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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5439

Chapter 5439 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Epllegrini A.D., 1983:
Facilitating class inclusion skills in school age children

Johnston, M.; Clarke, A.; Mundy, K.; Cromarty, E.; Ridout, K., 1986:
Facilitating comprehension of discharge medication in elderly patients

Modaresi, H.A., 1978:
Facilitating effects of a safe platform on 2 way avoidance learning

Maeda H.; Nishi K.; Mori I., 1980:
Facilitating effects of alpha 1 acid glyco protein on the passage of erythrocytes through the membrane filter

Sansone, M., 1978:
Facilitating effects of chlordiazepoxide on loco motor activity and avoidance behavior of reserpinized mice

Sansone, M.; Renzi, P., 1978:
Facilitating effects of chlordiazepoxide on the performance of mice in an inhibitory avoidance task

Glavin, J.P.; Moyer, L.S., 1975:
Facilitating extinction of infant crying by changing reinforcement schedules

Hoffman, R.A.; Kirwin, P.M.; Rouzer, D.L., 1979:
Facilitating generalization in assertiveness training

Ware M.E.; Perry N.W., 1987 :
Facilitating growth in a personal development course

Della Bella P.; Tondo C.; Marenzi G.; Cipolla C.M.; Doni F.; Grazi S.; Rimondini A.; Salvioni A.; Guazzi M.D., 1988:
Facilitating influence of disopyramide on atrial flutter termination by overdrive pacing

Roth E.M., 1979:
Facilitating insight in a reasoning task

Lues I.; Vinke R.; Schuemann H J., 1984:
Facilitating interaction between rauwolscine and angiotensin in the mesenteric artery of the rabbit

L.G.eca A.M.; Mesibov G.B., 1981:
Facilitating interpersonal functioning with peers in learning disabled children

Alberca, R.; Gil-Peralta, A.; Castilla, J.M.; Rafel, E.; Bautista, J., 1983:
Facilitating myasthenic syndrome and quadriceps myopathy

Bursztajn, H.; Barsky, A.J., 1985:
Facilitating patient acceptance of a psychiatric referral

Shewan, C.M., 1976:
Facilitating sentence formulation a case study

Kelley K.; Miller C.T.; Byrne D.; Bell P.A., 1983:
Facilitating sexual arousal via anger aggression or dominance

Fowler H.; Hochauser M.; Wischner G.J., 1981:
Facilitating stimulus effects of reward and punishment in discrimination learning

Pierce, R.S., 1982:
Facilitating the comprehension of syntax in aphasia

Pierce, R.S., 1981:
Facilitating the comprehension of tense related sentences in aphasia

Satterfield, M.J.; Yasumura, K., 1987:
Facilitating the high risk neonate's head control: effect of teaching method on mother's performance

Hanna, R.; Owen, N., 1977:
Facilitating transfer and maintenance of fluency in stuttering therapy

Tweedy J.R.; Lapinski R.H., 1981:
Facilitating word recognition evidence for strategic and automatic factors

Duchowny, M.S.; Burchfiel, J.L., 1981:
Facilitation and antagonism of kindled seizure development in the limbic system of the rat

Koetter, V.; Zerbst, E., 1970:
Facilitation and convergence of depressor afferents as indicated by conditioning stimulation and test stimulation

Cohen I.S.; Van Der Kloot W., 1986:
Facilitation and delayed release at single frog rana pipiens neuromuscular junctions

Tashiro, N.; Gallagher, J.P.; Nishi, S., 1976:
Facilitation and depression of synaptic transmission in amphibian sympathetic ganglia

Gorelick, D.A.; Bridger, W.H., 1977:
Facilitation and disruption by mescaline and 3 4 di methoxy phenethylamine of shock avoidance in rats

Williams J.M.G.; Teasdale J.D., 1982:
Facilitation and helplessness the interaction of perceived difficulty and importance of a task

Bignami, G.; De-Acetis, L.; Gatti, G.L., 1971:
Facilitation and impairment of avoidance responding by pheno barbital sodium chlordiazepoxide and diazepam the role of performance base lines

Rescorla R.A., 1987:
Facilitation and inhibition

Dortmann U.; Spillmann L., 1981:
Facilitation and inhibition in the jerk effect depend on test flash duration and delay

Brimble, M.J.; Wallis, D.I.; Woodward, B., 1972:
Facilitation and inhibition of cell groups within the superior cervical ganglion of the rabbit

Henke P.G., 1980:
Facilitation and inhibition of gastric pathology after lesions in the amygdala of rats

Olsson K.A.; Landgren S., 1980:
Facilitation and inhibition of jaw reflexes evoked by electrical stimulation of the cats cerebral cortex

M.N.; Dun N.J.; Karczmar A.G., 1985:
Facilitation and inhibition of nicotinic transmission by eserine in the sympathetic ganglia of the rabbit

Thody A.J.; Wilson C.A.; Everard D., 1979:
Facilitation and inhibition of sexual receptivity in the female rat by alpha melanotropin

Ratto S.; Reni L.; Abbruzzese G.; Abbruzzese M.; Favale E., 1986:
Facilitation and inhibition of synaptic transmission in the spinal cord an electroneurographic study in humans

Garner W.R., 1988:
Facilitation and interference with a separable redundant dimension in stimulus comparison

Alberts P.; Stjarne L., 1982:
Facilitation and muscarinic and alpha adrenergic inhibition of the secretion of tritium labeled acetyl choline and tritium labeled noradrenaline from guinea pig ileum myenteric nerve terminals

