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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5445

Chapter 5445 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sherry, C.J.; Klemm, W.R., 1982:
Failure of large doses of ethanol to eliminate Markovian serial dependencies in neuronal spike train intervals

Gilmore, J.P.; Zucker, I.H., 1978:
Failure of left atrial distension to alter renal function in the nonhuman primate

McNurlan, M.A.; Fern, E.B.; Garlick, P.J., 1982:
Failure of leucine to stimulate protein synthesis in vivo

Murray G.M.; Scott B.J.; Hochman Z.; Butler B.J., 1987:
Failure of liming to increase grain yield of wheat and triticale in acid soils may be due to the associated increase in incidence of take all gaeumannomyces graminis var tritici

Black F.L.; Salzano F.M.; Berman L.L.; Gabbay Y.; Weimer T.A.; Franco M.H.L.P.; Pandey J.P., 1983:
Failure of linguistic relationships to predict genetic distances between the waiapi and other tribes of lower amazonia south america

Brown, O.R., 1975:
Failure of lipoic acid to protect against acute cellular oxygen toxicity in escherichia coli

Stein, R.S.; Vogler, W.R.; Lefante, J., 1984:
Failure of lithium to limit neutropenia significantly during induction therapy of acute myelogenous leukemia. A Southeastern Cancer Study Group study

Beaumont, J.E.; Kotchen, T.A.; Galla, J.H.; Luke, R.G., 1977:
Failure of loading with sodium bi carbonate to protect against acute renal failure induced by mercuric chloride in the rat

Batchelor, J.R.; Welsh, K.I.; Maynard, A.; Burgos, H., 1979:
Failure of long surviving passively enhanced kidney allo grafts to provoke thymus derived cell dependent allo immunity 1. re transplantation of as x aug f 1 kidneys into secondary as recipients

Welsh, K.I.; Batchelor, J.R.; Maynard, A.; Burgos, H., 1979:
Failure of long surviving passively enhanced kidney allo grafts to provoke thymus derived cell dependent allo immunity 2. re transplantation of as x aug f 1 kidneys from as primary recipients into as x wf f 1 secondary hosts

Yue K.T.N.; Davis J.W., 1982:
Failure of low temperature to arrest degradation of carbon 14 labeled adp by human plasma in the presence of edta

Preston, K.S.; Switzer, W.P., 1976:
Failure of lungworm larvae infected earthworms to transmit mycoplasmal pneumonia to swine

Sasser, R.G.; Niswender, G.D.; Nett, T.M., 1977:
Failure of luteinizing hormone and or prolactin to prevent prostaglandin f 2 alpha induced luteolysis of ovine corpora lutea

Harrower, A.D.B.; Yap, P.L.; Cameron, E.H.D.; Lidgard, G.P., 1977:
Failure of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone and insulin to further augment thyrotropin release in primary hypo thyroidism

Schuurman R.K.B.; Van Rood J.J.; Vossen J.M.; Schellekens P.T.A.; Feltkamp Vroom T.M.; Doyer E.; Gmelig Meyling F.; Visser H.K.A., 1979:
Failure of lymphocyte membrane hla a and hla b expression in 2 siblings with combined immuno deficiency

Berkelhammer, J.; Mastrangelo, M.J.; Bellet, R.E.; Prehn, R.T.; Thibault, L.H., 1978:
Failure of lymphocyte micro cyto toxicity to distinguish relapsers from nonrelapsers in melanoma patients receiving post surgical adjuvant chemo therapy

DiGiovanna, J.J.; Blank, H., 1984:
Failure of lysine in frequently recurrent herpes simplex infection. Treatment and prophylaxis

Watkins D.; Rosenblatt D.S., 1986:
Failure of lysosomal release of vitamin b 12 a new complementation group causing methylmalonic aciduria cb 1f

Barguño, J.M.; del Pozo, E.; Cruz, M.; Figueras, J., 1988:
Failure of maintained hyperprolactinemia to improve lactational performance in late puerperium

Harte, P.G.; Playfair, J.H.L., 1983:
Failure of malaria vaccination in mice born to immune mothers 2. induction of specific suppressor cells by maternal immuno globulin g

Noodén, L.D., 1973:
Failure of maleic hydrazide to act as a sulfhydryl or carbonyl reagent

Araujo, R.L.; Borges, E.L.; Silva, J.D.B.; Vieira, E.C., 1978:
Failure of massive oral doses of vitamin a to prevent hypo vitaminosis

Stimmel B.; Korts D.; Jackson G.; Gilbert H.S., 1983:
Failure of mean red cell volume of serve as a biologic marker for alcoholism in narcotic dependence a randomized control trial

Husain, M.; Alsever, R.N.; Lock, J.P.; George, W.F.; Katz, F.H., 1978:
Failure of medullary carcinoma of the thyroid to respond to doxorubicin therapy

Caraceni T.; Parati E.A.; Girotti F.; Celano I.; Frigerio C.; Cocchi D.; Muller E.E., 1979:
Failure of melanocyte stimulating hormone inhibiting factor to affect behavioral responses in patients with parkinsons disease under l dopa therapy

Hogger C.H.; Johnson A.W.; Estey R.H., 1979:
Failure of meloidogyne incognita to over winter in quebec canada

Sanders P.L., 1984:
Failure of metalaxyl to control pythium blight on turfgrass in pennsylvania usa

Platt H.W., 1985:
Failure of metalaxyl to eradicate late blight on potatoes solanum tuberosum cultivar green mountain

Kojima N.; Young C.R.; Bates G.W., 1982:
Failure of metallo thionein to bind iron or act as an iron mobilizing agent

Degli Uberti, E.; Trasforini, G.; Margutti, A.; Rotola, C.; L.V.cchio, G., 1981:
Failure of metergoline to affect the circadian periodicity of plasma cortisol levels in healthy man

Lijinsky, W.; Knutsen, G.; Reuber, M.D., 1983:
Failure of methapyrilene to induce tumors in hamsters or guinea pigs

Schrieber, L.; Mullins, W.W.; Plotz, P.H., 1985:
Failure of methotrexate and methylprednisolone to alter the clearance of model immune complexes

Goldman, R.A.; Schaff, H.V.; Flaherty, J.T.; Bulkley, B.H.; Brawley, R.K.; Donahoo, J.S.; Gott, V.L., 1978:
Failure of methyl prednisolone to protect myo cardial function or prevent myo cardial edema following ischemic cardiac arrest

Kohl, R.L.; Kohl, R.L., 1987:
Failure of metoclopramide to control emesis or nausea due to stressful angular or linear acceleration

Spitz I.M.; Trestian S.; Cohen H.; Arnon N.; Leroith D., 1979:
Failure of metoclopramide to influence luteinizing hormone follicle stimulating hormone and thyrotropin secretion or their responses to releasing hormones

Hägermark, O.; Anderson, P.; Nordlind, K., 1984:
Failure of mexiletine to relieve severe pruritus

Shur, E.; Checkley, S.; Delgado, I., 1983:
Failure of mianserin to affect autonomic function in the pupils of depressed patients

Bergson, A.; Lobue, J.; Fredrickson, T.N.; Gordon, A.S., 1977:
Failure of mice infected with rauscher leukemia virus to develop splenic colonies

Kastin A.J.; Nissen C.; Olson R.D., 1982:
Failure of mif 1 prolylleucyl glycinamide or naloxone to reverse ischemic induced neurologic deficits in gerbils

Krasnoff, A., 1977:
Failure of minnesota multiphasic personality inventory scales to predict treatment completion

Thomas J.A.; Schein L.G.; Gupta P.K.; Mccafferty R.E.; Felice P.R.; Donovan M.P., 1979:
Failure of mono ethylhexyl phthalate to cause teratogenic effects in offspring of rabbits

Gigliotti, F.; Shenep, J.L., 1985:
Failure of monoclonal antibodies to core glycolipid to bind intact smooth strains of Escherichia coli

Schachter, J.; Martin, D.H., 1987:
Failure of multiple passages to increase chlamydial recovery

Santori E.M.; Schmidt D.E.; Kalivas P.W.; Horita A., 1981:
Failure of muscarinic blockade to antagonize analepsis induced by thyrotropin releasing hormone and mk 771 l pyro 2 aminoadipylhistadyl thiazolidine 4 carboximide in the rat

Fumarulo R.; Riccardi S.; Giordano D.; D.R.naldis P.; Monno R.; Fumarola D.; Miragliotta G., 1987:
Failure of mycoplasmal lipopolysaccharides lipoglycans to influence human neutrophil chemotaxis degranulation and respiratory burst

Huebner R.; Boecker R.; Estler C J., 1983:
Failure of naftidrofuryl to prevent ethanol induced metabolic changes in the liver

Blankstein J.; Reyes F.; Winter J.; Faiman C., 1979:
Failure of naloxone to alter growth hormone and prolactin levels in acromegalic and in hyper prolactinemic patients

Holtzman S.G., 1979:
Failure of naloxone to modify the effects of chlorpromazine and dextro amphetamine on avoidance behavior in the squirrel monkey saimiri sciureus

Davis, G.C.; Extein, I.; Reus, V.I.; Hamilton, W.; Post, R.M.; Goodwin, F.K.; Bunney, W.E., 1980:
Failure of naloxone to reduce manic symptoms

Lal S.; Cervantes P.; Nair N.P.V., 1980:
Failure of naloxone to reverse catalepsy associated with schizophrenia a case

Barraclough C.J.; Lowe R.A., 1982:
Failure of naloxone to reverse the cardio toxicity of distalgesic over dose

Diatloff A.; Saint Smith J., 1981:
Failure of navy beans phaseolus vulgaris to respond to inoculation with rhizobium

Nicodemus H.F.; Mcelroy H., 1981:
Failure of naxolone or physostigmine to reverse nitrogen anesthesia in guinea pigs

Pimm, M.V.; Cook, A.J.; Baldwin, R.W., 1978 :
Failure of neuraminidase treatment to influence tumorigenicity or immunogenicity of syngeneically transplanted rat tumor cells

