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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5438

Chapter 5438 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Stark W.S.; Sapp R., 1988:
Eye color pigment granules in wild type and mutant drosophila melanogaster

Robinson T.N.Jr, 1981:
Eye color sex and personality a case of negative findings for worthys sociability hypothesis

Worthy, M., 1978:
Eye color size and quick vs deliberate behavior of birds

Wulf H.C., 1983:
Eye complaints in technicians analyzing giemsa stained chromosomes enhancement of contrast in chromosomes

Haith, M.M.; Bergman, T.; Moore, M.J., 1977:
Eye contact and face scanning in early infancy

Hughes, J.; Goldman, M., 1978:
Eye contact facial expression sex and the violation of personal space

Rost, K.M.; Jaeger, R.W.; deCastro, F.J., 1979:
Eye contamination: a poison center protocol for management

Downing, A.R., 1985:
Eye controlled and other fast communicators for speech impaired and physically handicapped persons

Nilov, V.I.; Fedoseenko, V.M.; Shekanova, I.A., 1976:
Eye damage in the grass carp ctenopharyngodon idella during chronic intake of strontium 90

Anderson S.; Ede D.A., 1987:
Eye development in the normal and pupoid fetus pf pf mutant mouse

Thomson I.M.; Chumbley L.C., 1984:
Eye disease in the west bank and gaza strip israel

Kragha, I.K., 1987:
Eye diseases in northern Nigeria: prevalence, age and sex differences

Howell, J.B., 1976:
Eye diseases induced by topically applied steroids. The thin edge of the wedge

Palmer, L.L., 1976:
Eye dominance in a reading clinic population

Palmer, L.L., 1976:
Eye dominance testing by dissociation on the keystone tele binocular

Yew, D.T., 1985:
Eye enucleation and regeneration of neural retina in axolotl larvae (Ambystoma mexicanum)

Tanzer F.; Sagnak K.; Caglar Y., 1986:
Eye findings and serum vitamin a levels in children with malnutrition came from sivas turkey

Bloomfield, S.E.; David, D.S.; Rubin, A.L., 1978:
Eye findings in the diagnosis of Fabry's disease. Patients with renal failure

Shochot, Y.; Romano, A.; Barishak, Y.R.; Feinstein, A.; Brish, M.; Birnbaum, E.; Blumenthal, M.; Goodman, R.M., 1982:
Eye findings in the linear sebaceous nevus syndrome: a possible clue to the pathogenesis

Gogel, W.C.; Tietz, J.D., 1977:
Eye fixation and attention as modifiers of perceived distance

Heckmann R., 1983:
Eye fluke diplostomum spathaceum of fishes from the upper salmon river near obsidian idaho usa

Ruotsalainen M.; Ylonen S L., 1987:
Eye flukes in some fishes of the kallavesi lake chain central finland

Lindstrom M.; Nilsson H.L., 1988:
Eye function of mysis relicta loven crustacea from two photic environments spectral sensitivity and light tolerance

Rago, W.V., 1977:
Eye gaze and dominance hierarchy in profoundly mentally retarded males

Hutterer, R., 1976:
Eye gland secretion and some other phenomena in senile pygmy shrews sorex minutus

Von Hofsten C., 1982:
Eye hand coordination in the new born

Gresty, M.A., 1975:
Eye head and body movements of guinea pig in response to opto kinetic stimulation and sinusoidal oscillation in yaw

Kubo T.; Igarashi M.; Jensen D.W.; Wright W.K., 1981:
Eye head coordination and lateral canal block in squirrel monkeys saimiri sciureus

Kubo T.; Jensen D.W.; Igarashi M.; Homick J.L., 1981:
Eye head coordination during opto kinetic stimulation in squirrel monkeys saimiri sciureus

Meyer, R.L., 1977:
Eye in water electro physiological mapping of goldfish with and without tectal lesions

Al-Salem, M.; Ismail, L., 1987:
Eye injuries among children in Kuwait: pattern and outcome

Waubke, T.N., 1979:
Eye injuries and corrective glasses

Belkin, M.; Treister, G.; Dotan, S., 1984:
Eye injuries and ocular protection in the Lebanon War, 1982

