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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 5449

Chapter 5449 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Turunen, S.; Chippendale, G.M., 1980:
Fat body protein associated with the larval diapause of the southwestern corn borer diatraea grandiosella synthesis and characteristics

Walker, P.R.; Bailey, E., 1970:
Fat body pyruvate carboxylases of the adult male desert locust

Malbon, C.C.; Moreno, F.J.; Cabelli, R.J.; Fain, J.N., 1978:
Fat cell adenylate cyclase and beta adrenergic receptors in altered thyroid states

Malbon, C.C.; Rapiejko, P.J.; Mangano, T.J., 1985:
Fat cell adenylate cyclase system. Enhanced inhibition by adenosine and GTP in the hypothyroid rat

Louis, S.L.; Davis, G., 1979:
Fat cell lipogenesis from dietary obese rats fed high fat or high carbohydrate diet part 2 glucose and oleate metabolism

Rebuffé-Scrive, M.; Enk, L.; Crona, N.; Lönnroth, P.; Abrahamsson, L.; Smith, U.; Björntorp, P., 1985:
Fat cell metabolism in different regions in women. Effect of menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and lactation

Vendsborg, P.B.; Bach-Mortensen, N.; Rafaelsen, O.J., 1976:
Fat cell number and weight gain in lithium treated patients

Krotkiewski, M.; Garellick, G.; Sjöström, L.; Persson, G.; Bjurö, T.; Sullivan, L., 1980:
Fat cell number, resting metabolic rate, mean heart rate, and insulin elevation while seeing and smelling food as predictors of slimming

Kawai, Y.; Spiro, R.G., 1977:
Fat cell plasma membranes part 1 preparation characterization and chemical composition

Kawai, Y.; Spiro, R.G., 1977:
Fat cell plasma membranes part 2 studies on the glyco protein components

Vrana, J., 1980:
Fat cell size and its significance for the determination of the cellularity of human adipose tissue and the resulting possibility of the study of obesity from the aspect of micro morphology of adipose tissue structure

Rothfuss, U., 1984:
Fat cell size lipogenic and lipolytic parameters in the back fat of large white and pietrain pigs

Kirtland, J.; Gurr, M.I., 1980:
Fat cell synthesis in pigs assessed after administration of tritium labeled thymidine in vivo

Louis, S.L.; Davis, G., 1979:
Fat cells lipogenesis from dietary obese rats fed high fat or high carbohydrate diet part 1 glucose pyruvate and acetate metabolism

Chan, M.K.; Varghese, Z.; Persaud, J.W.; Baillod, R.A.; Moorhead, J.F., 1980:
Fat clearance before and after heparin in chronic renal failure hemo dialysis reduces post heparin fractional clearance rates of intralipid

Chan, M.K.; Persaud, J.W.; Varghese, Z.; Fernando, O.N.; Moorhead, J.F., 1981:
Fat clearances and hyper lipidemia in renal allo graft recipients the role of insulin resistance

Austreng, E., 1978:
Fat containing bleaching earth as a feed constituent for rainbow trout

Seewald, M.; Eichinger, H.M.; Scherz, H., 1987:
Fat content and fatty acid pattern in muscle and adipose tissue from differently reared calves

O'shea, T.J., 1976:
Fat content in migratory central arizona brazilian free tailed bats tadarida brasiliensis molossidae

Spencer, S.A.; Hull, D., 1981:
Fat content of expressed breast milk: a case for quality control

Coop, I.E.; Clark, V.R.; Jay, N.P., 1979:
Fat content of heavy weight lamb carcasses of several breeds and crosses

Vinogradov, V.I., 1985:
Fat content of muscle gonads and liver of silver hake merluccius bilinearis and red hake urophycis chuss from the continental shelf off southern new england usa in late winter

Reznick, D.N.; Braum, R., 1987:
Fat cycling in the mosquitofish gambusia affinis fat storage as a reproductive adaptation

Kretzschmar, U.; Kunzelmann, F.; Spoerl H D., 1982:
Fat cyst rare form of cystic mammary alteration

Lodge, G.A.; Sarkar, N.K.; Kramer, J.K.G., 1978:
Fat deposition and fatty acid composition in the neo natal pig

Cherry, J.D., 1982:
Fat deposition and length of stopover of migrant white crowned sparrows zonotrichia leucophrys leucophrys

Pettersson, J.; Hasselquist, D., 1985:
Fat deposition and migration capacity of robins erithacus rubecula and goldcrests regulus regulus at ottenby sweden

Krapu, G.L.; Iverson, G.C.; Reinecke, K.J.; Boise, C.M., 1985:
Fat deposition and usage by arctic nesting sandhill cranes grus canadensis during spring