Moore, G.J.; Swann, R.W.; Lederis, K., 1977:
Failure of neuro hypophyseal neuro secretory granule lysate to liberate arginine vasopressin from synthetic model pro hormones simulating covalent attachment of arginine vasopressin to neurophysin

Jyujo, T.; Sato, T., 1976:
Failure of neuro transmitter blockers to alter prostaglandin e 2 induced luteinizing hormone release

Bellemare, F.; Garzaniti, N., 1988:
Failure of neuromuscular propagation during human maximal voluntary contraction

Chao, C.C.; Scribner, K.A.; Dixon, J.E.; Malven, P.V., 1987:
Failure of neuropeptide Y to modulate the release of LH and prolactin by cultured bovine pituitary cells

Perronne C.; Regnier B.; Legrand P.; Bure A.; Frottier J.; Vilde J.L.; Vachon F., 1986:
Failure of new beta lactam antibiotics in the treatment of severe infections caused by enterobacter cloacae

Foster, E.; DeJong, D.; Connelly, C.; Apstein, C.S., 1984:
Failure of nifedipine and reperfusion to reduce infarct size relative to region at risk as measured by NADH fluorophotography

Vibulsresth, S.; Dietrich, W.D.; Busto, R.; Ginsberg, M.D., 1987:
Failure of nimodipine to prevent ischemic neuronal damage in rats

Nathan, D.G.; Baehner, R.L.; Weaver, D.K., 1969:
Failure of nitro blue tetrazolium reduction in the phagocytic vacuoles of leukocytes in chronic granulomatous disease

Jacobs, L.S.; Mendelson, W.B.; Rubin, R.T.; Bauman, J.E., 1978:
Failure of nocturnal prolactin suppression by methysergide to entrain changes in testosterone in normal men

Bowie, W.R.; Willetts, V.; Sibau, L., 1986:
Failure of norfloxacin to eradicate Chlamydia trachomatis in nongonococcal urethritis

Dauphinee M.J.; Talal N., 1979:
Failure of nzb new zealand black spleen to respond to prethymic bone marrow suppressor cells

McGivern, D.V.; Ward, M.; Macfarlane, J.T.; Roderick Smith, W.H., 1984:
Failure of once daily inhaled corticosteroid treatment to control chronic asthma

Login, I.S.; Macleod, R.M., 1979:
Failure of opiates to reverse dopamine inhibition of prolactin secretion in vitro

Beck-Peccoz, P.; Ferrari, C.; Rondena, M.; Paracchi, A.; Faglia, G., 1976:
Failure of oral 5 hydroxy tryptophan administration to affect prolactin secretion in man

Kalimo, K.O.; Joronen, I.A.; Havu, V.K., 1983:
Failure of oral inosiplex treatment of recurrent herpes simplex virus infections

Rudge, S.R.; Perrett, D.; Kelly, M., 1988:
Failure of oral thiomalate to act as an alternative to intramuscular gold in rheumatoid arthritis

Egerton, J.R.; Laing, E.A.; Mulley, R.C., 1985:
Failure of oral zinc therapy to alleviate Bacteroides nodosus infections in cattle and sheep

Kisary, J.; Kelemen, M., 1981:
Failure of orally administered attenuated goose parvovirus strain B to induce a humoral immune response in adult geese

Cooke, E.D.; Dawson, M.H.O.; Ibbotson, R.M.; Bowcock, S.A.; Ainsworth, M.E.; Pilcher, M.F., 1977:
Failure of orally administered hydroxy chloroquine sulfate to prevent venous thrombo embolism following elective hip operations

Uchimura, H.; Amir, S.M.; Ingbar, S.H., 1979:
Failure of organic iodine enrichment to influence the binding of bovine thyrotropin to rat thyroid tissue

Guzman C.; Macleod R.J.; Hamilton J.R., 1988:
Failure of ornithine decarboxylase inhibition to alter small intestinal epithelial repair after transient segmental ischemia

Banzan A.M.; Donoso A.O., 1982:
Failure of ovulation caused by gamma amino butyric acid in the immature rat given pregnant mare serum gonadotropin

Ishikawa K.; Kanamasa K.; Yamakado T.; Kohashi Y.; Katori R., 1983:
Failure of oxygen breathing to decrease the myo cardial contractile force in de nervated dogs

Kaul, T.K.; Green, G.D.; Bain, W.H., 1979:
Failure of pacemaker electrode leads

Anhalt, J.P.; Nelson, R., 1982:
Failure of padac test strips to detect staphylococcal beta lactamase ec

Cooper, D.S.; Jacobs, L.S., 1977:
Failure of papaverine to alter l dopa influenced growth hormone and prolactin secretion

Bawden J.W.; Deaton T.G.; Timko D.A.; Crenshaw M.A., 1985:
Failure of parathyroid hormone calcitonin or vitamin d metabolites to influence calcium transport in the maturation stage enamel organ

Northrop, G.; Misenhimer, H.R.; Becker, F.O., 1977:
Failure of parathyroid hormone to cross the nonhuman primate placenta

Reilly E.L.; Kelley J.T.; Pena Y.M., 1985:
Failure of pavulon to consistently provide adequate electromyographic attenuation for recording electrocerebral inactivity

Panwalker, A.P., 1982:
Failure of penicillin in anaerobic necrotizing pneumonia

Gardner, S.E.; Yow, M.D.; Leeds, L.J.; Thompson, P.K.; Mason, E.O.; Clark, D.J., 1979:
Failure of penicillin to eradicate group B streptococcal colonization in the pregnant woman. A couple study

Keuppens, F.; Bremen, J.; Woussen-Colle, M.C.; De-Graef, J., 1976:
Failure of penta gastrin administration to restore post prandial acid secretion from heidenhain pouches after antrectomy in dogs

Iven H.; Zetler G., 1980:
Failure of peptides angiotensin brady kinin substance p physalemin methionine enkephalin to influence the cardiac action potential

Greenwood, K.; Armstrong, S.; Coleman, G., 1981:
Failure of periodic presentation of palatable diet to entrain feeding, drinking and activity rhythms under constant conditions

Vega F.A.; Halprin K.M.; Taylor J.R.; Woodyard C.; Comerford M., 1982:
Failure of periodic uv radiation treatments to prevent sensitization to nitrogen mustard a case

Jansen, R.P., 1988:
Failure of peritoneal irrigation with heparin during pelvic operations upon young women to reduce adhesions

Ayotte, P.; Pilon, D.; Plaa, G.L., 1987:
Failure of phenobarbital or butanediol pretreatment to potentiate tienilic acid hepatotoxicity in vivo in the rat

Ugazio, G.; Boccuzzi, G.; Guglielmone, R., 1988:
Failure of phenobarbitone to potentiate the adverse effects of two ethylene-bis-dithiocarbamate (EBDC) fungicides

Estler, C.J., 1979:
Failure of phenoxybenzamine and pimozide to diminish changes in oxygen consumption and body temperature produced by caffeine

Fulik M.M., 1984:
Failure of phomopsis phaseoli to produce mature pycnidia in senescent soybean stems at the end of the growing season

Birnboim, H.C.; Biggar, W.D., 1982:
Failure of phorbol myristate acetate to damage DNA in leukocytes from patients with chronic granulomatous disease

Patel, D.A.; Pildes, R.S.; Behrman, R.E., 1970:
Failure of photo therapy to reduce serum bilirubin in new born infants

Lange, R.; Nieminen, M.S.; Kloner, R.A., 1984:
Failure of pindolol and metoprolol to reduce the size of non-reperfused infarcts in dogs using area at risk techniques

Cheung, P.W.; McCormack, C.E., 1982:
Failure of pinealectomy or melatonin to alter circadian activity rhythm of the rat

Means, L.W.; Franklin, R.D.; Cliett, C.E., 1980:
Failure of piracetam to facilitate acquisition or retention in younger or older rats

Barbieri F.; Botticelli A.; Consarino R.; Genazzani A.R.; Volpe A., 1986:
Failure of placenta to produce human placental lactogen in an otherwise uneventful pregnancy a case report

Paul S.; Jailkhani B.L., 1982:
Failure of placental syncytiotropho blast to provoke allogeneic recognition by lymphocytes in vitro

Schepart B.S.; Mayers G.L.; Bankert R.B., 1985:
Failure of plaque forming cell inhibition assays to distinguish idiotypically between clonotypes that are readily distinguishable by radioimmunoassay analysis

Lewis, F.A.; Sher, A.; Colley, D.G., 1977:
Failure of plasma from human schistosomiasis mansoni patients to protect mice from Schistosoma mansoni cercarial challenge

Floras, J.; Vann Jones, J.; Hassan, M.O.; Osikowska, B.A.; Sever, P.S.; Sleight, P., 1986:
Failure of plasma norepinephrine to consistently reflect sympathetic activity in humans

Chapman, J.R.; Ting, A.; Fisher, M.; Carter, N.P.; Morris, P.J., 1986:
Failure of platelet transfusion to improve human renal allograft survival

Lanng Nielsen, J.; Karup Pedersen, F.; Ellegaard, J., 1982:
Failure of pneumococcal vaccination in a splenectomized child

Herer B.; Brivet F.; Fremaux A.; Geslin P.; Guibert M.; Tchernia G.; Dormont J., 1986:
Failure of pneumococcal vaccine and penicillin prophylaxis in two splenectomized patients

Traub, W.H.; Kohl, K.H.; Spohr, M.; Bauer, D., 1988:
Failure of polymyxin B nonapeptide to augment bactericidal activities of novobiocin, rifampin, and of defibrinated human blood against Serratia marcescens

Bellinger, L.L.; Trietley, G.J.; Bernardis, L.L., 1976:
Failure of portal glucose and adrenaline infusions or liver de nervation to affect food intake in dogs

Bergquist C.; Nillius S.J.; Wide L., 1982:
Failure of positive feedback of estradiol during chronic intra nasal lhrh agonist treatment