Romem, M.; Friedman, C.H., 1981:
Eye injuries and their prevention

Schuetten G.; Reim M., 1987:
Eye injuries caused by spectacle lenses

Biger, Y.; Abulafia, C., 1986:
Eye injuries due to cactus thorns

Moore, A.T.; Cheng, H.; Boase, D.L., 1982:
Eye injuries from car battery explosions

Minatoya, H.K., 1978:
Eye injuries from exploding car batteries

Sasamoto K.; Tasaka H.; Yamamoto T., 1981:
Eye injuries in children

Brusini P.; Della Mea G., 1980:
Eye injuries in children statistical inquiry into 350 cases

Johnston P.B.; Armstrong M.F.J., 1986:
Eye injuries in northern ireland uk two years after seat belt legislation

Kelly S.; Nolan J., 1983:
Eye injuries in organized sport in a rural area

Dibbern H.; Lind T., 1987:
Eye injuries treated in a casualty ward

Lim T.K.; Soepadmo E., 1984:
Eye injury from plant sap of pedilanthus tithymaloides

Burke, M.J.; Rennebohm, R.M., 1981:
Eye involvement in Kawasaki disease

Giarelli, L.; Melato, M.; Campos, E.; Falconieri, G., 1981:
Eye involvement in multiple myeloma

Giarelli L.; Melato M.; Falconieri G., 1982:
Eye involvement in waldenstroms macro globulinemia

Ballantyne B., 1984:
Eye irritancy potential of diethylene glyco monobutyl ether

Bender, J.R.; Mullin, L.S.; Graepel, G.J.; Wilson, W.E., 1983:
Eye irritation response of humans to formaldehyde

Seifried H.E., 1986:
Eye irritation testing historical perspectives and future directions

Moström, U.; Ytterbergh, C.; Bergström, K., 1986 :
Eye lens dose in cranial computed tomography with reference to the technical development of CT scanners

Mousa G.Y.; Creighton M.O.; Trevithick J.R., 1979:
Eye lens opacity in cortical cataracts associated with actin related globular degeneration

Bergström, K.; Jorulf, H.; Löfroth, P.O., 1977:
Eye lens protection for radiological personnel

Bergström, K.; Jorulf, H., 1977:
Eye lens shield for the patient in diagnostic radiology

Rusch D.A.; Reeder W.G.; Rusch D.H., 1982:
Eye lens testes and body weight trends in alberta canada red squirrels tamiasciurus hudsonicus

Malcolm J.R.; Brooks R.J., 1981:
Eye lens weight and body size as criteria of age in beaver castor canadensis

Baudoin C.; Abdi H., 1981:
Eye lens weight as a criterion of age in the garden dormouse eliomys quercinus

Nabaglo L.; Pachinger K., 1979:
Eye lens weight as an age indicator in yellow necked mice

Keller, C.J.; Landry, L.M., 1976:
Eye lens weight as an age indicator of white tailed deer in central kentucky usa

Dietze U.; Heydenreich A., 1982:
Eye lesion by a milkweed plant euphorbia lathyris used for combat against the vole

Celikoglu S.I.; Pazarli H.; Demirci S., 1981:
Eye lesions in sarcoidosis patients in turkey

Osman Z.M.; Khalifa A.S., 1981:
Eye manifestations in beta thalassemia major

Khalil, M.K.; Lorenzetti, D.W., 1980:
Eye manifestations in medullary carcinoma of the thyroid

Chavez Diaz R.; Martinez Y.Martinez R.; Garcia Maravilla S.; Bracamontes Anzar M.; Ruiz Orozco P., 1983:
Eye manifestations of marfan syndrome in the child and adolescent analysis of 17 patients

Tykhonov, O.I., 1978:
Eye medicinal films with a lyophilic phenolic substance of propolis

Hertzanu, Y.; Vellet, A.D.; Fain, B.A.; Ferreira, M.M.; Ninin, D.T., 1987:
Eye metastases in carcinoma of the cervix. A case report

Rivamonte, L.A., 1976:
Eye model to account for comparable aerial and under water acuities of the bottle nosed dolphin

Fukuda, T., 1981:
Eye moment during sleep 2. analyses of rapid eye movements in normal cats