Blatt, R.C., 1976:
Facilitation and nonfacilitation of active avoidance behavior of rats with septal lesions in the shuttle box and running wheel

Ray P.K.; D.B.K.; Guha S.; Saha S.; Raychaudhuri S., 1980:
Facilitation and or inhibition of growth of sarcoma 180 ascites tumor by bcg effects of bcg on tumor cell membrane

Stjarne, L., 1978:
Facilitation and receptor mediated regulation of noradrenaline secretion by control of recruitment of varicosities as well as by control of electro secretory coupling

Kadden, R.M., 1973:
Facilitation and suppression of responding under temporally defined schedules of negative reinforcement

Baldo G.J.; Cohen I.S.; Van Der Kloot W., 1983:
Facilitation and the conduction of the nerve action potential at the frog rana pipiens neuro muscular junction

Turner T., 1983:
Facilitation as a successional mechanism in a rocky inter tidal community

Bittner, G.D.; Sewell, V.L., 1976:
Facilitation at crayfish neuro muscular junctions

Zengel, J.E.; Magleby, K.L.; Horn, J.P.; McAfee, D.A.; Yarowsky, P.J., 1980:
Facilitation, augmentation, and potentiation of synaptic transmission at the superior cervical ganglion of the rabbit

Lupa M.T.; Tabti N., 1986:
Facilitation augmentation and potentiation of transmitter release at frog rana temporaria neuromuscular junctions poisoned with botulinum toxin

Rescorla R.A., 1988:
Facilitation based on inhibition

Borkowski K.R.; Quinn P., 1984:
Facilitation by beta adrenoceptors of stimulation induced vasoconstriction in pithed spontaneously hypertensive rats

Wood, W.G., 1977:
Facilitation by dexamethasone of tolerance to ethanol in the rat

Arbilla S.; Langer S.Z., 1979:
Facilitation by gamma amino butyric acid of the potassium evoked release of tritiated noradrenaline norepinephrine from the rat occipital cortex

Babb H., 1980:
Facilitation by goal punishment after escape conditioning conditioned stimulus intensity effects

Muscholl E.; Racke K.; Ritzel H., 1980:
Facilitation by low sodium urea medium of the washout of dopamine beta hydroxylase released by potassium ions from the perfused rabbit heart

Martinez, J.L.Jr ; Vasquez, B.J.; Jensen, R.A.; Mcgaugh, J.L., 1977:
Facilitation by reserpine of retention in an inhibitory avoidance task in mice

Hall E.D.; Von Voigtlander P.F., 1987:
Facilitation effects of piracetam on excitability of motor nerve terminals and neuromuscular transmission

Dahl, R.D., 1978:
Facilitation in arthropod photo receptors

Yachanin, S.A., 1986:
Facilitation in wason's selection task content and instructions

Piazza P.; Crescimanno G.; Benigno A.; Amato G., 1984:
Facilitation induced by ventral tegmental area on the latency of biting obtained by hypothalamic stimulation in the cat

Dyba S., 1981:
Facilitation occlusion and conditioning of pressure responses evoked during aortic nerve stimulation in rabbits

Gardner, H.A.; Kellen, J.A., 1977:
Facilitation of 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene induced tumor invasion by anti lymphocyte serum

Bechem M.; Glitsch H.G.; Pott L., 1981:
Facilitation of acetyl choline release from cardiac parasympathetic nerve endings effect of stimulation pattern and manganese ions

Velley L.; Cardo B., 1982:
Facilitation of acquisition and extinction of an operant task 4 weeks after stimulation of brain stem aminergic nuclei of the rat

Cerven E., 1987:
Facilitation of actin polymerization by interfilamentous factors

Rosic N.; Overstreet D.H., 1982:
Facilitation of active avoidance responding following chronic haloperidol treatment in rats

Grunspan Swirsky A.; Pick E., 1979:
Facilitation of adenylate cyclase stimulation in macrophages by lectins

Ohi K., 1987:
Facilitation of agonist motoneurons upon initiation of rapid and slow voluntary movement

Xie S.; Diener E., 1988:
Facilitation of allogeneic bone marrow transplantation by a t cell specific immunotoxin without gvhd

Mcintyre D.C.; Edson N., 1981:
Facilitation of amygdala kindling after norepinephrine depletion with 6 hydroxy dopamine in rats

Morris P.E.; Beaton J.M., 1983:
Facilitation of an operant task in the rat following injection of whole brain extract

Delprato, D.J.; Holmes, P.A., 1978:
Facilitation of arm levitation by responses to previous suggestions of a different type

Jackson A.; Morton J., 1984:
Facilitation of auditory word recognition

Sansone, M., 1978:
Facilitation of avoidance behavior by chlordiazepoxide morphine combinations in reserpinized mice

Székely, J.I.; Borsy, J.; Király, I., 1974:
Facilitation of avoidance conditioning by nicotine: a function of individual learning ability

Martin, I.L.; Candy, J.M., 1978:
Facilitation of benzodiazepine binding by sodium chloride and gamma amino butyric acid

Rose D., 1979:
Facilitation of bicuculline induced and picro toxin induced seizures by sodium valproate in rats

Smith, H.J.; Halliday, S.E.; Briscoe, M.G.; Snow, H.M., 1984:
Facilitation of calcium blocking and membrane effects by intrinsic sympathomimetic activity

Hoshi T.; Rothlein J.; Smith S.J., 1984:
Facilitation of calcium ii channel currents in bovine adrenal chromaffin cells

