras oncogene messenger rna species in fibroblasts cultured from psoriatic patients

Engstrom W.; Barrios C.; Azavedo E.; Mollermark G.; Kangstrom L.E.; Eliason I.; Larsson O., 1987:
Expression of c myc in canine mammary tumors

Umemura T.; Umene K.; Nishimura J.; Fukumaki Y.; Sakaki Y.; Ibayashi H., 1986:
Expression of c myc oncogene during differentiation of human burst forming unit erythroid

Ciclitira P.J.; Stewart J.; Evan G.; Wight D.G.D.; Sikora K., 1987:
Expression of c myc oncogene in celiac disease

Rees R.F.; Gewurz H.; Siegel J.N.; Coon J.; Potempa L.A., 1988:
Expression of c reactive protein neoantigen neo crp in inflamed rabbit liver and muscle

Kijima, S.; Takahashi, K.; Kitao, M., 1987:
Expression of CA 125 in adenomyosis

Czerniak, B.; Darzynkiewicz, Z.; Staiano-Coico, L.; Herz, F.; Koss, L.G., 1984:
Expression of Ca antigen in relation to cell cycle in cultured human tumor cells

Theofan G.; King M.W.; Hall A.K.; Norman A.W., 1987:
Expression of calbindin d 28k messenger rna as a function of altered serum calcium and phosphorus levels in vitamin d replete chick intestine

Bossart, E.; Barakat, I.; Droz, B., 1988:
Expression of calbindin immunoreactivity by subpopulations of primary sensory neurons in chick embryo dorsal root ganglion cells grown in coculture or conditioned medium

Fleming, J.A.; Blissard, G.W.; Summers, M.D.; Vinson, S.B., 1983:
Expression of Campoletis sonorensis Virus in the Parasitized Host, Heliothis virescens

Bukholm, G.; Kapperud, G., 1987:
Expression of Campylobacter jejuni invasiveness in cell cultures coinfected with other bacteria

Arbeit, R.D.; Dunn, R.M., 1987 :
Expression of capsular polysaccharide during experimental focal infection with Staphylococcus aureus

Kitagawa, Y.; Ryall, J.; Nguyen, M.; Shore, G.C., 1985:
Expression of carbamoyl phosphate synthetase i ec messenger rna in reuber hepatoma h 35 cells regulation by glucocorticoid and insulin

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Expression of carbohydrate differentiation antigens during ontogeny of the murine thymus

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Expression of CD 21, CD 22, and the mouse erythrocyte receptor on peripheral B lymphocytes in rheumatoid arthritis

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Expression of CD9 (p24) antigen on hematopoietic cells following treatment with phorbol ester

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Expression of cea ca125 ca19 9 and human milk fat globule membrane antigen in ovarian tumors

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Expression of cell adhesion molecules in embryonic induction 1. morphogenesis of nestling feathers

Chuong, C.M.; Edelman, G.M., 1985:
Expression of cell adhesion molecules in embryonic induction 2. morphogenesis of adult feathers

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Expression of cell oncogenes in human stomach tumors

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Expression of cell surface antigens by suppressor t cell hybridomas 1. comparison of phenotype and function

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Expression of cellular myc and mos genes in undifferentiated b cell lymphomas of burkitts and non burkitt types

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Expression of cellular oncogenes in primary cells from human acute leukemias

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Expression of cellulase genes in Rhodobacter capsulatus by use of plasmid expression vectors

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Expression of cg clusters in the yeast mitochondrial var 1 gene transcription and into stable rna species

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Expression of cg clusters in the yeast mitochondrial var 1 gene translation and secondary structure implications

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Expression of chemically synthesized alpha neoendorphine genes under the control of the pho 5 gene of saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Expression of chimeric genes in Caenorhabditis elegans

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Expression of chimeric genes transferred into plant cells using a ti plasmid derived vector

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Expression of chimeric human beta globin and delta globin genes during erythroid differentiation

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Expression of chlamydia psittaci encoded polypeptides in escherichia coli

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Expression of chloramphenicol acetyltransferase gene under the control of some escherichia coli and bacteriophage lambda promoters

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Expression of chloramphenicol resistance specified by plasmid p hy 416 hosted in corynebacterium glutamicum

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Expression of cholin esterase ec genes in human brain tissues translational evidence for multiple messenger rna species

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Expression of chorionic gonadotropin alpha genes and beta genes in normal and neoplastic human tissues relationship to dna structure

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Expression of chorionic gonadotropin beta like messenger rna in an alpha subunit secreting pituitary adenoma

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Expression of chromosome 21 specific sequences in normal and Down's syndrome tissues