Rosenhall, U.; Johansson, G.; Orndahl, G., 1987:
Eye motility dysfunction in chronic primary fibromyalgia with dysesthesia

Currie, J.; Benson, E.; Ramsden, B.; Perdices, M.; Cooper, D., 1988:
Eye movement abnormalities as a predictor of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome dementia complex

Khomskaya E.D.; Efimova I.V., 1985:
Eye movement activity as an index of brain function

Tada, H.; Tsukahara, S., 1978:
Eye movement and anticipation time in an aptitude test for motor drivers

Hillyard, S.A.; Galambos, R., 1970:
Eye movement artifact in the negative potential shift

Barlow J.S.; Remond A., 1981:
Eye movement artifact nulling in electro encephalograms by multi channel on line electro oculographic subtraction

Haith M.; Goodman G.S., 1982:
Eye movement control in new born in darkness and in unstructured light

Jacobs A.M., 1986:
Eye movement control in visual search how direct is visual span control?

Fukuda, T., 1981:
Eye movement during sleep 1. analyses of rapid eye movements in normal subjects

Montgomery, J.C., 1983:
Eye movement dynamics in the dogfish

Spooner, J.W.; Baloh, R.W., 1979:
Eye movement fatigue in myasthenia gravis

Donders J.; Van Der Vlugt H., 1984:
Eye movement patterns in disabled readers at 2 age levels a test of bakkers balance model

Meienberg O., 1988:
Eye movement patterns in homonymous hemianopia and visual hemineglect

Hepp K.; Henn V.; Jaeger J., 1982:
Eye movement related neurons in the cerebellar nuclei of the alert monkey macaca mulatta

Gaebel W.; Ulrich G.; Frick K., 1985:
Eye movement research using schizophrenic patients and normal controls using corneal reflection pupil center measurement

Takahashi, K., 1981:
Eye Movement with body tilt

Sarkisov, I.Y. ; Shipov, A.A., 1975:
Eye movements accompanying head turns on board artificial gravity stations

Nakamura K., 1979:
Eye movements accompanying the perception of causality

Nakamura K., 1980:
Eye movements accompanying the perception of causality the relationship between impression and length of fixation

Johnston C.W.; Pirozzolo F.J., 1981:
Eye movements and cognitive strategies

Boersma, F.J.; Wilton, K.M., 1976:
Eye movements and conservation acceleration in mildly retarded children

Gallois P.; Hautecoeur P.; Ovelacq E.; Gras P.; Dereux J.F., 1985:
Eye movements and functional hemispheric activation in normal subjects

Hess, R.F., 1977:
Eye movements and grating acuity in strabismic amblyopia

Collewijn, H., 1977:
Eye movements and head movements in freely moving rabbits

Angiboust, R.; Hoc, J.M., 1975:
Eye movements and procedures in an experimental coding task

Monty R.A.; Senders J.W., 1976:
Eye movements and psychological processes

Newman S.; Lamb R.; Civil M., 1986:
Eye movements and sequential tracking an effect of reading experience

Senders J.W.; Fisher D.F.; Monty R.A., 1978:
Eye movements and the higher psychological functions

Takemori, S., 1979:
Eye movements associated with eye closure 1. normal subjects

Takemori, S.; Yamada, S., 1979:
Eye movements associated with eye closure 2. down turning of eyeball elevation

Baarsma, E.A.; Collewijn, H., 1975:
Eye movements due to linear accelerations in the rabbit

Doerr, M.; Hong, S.H.; Thoden, U., 1984:
Eye movements during active head turning with different vestibular and cervical input

Quadens, O.; Green, H., 1984:
Eye movements during sleep in weightlessness

Bon L.; Corazza R.; Inchingolo P., 1980 :
Eye movements during the waking sleep cycle of the encephale isole semi chronic cat preparation

Pola, J.; Matin, L., 1977:
Eye movements following auto kinesis

Woestenburg J.C.; Verbaten M.N.; Slangen J.L., 1984:
Eye movements in a 2 dimensional plane a method for calibration and analysis using the vertical and horizontal electro oculogram

Ron, S.; Najenson, T.; Hary, D.; Pryworkin, W., 1978:
Eye movements in brain damaged patients