Richters A., 1981:
Facilitation of cancer metastases by an air pollutant

Burnett L.E.; Mcmahon B.R., 1985:
Facilitation of carbon dioxide excretion by carbonic anhydrase located on the surface of the basal membrane of crab gill epithelium

Ori M.; Shiba Y.; Kanno Y., 1980:
Facilitation of cell coupling formation between mouse macrophages with an increase in the external calcium ion concentration

Rath W.; Huether G.; Hilgers R.; Meyer A.; Kuhn W.; Neuhoff V., 1987:
Facilitation of cervical dilatation in the non pregnant uterus by intracervically applied sulprostone and calcium chloride gel

Russell J., 1982:
Facilitation of childrens allocentric placement by reducing task complexity and providing a verbal rule

Adler, L.L., 1977:
Facilitation of concept learning by an orienting procedure

Onyehalu A.S., 1985:
Facilitation of conservation revisited

Herlin T.; Kragballe K., 1983:
Facilitation of cyclic amp increments during antibody dependent cell mediated cyto toxicity mediated by monocytes pre treated with cyclic amp elevating agents

Isseroff A., 1980 :
Facilitation of delayed spontaneous alternation behavior in adult rats following early hydroxyzine treatment differential sensitivity in late infancy

Delprato, D.J.; Holmes, P.A., 1977:
Facilitation of discriminated lever press avoidance by noncontingent shocks

Bowman R.E.; Heironimus M.P.; Fobes J.; Leary R.W.; Harlow H.F., 1980:
Facilitation of discrimination learning but not of learning set by post training injections of pentylene tetrazole in rhesus monkeys

Smith, H.J.; King, J.E.; Newberry, P., 1976:
Facilitation of discrimination learning set in squirrel monkeys by colored food stimuli

Weiner I.; Feldon J.; Ben Horin E., 1987:
Facilitation of discrimination transfers under amphetamine the relative control by s positive and s negative and general transfer effects

Shapira, B.; Lerer, B.; Gilboa, D.; Drexler, H.; Kugelmass, S.; Calev, A., 1987:
Facilitation of ECT by caffeine pretreatment

Nea L.J.; Bates G.W.; Gilmer P.J., 1987:
Facilitation of electrofusion of plant protoplasts by membrane active agents

Sakuma Y.; Pfaff D.W., 1979:
Facilitation of female reproductive behavior from mesencephalic central gray in the rat

Hoyman, L.; Kelsey, J.E., 1977:
Facilitation of flicker discriminability by electrical stimulation of the mesencephalic reticular formation of the rat

Marx M.H., 1988:
Facilitation of free recall of category names and instances by indirect part set cuing

Hattori T.; Maehashi H., 1987:
Facilitation of frog neuromuscular transmission by sodium fluoride

Horn, P.T.; Kohli, J.D.; Goldberg, L.I., 1982:
Facilitation of ganglionic transmission by sulpiride: evidence for an inhibitory role of dopamine in the canine sympathetic ganglion

Ammassari Teule M.; Fombon A M.; Bloch V., 1984:
Facilitation of generalization performances in spatial learning problems by posttrial stimulation of the mesencephalic reticular formation

Niedermeyer, M.E.; Meyrick, B.; Parl, F.F.; Brigham, K.L., 1984:
Facilitation of granulocyte migration into bovine pulmonary artery intimal explants by intact viable endothelium

Adachi K.; Kim J.; Ballas S.; Surrey S.; Asakura T., 1988:
Facilitation of hb s polymerization by the substitution of glutamic acid for glutamine beta 121

Messing R.B.; Rijk H.; Rigter H., 1983:
Facilitation of hot plate response learning by pre training and post training naltrexone administration

Kramer, T.H.; Gold, R.M., 1980:
Facilitation of hypothalamic obesity by greasy diets: palatability vs lipid content

Fagan, J.F., 1978:
Facilitation of infants' recognition memory

Haynes, L.W.; Kerkut, G.A., 1978:
Facilitation of inhibitory postsynaptic potentials in central neurons of helix aspersa

Homma I.; Oouchi M.; Ichikawa S., 1984:
Facilitation of inspiration by intra cerebro ventricular injection of trh in rabbits

D.Catanzaro D., 1981:
Facilitation of inter male aggression in mice through exposure to receptive females

Seki S.; Fukushima Y.; Goto K.; Kondo T.; Konishi H.; Kosaka F., 1984:
Facilitation of intra thoracic surgery by high frequency ventilation

Stripling J.S.; Hendricks C., 1981:
Facilitation of kindling by convulsions induced by cocaine or lidocaine but not pentylene tetrazole

Weiner I.; Feldon J., 1987:
Facilitation of latent inhibition by haloperidol in rats

Glick, S.D.; Greenstein, S., 1974:
Facilitation of lateral hypothalamic recovery by post operative administration of alpha methyl p tyrosine

Warburton D.M.; Wesnes K.; Shergold K.; James M., 1986:
Facilitation of learning and state dependency with nicotine

Gorzalka B.B.; Raible L.H., 1981:
Facilitation of lordosis behavior in rats by social isolation adrenal mediation

Beyer C.; Canchola E.; Larsson K., 1981:
Facilitation of lordosis behavior in the ovariectomized estrogen primed rat by di butyryl cyclic amp

Floody O.R.; Lisk R.D.; Vomachka A.J., 1986:
Facilitation of lordosis by estradiol in the mesencephalic central gray

Dornan, W.A.; Malsbury, C.W.; Penney, R.B., 1987:
Facilitation of lordosis by injection of substance P into the midbrain central gray