Leenstra, F.R.; Pit, R., 1987:
Fat deposition in a broiler sire strain 2. comparisons among lines selected for less abdominal fat lower feed conversion ratio and higher body weight after restricted and ad libitum feeding

Leenstra, F.R.; Pit, R., 1988:
Fat deposition in a broiler sire strain. 3. Heritability of and genetic correlations among body weight, abdominal fat, and feed conversion

Leenstra, F.R.; Pit, R., 1988:
Fat deposition in a broiler sire strain. 4. Performance of broiler progeny of four differently selected sire lines

Leenstra, F.R., 1988:
Fat deposition in a broiler sire strain. 5. Comparisons of economic efficiency of direct and indirect selection against fatness

Leenstra, F.R.; Vereijken, P.F.G.; Pit, R., 1986:
Fat deposition in a broiler sire strain i. phenotypic and genetic variation in and correlations between abdominal fat body weight and feed conversion

Griffiths, L.; Leeson, S.; Summers, J.D., 1977:
Fat deposition in broilers effect of dietary energy to protein balance and early life caloric restriction on productive performance and abdominal fat pad size

Truscott, T.G.; Wood, J.D.; Macfie, H.J.H., 1983:
Fat deposition in hereford and friesian steers 1. body composition and partitioning of fat between depots

Truscott, T.G.; Wood, J.D.; Denny, H.R., 1983:
Fat deposition in hereford and friesian steers 2. cellular development of the major fat depots

Truscott, T.G.; Wood, J.D.; Gregory, N.G.; Hart, I.C., 1983:
Fat deposition in hereford and friesian steers 3. growth efficiency and fat mobilization

Grammeltvedt, R.; Steen, J.B., 1978:
Fat deposition in spitsbergen ptarmigan lagopus mutus hyperboreus

Bachow, T.B.; Hesselink, J.R.; Aaron, J.O.; Davis, K.R.; Taveras, J.M., 1984:
Fat deposition in the cavernous sinus in Cushing disease

Yamazaki, H., 1980:
Fat digestion and absorption in reference to the influence of operations and digestives on patients with diseases of the gastro intestinal tract

Liao, T.H.; Hamosh, P.; Hamosh, M., 1984:
Fat digestion by lingual lipase: mechanism of lipolysis in the stomach and upper small intestine

Plucinski, T.M.; Hamosh, M.; Hamosh, P., 1979:
Fat digestion in rat: role of lingual lipase

Fink, C.S.; Hamosh, P.; Hamosh, M., 1984:
Fat digestion in the stomach: stability of lingual lipase in the gastric environment

Alemi, B.; Hamosh, M.; Scanlon, J.W.; Salzman Mann, C.; Hamosh, P., 1981:
Fat digestion in very low birth weight infants effects of addition of human milk to low birth weight formula

Adamczewski, J.Z.; Gates, C.C.; Hudson, R.J., 1987:
Fat distribution and indices of carcass composition in coats island canada caribou rangifer tarandus groenlandicus

Hauner, H.; Ditschuneit, H.H.; Pal, S.B.; Moncayo, R.; Pfeiffer, E.F., 1988 :
Fat distribution, endocrine and metabolic profile in obese women with and without hirsutism

Spender, Q.W.; Cronk, C.E.; Stallings, V.A.; Hediger, M.L., 1988:
Fat distribution in children with cerebral palsy

Satwanti; Singh, I.P.; Bharadwaj, H., 1980:
Fat distribution in lean and obese young Indian women: a densitometric and anthropometric evaluation

Kempster, A.J.; Cuthbertson, A.; Harrington, G., 1976:
Fat distribution in steer carcasses of different breeds and crosses part 1 distribution between depots

Kempster, A.J.; Avis, P.R.D.; Smith, R.J., 1976:
Fat distribution in steer carcasses of different breeds and crosses part 2 distribution between joints

Ruprecht, A.; Szwagrzak, A., 1986:
Fat dormouse in the food of the ural owl

Graham, J.; Goldman, J.A., 1978:
Fat droplets and synovial fluid leukocytosis in traumatic arthritis

Brunner, P.; Meinl, M., 1976:
Fat embolic occlusions in pulmonary capillaries of birds studies on the histologically determinable neutral fat content of parrot like birds psittaciformes

Ranieri, L.; Gulino, G.; Ragazzi, P.G., 1979:
Fat embolism as a cause of idiopathic necrosis of the head of the femur review of 45 cases of post traumatic fat embolism

Harke, H.; Rahman, S.; Fischer, K.J.; Poser, H.; Klinge, H., 1981:
Fat embolism as a complication in shock. Clinical and therapeutic aspects

Chow, S.P.; Hoaglund, F.T.; Ma, A.; Mok, C.K., 1980:
Fat embolism in Hong Kong Chinese