James J.; Macfarlane T.W.; Mcgowan D.A.; Mackenzie D., 1987:
Failure of post bacteremia delayed antibiotic prophylaxis of experimental rabbit endocarditis

Stabler, C.L.; Eismont, F.J.; Brown, M.D.; Green, B.A.; Malinin, T.I., 1985:
Failure of posterior cervical fusions using cadaveric bone graft in children

Hilton Jones D.; Harrad R.A.; Gill M.W.; Warlow C.P., 1982:
Failure of postural maneuvers to prevent lumbar puncture head ache

Ungell A L.; Graefe K H., 1987:
Failure of potassium ions to affect the potency of inhibitors of the neuronal noradrenaline carrier in the rat vas deferens

Hewitt, H.B.; Blake, E.R., 1978:
Failure of pre operative corynebacterium parvum vaccine to modify secondary disease following excision of 2 nonimmunogenic murine carcinomas

Geary G.G.; Fenton L.; Cheng G.; Smith G.T.; Siu B.; Mcnamara J.J., 1983:
Failure of pre treatment with propranolol to reduce the zone of myo cardial infarction after 2 hours of coronary occlusion in the primate heart

Swenson, P.D.; Escobar, M.R.; Carithers, R.L.; Sobieski, T.J., 1983:
Failure of preexisting antibody against hepatitis B surface antigen to prevent subsequent hepatitis B infection

Clancy, J.Jr, 1978:
Failure of pregnancy to restore immune competence in neo natally thymectomized rats

Warner, D.S.; Godersky, J.C.; Smith, M.L., 1988:
Failure of pre-ischemic lidocaine administration to ameliorate global ischemic brain damage in the rat

Gineitis, A.A.; Anachkova, B.; Russev, G., 1978:
Failure of preparative flat bed electro focusing to resolve rat liver chromosomal proteins/

Bahadur S.; Rath G.K.; D.S.; Chaudhary A.D.; Tandon D.A., 1987:
Failure of primary and regional sites following combined treatment in advanced head and neck cancer

Freeman, B.M.; Manning, A.C., 1976:
Failure of procaine penicillin and zinc bacitracin to modify the response of the fowl to stressors

Satyaswaroop, P.G.; Mortel, R., 1982:
Failure of progestins to induce estradiol dehydrogenase activity in endometrial carcinoma, in vitro

Parker, L.N.; Atienza, V.; Haggans, O.C.; Odell, W.D., 1981:
Failure of prolactin infusion to elicit adrenal androgen secretion

Sarkar, D.K.; Miki, N.; Meites, J., 1983:
Failure of prolactin short loop feedback mechanism to operate in old as compared to young female rats

Hammerman, C.; Strates, E.; Komar, K.; Bui, K., 1987:
Failure of prophylactic indomethacin to improve the outcome of the very low birth weight infant

Bastomsky C.H.; Lin K T., 1979:
Failure of propranolol to alter thyroid radio iodine uptake and serum concentrations of thyroxine and tri iodo thyronine in rats

Zauder, H.L.; Pauerstein, C.J.; Fremming, B.D.; Filner, B., 1970 :
Failure of propranolol to antagonize halothane depression of the uterus

Bassan, M.M.; Michaeli, J.; Shalev, O., 1987:
Failure of propranolol to improve exercise tolerance in patients with mitral stenosis in sinus rhythm

Gerdes, A.M.; Moore, J.A.; Bishop, S.P., 1985:
Failure of propranolol to prevent chronic hyperthyroid induced cardiac hypertrophy and multifocal cellular necrosis in the rat

Levine R.A.; Schwartzel E.H.Jr; Randall P.A.; Bachman S., 1979:
Failure of prostaglandin e 1 and prostaglandin e 2 to alter canine gastric mucosal cyclic nucleotides

Swartz, R.D.; Silva, P.; Epstein, F.H., 1978:
Failure of prostaglandin synthesis inhibitors and urea to increase concentrating ability in the isolated perfused rat kidney

Hendel D.; Halperin N.; Reif R., 1986:
Failure of prosthesis due to loosening at the bone cement interface

Becroft, D.M.O.; Barry, D.M.J.; Webster, D.R.; Simmonds, H.A., 1984:
Failure of protein loading tests to identify heterozygosity for ornithine carbamoyltransferase ec deficiency

Lagger R.L., 1979:
Failure of pyramidal tract decussation in the dandy walker syndrome report of 2 cases

Gutterman, D.D.; Chilian, W.M.; Eastham, C.L.; Inou, T.; White, C.W.; Marcus, M.L., 1986:
Failure of pyruvate to salvage myocardium after prolonged ischemia

Kazár, J.; Kovácová, E., 1983:
Failure of Q fever phase I corpuscular vaccine to influence the persistence and reactivation of Coxiella burnetii infection in mouse and guinea pig tissues

Lecklitner M.L.; Benedetto A.R.; Straw J.D., 1985:
Failure of quality control to detect errors in the preparation of technetium 99m disofenin

Unsworth D.J.; Scott D.L.; Walton K.W.; Walker Smith J.A.; Holborow E.J., 1984:
Failure of r 1 type anti reticulin antibody to react with fibronectin collagen type iii or the non collagenous reticulin component

Hanson, D.F.; Murphy, P.A.; Windle, B.E., 1980:
Failure of rabbit neutrophils to secrete endogenous pyrogen when stimulated with staphylococci

Yogev, L.; Gibber, J.R.; Terkel, J., 1983:
Failure of rat placenta to inhibit prolactin secretion by ectopic pituitary gland

Slotnick B.M.; Brosvic G.M., 1987:
Failure of rats to acquire a taste reversal learning set

Hof H., 1987:
Failure of recombinant murine gamma interferon to cure chronic listeriosis of nude athymic mice

Turnbull G.K.; Lennard Jones J.E.; Bartram C.I., 1986:
Failure of rectal expulsion as a cause of constipation why fiber and laxatives sometimes fail

Shah D.M.; Gottlieb M.E.; Rahm R.L.; Stratton H.H.; Barie P.S.; Paloski W.H.; Newell J.C., 1982:
Failure of red blood cell transfusion to increase oxygen transport or mixed venous oxygen tension in injured patients

Wyss J.M.; Sripairojthikoon W.; Oparil S., 1987:
Failure of renal denervation to attenuate hypertension in dahl sodium chloride sensitive rats

Williams, G.H.; Hollenberg, N.K.; Moore, T.J.; Dluhy, R.G.; Bavli, S.Z.; Solomon, H.S.; Mersey, J.H., 1978:
Failure of renin suppression by angiotensin II in hypertension

Terblanche J.; Bornman P.C.; Kahn D.; Jonker M.A.T.; Campbell J.A.H.; Wright J.; Kirsch R., 1983:
Failure of repeated injection sclero therapy to improve long term survival after esophageal variceal bleeding a 5 year prospective controlled clinical trial

Ambrosino, N.; Paggiaro, P.L.; Roselli, M.G.; Contini, V., 1984:
Failure of resistive breathing training to improve pulmonary function tests in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Affrime, M.B.; Lowenthal, D.T.; Rufo, M., 1981:
Failure of rifampin to induce the metabolism of clonidine in normal volunteers

McCormick, D.P.; Wenzel, R.P.; Smith, E.P.; Beam, W.E., 1972:
Failure of rifampin to inhibit adenovirus replication

Kucera, L.S., 1973:
Failure of rifampin to inhibit frog polyhedral cytoplasmic deoxyribovirus multiplication

Mayne, L.V.; Lehmann, A.R., 1982:
Failure of RNA synthesis to recover after UV irradiation: an early defect in cells from individuals with Cockayne's syndrome and xeroderma pigmentosum

Jones, J.P.; Overman, A.J.; Crill, P., 1976:
Failure of root knot nematode to affect fusarium oxysporum f sp lycopersici wilt resistance of tomato

Hanley, S.P.; Hughes, J., 1983:
Failure of salicylate to reduce inhibition of human venous prostacyclin in synthesis by conventional dose aspirin

Levine, R.J.; Khan, M.R.; D'souza, S.; Nalin, D.R., 1976:
Failure of sanitary wells to protect against cholera and other diarrheas in bangladesh

Munda, R.; Alexander, J.W., 1980:
Failure of saralasin in preventing renal failure in ischemic transplanted kidneys

Middleton, J.; Franks, D.; Buchanan, R.B.; Hall, V.; Smallwood, J.; Williams, C.J., 1985:
Failure of scalp hypothermia to prevent hair loss when cyclophosphamide is added to doxorubicin and vincristine

Stanley, J.G.; Fleming, W.R., 1977:
Failure of sea water acclimation to alter osmotic toxicity in fundulus kansae

Kaloyanides, G.J.; Cohen, L.; DiBona, G.F., 1977:
Failure of selected endocrine organ ablation to modify the natriuresis of blood volume expansion in the dog

Soini, I.; Hakama, M., 1978:
Failure of selective screening for breast cancer by combining risk factors

Shamsuzzaman K.; Haard N.F., 1986:
Failure of sepharose pepsin as an immobilized milk clotting enzyme

Kanto, W.P.; Kuhns, L.P.; Borer, R.C.; Roloff, D.W., 1978:
Failure of serial chest radiographs to predict recovery from respiratory distress syndrome

Schachter J.; Cles L.; Ray R.; Hines P.A., 1979:
Failure of serology in diagnosing chlamydial chlamydia trachomatis infections of the female genital tract

Heckford S.E.; Eccles S.A.; Powles T.J.; Alexander P., 1982:
Failure of short term treatment with flurbiprofen to enhance the therapeutic effect of cyclo phosphamide against rodent sarcomas and a leukemia

Califf, R.M.; O'Neil, W.; Stack, R.S.; Aronson, L.; Mark, D.B.; Mantell, S.; George, B.S.; Candela, R.J.; Kereiakes, D.J.; Abbottsmith, C., 1988:
Failure of simple clinical measurements to predict perfusion status after intravenous thrombolysis