Dudley, C.A.; Moss, R.L., 1976:
Facilitation of lordosis in the rat by prostaglandin e 2

Cooper J.; York R.W.R., 1987:
Facilitation of low dose microscopy on philips em400 series electron microscopes

Chan J.Y.H.; Fung S.J.; Chan S.H.H.; Barnes C.D., 1986:
Facilitation of lumbar monosynaptic reflexes by locus coeruleus in the rat

Landau I.T., 1980:
Facilitation of male sexual behavior in adult male rats by the aromatization inhibitor 1 4 6 androstatriene 3 17 dione

Brewster J.; Leon M., 1980:
Facilitation of maternal transport by norway rat pups

Niubo E.; Diaz B.; Companioni M.; Kouri J., 1982:
Facilitation of membrane activity during phagocytosis increase in the extracellular concentration of sodium and magnesium in peritoneal rat macrophages

Kovacs G.L.; Bohus B.; Versteeg H.G., 1979:
Facilitation of memory consolidation by vasopressin mediation by terminals of the dorsal noradrenergic bundle

Soumireu Mourat B.; Martinez J.L.Jr; Jensen R.A.; Mcgaugh J.L., 1980:
Facilitation of memory processes in aged rats by subseizure hippocampal stimulation

Altman H.J.; Quartermain D., 1983:
Facilitation of memory retrieval by centrally administered catecholamine stimulating agents

Lodder, J.; Baum, M.J., 1977 :
Facilitation of mounting behavior by di hydro testosterone propionate in castrated estradiol benzoate treated male rats following pudendectomy

Oishi, R.; Ueki, S., 1978:
Facilitation of muricide by dorsal norepinephrine bundle lesions in olfactory bulbectomized rats/

Yoburn B.C.; Glusman M.; Potegal M.; Skaredoff L., 1981:
Facilitation of muricide in rats by cholinergic stimulation of the lateral hypothalamus

Claus D.; Mills K.R.; Murray N.M.F., 1988:
Facilitation of muscle responses to magnetic brain stimulation by mechanical stimuli in man

Kahan T.; Dahlof C.; Hjemdahl P., 1987:
Facilitation of nerve stimulation evoked noradrenaline overflow by isoprenaline but not by circulating adrenaline in the dog in vivo

Hewitt, H.B.; Blake, E.R., 1977:
Facilitation of nodal metastasis from a nonimmunogenic murine carcinoma by previous whole body irradiation of tumor recipients

Malhotra R.K.; Wakade T.D.; Wakade A.R., 1985:
Facilitation of noradrenaline release by gallamine in the rat salivary gland

Ohlhausen, A.A., 1985:
Facilitation of nutritional assessment by computer dietary analysis

Lerner Natoli M.; Rondouin G.; Malafosse A.; Sandillon F.; Privat A.; Baldy Moulinier M., 1986:
Facilitation of olfactory bulb kindling after specific destruction of serotoninergic terminals in the olfactory bulb of the rat

Katz R.J.; Schmaltz K., 1979:
Facilitation of opiate induced and enkephalin induced motor activity in the mouse by phenytoin sodium and carbamazepine

Kaplan A.Ya, 1985:
Facilitation of orthodromic potential in the olfactory bulb of cyprinus carpio during the recovery cycle

Hansen O., 1979:
Facilitation of ouabain binding to sodium ion plus potassium ion atpase by vanadate at in vivo concentrations

Tall, A.R.; Forester, L.R.; Bongiovanni, G.L., 1983:
Facilitation of phosphatidyl choline transfer into high density lipo proteins by an apo lipo protein in the density 1.20 1.26 grams per milliliter fraction of plasma

Argiolas, A.; Pisano, J.J., 1983:
Facilitation of phospho lipase a 2 ec activity by mastoparans a new class of mast cell de granulating peptides from wasp venom

Morgan W.P.; Horstman D.H.; Cymerman A.; Stokes J., 1983:
Facilitation of physical performance by means of a cognitive strategy

Lopez, P.; Espinosa, M.; Stassi, D.L.; Lacks, S.A., 1982:
Facilitation of plasmid transfer in Streptococcus pneumoniae by chromosomal homology

Ono K.; Wada J.A., 1987:
Facilitation of premotor cortical seizure development by intranigral muscimol

Beyer C.; Canchola E., 1981:
Facilitation of progesterone induced lordosis behavior by phospho di esterase inhibitors in estrogen primed rats

Mehta M.P.; Choi W.W.; Gergis S.D.; Sokoll M.D.; Adolphson A.J., 1985:
Facilitation of rapid endotracheal intubations with divided doses of nondepolarizing neuromuscular blocking drugs

Tan D P.; Zou G., 1985 :
Facilitation of rat tail flick reflex by intrathecal trh and its interaction with morphine

Manktelow K.I.; Evans J.S.B.T., 1979:
Facilitation of reasoning by realism effect or noneffect

Grijalva C.V.; Novin D.; Cooper P.H., 1980:
Facilitation of recovery by propantheline bromide after lateral hypothalamic damage

Kolata R.J.; Polis B.D., 1980:
Facilitation of recovery from ischemic brain damage in rabbits by polymeric prostaglandin b x a mitochondrial protective agent

Dunwiddie, T.V.; Worth, T.S.; Olsen, R.W., 1986:
Facilitation of recurrent inhibition in rat hippocampus by barbiturate and related nonbarbiturate depressant drugs

Quartermain D.; Altman H.J., 1982:
Facilitation of retrieval by dextro amphetamine following anisomycin induced amnesia