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Expression of chronic myeloid leukemia associated changes in membrane glyco peptides in somatic cell hybrids

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Expression of chronic thyroparathyroidectomy on phosphate transport in whole kidney and proximal luminal membranes during phosphate deprivation

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Expression of class I and class II major histocompatibility antigens in normal and transplanted human heart

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Expression of class i and class ii markers on leukemic cells

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Expression of class i genes in the major histocompatibility complex identification of 8 distinct messenger rna species in dba 2 mouse liver

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Expression of class I HLA genes by trophoblast cells. Analysis by in situ hybridization

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Expression of class II antigen in endotoxin induced uveitis

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Expression of class ii hla antigens hla dr dqw 1 dqw 3 on normal and pathological human skin

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Expression of class II major histocompatibility complex antigens by bronchial epithelium in rat lung allografts

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Expression of class ii major histocompatibility complex antigens by tumor associated and peritoneal macrophages systemic induction during tumor growth and tumor rejection

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Expression of class II major histocompatibility complex antigens on alveolar epithelium in interstitial lung disease: relevance to pathogenesis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

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Expression of class II MHC antigens on alveolar epithelium in fibrosing alveolitis

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Expression of class II MHC gene products by macrophages in human uteroplacental tissue

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Expression of class II transplantation antigen on vascular smooth muscle cells in human atherosclerosis

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Expression of Class II transplantation antigens by epithelial cells in oral candidosis, oral lichen planus and gingivitis

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Expression of class Pi glutathione transferase in human malignant melanoma cells

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Expression of cloned bacterio phage t 4 uvs w and uvs y genes in rec plus and rec minus escherichia coli

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Expression of cloned calf prochymosin complementary dna under control of the tryptophan promoter

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Expression of cloned dna ligase gene g 30 of escherichia coli bacterio phage t 4 in vivo

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Expression of cloned hepatitis B virus DNA in human cell cultures

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Expression of cloned herpesvirus genes 1. detection of nuclear antigens from herpes simplex virus type 2 inverted repeat regions in transfected mouse cells

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Expression of cloned human haptoglobin and alpha 1 antitrypsin complementary dna species in saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Expression of cloned mitochondrial dna from the petite negative yeast schizosaccharomyces pombe in escherichia coli mini cells

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Expression of cloned monkey metallothionein in Escherichia coli

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Expression of cloned pepsinogen gene in escherichia coli

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Expression of cloned plasmid regions encoding colonization factor antigen i in escherichia coli

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Expression of cloned sequences in biopsies of human colonic tissue and in colonic carcinoma cells induced to differentiate in vitro

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Expression of cloned xanthomonas d xylose catabolic genes in zymomonas mobilis

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Expression of collagenase IV (basement membrane collagenase) activity in murine tumor cell hybrids that differ in metastatic potential

Palu G., 1982:
Expression of colony stimulating activity and production of colony forming units by acute myeloid leukemia cells showing maturation in short term culture

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Expression of common acute lympho blastic leukemia antigen and terminal deoxy nucleotidyl transferase in normal mononuclear blood cells during diffusion chamber culture

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Expression of common acute lympho blastic leukemia antigen by lymphomas of b cell and t cell lineage

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Expression of common acute lympho blastic leukemia antigen on human malignant melanoma cell lines

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Expression of competence genes in Bacillus subtilis

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Expression of complement c 3b receptors on human b cells and myelo monocytic cells but not natural killer cells

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Expression of complement c 4 on human lymphoid cells and possible involvement in immune recognition phenomena

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Expression of complementary dna encoding human basic fibroblast growth factor in escherichia coli

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Expression of complementary dna for two isoforms of the catalytic subunit of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase

Graziano M.P.; Casey P.J.; Gilman A.G., 1987:
Expression of complementary dna species for g proteins in escherichia coli two forms of g s alpha stimulate adenylate cyclase

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Expression of complementary dnas encoding the precursor and the mature form of chicken mitochondrial aspartate aminotransferase in escherichia coli

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Expression of complete chicken thymidine kinase gene inserted in a retrovirus vector

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Expression of concanavalin a receptor on human lymphocyte surface in g 1 phase of the cell cycle

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Expression of connective tissue stromal elements in human cholangiocarcinomas. An immunohistochemical and ultrastructural study

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Expression of controlling element mutability in solid and liquid cultures of the maize endosperm in vitro

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Expression of creatine kinase ec iso enzyme during oogenesis and embryogenesis in the mouse

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Expression of creatine kinase iso enzymes in myogenic cell lines

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Expression of cryptic beta fructo furanosidase ec in saccharomyces rouxii

