Section 6
Chapter 5,438

Facial cellulitis: an early indicator of group B streptococcal bacteremia

Hauger, S.B.

Pediatrics 67(3): 376-377


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-4005
PMID: 7017575
Accession: 005437623

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Epithelial manifestations as indicators of group B streptococcal (GBS) bacteremia have been infrequently reported in the literature. This report describes three infants, ranging in age from 2 1/2 weeks to 7 weeks, who were seen with facial cellulitis as the only sign of GBS bacteremia. Only one of these infants had fever on presentation; otherwise, there were no signs of systemic illness. "Spontaneous cellulitis" should be viewed as an indicator of underlying bacteremia; in an infant less than 3 months of age, GBS should be considered a prime etiologic agent.

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