Galley N.; Fritz A., 1987:
Eye movements in children with different types of cerebral dysfunction

Arduini, A.; Arduini, M.T., 1975:
Eye movements in darkness and in diffuse light in the mid pontine pretrigeminal and encephale isole cat

Furman, J.M.; Perlman, S.; Baloh, R.W., 1983:
Eye movements in Friedreich's ataxia

Pyykkö, I.; Dahlen, A.I.; Schalén, L.; Hindfelt, B., 1984:
Eye movements in patients with speech dyspraxia

Gauthier, G.M.; Hofferer, J.M., 1976:
Eye movements in response to real and apparent motions of acoustic targets

Yee, R.D.; Baloh, R.W.; Marder, S.R.; Levy, D.L.; Sakala, S.M.; Honrubia, V., 1987:
Eye movements in schizophrenia

Cegalis, J.A.; Sweeney, J.A., 1979:
Eye movements in schizophrenia: a quantitative analysis

Matsushima E., 1988:
Eye movements in schizophrenic patients

Karpov B.A., 1988:
Eye movements in stuttering during reading aloud

Fernald R.D., 1985:
Eye movements in the african cichlid fish haplochromis burtoni

Young, S., 1977:
Eye movements in the water flea daphnia magna effects of light stimulus characteristics

Tashiro N., 1981:
Eye movements induced by electric stimulation to the lower part of the brain stem

Ishikawa K.; Satoh K.; Togawa K., 1982:
Eye movements induced by electrical stimulation in the rabbit meso diencephalon

Blum, B.; Kulikowski, J.J.; Carden, D.; Harwood, D., 1982:
Eye movements induced by electrical stimulation of the frontal eye fields of marmosets and squirrel monkeys

Podvigin N.F.; Svetlova V.Ya; Evpyat'eva E.V.; Novikov G.I.; Evdokimov S.A., 1983:
Eye movements induced by electrical stimulation of the lateral geniculate body in the cat

Cox A.; Maes J J.; Clement P.A.R.; Eisendrath H.B., 1985:
Eye movements induced by parallel swings in rabbits

Asso, D.; Baudonniere, P.M.; Pecheux, M.G.; Taranne, P., 1978:
Eye movements of 6 year old children in 2 memorization tasks

Mates, J.W., 1978:
Eye movements of African chameleons: spontaneous saccade timing

Schrier A.M.; Povar M.L., 1982:
Eye movements of monkeys macaca arctoides during discrimination learning role of visual scanning

Schrier A.M., 1983:
Eye movements of stump tailed monkeys during discriminative performance an overview

Doslak, M.J.; Healey, E.C.; Riese, K., 1986:
Eye movements of stutterers

Brutten, G.J.; Bakker, K.; Janssen, P.; van der Meulen, S., 1984:
Eye movements of stuttering and nonstuttering children during silent reading

Varju D.; Sandeman D.C., 1982:
Eye movements of the crab leptograpsus variegatus elicited by imposed leg movements

Shank M.D.; Haywood K.M., 1987:
Eye movements while viewing a baseball pitch

Wallach, H.; Halperin, P., 1977:
Eye muscle potentiation does not account for adaptation in distance perception based on oculo motor cues

Blakemore, C.; Cummings, R.M., 1975:
Eye opening in kittens

Coulter, D.M., 1988:
Eye pain with nifedipine and disturbance of taste with captopril: a mutually controlled study showing a method of postmarketing surveillance

Odom J.V.; Hoyt C.S.; Marg E., 1982:
Eye patching and visual evoked potential acuity in children 4 months to 8 years old

Grinnell A.D.; Narins P.M.; Awbrey F.T.; Hamner W.M.; Hamner P.P., 1988:
Eye photophore coordination and light following in krill euphausia superba

Shebilske, W.L.; Fogelgren, L.A., 1977:
Eye position aftereffects of backward head tilt manifested by illusory visual direction

Bohlander, R.W., 1984:
Eye position and visual attention influence perceived auditory direction

Snodderly D.M.; Kurtz D., 1985:
Eye position during fixation tasks comparison of macaque macaca fascicularis and human

Fondi M.A.; Fenicia V.; Nico C.; Delogu G.; Leonardi E., 1987:
Eye position of strabismus patients under general anesthesia with halothane and isoflurane