Shearon T.O.; Allen J.D., 1984:
Facilitation of schedule induced behavior

Mccaughran, J.A.J. ; Corcoran, M.E.; Wada, J.A., 1977:
Facilitation of secondary site amygdaloid kindling following bisection of the corpus callosum and hippocampal commissure in rats

Mcintyre D.C.; Edson N., 1987:
Facilitation of secondary site kindling in the dorsal hippocampus following forebrain bisection

Broekkamp C.L.; Phillips A.G.; Cools A.R., 1979:
Facilitation of self stimulation behavior in rats following intra cerebral micro injections of opioids into the ventral tegmental area

Conroy, R.L., 1978:
Facilitation of serial recall in retarded children and adolescents: verbal and kinesthetic strategies

Schlicker E.; Fink K.; Classen K.; Goethert M., 1987:
Facilitation of serotonin 5 ht release in the rat brain cortex by cyclic amp and probable inhibition of adenylate cyclase in 5 ht nerve terminals by presynaptic alpha 2 adrenoceptors

Mogilnicka E.; Dooley D.J.; Boissard C.G.; Delini Stula A., 1983:
Facilitation of shock induced fighting in the rat after dsp 4 n 2 chloroethyl n ethyl 2 bromo benzylamine a selective noradrenergic neuro toxin

Rapaport F.T.; Dausset J., 1984:
Facilitation of skin allo graft survival by blood leukocyte extracts a possible mechanism for the beneficial effects of blood transfusion in human transplantation

Gallagher E.D.; Jumars P.A.; Trueblood D.D., 1983:
Facilitation of soft bottom benthic succession by tube builders

Martin I.L.; Candy J.M., 1980:
Facilitation of specific benzodiazepine binding in rat brain membrane fragments by a number of anions

White S.R.; Neuman R.S., 1980:
Facilitation of spinal moto neuron excitability by 5 hydroxy tryptamine and noradrenaline

Allen E.B.; Allen M.F., 1988:
Facilitation of succession by the nonmycotrophic colonizer salsola kali chenopodiaceae on a harsh site effects of mycorrhizal fungi

Craft I.L.; Evans D.V.; Richfield L.B., 1979:
Facilitation of suction termination using extraamniotic prostaglandins in gel

Galindo, J.; Rudomin, P., 1978:
Facilitation of synaptic activity in the frog spinal cord produced by 4 amino pyridine

Weiner I.; Feldon J.; Katz Y., 1987:
Facilitation of the expression but not the acquisition of latent inhibition by haloperidol in rats

Van-Der-Gaag, R.; Mccullagh, P., 1975:
Facilitation of the growth of an allogeneic tumor by suppressor cells in new born rats

Gordon, W.C.; Brennan, M.J.; Rose, R.C., 1975:
Facilitation of the long term memory store with strychnine a reexamination

Modianos, D.T.; Pfaff, D.W., 1977:
Facilitation of the lordosis reflex in female rats by electrical stimulation of the lateral vestibular nucleus

Pfaff, D.W.; Sakuma, Y., 1979:
Facilitation of the lordosis reflex of female rats from the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus

Strahlendorf J.C.; Strahlendorf H.K.; Kingsley R.E.; Gintautas J.; Barnes C.D., 1980:
Facilitation of the lumbar mono synaptic reflexes by locus coeruleus stimulation

Matyas, T.A.; Galea, M.P.; Spicer, S.D., 1986:
Facilitation of the maximum voluntary contraction in hemiplegia by concomitant cutaneous stimulation

Kenshalo D.R.Jr; Leonard R.B.; Chung J.M.; Willis W.D., 1982:
Facilitation of the responses of primate spino thalamic cells to cold and tactile stimuli by noxious heating of the skin

Matyas T.A.; Spicer S.D., 1980:
Facilitation of the tonic vibration reflex by cutaneous stimulation in hemiplegics

Fanciullacci, M.; Franchi, G.; Sicuteri, F., 1975:
Facilitation of the veno constrictor action by 5 hydroxy tryptamine induced by ergotamine methysergide and lsd 25 in man

Naggar, A.N.; Komisaruk, B.R., 1977:
Facilitation of tonic immobility by stimulation of the vaginal cervix in the rat

Kirsch U.; Schmidt J., 1985:
Facilitation of transcallosal responses by nootropics

Kaila K.; Heinonen E.; Akerman K.E.O., 1984:
Facilitation of transmission at the crayfish astacus astacus neuromuscular synapse by a convulsant phenol

Charlton, M.P.; Bittner, G.D., 1978:
Facilitation of transmitter release at squid synapses

Sarrazin, C., 1985:
Facilitation of transmitter release through available transmitter regulation. An explanation not involving residual calcium theory

Balnave, R.J.; Gage, P.W., 1977:
Facilitation of transmitter secretion from toad motor nerve terminals during brief trains of action potentials

Shaw, F.D.; Bicknell, R.J.; Dyball, R.E., 1984:
Facilitation of vasopressin release from the neurohypophysis by application of electrical stimuli in bursts. Relevant stimulation parameters

Freedman R.A.; Swerdlow C.D.; Echt D.S.; Winkle R.A.; Soderholm Difatte V.; Mason J.W., 1984:
Facilitation of ventricular tachyarrhythmia induction by isoproterenol

Enright, J.T., 1986:
Facilitation of vergence changes by saccades: influences of misfocused images and of disparity stimuli in man

Wyrwicka W.; Clemente C.D.; Long A.M., 1981:
Facilitation of voluntary intake of ethanol by hypothalamic stimulation reward in cats