Gerding, D.N.; Kozak, A.J.; Peterson, L.R.; Hall, W.H., 1980:
Failure of single doses of cefazolin and cefamandole to penetrate experimental chronic Escherichia coli abdominal abscesses

Kotchen, T.A.; Galla, J.H.; Luke, R.G., 1976:
Failure of sodium bi carbonate and potassium bi carbonate to inhibit renin in the rat

Galla, J.H.; Kotchen, T.A.; Luke, R.G., 1977:
Failure of sodium iodide loading to inhibit renin in the rat

Husain, A.; Jones, C.W.; Day, M.D., 1978:
Failure of sodium loading to influence the concentration of iso renin in rat brain

Macaron, C.; Kyncl, M.; Rutsky, L.; Halpern, B.; Brewer, J., 1978:
Failure of somatostatin to affect human chorionic somatomammotropin and human chorionic gonadotropin secretion in vitro

Read, G.W.; Koerker, D.J.; Lagunoff, D., 1977:
Failure of somatostatin to inhibit histamine secretion by mast cells

Morgan M.J.; Watt R.J., 1983:
Failure of spatio temporal interpolation a filtering model

Huang, H.F.; Marshall, G.R., 1983:
Failure of spermatid release under various vitamin A states - an indication of delayed spermiation

Logue, G.L.; Huang, A.T.; Shimm, D.S., 1981 :
Failure of splenectomy in Felty's syndrome. The role of antibodies supporting granulocyte lysis by lymphocytes

Effler S.W.; Perkins M.G., 1987:
Failure of spring turnover in onondaga lake new york usa

Sava N.; Stanca Circioiu M.; Gartner A.; Anastasatu C., 1981:
Failure of standardized treatment in pulmonary tuberculosis possibilities for prevention and therapeutic recovery

Waxman, B.P.; Douglas, M.C.; McLeish, A.R., 1986:
Failure of staple closure and large bowel anastomotic leakage

Von Wendt L.; Simila S.; Saukkonen A L.; Koivisto M., 1980:
Failure of strychnine treatment during the neo natal period in 3 finnish children with nonketotic hyper glycinemia

Andersson A.; Eriksson U.; Petersson B.; Reibring L.; Swenne I., 1981:
Failure of successful intra splenic transplantation of islets from lean mice to cure obese hyper glycemic mice despite islet growth

Dean J.L., 1982:
Failure of sugarcane mosaic virus to survive in culture sugarcane saccharum spp tissue

Ragheb, M.A.; Powell, A.L., 1986:
Failure of sulindac to increase serum lithium levels

Zanoboni A.; Fresia P.; Zanoboni Muciaccia W., 1981:
Failure of sulpiride to affect aldo sterone secretion in normal man

Gallagher, K.P.; Buda, A.J.; Pace, D.; Gerren, R.A.; Shlafer, M., 1986:
Failure of superoxide dismutase and catalase to alter size of infarction in conscious dogs after 3 hours of occlusion followed by reperfusion

Phillips B.; Rundell K., 1988:
Failure of sv 40 small t antigen to disorganize actin cables in nonpermissive cell lines

Rakusan, K.; Wicker, P.; Abdul-Samad, M.; Healy, B.; Turek, Z., 1987:
Failure of swimming exercise to improve capillarization in cardiac hypertrophy of renal hypertensive rats

Brown T.Jr; Mengeling W.L.; Pirtle E.E., 1982:
Failure of swine influenza virus to cause trans placental infection of porcine fetuses

Shea, V.K.; Perl, E.R., 1985:
Failure of sympathetic stimulation to affect responsiveness of rabbit polymodal nociceptors

Fearon, K.C.; Tisdale, M.J.; Preston, T.; Plumb, J.A.; Calman, K.C., 1985:
Failure of systemic ketosis to control cachexia and the growth rate of the Walker 256 carcinosarcoma in rats

Emami, A.; Saldanha, R.; Knupp, C.; Kodroff, M., 1987:
Failure of systemic thrombolytic and heparin therapy in the treatment of neonatal aortic thrombosis

Dosch, H.M.; Gelfand, E.W., 1981:
Failure of t cell and b cell cooperation during graft vs. host disease

Davis D.E., 1987:
Failure of temperature to entrain a circannual rhythm of mass in california ground squirrels spermophilus beecheyi

Van-Emden, H.F., 1977:
Failure of the aphid myzus persicae to compensate for poor diet during early growth

Traub W.H., 1983:
Failure of the commercial human immuno globulin g preparation polyglobin to enhance combined phagocytic and serum bactericidal activity of normal blood against serratia marcescens

Levitan H.L., 1981:
Failure of the defensive functions of the ego in dreams of psycho somatic patients

Monteleone P.; Zontini G.; Steardo L., 1985:
Failure of the gamma aminobutyric acid ergic drug sodium valproate to reduce basal plasma prolactin secretion in chronic schizophrenia

Gardiner A.J.; Tarlow M.J.; Symonds J.; Hutchison J.G.P.; Sutherland I.T., 1981:
Failure of the hydrogen breath test to detect primary sugar mal absorption

Wooten A.J., 1983:
Failure of the hypochondriasis psychasthenia index to distinguish organic from functional patients

Tawil, E.A.; Gregory, J.G., 1986:
Failure of the Jonas prosthesis

Bur G.E.; Simon J.M.; Aquilano D.R.; Scaglia H.E., 1987:
Failure of the muellerian regression factor in two patients with complete androgen insensitivity syndrome

Brill, E.; Radomski, J.L.; Macdonald, W.E., 1977:
Failure of the n oxidized metabolites of some carcinogenic amines to induce tumors in normal and wounded rat skin

Stewart P.M.; Walser M., 1980:
Failure of the normal ureagenic response to amino acids in organic acid loaded rats proposed mechanism for the hyper ammonemia of propionic acidemia and methyl malonic acidemia

Bennich, H.; Ragnarsson, U.; Johansson, S.G.O.; Ishizaka, K.; Ishizaka, T.; Levy, D.A.; Lichtenstein, L.M., 1977:
Failure of the putative immuno globulin e penta peptide to compete with immuno globulin e for receptors on basophils and mast cells

Laurenzi L.; Russo A.; Annibali B.; Biagiotti E.; D.B.asi R.A.; Mauriello A.; Pierdominici S., 1988:
Failure of the ranitidine in the patients with multiorganic failure

Sterling W.L.; Jones D.; Dean D.A., 1979:
Failure of the red imported fire ant solenopsis invicta to reduce entomophagous insect and spider abundance in a cotton agro ecosystem

Pazzaglia U.E.; Ghisellini F.; Barbieri D.; Ceciliani L., 1988:
Failure of the stem in total hip replacement a study of etiology and mechanism of failure in 13 cases

Baum M.J.; Kingsbury P.A.; Erskine M.S., 1987:
Failure of the synthetic androgen 17 beta hydroxy 17 alpha methylestra 4 9 11 trien 3 one methyltrienolone r 1881 to duplicate the activational effect of testosterone on mating in castrated male rats

Irvine W.J.; Gray R.S.; Toft A.D.; Seth J.; Cameron E.H.D., 1979:
Failure of the thyroliberin test to predict the clinical course of patients in remission after anti thyroid drug therapy for graves disease

Rein, M.F.; Banks, G.W.; Logan, L.C.; Larsen, S.A.; Feeley, J.C.; Kellogg, D.S.; Wiesner, P.J., 1980:
Failure of the Treponema pallidum immobilization test to provide additional diagnostic information about contemporary problem sera

Miller D.R.; Istone L.; Burkart W.; Young W.; Blight A.R.; Burns F.J., 1987:
Failure of the tumor promoter 12 o tetradecanoylphorbol 13 acetate tpa to inhibit cell cell coupling in newborn mouse epidermal cells and chinese hamster v79 cells under non standard culture conditions

Taniuchi, S.; Tamoto, K.; Koyama, J., 1978:
Failure of the usual anti immuno globulin antibody method for quantitative measurement of low affinity antibodies

Reimer, K.A.; Jennings, R.B., 1985 :
Failure of the xanthine oxidase inhibitor allopurinol to limit infarct size after ischemia and reperfusion in dogs

Jimenez-Lucho, V.E.; Saravolatz, L.D.; Medeiros, A.A.; Pohlod, D., 1986:
Failure of therapy in pseudomonas endocarditis: selection of resistant mutants

Hammond, J.J., 1980:
Failure of therapy to improve prognosis in elderly males with hypertension

Majsky A.; Korinkova P.; Cermak J., 1985:
Failure of therapy with thrombocyte concentrates as a consequence of anti ko b 3b antibodies in a patient

Snyder, B.D.; Ramirez-Lassepas, M.; Sukhum, P.; Fryd, D.; Sung, J.H., 1979:
Failure of thiopental to modify global anoxic injury

Kitzen, J.M.; Lynch, J.J.; Uprichard, A.C.; Venkatesh, N.; Lucchesi, B.R., 1988:
Failure of thromboxane synthetase inhibition to protect the postinfarcted heart against the induction of ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation in a conscious canine model of sudden coronary death

Martinez, D.; Field, A.K.; Schwam, H.; Tytell, A.A.; Hilleman, M.R., 1978:
Failure of thymopoietin ubiquitin and synthetic serum thymic factor to restore immuno competence in thymus derived cell deficient mice

Dennert, G.; De-Rose, M.; Allen, R.S., 1977:
Failure of thymus derived cells specific for strong histo compatibility antigens to cooperate with bone marrow derived cells for a humoral response

Stevenson J.S.; Lucy M.C.; Call E.P., 1987:
Failure of timed inseminations and associated luteal function in dairy cattle after two injections of prostaglandin f 2 alpha

Guthrie D.; Way S., 1979:
Failure of topical di nitrochloro benzoate immuno therapy in most patients with nonclinical carcinoma of the cervix