Honda H., 1984:
Eye position signals in successive saccades

Noda H.; Warabi T., 1982:
Eye position signals in the flocculus of the monkey macaca nemestrina during smooth pursuit eye movements

Sanocka E., 1982:
Eye regression in porrhomma moravicum aranei

Frank F.; Halldorsson T., 1984:
Eye safety requirements for neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet laser application in gastroenterology urology and neurosurgery

Sandeman, D.C., 1978:
Eye scanning during walking in the crab leptograpsus variegatus

Nozaki H.; IIno S.; Toshio T.; Ohta Y., 1987:
Eye signs and cerebrovascular disorder

Nakao Y., 1984:
Eye signs and symptoms in stroke patients

Hartline P.H.; Hurley A.C.; Lange G.D., 1979:
Eye stabilization by statocyst mediated oculo motor reflex in nautilus pompilius

Hamilton P.V.; Ardizzoni S.C.; Penn J.S., 1983:
Eye structure and optics in the inter tidal snail littorina irrorata

Ball E.E.; Kao L.C.; Stone R.C.; Land M.F., 1986:
Eye structure and optics in the pelagic shrimp acetes sibogae decapoda natantia sergestidae in relation to light dark adaptation and natural history

Mazokhin-Porshnyakov, G.A.; Kazyakina, V.I., 1978:
Eye structure in larvae of blood sucking mosquitoes diptera culicidae

Cuevas, A.M., 1976:
Eye structure of the cavernicolous opilionid ischyropsalis strandi arachnida

Kolb, H.; Toepke, H.; Graner, G., 1980:
Eye symptoms with skull and brain injuries

Midtgard U., 1984:
Eye temperature in birds and the significance of the rete ophthalmicum

Wolfe J.M.; Held R., 1979:
Eye torsion and visual tilt are mediated by different bin ocular processes

Griffin J.D.; Garnick M.B., 1981:
Eye toxicity of cancer chemo therapy a review of the literature

Bolasco, P.; Meco, G.; Casacchia, M., 1975:
Eye tracking test: preliminary results in patients with Parkinson's disease

Volkov V.V., 1979:
Eye trauma due to modern weapons

Gamas J.A.; Del Callejo E.H., 1979:
Eye trauma in children intervening factors

Christian E.; Schaller F., 1982:
Eye variability in bonetogastrura cavicola eidonomical topographical and numerical variability collembola hypogastruridae

Wehr, T.A.; Skwerer, R.G.; Jacobsen, F.M.; Sack, D.A.; Rosenthal, N.E., 1987:
Eye versus skin phototherapy of seasonal affective disorder

Sarnat, B.G., 1980:
Eye volume in young and adult rabbits

Kara Jose N.; Alves M.R.; Bonanomi M.T.B.C.; Souza N.A.D.Jr, 1981:
Eyeball perforating injury in children

Tada H., 1986:
Eyeblink rates as a function of the interest value of video stimuli

Chaurasia, B.D.; Mathur, B.B., 1976:

Silk, K.R., 1980:
Eyeglasses and schizophrenic spectrum disease

Rosenberg, B.A.; Dye, S.J.; Harrison, W.S.; Manning, E.; Kazar, D.B., 1983:
Eyeglasses, height, and lateral eye movements

Scala R.; Tirone A.; Aquino A.; D'avanzo M.; Iandoli R.; D.L.ndro D., 1986:
Eyelash anomalies

Steahly, L.P.; Galas, S.M., 1976:
Eyelash tolerated in the anterior chamber and cornea

Lessa S.; Sebastia R., 1986:
Eyelid colobomas

Albin, J.B.; Lobb, H., 1976:
Eyelid conditioning and intellectual deficit role of conditioned stimulus duration unconditional stimulus intensity and unconditioned stimulus mode

Hardwick, C.; Lobb, H., 1982:
Eyelid conditioning and intellectual level: effects of contextual change on extinction

Svensson A.; Moller H., 1986:
Eyelid dermatitis the role of atopy and contact allergy

Harris M.J.; Juriloff D.M., 1986:
Eyelid development and fusion induced by cortisone treatment in mutant lidgap miller fetal mice a scanning electron microscope study