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Expression of cryptopleurine resistance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Noll J.S.; Dyck P.L.; Czarnecki E., 1982:
Expression of cultivar rl 4137 type of dormancy in f 1 seeds of reciprocal crosses in common wheat triticum aestivum

Blair, S.M., 1980:
Expression of cupular dynamics while the macaque macaca speciosa sleeps

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Expression of cyanobacterial and higher plant ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase genes in escherichia coli

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Expression of cyclo heximide resistance in carrot daucus carota somatic hybrids and their segregants

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Expression of cytochrome o in hydrogen uptake constitutive mutants of Rhizobium japonicum

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Expression of cytochrome oxidases in bacillus cereus effects of oxygen tension and carbon source

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Expression of cytochrome P450b and P450e genes in small intestinal mucosa of rats following treatment with phenobarbital, polyhalogenated biphenyls, and organochlorine pesticides

Silver G.; Krauter K.S., 1988:
Expression of cytochromes p 450c and p 450d messenger rna in cultured rat hepatocytes 3 methylcholanthrene induction is regulated primarily at the post transcriptional level

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Expression of cytokeratin polypeptides in human papillomavirus (HPV) lesions of the uterine cervix: 1. Relationship to grade of CIN and HPV type

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Expression of cytokeratins in early neoplastic epithelial lesions of the uterine cervix

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Expression of cytokeratins in normal and neoplastic colonic epithelial cells. Implications for cellular differentiation and carcinogenesis

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Expression of cytolytic functions in hl 60 leukemic cells after induction of polymorphonuclear leukocyte differentiation

Green W.R., 1986:
Expression of cytolytic t lymphocyte defined akr gross retrovirus associated tumor antigens by normal spleen cells control by fv 1 h 2 and proviral genes and effect on antiviral cytolytic t lymphocyte generation

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Expression of cytoplasmic islet cell antigens by rat pancreas

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Expression of defective measles virus genes in brain tissues of patients with subacute sclerosing panencephalitis

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Expression of degradative genes of Pseudomonas putida in Caulobacter crescentus

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Expression of developmental abnormalities in hybrids of phaseolus vulgaris interaction between temperature and allelic dosage

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Expression of developmentally regulated crypt cell antigens in human and rat intestinal tumors

Ingram, L.O.; Conway, T., 1988:
Expression of Different Levels of Ethanologenic Enzymes from Zymomonas mobilis in Recombinant Strains of Escherichia coli

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Expression of different sized placental alkaline phosphatase messenger rna in placenta and choriocarcinoma cells

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Expression of differentiated function by hepatocytes in primary culture: variable effects of glucagon and insulin on gluconeogenesis during cell growth

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Expression of differentiated functions in hepatoma cell hybrids alanine amino transferase ec

Schneider, J.A.; Weiss, M.C., 1971:
Expression of differentiated functions in hepatoma cell hybrids part 1 tyrosine amino transferase in hepatoma fibroblast hybrids

Weiss, M.C.; Chaplain, M., 1971:
Expression of differentiated functions in hepatoma cell hybrids reappearance of tyrosine amino transferase ec inducibility after the loss of chromosomes

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Expression of differentiated phenotype in cultured muscle cell

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Expression of differentiation antigens in benign sweat gland tumors

Rothenberg E., 1980:
Expression of differentiation antigens in sub populations of mouse thymocytes regulation at the level of de novo synthesis

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Expression of differentiation antigens within human mammary tumors is related to response to endocrine therapy and survival

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Expression of dikaryon specific and non specific messenger rna of schizophyllum commune in relation to environmental conditions and fruiting

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Expression of dikaryon specific messenger rnas of schizophyllum commune in relation to incompatibility genes light and fruiting

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Expression of disease symptoms in cauliflower mosaic virus genomic hybrids

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Expression of dna ligase genes by ram spermatid nuclei and rna in amphibian ambystoma mexicanum eggs

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Expression of dominant and recessive genes in mammalian ontogenesis

de Waal, R.M.; Bogman, M.J.; Cornelissen, I.M.; Vermeulen, A.N.; Koene, R.A., 1986:
Expression of donor class I major histocompatibility antigens on the vascular endothelium of mouse skin allografts

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Expression of dr antigens on early human progenitors of neutrophilic and eosinophilic colonies in diffusion chambers

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Expression of Drosophila epidermal growth factor receptor homologue in mitotic cell populations

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Expression of drug resistance in tumor cell hybrids

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Expression of early and late sv 40 transcripts in the absence of protein synthesis

Poluektova E.V.; Kozhanova N.I.; Chudakova I.V.; Mitrofanov V.G.; Burov V.N., 1987:
Expression of early ecdysterone puffs in the drosophila virilis salivary gland chromosomes cultivated in the abdomen of various insects