Fang C.; Alexander J.W.; Macmillan B.G.; Austin L.S., 1983:
Failure of topical prostaglandin inhibitors in improve wound healing following deep partial thickness burns

Ladenson, J.H.; Lewis, J.W.; Boyd, J.C., 1978:
Failure of total calcium corrected for protein, albumin, and pH to correctly assess free calcium status

Schneider, R.; Abenavoli, A.M.; Soudry, M.; Insall, J., 1984:
Failure of total condylar knee replacement. Correlation of radiographic, clinical, and surgical findings

Lloyd, T.C.; Cooper, J.A., 1980:
Failure of tracheal distension to inhibit breathing in anesthetized dogs

Dev B.; Schinermann J., 1979:
Failure of trans mural pressure difference to affect glomerular filtration rate of superficial nephrons during ureteral pressure elevation

Hovmark, A.; Ekre, H.P., 1978:
Failure of transfer factor therapy in atopic dermatitis

Kim W.C.; Shaffer J.W.; Idzikowski C., 1983:
Failure of treatment of ununited fractures of the carpal scaphoid role of noncompliance

Linnoila M.; Mattila M.J.; Karhunen P.; Nuotto E.; Seppala T., 1981:
Failure of trh and org 2766 4 methionine sulfone 8 d lysine 9 phenylalanine acth 4 9 hexa peptide to counteract alcoholic inebriation in man

Lenz, G.; Hempel, V.; Gloeser, A.; Dangelmaier, R., 1986:
Failure of trh to reverse fentanyl flunitrazepam anesthesia in man

Croxson, M.S.; Hall, T.D.; Nicoloff, J.T., 1977:
Failure of tri iodo thyronine to inhibit thyrotropin mediated thyroid hormone release in man

Rovis L.; Musoke A.J.; Moloo S.K., 1984:
Failure of trypanosomal membrane antigens to induce protection against tsetse transmitted trypanosoma vivax or trypanosoma brucei in goats and rabbits

Weinberger, S.B.; Knapp, S.; Mandell, A.J., 1978:
Failure of tryptophan load induced increases in brain serotonin to alter food intake in the rat

Briggs, J.P.; Schnermann, J.; Wright, F.S., 1980:
Failure of tubule fluid osmolarity to affect feedback regulation of glomerular filtration

Belokhvostov A.S., 1984:
Failure of tumor ascitic liquid nucleic factor to precipitate in ultracentrifugation

Ziegler, D.K.; Stewart, R., 1977:
Failure of tyramine to induced migraine

Radius R.L.; Schwartz E.L.; Anderson D.R., 1980:
Failure of unilateral carotid artery ligation to affect pressure induced interruption of rapid axonal transport in primate aotus trivirgatus optic nerves

Spencer R.P.; Lee Y.S.; Sziklas J.J.; Rosenberg R.J.; Karimeddini M.K., 1983:
Failure of uptake of radio colloid by the femoral heads a diagnostic problem

Shivers, B.D., 1978:
Failure of urethane anesthetic to block induction of pineal serotonin n acetyl transferase ec activity in the rat

Janicak P.G.; Davis J.M.; Chan C.; Altman E.; Hedeker D., 1986 :
Failure of urinary 3 methoxy 4 hydroxyphenylglycol levels to predict treatment response in patients with unipolar depression

Miller, C.S.; Dove, S.B.; Cottone, J.A., 1988:
Failure of use of cemental annulations in teeth to determine the age of humans

Penrose L.J.; Nicholls M.R.; Koffmann W., 1987:
Failure of uv irradiation to reduce blue mould infections beneficially in an experimental water handling system for pome fruit

Gibbs N.K.; Young A.R.; Magnus I.A., 1985:
Failure of uv radiation dose reciprocity for skin tumorigenesis in hairless mice treated with 8 methoxypsoralen

Phillips T.R.; Schultz R.D., 1988:
Failure of vaccine or virulent strains of canine parvovirus to induced immunosuppressive effects on the immune system of the dog

Eng, R.H.; Smith, S.M.; Goldstein, E.J.; Miyasaki, K.T.; Quah, S.E.; Buccini, F., 1986:
Failure of vancomycin prophylaxis and treatment for Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans endocarditis

Schmidt, W.K.; Holaday, J.W.; Loh, H.H.; Way, E.L., 1978:
Failure of vasopressin and oxytocin to antagonize acute morphine anti nociception of facilitate narcotic tolerance development

Sakagami, H.; Yamada, M.A., 1977:
Failure of vitamin e to extend the life span of a human di ploid cell line in culture

Epstein, M.; Pins, D.S.; Silvers, W.; Loutzenhiser, R.; Canterbury, J.M.; Reiss, E., 1976:
Failure of water immersion to influence parathyroid hormone secretion and renal phosphate handling in normal man

Hickson, J.F.; Wolinsky, I.; Rodriguez, G.P.; Pivarnik, J.M.; Kent, M.C.; Shier, N.W., 1986:
Failure of weight training to affect urinary indices of protein metabolism in men

Gillmer, M.D.G.; Fox, E.J.; Jacobs, H.S., 1978:
Failure of withdrawal bleeding during combined oral contraceptive therapy amenorrhea on the pill

Gordon, J., 1976:
Failure of XX cells containing the sex reversed gene to produce gametes in allophenic mice

Khera K.S.; Shah B.G., 1979:
Failure of zinc acetate to reduce ethylene thio urea induced fetal anomalies in rats

Perret G.; Bladier D.; Vassy R.; Cornillot P., 1982:
Failure on in vivo and in vitro re sialosylation of vibrio cholerae neuraminidase desialylated erythrocytes in mammalian and nonmammalian species evidence from agglutination studies with peanut agglutinin

Favrin S.; Sarramon M.F.; Hanayen N.; Amouroux J.; Reme J.M., 1988:
Failure or success concerning a case where the number of embryos was reduced in a septuplet pregnancy

Willett, C.G.; Tepper, J.E.; Cohen, A.M.; Orlow, E.; Welch, C.E., 1984:
Failure patterns following curative resection of colonic carcinoma

Stomper, P.C.; Socinski, M.A.; Kaplan, W.D.; Garnick, M.B., 1988:
Failure patterns of nonseminomatous testicular germ cell tumors: radiographic analysis of 51 cases

Mohan, D.; Melvin, J.W., 1982:
Failure properties of passive human aortic tissue 1. uni axial tension tests

Mohan, D.; Melvin, J.W., 1983:
Failure properties of passive human aortic tissue 2. bi axial tension tests

Dunnick, N.R.; Doppman, J.L.; Gill, J.R., 1982:
Failure to ablate the adrenal gland by injection of contrast material

Tempelis, C.H.; Hála, K.; Krömer, G.; Schauenstein, K.; Wick, G., 1988:
Failure to alter neonatal transplantation tolerance by the injection of interleukin 2

Ahlenius S.; Larsson K., 1984:
Failure to antagonize the 8 hydroxy 2 di n propylamino tetralin induced facilitation of male rat sexual behavior by the administration of 5 hydroxy tryptamine receptor antagonists

Lejemtel, T.H.; Maskin, C.S.; Lucido, D.; Chadwick, B.J., 1986:
Failure to augment maximal limb blood flow in response to one leg vs. two leg exercise in patients with severe heart failure

Contreras M.; Mollison P.L., 1981:
Failure to augment primary rh immunization using a small dose of passive immuno globulin g anti rh

Soulillou J.P.; Peyrat M.A., 1979:
Failure to block lymphocyte fc receptor with anti bone marrow derived lymphocyte sera in man

Lynch M.R.; Porter J.H., 1985:
Failure to block opiate effects of oral etonitazene with naltrexone during 24 hour choice testing

Proctor, J.W.; Yamamura, Y., 1986:
Failure to boost the increased clearance of embolic tumor cells from the lung with dose scheduling: Corynebacterium parvum studies

Fujinami R.S.; Oldstone M.B.A., 1981:
Failure to cleave measles virus fusion protein in lymphoid cells a possible mechanism for viral persistence in lymphocytes

Beauchamp, G.K.; Bertino, M.; Engelman, K., 1987:
Failure to compensate decreased dietary sodium with increased table salt usage

Matheson, J.; Hallett, M.; Berardelli, A.; Weinhaus, R.; Inzucchi, S., 1985:
Failure to confirm a correlation between electromyogram and final position

Mckeever, W.F.; Vandeventer, A.D., 1977:
Failure to confirm a special spatial ability impairment in persons with evidence of right hemisphere speech capability

Levin, E.R.; Sharp, B.; Carlson, H.E., 1984:
Failure to confirm consistent stimulation of growth hormone by diazepam

Downing, T.P.; Coleman, D.A., 1978:
Failure to confirm the prolonged survival of rat kidney allo grafts perfused with concanavalin a

Plachy J.; Spatenkova Z., 1982:
Failure to confirm the role of immunological tolerance to major histo compatibility complex allo antigens in the growth of rous sarcoma virus induced tumors in chickens cb lines

Darvas J.M.; Becker O., 1984:
Failure to control phytophthora cinnamomi and pythium splendens with metalaxyl after its prolonged use

Puzynski S.; Rode A.; Bidzinski A.; Mrozek S.; Zaluska M., 1984:
Failure to correlate urinary 3 methoxy 4 hydroxyphenyl ethylene glycol with clinical response to amitriptyline

Matthews M.G.; Biggs P.; Van Geene P.; Greenhalgh R.M., 1986:
Failure to culture bacteria in groin lymph nodes during atrial reconstruction

Newman J.P.; Gorenstein E.E.; Kelsey J.E., 1983:
Failure to delay gratification following septal lesions in rats implications for an animal model of dis inhibitory psycho pathology

Wright, F.S.; Brenner, B.M.; Bennett, C.M.; Keimowitz, R.I.; Berliner, R.W.; Schrier, R.W.; Verroust, P.J.; De-Wardener, H.E.; Holzgreve, H., 1969:
Failure to demonstrate a hormonal inhibitor of proximal sodium re absorption rat dog deoxy cortico sterone acetate metab