Harris, M.J.; McLeod, M.J., 1982:
Eyelid growth and fusion in fetal mice. A scanning electron microscope study

Tesluk, G.C., 1985:
Eyelid lesions: incidence and comparison of benign and malignant lesions

D.R.nzi, E.; Gentilini, M.; Bazolli, C., 1986:
Eyelid movement disorders and motor impersistence in acute hemisphere disease

Sutula, F.C.; Glover, A.T., 1987:
Eyelid necrosis following intralesional corticosteroid injection for capillary hemangioma

Young R.E.; Roper C.F.E.; Walters J.F., 1979:
Eyes and extra ocular photo receptors in mid water cephalopods and fishes their roles in detecting downwelling light for counter illumination

Zeil J.; Nalbach G.; Nalbach H O., 1986:
Eyes eyestalks and the visual world of semi terrestrial crabs

Newcombe, R.G.; Duff, G.R., 1987:
Eyes or patients? Traps for the unwary in the statistical analysis of ophthalmological studies

Larkin P.J.; Scowcroft W.R., 1981:
Eyespot disease of sugarcane saccharum officinarum induction of host specific toxin and its interaction with leaf cells

Melkonian M.; Robenek H., 1980:
Eyespot membranes in newly released zoo spores of the green alga chlorosarcinopsis gelatinosa chlorosarcinales and their fate during zoo spore settlement

Robenek H.; Melkonian M., 1981:
Eyespot membranes in zoo spores of the green alga ulva lactuca

Ahn S W., 1980:
Eyespot of rice oryza sativa in colombia panama and peru

Shirota Y.; Sanada M.; Masaki S., 1983:
Eyespotted balloons as a device to scare gray starlings sturnus cineraceus

Reedy P.S.; Ramamurthi R., 1985:
Eyestalk extract induced inhibition of krebs cycle activity in freshwater crab oziotelphusa senex senex

Reddy P.S.; Bhagyalakshmi A.; Ramamurthi R., 1986:
Eyestalks control of diurnal rhythm of acetylcholinesterase activity in the crab oziotelphusa senex senex

Zanni, G.R.; Offermann, J.T., 1978:
Eyewitness testimony: an exploration of question wording upon recall as a function of neuroticism

Lyons E.T.; Tolliver S.C.; Drudge J.H.; Swerczek T.W.; Crowe M.W., 1986:
Eyeworms thelazia lacrymalis in one to four year old thoroughbreds at necropsy in kentucky usa 1984 to 1985

Muralirangan M.C.; Ananthakrishnan T.N., 1981:
Eyprepocnemis alacris alacris biology and functional morphology of the fore gut in relation to feeding orthoptera acrididae

Bristow J.M., 1981:
Eysenck personality questionnaire correlates of the delusions symptoms states inventory

Bristow J.M., 1981:
Eysenck personality questionnaire correlates of the personality deviance scale

Rigby, K.; Slee, P.T., 1987:
Eysenck's personality factors and orientation toward authority among schoolchildren

Perez, J., 1986 :
Eysenck's theory of criminality results from research

Irfani, S., 1977:
Eysenck's extraversion, neuroticism, and psychoticism inventory in Turkey

Berndt H.; Guenther H.; Rothe G., 1980:
Eysencks personality dimensions maudsley personality inventory in breast and lung cancer patients and their relationship to patients delay

Maqsud M., 1981:
Eysencks theory of personality and child adult emotional attachments

Lang J.M.; Isely D., 1982:
Eysenhardtia leguminosae papilionoideae

Kohler K.J., 1985:
F 0 in the perception of lenis and fortis plosives

Schiefer L., 1986:
F 0 in the production and perception of breathy stops evidence from hindi

Silverman K., 1986:
F 0 segmental cues depend on intonation the case of the rise after voiced stops

Johnston, R.; Criddle, R.S., 1977:
F 1 atpase ec catalyzed synthesis of atp from oleoyl phosphate and adp

Risi, S.; Hoeckel, M.; Hulla, F.W.; Dose, K., 1977:
F 1 atpase ec from micrococcus sp atcc 398 purification by ion exchange chromatography and further characterization auto proteolysis and dissociative effects