Gluzman Y.; Sambrook J.F.; Frisque R.J., 1980:
Expression of early genes of origin defective mutants of sv 40

Fenwick M.L.; Clark J., 1982:
Expression of early viral genes a possible pre alpha protein in cells infected with herpes simplex virus

Hirai, K.; Maeda, F.; Watanabe, Y., 1978:
Expression of early virus functions in human cytomegalovirus infected hel cells effect of uv light irradiation of the virus

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Expression of ecdysterone puffs in salivary gland chromosomes of drosophila virilis sturt. larvae

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Expression of ecotropic mulv in ovaries of swr j rf j hybrid mice

Den Boer W.C.; Van Der Kamp A.W.M.; Mulder M.P., 1984:
Expression of embryonic and major histocompatibility complex antigens in heterokaryons of murine embryonal carcinoma and human melanoma cells

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Expression of endo dermally derived and neural crest derived differentiation antigens by human lung and colon tumors

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Expression of endogenous avian leukosis virus antigens and susceptibility to subgroup e avian leukosis virus in 3 strains of chickens endogenous avian c type virus

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Expression of endogenous murine leukemia virus in transplantable tumor cells and DNA methylation of the viral sequences

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Expression of endogenous murine leukemia viruses during the course of a protracted immunological disorder

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Expression of endogenous retroviral envelope antigen in immuno globulin positive b cells of immunized 15i 5 x 71 chickens

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Expression of endogenous retroviral envelope glycoprotein as a determinant of immunity to Rous sarcoma

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Expression of endogenous retroviral genes in leukemic guinea pig cells

Klenner D.; Horak I.; Schimpl A.; Wecker E., 1982:
Expression of endogenous retroviral glyco protein 70 by antigen activated cyto toxic and suppressor t lymphocytes of mice

Sullivan J.G.; Bliss F.A., 1983:
Expression of enhanced seed protein content in inbred backcross lines of common bean phaseolus vulgaris

Sakanyan V.A.; Tsoi T.V.; Sezonov G.V.; Alikhanyan S.I., 1982:
Expression of enterobacterial gene for antibiotic resistance under control of regulatory signals of bacillus thuringiensis in gram negative and gram positive bacteria

Nejedly, K., 1977:
Expression of enzyme activities with respect to the cell cycle

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Expression of epidermal and nerve growth factor receptors and soft agar growth factor production by human lung cancer cells

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Expression of epidermal growth factor and transforming growth factor beta in a human salivary gland adenocarcinoma cell line

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Expression of epidermal growth factor receptor and transferrin by f 9 and pc 13 teratocarcinoma cells

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Expression of epidermal growth factor receptor gene in cultured human lung cancer cells

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Expression of epidermal growth factor receptor in human cultured cells and tissues: relationship to cell lineage and stage of differentiation

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Expression of epidermal growth factor receptor in human gastric and colonic carcinomas

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Expression of epidermal growth factor receptor proto oncogene messenger rna in regenerating rat liver

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Expression of epidermal growth factor receptors (EGFR) on breast carcinomas in relation to growth fractions, estrogen receptor status and morphological criteria. An immunohistochemical study

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Expression of epidermal growth factor receptors in human brain tumors

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Expression of epidermal growth factor receptors on human cervical, ovarian, and vulval carcinomas

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Expression of epidermal growth factor receptors on normal human gastric epithelia and gastric carcinomas

George D.I.; Hanks C.T.; Lopatin D.E., 1980:
Expression of epithelial blood group substances normal and malignant tissues

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Expression of epithelial membrane antigen in perineurial cells and their derivatives. An immunohistochemical study with multiple markers

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Expression of epithelial membrane antigen on malignant mesothelioma cells. An immunocytochemical and immunoelectron microscopic study

Dolken, G.; Klein, G., 1976:
Expression of epstein barr virus associated membrane antigen in human burkitts lymphoma raji cells super infected with 2 different virus strains

Volsky D.J.; Gross T.; Sinangil F.; Kuszynski C.; Bartzatt R.; Dambaugh T.; Kieff E., 1984:
Expression of epstein barr virus dna and cloned dna fragments in human lymphocytes following sendai virus envelope mediated gene transfer

Ajmar, F.; Garre, C.; Sessarego, M.; Ravazzolo, R.; Barresi, R.; Scarra, G.B.; Lituania, M., 1983:
Expression of erythroid acetyl cholin esterase ec in the k 562 leukemia cell line

Goff, C.G.; Sheldon, R., 1978:
Expression of Escherichia coli fol alleles in Salmonella typhimurium