Gonzalez L.G.; Ford Lloyd B.V., 1987:
Facilitation of wide crossing through embryo rescue and pollen storage in interspecific hybridization of cultivated allium species

Ang K.K.; Waer M.; Van Der Schueren E.; Vandeputte M., 1983:
Facilitation on allogeneic bone marrow engraftment in mice by total lymphoid irradiation combined with total body irradiation

Franklin P.E.; Okada R., 1982:
Facilitation personal associations in a lexical decision task

Voronkov, G.S.; Moskvin, A.V., 1984:
Facilitation phenomenon in the accessory and main olfactory bulbs of the frog Rana temporaria

Chaouat, G.; Voisin, G.A.; Escalier, D.; Robert, P., 1979:
Facilitation reaction (enhancing antibodies and suppressor cells) and rejection reaction (sensitized cells) from the mother to the paternal antigens of the conceptus

Patton B.L.; Lefton L.A., 1985:
Facilitation without inhibition

Caelli T.M., 1980:
Facilitative and inhibitory factors in visual texture discrimination

Chandler G.T.; Fleeger J.W., 1987:
Facilitative and inhibitory interactions among estuarine meiobenthic harpacticoid copepods

Kida M., 1983:
Facilitative and suppressive effects of punishment on the reaction time in humans under various conditions

Ross, D.M.; Ross, S.A., 1978:
Facilitative effect of mnemonic strategies on multiple associate learning in educable mentally retarded children/

Borakove, L.S.; Cuvo, A.J., 1977:
Facilitative effects of coin displacement on teaching coin summation to mentally retarded adolescents

Sherwood J.V., 1987:
Facilitative effects of gaze upon learning

Bjorklund, D.F.; Butter, E.J.; Winges, L., 1978:
Facilitative effects of haptic training on children's visual problem solving

Kiyono S.; Seo M.L.; Shibagaki M.; Inouye M., 1985:
Facilitative effects of maternal environmental enrichment on maze learning in rat offspring

Veldhuis, J.D.; Klase, P.A.; Strauss, J.F.; Hammond, J.M., 1982:
Facilitative interactions between estradiol and luteinizing hormone in the regulation of progesterone production by cultured swine granulosa cells: relation to cellular cholesterol metabolism

Raphael-Leff, J., 1986:
Facilitators and regulators: conscious and unconscious processes in pregnancy and early motherhood

Raphael-Leff, J., 1985:
Facilitators and regulators participators and renouncers mothers' and fathers' orientations towards pregnancy and parenthood

Raphael Leff J., 1985:
Facilitators and regulators vulnerability to postnatal disturbance

Baños, J.; Badia, A.; Janè, F., 1988:
Facilitatory action of adrenergic drugs on muscle twitch evoked by nerve stimulation in the curarized rat phrenic hemidiaphragm

Proctor, W.R.; Mynlieff, M.; Dunwiddie, T.V., 1986:
Facilitatory action of etomidate and pentobarbital on recurrent inhibition in rat hippocampal pyramidal neurons

Galvan M.; Grafe P.; Ten Bruggencate G., 1980:
Facilitatory actions of guanidine on synaptic transmission in mammalian brain slices

Ejima Y.; Takahashi S., 1984:
Facilitatory and inhibitory aftereffect of spatially localized grating adaptation

Beltramino, C.; Taleisnik, S., 1978:
Facilitatory and inhibitory effects of electrochemical stimulation of the amygdala on the release of luteinizing hormone

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Facilitatory effect of mesencephalic stimulation on chemically induced stepping of guinea pigs

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Facilitatory effect of some drugs on transmission in the frog sympathetic ganglion

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Facilitatory effect of trifluoperazine on adrenergic transmitter release from rat portal vein

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Facilitatory effects of dexamethasone on neuromuscular transmission

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Facilitatory effects of electrical stimulation of the hippocampus on a 1 way active avoidance response in cats

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Facilitatory effects of monoamine synthesis inhibitors on lysine vasopressin induced changes in the exploratory behavior pattern of male rats

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Facilitatory effects of pituitary transplants on intraspecific aggression in female hamsters

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Facilitatory influence of noradrenergic afferents on the excitability of rat paraventricular nucleus neurosecretory cells

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Facilitatory influences on mating behavior in the female rat affected by lesions of the habenula or basolateral amygdaloid regions

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Facilitatory interaction in spinal reflex pathways from nociceptive cutaneous afferents and identified secondary spindle afferents in the cat

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Facilitatory role of efferent renal nerve activity on renal sensory receptors

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Facilitatory transmitters and cyclic amp can modulate accommodation as well as transmitter release in aplysia sensory neurons evidence for parallel processing in a single cell

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Facilities for children in state and provincial hospitals

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Facilities for diesel exhaust studies

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Facilities for post mortem diagnosis on pig units and carcass processing plants

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Facilities for the mentally handicapped in the western cape south africa some pressing needs

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Facility and a method for evaluation of thermal protection

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Facility for rapid preparation of silicon and silicide transmission electron microscopy specimens

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Facility for regional in vivo neutron activation analysis of skeletal calcium

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Facility of motor unit control during tasks defined directly in terms of unit behaviors

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Facioscapulohumeral dystrophy: jitter in facial muscles

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Facioscapulohumeral dystrophy with cochlear hearing loss and tortuosity of retinal vessels

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Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy concentrated in the village cullar nevsehir turkey

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Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy: the choice of a biopsy site