Ponec, J.; Lichardus, B., 1977:
Failure to demonstrate a natriuretic effect of neurophysin in rats

Crichton J.S.; Lishman A.W.; Lesch S.F., 1987:
Failure to demonstrate a relationship between beef bull libido and conception rate

Finch, D.R.A.; Morris, P.J., 1977:
Failure to demonstrate a synergistic effect between enhancing serum and anti lymphocyte serum in recipients of pancreatic islet allo grafts

Kolhe N.P.; Lakshmi P.N.; Johri G.N., 1980:
Failure to demonstrate acquisition of immunity through cells from thymus and bone marrow in mice challenged with ancylostoma caninum larvae

Frymus, T.; Wittenbrink, M.M.; Petzoldt, K., 1986:
Failure to demonstrate adherence of Pasteurella multocida involved in atrophic rhinitis to swine nasal epithelial cells

Young L.L.IIi; Hadley M.E.; Barrow W.O., 1979:
Failure to demonstrate anti gonadotropic activities of arginine vasotocin in the mouse

Scott Morgan L.; Lloyd R.S., 1980:
Failure to demonstrate any interaction between poly clonal rheumatoid factors and immuno globulin g anti nuclear antibodies or other immuno globulin auto antibodies

Michel, O.; Duchateau, J.; Sergysels, R., 1988:
Failure to demonstrate complement activation during bronchial challenge test

Evans A.S.; Wanat J.; Niederman J.C., 1983:
Failure to demonstrate concomitant antibody changes to viral antigens other than epstein barr virus during or after infectious mononucleosis

Fox P.K.; White D.D.; Cavanagh M.; Davies M.G.; Wusterman F., 1982:
Failure to demonstrate fibrotic changes in the skin of mice injected with glycosamino glycan fractions from the urine of scleroderma patients

Baintner, K.; Tóth, I., 1986:
Failure to demonstrate intestinal absorption of RNA in the newborn pig. Preliminary communication

Rothwell, T.L.; Love, R.J.; Goodrich, B.S., 1977:
Failure to demonstrate involvement of prostaglandins in the immune expulsion of Trichostrongylus colubriformis from the intestine of guinea pigs

Poeggel, G.; Bernstein, H.G.; Luppa, H., 1980:
Failure to demonstrate rat hippocampus adenylate cyclase ec

Rigby R.J.; Driedger A.A.; Reid B.D.; Lindsay R.M.; Linton A.L.; Clark W.F., 1980:
Failure to demonstrate renal uptake of labeled platelets in chronic glomerulo nephritis

Hughes, D.L.; Harness, E.; Doy, T.G., 1978:
Failure to demonstrate resistance in goats, sheep and cattle to Fasciola hepatica after infection with Cysticercus tenuicollis

Wiklund L.; Kunzle H.; Cuenod M., 1983:
Failure to demonstrate retrograde labeling of cerebellar purkinje cells after injection of tritium labeled gamma amino butyric acid in deiters nucleus

Bell, A.D.; Variend, S., 1985:
Failure to demonstrate sexual dimorphism of the corpus callosum in childhood

Isaacson, P.; Attwood, P.R., 1979:
Failure to demonstrate specificity of the morphological and histochemical changes in mucosa adjacent to colonic carcinoma (transitional mucosa)

Miyaura, C.; Nagata, N.; Suda, T., 1981:
Failure to demonstrate the stimulative effect of calcitonin on cyclic AMP accumulation in avian bone in vitro

Yamada S.; Yamada R.; Takahashi T., 1984:
Failure to demonstrate the use of immunoglobulin heavy chain gene in cytotoxic t cells induced with 4 hydroxy 3 nitrophenyl acetyl o succinimide modified syngeneic lymphoid cells

Johnson D.C.; Couvillion C.E.; Pearson J.E., 1986:
Failure to demonstrate viscerotropic velogenic newcastle disease in psittacine birds in the philippines

Broulík, P.D.; Pacovský, V.; Masek, Z.; Kopecká, J., 1987:
Failure to detect acute effects of insulin hypoglycemia on serum PTH and calcium in normal subjects

Cooper D.W.; Aitken R.J., 1981:
Failure to detect altered rosette inhibition titers in human pregnancy serum

Nobile Orazio E.; Spagnol G.; Scarlato G., 1986:
Failure to detect anti myelin associated glycoprotein antibodies by radioimmunoassay in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with multiple sclerosis

Chou C H.J.; Tourtellotte W.W.; Kibler R.F., 1983:
Failure to detect antibodies to myelin basic protein or peptic fragments of myelin basic protein in cerebro spinal fluid of patients with multiple sclerosis

Revusky, S.; Taukulis, H.; Peddle, C., 1978:
Failure to detect any effect of start box delay on inter trial delayed response learning

James S.E.; Dean C.J.; Alexander P., 1980:
Failure to detect autologous antibodies in the remission sera of patients with acute myelogenous leukemia complications introduced by the presence of rheumatoid factor

Furue M.; Inoue Y., 1983:
Failure to detect beta 2 micro globulin in viral warts

Forsgren, A.; Forsum, U.; Hallander, H.O., 1972:
Failure to detect cell associated entero toxin b in staphylococcus aureus by immuno fluorescence

Izui, S.; Lambert, P.H.; Miescher, P.A., 1977:
Failure to detect circulating dna anti dna complexes by 4 radio immunological methods in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Blewitt, R.W.; Aparicio, S.R.; Burrow, H.M.; Rowell, N.R.; Rowell, R.M., 1978:
Failure to detect circulating immuno globulin g or immuno globulin m antibodies to basal cell carcinoma by immuno fluorescence

El-Mishad, A.; Mccormick, K.J.; Yates, V.J.; Trentin, J.J., 1978:
Failure to detect common antigenic hem agglutinating components in avian adenoviruses

Harnsberger H.R.; Datz F.L.; Knochel J.Q.; Taylor A.T., 1982:
Failure to detect extramedullary hematopoiesis during bone marrow imaging with indium 111 or technetium 99m labeled sulfur colloid

Wladimiroff J.W.; Beemer F.A.; Scholtmeyer R.J.; Stewart P.A.; Spritzer R.; Wolff E.D., 1985:
Failure to detect fetal obstructive uropathy by 2nd trimester ultrasound

Feinman S.V.; Berris B.; Rebane A.; Sinclair J.C.; Wilson S.; Wrobel D., 1979:
Failure to detect hepatitis b surface antigen in feces of hepatitis b surface antigen positive persons

Kolmos H.J.; Schmidt J., 1987:
Failure to detect hydrogen sulfide production in lactose sucrose fermenting enterobacteriaceae using triple sugar iron agar

Ehrnst, A.; Wiesel, F.A.; Bjerkenstedt, L.; Tribukait, B.; Jonsson, J., 1982:
Failure to detect immunologic stigmata in schizophrenia

Kocan A.A.; Mukolwe S.W.; Laird J.S., 1987:
Failure to detect in fallow deer cervus dama exposed to theileria cervi from white tailed deer

Karavodin, L.M.; Sidell, N.; Woan, M.C.; Tompkins, W.A., 1982:
Failure to detect killer cell activity in rabbits

Myers D.A.; Lewis R.V.; Dunn T.G.; Murdoch W.J., 1984:
Failure to detect lhrh like bioactivity in fluid of preovulatory ovine follicles

Dunlap W.P.; Kemery E.R., 1987:
Failure to detect moderating effects is multicollinearity the problem

King M T.; Eckhardt K.; Gocke E.; Wild D.; Berdel W.E.; Munder P.G., 1981:
Failure to detect mutagenic effects of anti tumor alkyl lyso phospho lipids

Watts, D.M.; Harrison, B.A.; Pantuwatana, S.; Klein, T.A.; Burke, D.S., 1985:
Failure to detect natural transovarial transmission of dengue viruses by Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae)

Hess, G.; Arnold, W.; Dormeyer, H.H.; Koesters, W.; Gahl, G.; Hoffmann, H.G.; Schoenborn, H.; Meyer-Zum-Bueschenfelde, K.H., 1980:
Failure to detect naturally occurring serum inhibitors of hepatitis b virus dna polymerase

Small, A.; Ide, R.S., 1976 :
Failure to detect nephro toxicity of chronically administered di methyl sulfoxide in rats

Prabhakaran, K.; Harris, E.B.; Kirchheimer, W.F., 1980:
Failure to detect o di phenol oxidase ec in cultivable mycobacteria obtained from feral armadillos

Haas J.A.; Berndt T.J.; Knox F.G., 1980:
Failure to detect papillary duct phosphate re absorption in thyro parathyroidectomized rats

Mauras, N.; Rogol, A.D.; Clarke, W.L., 1986:
Failure to detect the "dawn phenomenon" in nondiabetic subjects with markedly different patterns of nocturnal growth hormone secretion

Hasek M.; Holan V.; Kousalova M., 1981:
Failure to detect the inheritance of immunological tolerance in a cyto toxicity assay

Stedra J.; Lodin Z.; Rossmann P.; Hartman J.; Sterzl J., 1988:
Failure to detect the presence of pluripotential hemopoietic stem cells in the mouse brain

Saito H.; Ratnoff O.D.; Bouma B.N.; Seligsohn U., 1985:
Failure to detect variant cross reacting material positive plasma thromboplastin antecedent factor xi molecules in hereditary plasma thromboplastin antecedent deficiency a study of 125 patients of several ethnic backgrounds

Mckillop J.H.; Mcdougall I.R.; Goris M.L.; Mason J.W.; Reitz B.A., 1981:
Failure to diagnose cardiac transplant rejection with technetium 99m labeled pyro phosphate images

Schulte Hermann R.; Parzefall W., 1981:
Failure to discriminate initiation from promotion of liver tumors in a long term study with the pheno barbital type induced alpha bhc and the role of sustained stimulation of hepatic growth and mono oxygenases

Sylvester Bradley B., 1985 :
Failure to distinguish between people and things in early infancy

Kochman S.; Bernard J.; Schvartz H.; Cazabat A.; Thiernesse N.; Lavaud F.; Caulet T., 1984:
Failure to distinguish ultrastructurally between t 4 plus helper and t 8 plus suppressor cyto toxic t cell subsets

Sauzeau, C.; Bingen, E.; Lambert-Zechovsky, N.; Mariani-Kurkdjian, P., 1987:
Failure to eradicate group abeta hemolytic streptococci in tonsillitis

Brunke, M.L.; Bowman, M.; Alexander, B.K.; Coambs, R.B., 1980:
Failure to find an effect of catheterization on oral morphine consumption in rats

Cohen S.L.; Crouse M.S., 1987:
Failure to find antianxiety properties of cholecystokinin octapeptide

Silman, A.J.; Ollier, W.E.; Currey, H.L., 1987:
Failure to find disease similarity in sibling pairs with rheumatoid arthritis

Glassman R.B.; Glassman H.N.; Baltrus B.M., 1982:
Failure to find electro physiological correlates of chronic neuroleptic induced oral dys kinesias in cats somato sensory and substantia nigra evoked potentials electro encephalogram and caudate spindles

Barry, R.J., 1977:
Failure to find evidence of the unitary orienting response concept with indifferent low intensity auditory stimuli

Milar, C.R.; Schroeder, S.R.; Mushak, P.; Boone, L., 1981:
Failure to find hyperactivity in preschool children with moderately elevated lead burden

Whalen, T.E.; Wilkie, D.M., 1977:
Failure to find schedule induced poly dipsia in the pigeon

Gallup, G.G.Jr ; Wallnau, L.B.; Suarez, S.D., 1980:
Failure to find self recognition in mother infant and infant infant rhesus monkey macaca mulatta pairs

Barry, R.J., 1976:
Failure to find the local electro encephalogram orienting response to low level auditory stimulation

Shimizu T.; Watanabe H., 1984:
Failure to harvest cocoons attributed to an epizootic of densonucleosis caused by a new strain of the virus in sericultural farms

Christensen, L.W.ite, B.K.ietsch, K., 1985:
Failure to identify an expectancy effect in nutritional research

Haas, G.G.; Nahhas, F., 1986:
Failure to identify HLA ABC and Dr antigens on human sperm

Robertson, P.; Schachter, J., 1981:
Failure to identify venereal disease in a lesbian population

Deverall B.J.; Wong P.T.W.; Mcleod S., 1979:
Failure to implicate anti fungal substances in cross protection of wheat against take all

Smelt A.H.M.; Rees R.J.W.; Liew F.Y., 1981:
Failure to induce delayed hyper sensitivity to mycobacterium leprae in long term treated lepromatous leprosy patients

Skarin G.; Wide L.; Nillius S.J., 1982:
Failure to induce early abortion by huge doses of a superactive lhrh agonist in women

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Failure to induce homologous immunity to fasciola hepatica in sheep vaccinated with irradiated metacercariae

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Failure to induce in rabbits effective immunity to a mixed infection of Fusobacterium necrophorum and Corynebacterium pyogenes with a combined bacterin

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Failure to induce mutations in chinese hamster v 79 cells and wb rat liver cells by the polybrominated biphenyls firemaster bp 6 2 2' 4 4' 5 5' hexabromobiphenyl 3 3' 4 4' 5 5' hexabromobiphenyl and 3 3' 4 4' tetrabromobiphenyl

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Failure to induce protection against transplanted mammary tumors by vaccination with the purified murine mammary tumor virus structural proteins gp 25 and p 28

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Failure to induce reactive hypo glycemia by drinking a starch based alcohol beverage sorghum beer

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Failure to induce stress reactions following vaccination against Marek's disease or Newcastle disease

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Failure to induce transplantation immunity to an sv 40 induced tumor in hamsters immunized with basic proteins of myelin or malignant tissues

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Failure to influence the vasoactive intestinal polypeptide level in the cerebrospinal fluid by transcutaneous nerve stimulation in humans

Ogawa N.; Ogura T.; Yamamoto I.; Ota Z., 1986:
Failure to inhibit metoclopramide induced prolactin release by l dopa in man

Ueda, M., 1978:
Failure to interpret the behavioral effect of cortisol 21 sulfate by steroid receptor interaction

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Failure to interrupt established pregnancy in humans by d tryptophan 6 lhrh

Erickson, S.M.; Hillman, W.S., 1976:
Failure to observe mitotic rhythmicity in allium cepa meristems

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Failure to obtain positive contrast when pigeons press a bar

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Failure to obtain positive macrophage electrophoretic mobility tests in either cell mediated immune conditions in the guinea pig or in human cancer

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Failure to preserve cortical bin ocularity in strabismic monkeys macaca mulatta raised in a uni directional visual environment

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Failure to prevent cytomegalovirus infection by cytomegalovirus hyperimmune plasma: a randomized trial by the Nordic Bone Marrow Transplantation Group

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Failure to prevent meconium aspiration syndrome

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Failure to produce germinal matrix or intra ventricular hemorrhage by hypoxia hypo volemia or hyper volemia

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Failure to produce graft vs host reaction with splenic cells from athymic nude mice

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Failure to produce renal changes in the guinea pig by chronic administration of silicic acid: an experiment concerning the etiology of Balkan nephropathy

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Failure to produce response variability with reinforcement

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Failure to protect calves against Taenia saginata using antigens prepared from in vitro cultivation of the larval stage

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Failure to protect frog rana temporaria skeletal muscle from ionophore induced damage by the use of the protease inhibitor leupeptin

Gresikova M.; Sekeyova M.; Rajcani J., 1979:
Failure to prove latent togavirus infection in birds

Gresikova M.; Sekeyova M., 1981:
Failure to prove vertical transmission of tick borne encephalitis virus in ducks anas platyrhynchos

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Failure to re cycle after weaning and weaning to estrus interval in cross bred sows

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Failure to reduce cholesterol as explanation for the limited efficacy of antihypertensive treatment in the reduction of CHD. Examination of the evidence from six hypertension intervention trials

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Failure to relate the anti tumor action of cyclo phosphamide with the immunogenicity of 2 murine fibro sarcomas

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Failure to replicate mood dependent retrieval

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Failure to replicate negative effects of trace anesthetics on mental performance

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Failure to replicate visual discrimination learning with a 1 minute delay of reward

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Failure to reproduce diarrhea in colostrum deprived new born calves infected with cell culture bovine rotavirus

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Failure to reproduce the cytopathic effect and chorio allantoic membrane reactions of the so called subacute myelo optico neuropathy herpesvirus

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Failure to respond to growth hormone releasing hormone in acromegaly due to a growth hormone releasing hormone secreting pancreatic tumor dynamics of multiple endocrine testing

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Failure to respond to influenza vaccine in the aged correlation with bone marrow derived cell number and function

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Failure to reverse cholera toxin induced intestinal secretion by agents which decrease mucosal cyclic amp

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Failure to select for in vivo resistance in phytophthora infestans to acyl alanine fungicides

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Failure to show decrease in small pulmonary blood vessels in rats with experimental pulmonary hypertension

Nakada T., 1980:
Failure to stop the reduction of blood pressure in pregnant spontaneously hypertensive rats following indomethacin treatment

Chiofalo L.C.; Coe W.C., 1982:
Failure to support the relationships of selected traits and hypnotic responsiveness in drama students

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Failure to support the validity of the fagerstrom tolerance questionnaire as a measure of the physiological tolerance to nicotine

Yki Jarvinen H.; Pelkonen R.; Koivisto V.A., 1985:
Failure to suppress c peptide secretion by euglycemic hyperinsulinemia a new diagnostic test for insulinoma

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Failure to suppress GH secretion after 2 weeks treatment with atropine or propanthelene in diabetics with proliferative retinopathy

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Failure to suspect and diagnose thalassemic syndromes interpretation of red blood cell indices by the nonhematologist

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Failure to synthesize to t cell cd3 zeta chain structure and function of a partial t cell receptor complex

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Failure to thrive and metabolic alkalosis adverse effects of a chloride deficient formula in 2 infants

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Failure to thrive as main symptom of intracranial tumors in children

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Failure to thrive at the breast: an old problem revisited

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Failure to thrive diagnostic yield of hospitalization

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Failure to thrive in a 6 week old infant with diaphragmatic hernia

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Failure to thrive or failure to rear?

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Failure to thrive possibilities of early diagnosis and intervention in the mother and child clinic

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Failure to thrive. The role of clinical and laboratory evaluation

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Failure to use seat belts in the usa the 1981 1983 behavioral risk factor surveys

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Failure to vaccinate against whooping cough

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Failures and critique of the BEIR III lung cancer risk estimates

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Failures following fimbriectomy

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Failures following fimbriectomy: a further report

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Failures in bone implants 1. general causes of failures in bone implants with recommendations for avoidance of mistakes

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Failures in cup arthroplasty of the hip

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Failures in hypno therapy

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Failures of individuation and communication disorders in children

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Failures of total hip arthro plasty and probable incidence of revision surgery in the future calculations according to a mathematical model based on a 10 years experience in total hip arthro plasty

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Failures to confirm the spatial frequency hypothesis fatal blow or healthy complication

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Faint in the supine position. Selective review of the literature and a case report

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Fairness in selection an elusive ideal

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Faithful and efficient translation of homologous and heterologous messenger rna in an messenger rna dependent cell free system from saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Faithful and efficient translation of viral and cellular eukaryotic messenger rna in a cell free s 27 extract of saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Faithful consensus methods for n trees

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Faithful initiation of the in vitro transcription of a cloned ribosomal dna from tetrahymena pyriformis

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Faithful transcription of eukaryotic genes by RNA polymerase III in systems reconstituted with purified DNA templates

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Faking and the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory

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Faking good and bad adjustment on the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory and over controlled hostility in maximum security psychiatric patients

Rigby K., 1987:
Faking good with self reported pro authority attitudes and behaviors among schoolchildren

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Falcaustra belemensis new species nematoda kathlaniinae from the lizard neusticurus bicarinatus teiidae of brazil

Dyer W.G., 1986:
Falcaustra elongata rudolphi 1819 nematoda kathlaniidae in ambystoma sp from mexico

Dyer, W.G., 1977:
Falcaustra mascula new record nematoda kathlaniidae from ambystoma tigrinum in nebraska usa

Baker M.R., 1986:
Falcaustra sp nematoda kathlaniidae parasitic in turtles and frogs in ontario canada

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Falces and clavulus hitherto disregarded parts of the male genitalia in eupithecia spp lepidoptera geometridae

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Falciform ligament. A possible twist?