Morinaga Y.; Tsuchiya M.; Miwa K.; Sano K., 1987:
Expression of escherichia coli promoters in brevibacterium lactofermentum using the shuttle vector peb 003

Korochkin L.I., 1982:
Expression of esterase isozymes in drosophila virilis strain bearing a segment of the 2nd chromosome of drosophila lummei

Orgad S.; Yang S.Y.; Gazit E.; Relias V.; Zaizov R.; Lyson S.; Yunis E.J., 1985:
Expression of extra class i major histocompatibility antigens on t cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia lymphoblasts

Borg, M.; Rüchel, R., 1988:
Expression of extracellular acid proteinase by proteolytic Candida spp. during experimental infection of oral mucosa

Sanceau J.; Lewis J.A.; Sondermeyer P.; Beranger F.; Falcoff R.; Vaquero C., 1986:
Expression of extracellular and intracellular human interferon gamma in mouse l cells transformed with the human interferon gamma complementary dna gene

Annamalai, A.E.; Stewart, G.J.; Hansel, B.; Memoli, M.; Chiu, H.C.; Manuel, D.W.; Doshi, K.; Colman, R.W., 1986:
Expression of factor V on human umbilical vein endothelial cells is modulated by cell injury

Kaprielian Z.; Fambrough D.M., 1987:
Expression of fast and slow isoforms of the calcium atpase in developing chick skeletal muscle

Macconnell W.P.; Verma I.M., 1983:
Expression of fbj murine osteosarcoma virus oncogene fos product in bacteria

Scorza-Smeraldi, R.; Sabbadini-Villa, M.G.; Perussia, B.; Fabio, G.; Casali, P.; Rugarli, C., 1977:
Expression of fc and complement receptors on thymus derived lymphocytes activated in vitro by phyto hem agglutinin

Kanowith-Klein, S.; Hofman, F.; Saxon, A., 1988:
Expression of Fc epsilon receptors and surface and cytoplasmic IgE on human fetal and adult lymphopoietic tissue

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Expression of Fc epsilon receptors on activated human T lymphocytes

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Expression of Fc gamma receptors on a subpopulation of nonlymphoid tumor cells and its enrichment

Aanderud S.; Lillehaug J.; Tonder O.; Laerum O.D., 1983:
Expression of fc immuno globulin g receptors on cultured fetal rat brain cells studies on normal pre neoplastic and malignant cells

Tishchenko L.M.; Guseva S.A., 1985:
Expression of fc receptors and c 3 receptors on membranes of blast cells in acute myeloblastic leukemia and blast crises of chronic myeloleukosis

Hayashi, S.; Yagawa, K.; Nakanishi, M.; Ogata, K.; Maruyama, M.; Shigematsu, N., 1988:
Expression of Fc receptors is suppressed in alveolar macrophages from patients with sarcoidosis

Thorpe, W.P.; Parker, G.A.; Rosenberg, S.A., 1977:
Expression of fetal antigens by normal human skin cells grown in tissue culture

Shattil, S.J.; Motulsky, H.J.; Insel, P.A.; Flaherty, L.; Brass, L.F., 1986:
Expression of fibrinogen receptors during activation and subsequent desensitization of human platelets by epinephrine

Steele, J.G.; Savolainen, T.A.; Smith, G.J., 1988:
Expression of fibronectin on clonally related transformed and control sublines from an epithelial cell strain and a tumor line of mouse alveolus

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Expression of field resistance in callus tissue inoculated with phytophthora cinnamomi

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Expression of foreign genes from retroviral vectors in mouse teratocarcinoma chimeras

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Expression of foreign genes in a higher plant cell after electrofusion mediated cell reconstitution of a microinjected karyoplast and a cytoplast

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Expression of Forssman antigen synthesis and degradation in human lung cancer

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Expression of fragile site 10 q25 in peripheral blood and bone marrow in familial neutropenia

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Expression of frog virus 3 early genes after uv irradiation

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Expression of functional acetyl choline receptor from cloned complementary dna

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Expression of functional human C1 inhibitor in COS cells

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Expression of functional human interleukin 2 receptor in mouse cells by using gene transfection

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Expression of functional interleukin 2 receptors on chronic lymphocytic leukemia b lymphocytes is modulated by recombinant interleukin 2

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Expression of fv 4 allele in hematopoietic cells from g mice resistant to friend leukemia virus

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Expression of galactokinase as a fusion protein in Escherichia coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Expression of galactose 1 phosphate uridyl transferase ec in 2 unrelated 9p minus patients evidence for assignment of the galt locus to the 9p21 band