Harrington, M.G., 1987:
Fat embolism in old age case reports and review of the literature

ten Duis, H.J.; Nijsten, M.W.; Klasen, H.J.; Binnendijk, B., 1988:
Fat embolism in patients with an isolated fracture of the femoral shaft

Riska, E.B.; Myllynen, P., 1982:
Fat embolism in patients with multiple injuries

Lepistö, P.; Avikainen, V.; Alho, A.; Jäättelä, A.; Karaharju, E.; Kataja, J.; Lahdensuu, M.; Rokkanen, P.; Tervo, T., 1975:
Fat embolism in severely injured patients

Brinkmann, B.; Borgner, M.; Von-Buelow, M., 1976:
Fat embolism of the lungs as the cause of death etiology pathogenesis and assessment

Wright, B.D., 1970:
Fat embolism: silent respiratory disease

Guenter, C.A.; Braun, T.E., 1981:
Fat embolism syndrome. Changing prognosis

Horowitz, I.; Klingenstein, R.J.; Levy, R.; Zimmerman, M.J., 1977:
Fat embolism syndrome in delirium tremens

Moore, P.; James, O.; Saltos, N., 1981:
Fat embolism syndrome: incidence, significance and early features

Shenkman, B.; Stechmiller, J., 1984:
Fat embolism syndrome: pathophysiology and current treatment

L.R.; E.A., 1988:
Fat embolism syndrome report of 8 cases

Lipton, J.H.; Russell, J.A.; Burgess, K.R.; Hwang, W.S., 1987:
Fat embolization and pulmonary infiltrates after bone marrow transplantation

Francis, D.M.A.; Shenton, B.K., 1987:
Fat emulsion adversely affects lymphocyte reactivity

von Dardel, O.; Mebius, C.; Mossberg, T.; Svensson, B., 1983:
Fat emulsion as a vehicle for diazepam. A study of 9492 patients

Brans, Y.W.; Dutton, E.B.; Andrew, D.S.; Menchaca, E.M.; West, D.L., 1986:
Fat emulsion tolerance in very low birth weight neonates: effect on diffusion of oxygen in the lungs and on blood pH

Loewe, R.; Apelt, J., 1985:
Fat enrichment of pellets by spraying effect on pellet solidity and shelf life

Storlien, L.H.; James, D.E.; Burleigh, K.M.; Chisholm, D.J.; Kraegen, E.W., 1986:
Fat feeding causes widespread in vivo insulin resistance, decreased energy expenditure, and obesity in rats

Seetharam, S.; Ovitt, C.; Strauss, A.W.; Rubin, D.; Alpers, D.H., 1987:
Fat feeding stimulates only one of the two messenger rnas encoding rat intestinal membranous and secreted alkaline phosphatase

Skaane, P.; Klott K J., 1981:
Fat fluid level in a cystic ovarian teratoma

Skaane, P.; Jerve, F., 1986:
Fat fluid level in a dermoid cyst

Olson, J.M.; Dawson, W.R.; Camilliere, J.J., 1988:
Fat from black capped chickadees avian brown adipose tissue

Khader, A.E.; E.H.mid L.B.A., 1981:
Fat globule size distribution in relation to fat content of buffaloes milk during milking

Goebel, N., 1985:
Fat herniation through the diaphragm

Omar, I.C.; Nishio, N.; Nagai, S., 1987:
Fat hydrolysis and esterification by a lipase from humicola lanuginosa

Abel, H.; Masch, E., 1988:
Fat in feeding of milk cows effect of a saponified feedfat on the parameters of milk performance

Tokiguchi, S.; Ando, K.; Tsuchiya, T.; Ito, J., 1986:
Fat in the dural sinus

Hosoya, T.; Kera, M.; Suzuki, T.; Yamaguchi, K., 1986:
Fat in the normal cavernous sinus

Devendra, C.; Lewis, D., 1974:
Fat in the ruminant diet review

Burstyn, P.G.; Husbands, D.R., 1980:
Fat induced hypertension in rabbits effects of dietary fiber on blood pressure and blood lipid concentrations

Gröhn, Y.; Heinonen, K.; Lindberg, L.A., 1987:
Fat infiltration in the liver of Finnish Ayrshire cows during early lactation

Motton, G.; Ricci, F.; Guglielmi, A.; Olivieri, D.; Cordiano, C., 1984:
Fat infusion and blood coagulation in patients undergoing surgery for esophageal cancer

Kihl, B.; Rokaeus, A.; Rosell, S.; Olbe, L., 1981:
Fat inhibition of gastric secretion in man and plasma concentrations of neurotensin like immuno reactivity