Bailey, C.M.; Edwards, J.A.; Koh, Y.O., 1977:
F 1 cross between mildly inbred hereford selection lines of common genetic origin

Salmon, D.F.; Larter, E.N.; Gustafson, J.P., 1977:
F 1 evaluation of yield potential in hexa ploid triticale

Warner J.F.; Cudkowicz G., 1979:
F 1 hybrid anti parental h 2 k cell mediated lympholysis part 1 stimulator and target determinants controlled by the h 2k region

Lilliehook, B.; Blomgren, H., 1978:
F 1 hybrid anti parental strain reactivity part 1 impaired proliferation of cba lymphocytes in the spleens of irradiated c 3h x cba mice pre treated with cba spleen cells

Blomgren, H.; Lilliehook, B., 1978:
F 1 hybrid anti parental strain reactivity part 2 proliferation of c 3h x cba hybrid lymphocytes in the spleens of irradiated cba mice

Faulkner G.J.; Hinton W.L., 1980:
F 1 hybrid brussels sprout seed an assessment of production methods and their economic viability

Jost, M.; Hayward, C.F., 1980:
F 1 hybrid vs. 32 selected f 7 lines performance of common winter wheat triticum aestivum ssp vulgare

Gepts P.; Bliss F.A., 1985:
F 1 hybrid weakness in the common bean phaseolus vulgaris differential geographic origin suggests two gene pools in cultivated bean germ plasm

Watanabe H., 1985:
F 1 hybrids obtained through the regulation of polyembryony by continuous gamma irradiation in citrus unshiu cultivars

Biketov S.F.; Kasho V.N.; Kozlov I.A.; Mileykovskaya Y.I.; Ostrovsky D.N.; Skulachev V.P.; Tikhonova G.V.; Tsuprun V.L., 1982:
F 1 like atpase from anaerobic bacterium lactobacillus casei contains 6 similar subunits

Joshi B.C.; Sawhney R.N.; Singh D., 1980:
F 1 monosomic of triticum macha

Varsanyi T.M.; Jornvall H.; Orvell C.; Norrby E., 1987:
F 1 polypeptides of two canine distemper virus strains variation in the conserved amino terminal hydrophobic region

Vik S.B.; Simoni R.D., 1987:
F 1f o atpase from escherichia coli with mutant f o subunits partial purification and immunoprecipitation of f 1f o complexes

Ishii S.; Kuroki K.; Imamoto F., 1984:
F 2 methionyl transfer rna gene in the leader region of the nus a operon in escherichia coli

Jozsef S.; Erna R., 1981:
F 2 monosomic analysis of some quantitative characters in the wheat cultivar rannyaya 12

Mishra M.N.; Tewari A.S.; Kumar P., 1979:
F 3 evaluation of 4 selection methods in chick pea cicer arietinum

O'brien L.; Pugsley A.T., 1981:
F 3 yield response to f 2 selection for gibberellic acid insensitivity in 8 wheat triticum aestivum crosses

Isleib T.G.; Wynne J.C., 1983:
F 4 bulk testing in test crosses of 27 exotic peanut arachis hypogaea cultivars

Klemm P.; Orskov I.; Orskov F., 1982:
F 7 and type 1 like fimbriae from 3 escherichia coli strains isolated from urinary tract infections protein chemical and immunological aspects

Buc-Caron, M.H.; Condamine, H.; Jacob, F., 1978:
F 9 antigen is present on mouse embryonic cells until day 8 of embryogenesis

Sherman, M.I.; Miller, R.A., 1978:
F 9 embryonal carcinoma cells can differentiate into endoderm like cells

Puchta, V.; Spiteller, G.; Weidinger, H., 1988:
F acids a new component of the phospholipids of human blood

Schoedel R.; Dietel P.; Spiteller G., 1986:
F acids precursors of urofuranic acids

Parthasarathy M.V., 1985:
F actin architecture in coleoptile epidermal cells

Glenney J.R.Jr; Weber K.; Kaulfus P., 1981:
F actin assembly modulated by villin calcium ion dependent nucleation and capping of the barbed end

Suzuki R.; Nishi N.; Tokurat S.; Morita F., 1987:
F actin binding synthetic heptapeptide having the amino acid sequence around the sulfhydryl 1 cysteinyl residue of myosin