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Expression of galactose 1 phosphate uridyl transferase ec in chinese hamster x human galactosemia somatic cell hybrids

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Expression of galactose genes in mammalian cells part 1 galactose enzymes in chinese hamster ovary cell hybrids

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Expression of gamma glutamyl trans peptidase ec in a transformed rat cerebral endothelial cell line

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Expression of gamma glutamyl trans peptidase ec in adult rat liver cells after transformation with sv 40

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Expression of gamma glutamyl transpeptidase in normal and neoplastic epithelial cells of human skin a marker for distinguishing malignant epithelial tumors

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Expression of gastrointestinal carcinoma associated antigen detected in human fetal tissues by monoclonal antibody ns 19 9

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Expression of gat 715 poly glutamic acid 60 alanine 30 tyrosine 10 idiotype by gat specific plaque forming cells from various strains of mice

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Expression of gene specific and age related resistance and the accumulation of glyceollin in soybean glycine max leaves infected with phytophthora megasperma f sp glycinea

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Expression of genes at the agouti locus and mitotic activity of the hair bulb of the mouse

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Expression of genes cloned into vehicles comprising the elements of filamentous phage genome

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Expression of genes for metabolism of cyclic amp in somatic cells beta adrenergic and prostaglandin e 1 receptors in parental and hybrid cells

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Expression of genes for metabolism of cyclic amp in somatic cells part 1 responses to catecholamines in parental and hybrid cells

Minna, J.D.; Gilman, A.G., 1973:
Expression of genes for metabolism of cyclic amp in somatic cells part 2 effects of prostaglandin e 1 and theophylline on parental and hybrid cells

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Expression of genes for plastid membrane proteins in barley hordeum vulgare cultivar aramir under intermittent light conditions

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Expression of genes for resistance to potato virus y in potato plants and protoplasts

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Expression of genes from restriction fragments of phage lambda dna in escherichia coli

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Expression of genes in cloned murine cell lines that can be maintained in both interleukin 2 dependent and interleukin 3 dependent growth states

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Expression of genes introduced into cells by retroviral infection is more efficient than that of genes introduced into cells by DNA transfection

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Expression of genes of bacillus subtilis lysine biosynthesis in escherichia coli cells

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Expression of genes transferred to hemopoietic stem cell by recombinant retroviruses

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Expression of genetic susceptibility host resistance and nonhost resistance in alfalfa medicago sativa callus tissue inoculated with phytophthora megasperma

Wicker L.S.; Miller B.J.; Chai A.; Terada M.; Mullen Y., 1988:
Expression of genetically determined diabetes and insulitis in the nonobese diabetic nod mouse at the level of bone marrow derived cells transfer of diabetes and insulitis to nondiabetic nod x b10 f 1 mice with bone marrow cells from nod mice

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Expression of genetically distinct super oxide dis mutases ec in the maize seedling during development

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Expression of genotypic variability in maize zea mays under different tissue culture conditions

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Expression of gfap and vimentin in coxsackievirus infected astrocytes an immunoperoxidase study

Kawahara E.; Oda Y.; Ooi A.; Katsuda S.; Nakanishi I.; Umeda S., 1988:
Expression of glial fibrillary acidic protein gfap in peripheral nerve sheath tumors a comparative study of immunoreactivity of gfap vimentin s 100 protein and neurofilament in 38 schwannomas and 18 neurofibromas

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Expression of glial fibrillary acidic protein immuno reactivity during development of long fiber tracts in the rat central nervous system

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Expression of glial fibrillary acidic protein in the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system of murine globoid cell leukodystrophy the twitcher

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Expression of glial filament protein in nerve sheaths and non neural cells re examined using monoclonal antibodies with special emphasis on the co expression of glial filament protein and cytokeratins in epithelial cells of human salivary gland and pleomorphic adenomas

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Expression of glucosephosphate isomerase ec in relation to growth of the mouse oocyte in vivo and in vitro

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Expression of glycosidase activities during germination of Dictyostelium discoideum spores

Hauptmann R.M.; Della Cioppa G.; Smith A.G.; Kishore G.M.; Widholm J.M., 1988:
Expression of glyphosate resistance in carrot somatic hybrid cells through the transfer of an amplified 5 enolpyruvylshikimic acid 3 phosphate synthase gene

Hashimoto Y.; Suzuki A.; Yamakawa T.; Miyashita N.; Moriwaki K., 1983:
Expression of gm 1 and gd 1a gangliosides in mouse liver is linked to the h 2 complex on chromosome 17/

Matzner Y.; Gavison R.; Rachmilewitz E.A.; Fibach E., 1987:
Expression of granulocytic functions by leukemic promyelocytic hl 60 cells differential induction by dmso and retinoic acid