Gyug, L.W.; Millar, J.S., 1980:
Fat levels in a subarctic population of peromyscus maniculatus

Cothran, E.G.; Chesser, R.K.; Smith, M.H.; Johns, P.E., 1987:
Fat levels in female white tailed deer during the breeding season and pregnancy

Babile, R.; Matheron, G.; Delpech, P.; Farran, M.T., 1980:
Fat liver production of male muscovy ducklings analysis of some factors of variance

O'hara W.J.; Allen, C.; Shephard, R.J.; Allen, G., 1979:
Fat loss in the cold--a controlled study

Tatsumi, A., 1986:
Fat malabsorption in crohn's disease and ileal resection with reference to abnormal intraluminal bile acids

Hardman, M.J.; Hey, E.N.; Hull, D., 1969:
Fat metabolism and heat production in young rabbits

Hardman, M.J.; Hull, D., 1970:
Fat metabolism in brown adipose tissue in vivo

Tikhomirov, O.B., 1977:
Fat metabolism in different age groups of the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri during muscular activity

Nielsen, N.C.; Adee, A.; Stumpf, P.K., 1979:
Fat metabolism in higher plants. Further characterization of wheat germ acetyl coenzyme A carboxylase

Harwood, J.L.; Stumpf, P.K., 1970:
Fat metabolism in higher plants part 40 synthesis of fatty acids in the initial stage of seed germination

Givan, C.V.; Stumpf, P.K., 1971:
Fat metabolism in higher plants part 45 some factors regulating fatty acid synthesis by isolated spinach d chloroplasts

Kannangara, C.G.; Stumpf, P.K., 1972:
Fat metabolism in higher plants part 47 the effect of nitrite and other anions on the formation of unsaturated fatty acids by isolated chloroplasts

Kannangara, C.G.; Jacobson, B.S.; Stumpf, P.K., 1973:
Fat metabolism in higher plants part 57 a comparison of fatty acid synthesizing enzymes in chloroplasts isolated from mature and immature leaves of spinach

Macey, M.J.K.; Stumpf, P.K., 1968:
Fat metabolism in higher plants xxxvi long chain fatty acid synthesis in germinating peas d inst auto radiography enz synthetase

Hutton, D.; Stumpf, P.K., 1969:
Fat metabolism in higher plants xxxvii characterization of the beta oxidation systems from maturing and germinating castor bean d seeds ricinus communis d enz crotonase enz beta hydroxy acyl dehydrogenase enz beta keto thiolase enz acyl thio kinase

Lapointe, J.L.; Rodriguez, E.M., 1974:
Fat mobilization and ultrastructural changes in the peritoneal fat body of the lizard klauberina riversiana in response to long photoperiod and exogenous estrone or progesterone

Wood, J.D.; Gregory, N.G.; Hall, G.M.; Lister, D., 1977:
Fat mobilization in Pietrain and Large White pigs

Lee, P.C.; Howard, J.M., 1979:
Fat necrosis

Schmidt, H.; Lankisch, P.G., 1978:
Fat necrosis - a cause of pancreatic parenchymal necrosis?

Meyer, J.E.; Silverman, P.; Gandbhir, L., 1978:
Fat necrosis of the breast

Rostom, A.Y.; E.S.yed M.E., 1987:
Fat necrosis of the breast an unusual complication of lumpectomy and radiotherapy in breast cancer

Zembayashi, M.; Inayama, M., 1987:
Fat partition and its distribution in japanese black japanese shorthorn and holstein steer carcass

Sahu, B.B.; Prasad, V.S.S., 1987:
Fat partitioning and yield of glands from two live weight classes of sheep and goats

Butler Hogg, B.W.; Wood, J.D.; Bines, J.A., 1985:
Fat partitioning in british friesian cows the influence of physiological state on dissected body composition

Mueller, W.H.; Shoup, R.F.; Malina, R.M., 1982:
Fat patterning in athletes in relation to ethnic origin and sport

Norgan, N.G., 1987:
Fat patterning in Papua New Guineans: effects of age, sex and acculturation

Hattori, K.; Becque, M.D.; Katch, V.L.; Rocchini, A.P.; Boileau, R.A.; Slaughter, M.H.; Lohman, T.G., 1987:
Fat patterning of adolescents

Hediger, M.L.; Katz, S.H., 1986:
Fat patterning, overweight, and adrenal androgen interactions in black adolescent females

Madan, M.; Gulati, N., 1981:
Fat production by some mucorales

Duncan, B.; Shah, D.N.; Herald, A.C., 1976:
Fat production in epicoccum nigrum

Borkan, G.A.; Norris, A.H., 1977:
Fat re distribution and the changing body dimensions of the adult male

Manning, J.B.; Bach, A.W.; Herman, C.M.; Carrico, C.J., 1983:
Fat release after femur nailing in the dog

Gauthier, G.; Bedard, J., 1985:
Fat reserves and condition indices in greater snow geese anser caerulescens atlanticus

Mercier, F.M., 1985:
Fat reserves and migration of red necked phalaropes phalaropus lobatus in the quoddy region new brunswick canada

Mishra, R.N.; Mishra, N.K., 1980:
Fat reserves and their mobility during the post breeding period in the indian catfish heteropneustes fossilis

Vincent, J.; Bedard, J., 1976:
Fat reserves in snow buntings

Martin, J.T., 1977:
Fat reserves of the wild rabbit oryctolagus cuniculus

Dobbs, A.J.; Williams, N., 1983:
Fat solubility a property of environmental relevance?

Rougereau, A.; Person, O.; Rougereau, G., 1987:
Fat soluble vitamins and cancer localization associated to an abnormal ketone derivative of vitamin d 3 carcinomedin

Spirichev, V.B.; Kon', I.Y., 1978:
Fat soluble vitamins and membranes

Ramadori, G.; Rieder, H.; Knittel, T.; Dienes, H.P.; Meyer zum Büschenfelde, K.H., 1987:
Fat storing cells (FSC) of rat liver synthesize and secrete fibronectin. Comparison with hepatocytes

Fell, D.A.; Small, J.R., 1986:
Fat synthesis in adipose tissue. An examination of stoichiometric constraints

S.J.hn L.C.; Ekeren, P.A.; Crouse, J.D.; Schanbacher, B.D.; Smith, S.B., 1986:
Fat synthesis in adipose tissue from heifers implanted with a synthetic steroid

Degen, A.A., 1977:
Fat tailed awassi and german mutton merino sheep under semi arid conditions part 1 total body water its distribution and water turnover

Degen, A.A., 1977:
Fat tailed awassi and german mutton merino sheep under semi arid conditions part 3 body temperatures and panting rate

Degen, A.A., 1977:
Fat tailed awassi and german mutton merion sheep under semi arid conditions part 2 total body water and water turnover during pregnancy and lactation

Fortin, A., 1980:
Fat thickness measured with 3 ultrasonic instruments on live ram lambs as predictors of cutability

Deslypere, J.P.; Verdonck, L.; Vermeulen, A., 1985:
Fat tissue: a steroid reservoir and site of steroid metabolism

Mikhel'son, V.A.; Shtatnov, M.K., 1977:
Fat tolerance in parenteral nutrition of new born and nursing infants at the immediate post operative period

Takahashi, S., 1978:
Fat tolerance test and athero sclerosis

Yoshioka, T.; Koike, S.; Okamoto, H., 1981:
Fat tolerance test in pregnancy: Intralipid loading test

Aherne, F.X.; Danielsen, V.; Nielsen, H.E., 1982:
Fat utilization by 3 week weaned pigs

Timmons, B.A.; Araujo, J.; Thomas, T.R., 1985:
Fat utilization enhanced by exercise in a cold environment

Roberts, W.C., 1977:
Fat vs fatigue comments on causes of athero sclerosis

Faruga, A.; Kozlowski, M., 1984:
Fat wastes application of oil industry in nutrition of broiler chicks

Sands, S.F.; Farmer, P.; Alvarez, O.; Keller, I.A.; Gorey, M.T.; Hyman, R.A., 1987:
Fat within the falx: MR demonstration of falcine bony metaplasia with marrow formation

Giertsen, J.C., 1985:
Fatal accidents and alcohol in Western Norway

Fischer, H.; Masel, H.; Sigl, W., 1978:
Fatal accidents with compressed air diving equipment

Nogen, A.G.; Bremner, J.E., 1978:
Fatal acetaminophen overdosage in a young child

Wilson, C.; Imrie, C.W.; Carter, D.C., 1988:
Fatal acute pancreatitis

Stark, M.E.; Dyer, M.C.D.; Coonley, C.J., 1987:
Fatal acute tumor lysis syndrome with metastatic breast carcinoma

Smith, R.H., 1979:
Fatal adenovirus infection with misleading positive serology for infectious mononucleosis

Davis, D.; Henslee, P.J.; Markesbery, W.R., 1988:
Fatal adenovirus meningoencephalitis in a bone marrow transplant patient

Sun C C.J.; Duara, S., 1985:
Fatal adenovirus pneumonia in two newborn infants one case caused by adenovirus type 30

Kirsch, M.; Ruben, F.L.; Steere, A.C.; Duray, P.H.; Norden, C.W.; Winkelstein, A., 1988:
Fatal adult respiratory distress syndrome in a patient with Lyme disease

Pfenninger, J.; Zimmermann, A., 1981:
Fatal adult respiratory distress syndrome in a scalded child after immunization with attenuated virus (measles, mumps and rubella)

King, M.W.; Aitchison, J.M.; Nel, J.P., 1984:
Fatal air embolism following penetrating lung trauma: an autopsy study

Novomesky, F.; Ehm, O.F., 1985:
Fatal air embolism in diving a morphological approach

Kitterman, J.A., 1979:
Fatal air embolism through an umbilical venous catheter

Guidotti, R.J.; Grimes, D.A.; Cates, W.Jr, 1981:
Fatal amniotic fluid embolism during legally induced abortion usa 1972 1978

Bacalbasa, N.; Nichiteanu, C., 1980:
Fatal anaphylactic shock hydatid cyst attrition in the course of general anesthesia

Dodd, N.J.; Bond, M.G., 1979:
Fatal anaphylaxis in systemic mastocytosis

Leonov, Y.; Lewinsohn, G., 1985:
Fatal anaphylaxis in systemic mastocytosis

Howell, T.H., 1985:
Fatal and contributory lesions in nonagenarians

Giampaoli, S.; Menotti, A.; Righetti, G.; Verdecchia, A., 1987:
Fatal and non fatal coronary events in an italian population clinical epidemiological data analysis of 1983

Nixon, J.; Corcoran, A.; Fielding, L.; Eastgate, J., 1985:
Fatal and nonfatal accidents on the railways a study of injuries to individuals with particular reference to children and nonfatal trauma

Matroos, A.; Magnus, K.; Strackee, J., 1979:
Fatal and nonfatal coronary attacks in relation to smoking in some Dutch communities

Sobonya, R., 1977:
Fatal anhydrous ammonia inhalation

Van-Doornik, M.C.; Van't-Veer-Korthof, E.T.; Wierenga, H., 1978:
Fatal aplastic anemia complicating infectious mononucleosis

Fraunfelder, F.T.; Bagby, G.C.Jr; Kelley, D.J., 1982:
Fatal aplastic anemia following topical administration of ophthalmic chloramphenicol

Franceschi, M.; Ciboddo, G.; Truci, G.; Borri, A.; Canal, N., 1988:
Fatal aplastic anemia in a patient treated with carbamazepine

Johnson, C.A., 1978:
Fatal arsenic poisoning without normal anatomical post mortem changes

Lareau, D.G.; Berta, J.W., 1976:
Fatal aspiration of thick barium

Poukkula, A.; Huhti, E.; Kaipainen, W.J., 1979:
Fatal asthma: circumstances at death

Hawley, D.A.; Pless, J.E.; Waller, B.F.; Vakili, S.T., 1987:
Fatal athletic injuries

Bratzke, H.; Gilg, T., 1987:
Fatal bleeding from a single scalp wound

Milentije, R.; Milojkovic, N.; Vukosavljevic, M.; Petrov, B.; Dordevic, D., 1980:
Fatal bleeding from varicose veins of the esophagus

Hochheim, B.; Liedloff, H.; Franke, J., 1985:
Fatal bleeding in the suprarenal gland after hip replacement and anticoagulant treatment

Mcleod, B.F.; Lawrence, H.J.; Smith, D.W.; Vogt, P.J.; Gandara, D.R., 1987:
Fatal bleomycin toxicity from a low cumulative dose in a patient with renal insufficiency

Sulkava, R.; Jääskeläinen, J.; Paetau, A.; Valtonen, V.; Iivanainen, M., 1984:
Fatal Candida meningitis in a previously healthy adult

Lehnert, M.; Hoefler, H.; Kerl, H.; Schmid, P., 1980:
Fatal candida pneumonitis in a patient with gluco cortico steroid treated weber christians disease

Zucker, P.; Daum, F.; Cohen, M.I., 1977:
Fatal carbamazepine hepatitis

Sheep, R.E.; Guiney, W.B., 1982:
Fatal cardiac tamponade. Occurrence with other complications after left internal jugular vein catheterization

Trigg, M.E.; Finlay, J.L.; Bozdech, M.; Gilbert, E., 1987:
Fatal cardiac toxicity in bone marrow transplant patients receiving cytosine arabinoside cyclophosphamide and total body irradiation

Guzman, M.G.; Kouri, G.; Morier, L.; Soler, M.; Fernandez, A., 1984:
Fatal cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever in cuba 1981

Worm, K.; Steentoft, A.; Christensen, H., 1988:
Fatal cases of poisoning in eastern denmark during a period of 5 years

Kirkpatrick, J.B.; Pearson, J., 1978:
Fatal cerebral injury in the elderly

Tolonen, J.; Santavirta, S.; Kiviluoto, O.; Lindqvist, C., 1986:
Fatal cervical spinal injuries in road traffic accidents

Wentworth, P.; Carson, J.H., 1982:
Fatal chest injury caused by a vitrified (grindstone) wheel

Grunfeld, B.; Steen, J., 1984:
Fatal child abuse child murder a review of the years 1950 1979

Beck, S.; Slater, D.; Harrington, C.I., 1981:
Fatal chronic cutaneous herpes simplex associated with thymoma and hypo gamma globulinemia

Chopard, P.; Guibaud, P.; Grimaud, J.A.; Gilly, J.; Vibert, J.; Larbre, F., 1980:
Fatal cirrhotic development of erythropoietic proto porphyria in a child

Labib, S.; Boujraf, Sïd.; Berdai, A.; Harandou, M., 2014:
Fatal colchicine intoxication

Shenfield, G.M.; Bhalla, I.P.; Elton, R.A.; Duncan, L.J., 1980:
Fatal coma in diabetes

Heuschkel, H.J.; Heidl, G.; Demmler, G., 1981:
Fatal complication of a combined coarctation of the aortic arch and isthmus with anomalies of the aortic valve

Kusunoki, M.; Kotoura, Y.; Haneda, J.; Aioi, H.; Yamamura, T.; Ishikawa, Y.; Utsunomiya, J., 1987:
Fatal complications following endoscopic retrograde cholangio pancreatography

Kasulke, R.J.; Schein, C.J.; Gliedman, M.L., 1981:
Fatal complications in surgery for biliary calculi

Wiedermannova, D.; Lokaj, J.; Wiedermann, D.; Holcikova, A.; Zarosska, E.; Bucek, J., 1986:
Fatal course of chronic granulomatous disease in a five year old boy

Hwang, W.S.; Chan, M.C.K.; Wong, H.B.; Lee, L.H., 1975:
Fatal coxsackievirus infections of the new born

Minars, N.; Silverman, J.F.; Escobar, M.R.; Martinez, A.J., 1977:
Fatal cytomegalic inclusion disease. Associated skin manifestations in a renal transplant patient

Tanner, D.D.; Buckley, P.J.; Hong, R.; Shearer, W.T., 1980:
Fatal cytomegalovirus bronchiolitis in a patient with Nezelof's syndrome

Min, K.W.; Wickemeyer, W.J.; Chandran, P.; Shadur, C.A.; Gervich, D.; Phillips, S.J.; Zeff, R.H.; Song, J., 1987:
Fatal cytomegalovirus infection and coronary arterial thromboses after heart transplantation: a case report

Barss, P., 1986:
Fatal dapsone agranulocytosis in a Melanesian

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Fatal deliberate intoxication by paraquat

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Fatal desquamative interstitial pneumonia in an infant: case report with transmission and scanning electron microscopical studies

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Fatal diltiazem intoxication

Moedy, J.L.; Lerman, S.J.; White, R.J., 1981:
Fatal disseminated herpes simplex virus infection in a healthy child

Paraskevaides, E.C.; Wilson, M.C., 1988:
Fatal disseminated intravascular coagulation secondary to streptococcal cervicitis

Hakim, S.Z.; Genta, R.M., 1986:
Fatal disseminated strongyloidiasis in a Vietnam War veteran

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Fatal disseminated strongyloidiasis presenting as acute abdominal distress in an urban child

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Fatal dissemination of cytomegalovirus after bone marrow transplantation

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Fatal drug and alcohol intoxications outside hospital a survey of cases investigated at the institute of forensic medicine university of oslo norway 1977 1982

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Fatal drug intoxication and alcohol intoxication investigated at the institute of forensic medicine university of oslo norway

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Fatal echovirus type 11 infections

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Fatal ectopic pregnancy after attempted legally induced abortion

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Fatal encephalopathy due to Lagochilascaris minor infection

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Fatal eosinophilic meningoencephalitis after lac intoxication case report and differential diagnostic considerations

Ekfors, T.O.; Joensuu, K.; Toivio, I.; Laurinen, P.; Pelttari, L., 1986:
Fatal epithelioid hemangioendothelioma presenting in the lung and liver

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Fatal epstein barr virus infection in a 63 year old man

Strathmann, R.R.; Branscomb, E.S.; Vedder, K., 1981:
Fatal errors in set as a cost of dispersal and the influence of inter tidal flora on set of barnacles

Zhang, W.; E.A., 1984:
Fatal esophagogastric arterial fistula following resection for carcinoma of the esophagus a report of 10 cases

Czapla, J.; Kosmalski, S.; Sankowski, M., 1979:
Fatal exsanguination of the fetus into the amniotic bag due to a rupture of the membranaceous insertion of the cord

Williams, A.F.; Goins, S.E., 1981:
Fatal falls and jumps from motor vehicles

Nielsen, I.M.; Ornvold, K.; Jacobsen, B.B.; Ranek, L., 1986:
Fatal familial cholestatic syndrome in Greenland Eskimo children

Bronson, R.T.; O'Connell, M.; Klepper-Kilgore, N.; Chalifoux, L.V.; Sehgal, P., 1982:
Fatal fasting syndrome of obese macaques

Bloch, B., 1976:
Fatal fat embolism following severe donkey bites

Chatzigiannis, I.; Schmidt, K.L.; Stambolis, C., 1984:
Fatal fibrosis of the lungs as a result of chryso therapy?