Haston W.S., 1987:
F actin distribution in polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Shirakawa H.; Ogino N., 1986:
F actin in cultured chick retinal pigment epithelial cells and melatonin

Fujino Y.; Tanishima T., 1986:
F actin in wound healing of the rabbit corneal endothelium

Biebricher, C.K.; Düker, E.M., 1984:
F and type 1 piliation of Escherichia coli

Barton J.; Cauchi M.N., 1979:
F cells in gynecologic malignancy

Wood, W.G.; Stamatoyannopoulos, G.; Lim, G.; Nute, P.E., 1975:
F cells in the adult normal values and levels in individuals with hereditary and acquired elevations of hemo globin f

Saitoh, T.; Hiraga, S., 1975:
F dna super infected into phenocopies of donor strains

Hiraga, S.; Saitoh, T., 1975:
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Facial injuries of conscripts

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Facial morphology applied to rhinologic surgery

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Facial myokymia in the course of lymphocytic meningo radiculitis case report

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Facial myokymia in the guillain barre syndrome

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Facial myokymia. Pathological features

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Facial nerve anastomosis for facial paralysis following neopl acoustic neurinoma surgery human

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Facial nerve displacement within the middle ear

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Facial nerve function after surgery for removal of acoustic neuroma by the extended middle cranial fossa approach

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Facial nerve grafts: effects of postoperative irradiation

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Facile synthesis of n alpha benzyloxycarbonyl histidine and its use in the preparation of various histidine derivatives protected at the imidazole nitrogen

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Facile synthesis of styrylquinuclidines

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Facile synthesis of the carbocyclic analogue of beta ribofuranosylmalonate new synthon for carbocyclic c nucleoside formation by retrograde aldol carbon carbon bond fission

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Facile temperature dependent formation of gaseous c 1 and c 2 perfluoroalkyl hypofluorites applications as electrophilic fluorinating agents

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Facile thiolytic removal of the o nitrophenylsulfenylamino protecting group

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Facile ultra filtration method for dna isolation and purification

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Facilitated diffusion catalysis by eco r i endonuclease nonspecific interactions in eco r i catalysis

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Facilitated diffusion of 6 deoxy d glucose by the oxidative yeast kluyveromyces lactis

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Facilitated diffusion of a DNA binding protein on chromatin

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Facilitated diffusion of amino acids across bi molecular lipid membranes as a model for selective accumulation of amino acids in a primordial proto cell

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Facilitated glucose transport across the retinal pigment epithelium of the bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana)

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Facilitated glucose transporter of human erythrocyte proteolytic mapping of the tritiated cytochalasin b photoaffinity labeled transporter polypeptide

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Facilitated inter male aggression in the mouse after 6 hydroxy dopamine administration

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Facilitated internalization of neocarzinostatin and its lipophilic polymer conjugate, SMANCS, into cytosol in acidic pH

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Facilitated mass transfer in a packed bed immobilized cell reactor by using an organic solvent as substrate reservoir

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Facilitated oxygen diffusion in muscle tissues

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Facilitated per cutaneous absorption a model system

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Facilitated performance of learning and memory in rats by 3 n butylphthalide

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Facilitated purification of hypo xanthine phospho ribosyl transferase ec

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Facilitated recall following rapid eye movement and non rapid eye movement naps

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Facilitated secretion of pressor amounts of vasopressin in spontaneously hypertensive rats

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Facilitated transfer of glucose from blood into perilymph in the rat cochlea

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Facilitated transport of amino acids across organic phases and the human erythrocyte membrane

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Facilitated transport of anionic dextrans in the pulmonary micro vasculature of normal sheep

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Facilitated transport of di nitro phenolate and tri nitro phenolate ions across lipid membranes by valinomycin and nonactin

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Facilitated transport of urea across the gall-bladder luminal membrane

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Facilitated utilization of endogenously synthesized lyso phosphatidic acid by 1 acyl glycero phosphate acyl transferase ec from escherichia coli

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Facilitated wound healing using transparent film dressing following Mohs micrographic surgery

Couch J.V.; Garber T.B.; Turner W.E., 1983:
Facilitating and debilitating test anxiety and academic achievement