Raivich, G.; Kreutzberg, G.W., 1987:
Expression of growth factor receptors in injured nervous tissue i. axotomy leads to a shift in the cellular distribution of specific beta nerve growth factor binding in the injured and regenerating pns

Raivich, G.; Kreutzberg, G.W., 1987:
Expression of growth factor receptors in injured nervous tissue ii. induction of specific platelet derived growth factor binding in the injured pns is associated with a breakdown in the blood nerve barrier and endoneurial interstitial edema

Salamero J.; Michel Bechet M.; Charreire J., 1983:
Expression of h 2 antigens and thyro globulin on freshly dissociated and in vitro cultured mono layers of mouse thyroid epithelial cells

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Expression of h 2 histo compatibility antigens on cultured cell lines derived from mouse blastocysts

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Expression of h 2 laminin and sv 40 tumor and tumor associated specific antigens on differentiation of transformed murine terato carcinoma cells

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Expression of h 21 region restricted cytolytic activity by an lyt 2 positive influenza virus specific t lymphocyte clone

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Expression of h y antigen during spermatogenesis

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Expression of HBV surface antigen or HIV envelope protein using recombinant adenovirus vectors

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Expression of heat shock beta galactosidase hybrid genes in cultured drosophila melanogaster cells

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Expression of heat shock genes of neurospora crassa effect of hyperthermia and other stresses on messenger rna levels

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Expression of heavy chain variable region antibody genes in different background genomes

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Expression of helix pomatia hem agglutinin receptors on cytolytic lymphocytes activated in mixed cultures

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Expression of hemolytically active murine c 4 in transfected l cells

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Expression of hepatitis a virus complementary dna in escherichia coli antigenic vp1 recombinant protein

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Expression of hepatitis b antigens with a sv 40 vector

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Expression of hepatitis b surface antigen by yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae actin gene promoter

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Expression of hepatitis b surface antigen gene of hepatitis b virus under control of promotor region of ph 05 gene in yeast cells

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Expression of hepatitis b surface antigen in green monkey kidney cell line cv 1

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Expression of hepatitis B surface antigen in human cells by a recombinant BK virus DNA vector

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Expression of hepatitis b surface antigen in unselected cell culture transfected with re circularized hepatitis b virus dna

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Expression of hepatitis B viral core region in mammalian cells

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Expression of hepatitis b virus core antigen gene in escherichia coli controlled by the p l promoter of coliphage lambda

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Expression of hepatitis B virus core antigen gene in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: synthesis of two polypeptides translated from different initiation codons

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Expression of hepatitis B virus core antigen gene is induced in human hepatoma cells by their growth in nude mice

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Expression of hepatitis b virus gene in the composition of recombinant adenovirus

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Expression of hepatitis B virus large envelope polypeptide inhibits hepatitis B surface antigen secretion in transgenic mice

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Expression of hepatitis B virus middle and large surface antigen genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Expression of hepatitis b virus s gene by herpes simplex virus type 1 vectors carrying alpha regulated and beta regulated gene chimeras

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Expression of hepatitis b virus surface antigen gene in yeast using gal 1 adci gal 10 and adci promoters

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Expression of hepatitis b virus surface antigen in mouse c127 cells

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Expression of hepatitis b virus surface antigen p 31 gene in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Expression of herpes simplex virus beta and gamma genes integrated in mammalian cells and their induction by an alpha gene product

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Expression of herpes simplex virus glycoprotein b gene cloned in eukaryotic vector

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Expression of herpes simplex virus glycoprotein b gene in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Expression of herpes simplex virus glycoproteins in polarized epithelial cells

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Expression of herpes simplex virus type 1 DNA polymerase gene by in vitro translation and effects of gene deletions on activity

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Expression of herpes simplex virus type 1 glycoprotein D deletion mutants in mammalian cells

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Expression of herpesvirus in adherent cells derived from bone marrow of latently infected guinea pigs

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Expression of heterochromatin by restriction endonuclease treatment and distamycin a 4' 6 diamidino 2 phenylindole staining of indian muntjac muntiacus muntjak chromosomes

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Expression of heterophil Forssman antigen as glycoprotein on transformed rat cell lines: shedding of the antigen from the cells

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Expression of heterophil Forssman antigen on cultured malignant cell lines

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Expression of heterosis and combining ability for capsaicin content in intraspecific hybrids of pepper

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Expression of heterosis for biochemical traits in raphanus sativus

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Expression of heterosis in f 1 maize crosses in respect to plant growth photosynthesizing leaf area and dry matter accumulation