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Facsimile epithelioid cells obtained from stimulated peritoneal macrophages and their secretory activity in vitro

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Fact and artifact in copepod feeding experiments

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Fact and fantasy psychosocial consequences of facial surgery in 24 down's syndrome children

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Fact and speculation on the function of immune response genes in antigen presentation

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Fact and theory concerning the influence of early childhood learning on intellectual and personality development

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Fact belief and the attribution of prejudice

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Fact finding survey on preference for tofu bean curd of school children and junior high school students

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Fact variation a study of responsibility vs. fault

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Factitious and fraudulent fever

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Factitious Bartter's syndrome

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Factitious brittle diabetes mellitus

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Factitious crusting cheilitis

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Factitious dermatitis in a 12 year old boy

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Factitious desquamative gingivitis simulating a possible immunologic disease

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Factitious diabetes and antibody mediated resistance to beef insulin

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Factitious disorders report on forty four cases in a medical department and a proposal for subclassification

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Factitious disorders thirty one case reports

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Factitious elevation of thyrotropin in a new ultrasensitive assay: implications for the use of monoclonal antibodies in "sandwich" immunoassay

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Factitious hematuria and urinary tract infection

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Factitious Hymenoptera allergic emergency: a report of a new variant of Munchausen's syndrome

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Factitious hypoglycemia with a sulfonylurea preparation glibenclamide

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Factitious illness in gynecology

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Factitious lip crusting

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Factitious lymph edema of the upper limb

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Factitious lymphedema of the hand: a diagnostic challenge

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Factitious mourning: painless patienthood

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Factitious psychosis phenomenology family history and long term outcome of patients

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Factitious skin lesions in a mother and 2 sons

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Factitious sneezing

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Factitious urticaria red dermographism

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Factor 390 chromophores: phosphodiester between AMP or GMP and methanogen factor 420

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Factor affecting the canopy resistance of a douglas fir forest

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Factor affecting the microdistribution of gammarus pulex amphipoda an experimental study

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Factor analyses of 2 attitude toward gender role questionnaires

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Factor analyses of a hyperiid amphipod assemblage from the north pacific central gyre

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Factor analyses of bayley's infant behavior record a dutch replication and extension

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Factor analysis an exploratory methodology and management technique for the economics of air pollution

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Factor analysis and construct validity of the Narcissistic Personality Inventory

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Factor analysis and derivation of an experimental equation of poly nuclear aromatic hydro carbon emissions from automobiles

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Factor analysis and rotation of responses to the Junior Eysenck Personality Inventory

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Factor analysis and score distributions of the hypnotic induction profile replication by a 2nd examiner

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Factor analysis and the coefficient of determination

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Factor analysis and validation of the general health questionnaire in women: a general practice survey

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Factor analysis applied to wine descriptors

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Factor analysis for dental health status of junior high school students with experience or non experience of fluoride mouthrinse part 1. effect of fluoride mouthrinse experience on dental health status

Kamijo, H., 1987:
Factor analysis for dental health status of junior high school students with experience or non experience of fluoride mouthrinse part 2. influences of individual dental health behavior dental health education and care at primary school and preventive care during dental visits on caries prevalence

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Factor analysis for evaluating relationships between first lactation type scores and production data of Holstein dairy cows

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Factor analysis for some elements in soil of hainan island china

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Factor analysis for the sensory attributes of kuzuyu puddings by the semantic differential method

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Factor analysis in 90 diversified strains of triticale

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Factor analysis in a collection of small seeded soybean glycine max l. merrill grown in india

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Factor analysis in berggrens method a study in patient with cardio pulmonary disease

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Factor analysis in chick pea cicer arietinum

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Factor analysis in chili capsicum frutescens

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Factor analysis in cluster bean cyamopsis tetragonoloba

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Factor analysis in gated cardiac studies

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Factor analysis in lentil

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Factor analysis in phytocenology 4. application to the classification of plants

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Factor analysis in phytocenology part 2 comparison of the effect of leading factors

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Factor analysis in phytocenology part 3 evaluation of the ecological quality of a classification

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Factor analysis in relation to breeding system

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Factor analysis in sunflower helianthus annuus

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Factor analysis of a picture preference test of personality

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Factor analysis of a questionnaire on imagery and verbal habits and skills

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Factor analysis of a questionnaire used for developing an operational philosophy for habilitation facilities

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Factor Analysis of Active Avoidance and Operant Discrimination Learning in Mice

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Factor analysis of an inventory about subjective health status, strain and job satisfaction of clerks in travelling mail service

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Factor analysis of certain psychomotor parameters in the investigation of menstrual bleeding effect on the fitness of women

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Factor analysis of components of yield in guar cyamopsis tetragonoloba

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Factor analysis of curiosity measures in adults

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Factor analysis of emotionality in 10 inbred strains of mice

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Factor analysis of fluctuation in populations of pseudomonas syringae pathovar savastanoi on the phylloplane of the olive olea europaea

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Factor analysis of human teeth, dental arch and palate

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Factor analysis of leptospira biflexa pulpudeva

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Factor analysis of measures of copulatory behavior in 3 species of muroid rodents

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Factor analysis of metacarpal bones

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Factor analysis of night sleep structure and results of a psychodiagnostic study in humans

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Factor analysis of quantitative characteristics as a method of statistical control in breeding of cross pollinating plants

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Factor analysis of sediments in the alexandria western harbour egypt

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Factor analysis of self statements

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Factor analysis of serogroups botanica and aurisina of Leptospira biflexa

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Factor analysis of serovars belonging to serogroup holland of leptospira biflexa

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Factor analysis of sex typed items from the bem sex role inventory a replication

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Factor analysis of skeletal growth in sheep

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Factor analysis of soil microflora function in a volcanic ash deposition zone

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Factor analysis of spinach chloroplast ultrastructure in vegetative and floral state part 1 short days of 8 hours vegetative conditions

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Factor analysis of spinach chloroplast ultrastructure in vegetative and floral state part 2 transfer into continuous light induction of flowering

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Factor analysis of temperament category scores in a sample of nursery school children

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Factor analysis of the aftereffects of drinking in alcoholics

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Factor analysis of the biocenoses of aquatic coleoptera of the marshes of lower guadalquivir spain

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Factor analysis of the Children's Depression Inventory

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Factor analysis of the childrens reports of parental behavior inventory a replication for preadolescents

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Factor analysis of the cohen fear of success scale

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Factor analysis of the continental shelf sediments off the southeast coast of korea and its implication to the depositional environments

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Factor analysis of the effectiveness of combined therapy in experimental leukemia

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Factor analysis of the environmental factor on microbial population in kwangyang bay korea

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Factor analysis of the halstead reitan neuropsychological battery including the wais and replications using the wais r

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Factor analysis of the impact of the environment on microbial communities in the tvarminne area southern coast of finland

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Factor analysis of the kirton adaptation innovation inventory

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Factor analysis of the luria nebraska neuropsychological battery by sensorimotor speech and conceptual item bands

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Factor analysis of the map 3s raine precipitation chemistry network 1976 1980

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Factor analysis of the mass spectra of oligo deoxy ribo nucleotides/

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Factor analysis of the norwegian version of the test anxiety scale for children

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Factor analysis of the rathus assertiveness schedule and the personal report of communication apprehension 24 replication and extension

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Factor analysis of the responses of british uk university students to the fear survey schedule

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Factor analysis of the sexual interaction inventory

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Factor analysis of the social performance survey schedule

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Factor analysis of the stewart personality inventory research form and its correlations with some other personality instruments

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Factor analysis of the washout phase in xenon 133 ventilation study

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Factor analysis of the wechsler adult intelligence scale and wechsler memory scale an analysis of the construct validity of the wechsler memory scale

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Factor analysis of the wechsler intelligence scale for children revised for gifted students a replication and comparison

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Factor analysis of the wechsler memory scale wms with the wais and the wais r

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Factor analysis of the wisc and wisc r a polish comparison

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Factor analysis of tree distribution patterns in oklahoma

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Factor analysis suggesting contrasting determinants for different blood pressure measurements

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Factor analysis used to study the incidence of 2 nematodes on growth and nitrogen fixation of peanut

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Factor analytic attempt at typing the upper paleolithic and mesolithic of europe

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Factor analytic composition of the geriatric rating scale

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Factor analytic evaluation of differences between black and caucasian emotionally disturbed children on the children's depression inventory

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Factor analytic examination of role attitudes of married women

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Factor analytic studies of depression higher order factors and their clinical significance

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Factor analytic studies of human brain damage part 1 first order and second order factors and their brain correlates

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Factor analytic study of the embedded figures and rod and frame tests

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Factor analytic study of the illinois test of psycho linguistic abilities and the frostig test

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Factor analytic study of the kaufmann assessment battery for children

Stein, M.I.; Lifshutz, H.; Mauss, E.A., 1983:
Factor analytic study of the Kurtzman Community Dental Health Ideology Scale

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Factor analytic support for diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders iii post traumatic stress disorder for vietnam veterans

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Factor analytic support for psychosocial and vocational mentoring functions

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Factor analytical and correlational study of just world scale

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Factor analytical study of Nunnally's scale of popular concepts of mental health

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Factor and gtp dependent release of deacylated transfer rna from 70s ribosomes

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Factor and principal component analyses as alternatives to index selection

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Factor assay factor viii and factor ix results in the college of american pathologists survey program 1980 1982

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Factor b and glyoxalase genes in insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

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Factor b polymorphism analysis by isoelectric focusing in immobilized ph gradients followed by immunoblotting

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Factor b polymorphism and its relationship with hla antigens in a sample of the spanish population high properdin factor bf 1 frequencies

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Factor b polymorphism another variant s o 8

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Factor b polymorphism in four asian populations electrophoretic characterization of a subtype of f and of new variants in the chinese

Nerl, C.; O'neill, G.J., 1982:
Factor b polymorphism in north american blacks new variant bf f 1.35

Sundsmo, J.S.; Chin, J.R.; Papin, R.A.; Fair, D.S.; Werb, Z., 1985:
Factor B, the complement alternative pathway serine proteinase, is a major constitutive protein synthesized and secreted by resident and elicited mouse macrophages

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Factor causing the clumping reaction of streptococcal strains with human plasma

D.K.ey S.J.; Ehly S.W., 1981:
Factor cluster classification of profiles from personality inventory for children in a school setting

Barrett P., 1986:
Factor comparison an examination of three methods

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Factor comparison of 2 minnesota multiphasic personality inventory short forms

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Factor D of the alternative pathway of bovine complement: isolation and characterization

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Factor d of the alternative pathway of human complement purification alignment and amino terminal amino acid sequences of the major cyanogen bromide fragments and localization of the serine residue at the active site

Nakamura W.; Komatsu K., 1987:
Factor derived from tumor cells lowering thermotolerance in mice

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Factorial structure of the UCLA Loneliness Scale

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Factorial study of wechsler intelligence scale for children in reading writing

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