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Falciformin a flavanone from pods of tephrosia falciformis

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Falciparum malaria acquired in the area of the thai khmer cambodia border resistant to treatment with fansidar

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Falciparum malaria and beta thalassemia trait in northern liberia

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Falciparum malaria as a hospital acquired infection

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Falciparum malaria resistant to fansidar sulfadoxine pyrimethamine occurring in 3 children of the same family

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Falciparum malaria treated with a fixed combination of mefloquine, sulfadoxine and pyrimethamine: a field study in adults in Burma

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Falcivibrio grandis new genus new species and falcivibrio vaginalis new species accommodating anaerobic motile curved rods formerly described as vibrio mulieris

D.Naurois R., 1983:
Falconidae psittacidae and strigiformes of the islands of sao tome and principe portugal gulf of guinea off west africa

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Falconry effects on raptor populations and management in north america

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Fall and early spring aphid homoptera aphididae populations affecting wheat and barley production in virginia usa

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Fall and litter decomposition in a birch forest and in a fresh clear cut

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Fall and spring applications of s ethyl di propylthio carbamate and 2 antidotes for weed control in corn zea mays

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Fall and spring applications of trifluralin and metribuzin in faba beans vicia faba cultivar diana

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Fall and spring herbicide treatment for minimum tillage seeding of alfalfa medicago sativa

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Fall and spring soil sampling for mineral nitrogen in north central alberta canada

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Fall and winter foods of northern pintails in the sacramento valley california usa

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Fall and winter homesite use by wolves canis lupus in northeastern minnesota usa

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Fall and winter roosting habits of carolina chickadees

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Fall and winter thermal structure of lake superior usa canada

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Fall applied vs spring applied sulfur coated urea uncoated urea and sodium nitrate for corn

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Fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda control in field corn with chemical and biological insecticides

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Fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda damage ratings on corn zea mays at various infestation levels and plant development stages

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Fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda fecundity relationship of egg mass weight to number of eggs

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Fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda larval density and movement as an indication of nonpreference in resistant corn

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Fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda leaf consumption and development on florunner peanuts arachis hypogaea

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Fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda lepidoptera noctuidae a laboratory bioassay and larval preference study for the fungal endophyte of perennial ryegrass lolium perenne

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Fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda lepidoptera noctuidae comparison of inherited deleterious effects in progeny from irradiated males and females

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Fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda lepidoptera noctuidae damage to 15 varieties of sorghum sorghum bicolor

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Fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda lepidoptera noctuidae field survival of f 1 larvae from partially sterile parents

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Fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda lepidoptera noctuidae larval development and adult fecundity on 5 grass hosts

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Fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda lepidoptera noctuidae parasitoids differential spring distribution and incidence on corn and sorghum in the south usa and northeastern mexico

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Fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda resistance mechanisms in selected corns

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Fall cutting of alfalfa medicago sativa in the north central usa

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Fall diapause and spring emergence of heliothis virescens heliothis subflexa and backcrosses of their hybrid

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Fall diapause winter mortality and spring emergence of the tobacco budworm heliothis virescens in the delta of mississippi usa

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Fall diet of blue grouse dendragapus obscurus pallidus in oregon usa

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Fall dormancy of 5 f 1 medicago sativa populations 2 reciprocal f 1 populations and respective parents

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Fall eradication of venturia inaequalis to reduce the number of treatments against apple scab the following season

Durner E.F.; Gianfagna T.J., 1988:
Fall ethephon application increases peach flower bud resistance to low temperature stress

Hinesley L.E.; Maki T.E., 1980:
Fall fertilization helps longleaf pine pinus palustris nursery stock

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Fall food habits of wild turkeys in south central south dakota usa

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Fall foods and nutrition of ruffed grouse in missouri usa

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Fall foods of lesser snow geese anser caerulescens caerulescens in the james bay ontario canada region

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Fall fumigation of potato with 1 3 dichloropropene efficacy against pratylenchus crenatus yield response and groundwater contamination potential

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Fall growth and cold acclimation of winter wheat triticum aestivum and rye secale cereale differentially fertilized with phosphorus

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Fall growth and cold acclimation of winter wheat triticum aestivum and rye secale cereale on saline soils

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Fall growth and stand persistence of alfalfa medicago sativa in interior british columbia canada

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Fall harvest management of alfalfa i. date of fall harvest and length of growth period prior to fall harvest

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Fall harvest management of alfalfa ii. the implications of photosynthesis respiration and taproot nonstructural carbohydrate accumulation on fall harvest management

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Fall harvest management of alfalfa medicago sativa in the southern plains usa

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Fall harvesting and alfalfa medicago sativa yield persistence and quality

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Fall in blood pressure produced from discrete regions of the ventral surface of the medulla by glycine and lesions

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Fall in immune complex levels during gold treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

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Fall in incidence of guinea worm dracunculus medinensis infection in western nigeria after periodic treatment of infected persons

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Fall in motility and survival time at low temperature of sperm of dicentrarchus labrax pisces teleostei during the spawning season

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Fall in skin temperature during exercise

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Fall in skin temperature during exercise observed by thermography

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Fall in the incidence of Crohn's disease

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Fall migration and mortality of interlake manitoba canada sandhill cranes grus canadensis in north dakota usa

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Fall migration of saw whet owls aegolius acadicus at prince edward point ontario canada

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Fall migration of twelve species of wood warblers through coastal virginia usa

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Fall migration of woodcock at cape may new jersey

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Fall migration patterns of wood warblers in the southern appalachians usa

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Fall mortality of the boll weevil anthonomus grandis grandis in fallen cotton squares with emphasis on parasite induced mortality

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Fall movements of brown trout salmo trutta in lake ontario north america and a tributary

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Fall no till seeding of alfalfa medicago sativa cultivar arc into tall fescue festuca arundinacea as influenced by time of seeding and grass and insect suppression

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Fall phosphorus resorption by quercus prinus and acer saccharum in central tennessee usa

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Fall reproductive activity in the high altitude mexican lizard sceloporus grammicus microlepidotus

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Fall resource division in santa cruz island hummingbirds

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Fall seeding to establish grass alfalfa mixtures in gray lowland soil in the central district of hokkaido japan

Rogers D.D.; Chamblee D.S.; Mueller J.P.; Campbell W.V., 1983:
Fall sod seeding of ladino clover trifolium repens cultivar tillman into tall fescue festuca arundinacea as influenced by time of seeding and grass and insect suppression

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Fall soil water effect on summer soil temperature

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Fall temporal activity and over wintering sites of the white pine weevil pissodes strobi central maine usa

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Fall winter growth of young channel catfish ictalurus punctatus in response to quantity and source of dietary lipid

Mccorquodale S.M., 1987:
Fall winter habitat use by elk in the shrub steppe of washington usa

Neuberger M.; Raber A., 1983:
Fallacies in epidemiological studies due to different selection rates

Venkateswarlu, P., 1975:
Fallacies in the determination of total fluorine and nonionic fluorine in the diffusates of unashed sera and ultra filtrates

Verbiest, H., 1976:
Fallacies of the present definition nomenclature and classification of the stenoses of the lumbar vertebral canal

Dickinson, R.G.; Hooper, W.D.; King, A.R.; Eadie, M.J., 1985:
Fallacious results from measuring salivary carbamazepine concentrations

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Fallacy of the 5 year survival in lung cancer

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Fallibility of doppler ankle pressure in predicting healing of trans metatarsal amputation

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Fallibility of exploratory laparotomy in detection of hepatic and retroperitoneal masses

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Fallibility of urine drug screens in monitoring methadone programs

Fitzpatrick J.P.Jr, 1987:
Fallicambarus burrisi new species and fallicambarus gordoni new species two new burrowing crawfishes associated with pitcher plant bogs in mississippi and alabama usa decapoda cambaridae

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Fallicambarus fodiens new record cottle 1863 decapoda cambaridae in west virginia usa a new state record

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Falling apart as a lifestyle the rhizome architecture and population growth of salvinia molesta

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Falling asleep process of domestic swine

Horm J.W.; Kessler L.G., 1986:
Falling rates of lung cancer in men in the usa

Haan J.; Jansen E.N.H.; Oostrom J.; Roos R.A.C., 1987:
Falling spells in normal pressure hydrocephalus a favorable prognostic sign

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"Falling" while falling asleep: sex differences

Gabaldon A.; Ulloa G.; Zerpa N., 1985:
Fallisia neotropicalis new species plasmodioides new subgenus from venezuela

Telford, S.R., 1986:
Fallisia parasites (Haemosporidia: Plasmodiidae) from the flying lizard, Draco maculatus (Agamidae) in Thailand

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Fallocampus new genus a new sawfly genus for the nearctic species of platycampus hymenoptera tenthredinidae

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Fallopian tubal mucosal damage induced experimentally by Escherichia coli in the rabbit. A scanning electron microscopic study

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Fallopian tubal patency assessed by ultrasound following fluid injection. Work in progress

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Fallopian tube and ovary in inguinal hernial sac

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Fallopian tube carcinoma an unusual clinical case

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Fallopian tube carcinoma associated with retroperitoneal fibrosis

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Fallopian tube morphology in normal and abnormal menstrual cycle in south Indian women

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Fallopian tube obstruction as a sequela to Chlamydia trachomatis infection

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