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Expression of hexosaminidase ec iso enzymes in childhood leukemia

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Expression of high molecular weight 67 kilodalton keratin in human keratinocytes cultured on dead de epidermized dermis

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Expression of high molecular weight polypeptides by carnation mottle virus rna

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Expression of histo compatibility antigens on tumor cells and normal cells from patients with melanoma

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Expression of histocompatibility antigen hla dr by salivary gland epithelial cells in sjogren's syndrome

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Expression of histocompatibility antigens and characterization of mononuclear cell infiltrates in human renal cell carcinomas

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Expression of histocompatibility antigens and characterization of mononuclear cell infiltrates in normal and neoplastic colorectal tissues of humans

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Expression of histocompatibility antigens h 2k h 2d and h 2l is reduced in adenovirus 12 transformed mouse cells and is restored by interferon gamma

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Expression of hla a and hla b antigens on differentiating u 937 cells

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Expression of hla a and hla b hla c locus antigens on human kidney endothelial tubular and glomerular cells

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Expression of hla a but not of hla b in mouse human somatic cell hybrids carrying the region p 21 to p ter of human chromosome 6

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Expression of hla antigens on leukemia cells

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Expression of hla antigens on renal tubular cells in culture i. evidence that mixed lymphocyte culture supernatants and gamma interferon increase both class i and class ii hla antigen

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Expression of hla antigens on renal tubular cells in culture ii. effect of increased hla antigen expression on tubular cell stimulation of lymphocyte activation and on their vulnerability to cell mediated lysis

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Expression of hla b 27 antigens on mononuclear leukocytes in ankylosing spondylitis

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Expression of hla class i alpha chain determinants by human x mouse hybrid t cell is correlated with hla beta 2 m but not with h 2

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Expression of hla class i and class ii antigens in the normal gastrointestinal tract

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Expression of HLA class I antigens on hepatocytes in liver disease

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Expression of hla d locus dp dq dr coded antigens beta 2 microglobulin and the interleukin 2 receptor in sjogren's syndrome

Rabourdin Combe C.; Mach B., 1983:
Expression of hla dr antigens at the surface of mouse l cell co transfected with cloned human genes

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Expression of hla dr antigens in a pancreas biopsy specimen from a patient with type i diabetes

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Expression of hla dr antigens in naso pharyngeal carcinoma an immuno histological analysis of the tumor cells and infiltrating lymphocytes

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Expression of hla dr antigens on thymus derived lymphocytes

Munzarova M.; Zemanova D.; Kovarik J.; Pacovsky Z.; Rejthar A.; Bartek J., 1987:
Expression of hla dr antigens on tumor cells does not contribute to skin reactivity to autologous cholesteryl hemisuccinate chs treated tumor cells in patients with metastatic melanoma

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Expression of hla dr mb mt and sb antigens on human mononuclear cells identification of 2 phenotypically distinct monocyte populations

L.Y.; Peng X.; Broach J.R., 1985:
Expression of ho gene controlled under promoter gal 10 in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Expression of homeotic genes in bombyx mori estimated from asymmetry of dorsal closure in mutant normal mosaics

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Expression of homoeotic mutations part 4 interaction of homoeotic mutations aristapedia with 4 jointed and dachs mutations in drosophila melanogaster at 17 and 29 celsius

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Expression of homologous genes in arctic fox x red fox alopex lagopus x vulpes vulpes intergeneric hybrids part 2 electrophoretic analysis of prealbumin albumin and transferrins in arctic fox x red fox hybrids

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Expression of homologous genes in intergeneric fox hybrids alopex lagopus x vulpes vulpes part 3 study of the mechanisms of allelic expression of the glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase locus located in the x chromosome

Shuler, J.K.; Tryfiates, G.P., 1978:
Expression of hormonally induced tyrosine amino transferase ec in host liver and morris hepatoma no 7777 during cofactor depletion

Shuler, J.K.; Tryfiates, G.P., 1976:
Expression of hormonally induced tyrosine trans aminase ec in normal host liver and 3 morris hepatomas

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Expression of hormone receptors in cancer cells: a hypothesis

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Expression of host genes during root nodule development in soybeans glycine max cultivar prize

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Expression of htlv i gag protein in escherichia coli

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Expression of human adenosine deaminase ec after fusion of adenosine deaminase deficient cells with mouse fibroblasts

Friedman, R.L., 1985:
Expression of human adenosine deaminase ec using a transmissible murine retrovirus vector system

Cabezon T.; D.W.lde M.; Herion P.; Loriau R.; Bollen A., 1984:
Expression of human alpha 1 antitrypsin complementary dna in the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae