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Expression of type c retrovirus structural proteins on the membrane of normal and leukemic cells of mice

Vestnik Akademii Meditsinskikh Nauk SSSR (7): 44-51

Expression of type c retrovirus structural proteins on the membrane of normal and leukemic cells of mice

The authors provide their own and reported data on expression of gag- and env-proteins on the cell membrane, which are specific antigens in leukemias induced by FMR and Gross viruses. Antigenicity of these leukemias is mainly determined by determinants of protein p15, a component of the virus nucleus expressed on the membrane entering the composition of the glycosylated molecule of gag-proteins and glycoprotein of the virus gp70 coat. It is suggested that the type determinants of recombinant gp70 are of a role in the immune response. The data are also presented, concerning a comparative study of expression of gag- and env-proteins in normal and cancer cells. A possible role of expression of these proteins for normal and cancer cells is discussed.

Accession: 005432376

Related references

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