Moon, T.; Lin, R.Y.; Jahn, A.F., 1986:
Fatal frontal sinusitis due to Neisseria sicca and Eubacterium lentum

Bem, J.L.; Mann, R.D.; Coulson, R., 1988:
Fatal gastrointestinal damage associated with the use of osmotic mini pump indomethacin osmosin

Bramwell, N.H.; Davies, R.A.; Koshal, A.; Tse, G.N.; Keon, W.J.; Walley, V.M., 1987:
Fatal gastrointestinal hemorrhage caused by cytomegalovirus duodenitis and ulceration after heart transplantation

Cooke, J.N.C.; Balfour, A.J.C.; Underwood Ground, K.E.A., 1983:
Fatal gliding accidents in the uk 1960 1980

Magnanimi, G., 1986:
Fatal graft vs. host after a 76 day survival of a 490 gram birth weight infant

Schmidmeier, W.; Feil, W.; Gebhart, W.; Grisold, W.; Gschnait, F.; Hinterberger, W.; Hoecker, P.; Jellinger, K.; Krepler, R.; Machacek, E., 1982:
Fatal graft vs. host reaction following granulocyte transfusions

Louw, G.J.; Van Schouwenburg, S.J.E.M., 1981:
Fatal heart failure in a poodle due to widespread metastatic malignant hem angio endothelioma

Ito, M.; Kawasaki, N.; Matsui, K.; Fujisaki, S., 1986:
Fatal heart monitoring and ultrasound in the management of placental abruption

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Fatal heatstroke after a short march at night: a case report

Habib, M.A., 1977:
Fatal hemorrhage due to ruptured inferior thyroid artery aneurysm

Grimes, D.A.; Kafrissen, M.E.; O'reilly K.R.; Binkin, N.J., 1983:
Fatal hemorrhage from legal abortion in the usa

Houdek, M., 1987:
Fatal hemorrhagic complication of extracranial intracranial arterial bypass

Ploechl, E., 1983:
Fatal hepatic failure associated with anti convulsive therapy in 2 children

Irie, H.; Mori, W., 1986:
Fatal hepatic necrosis after shock

Smith, D.W.; Cullity, G.J.; Silberstein, E.P., 1988:
Fatal hepatic necrosis associated with multiple anticonvulsant therapy

Vanderhoof, J.A.; Ament, M.E., 1976:
Fatal hepatic necrosis due to isoniazid chemoprophylaxis in a 15-year-old girl

Larcan, A.; Lambert, H.; Janot, C.; Perarnaud, J.; Delorme, N.; Tonnel, F., 1982:
Fatal hepatitis during sulfasalazine treatment

Hansen, M.M.; Ranek, L.; Walbom, S.; Nissen, N.I., 1982:
Fatal hepatitis following irradiation and vincristine

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Fatal hepatitis from west nile virus

Ojeda, V.J., 1980:
Fatal herpes simplex encephalitis with demonstration of virus in the olfactory pathway

Mierley, M.C.; Baker, S.P., 1983:
Fatal house fires in an urban population

Baird, J.K.; Mistrey, M.; Pimsler, M.; Connor, D.H., 1986:
Fatal human ascariasis following secondary massive infection

Freeman, R.S.; Stuart, P.F.; Cullen, S.J.; Ritchie, A.C.; Mildon, A.; Fernandes, B.J.; Bonin, R., 1976:
Fatal human infection with mesocercariae of the trematode Alaria americana

Chappard, D.; Laurent J L.; Bras, P.; David, B.; Wasser A M., 1982:
Fatal hydrops fetalis occurring secondary to a reno caval thrombosis in utero an embryological and ultrasound study

Goffman, T.E.; Mulvihill, J.J.; Carney, D.N.; Triche, T.J.; Whang Peng, J., 1983:
Fatal hyper eosinophilia with chromosome 15q minus in a patient with multiple primary and familial neoplasms

Sporn, P.; Steinbereithner, K.; Sluga, E.; Linsmayer, H.; Schenk, E., 1980:
Fatal hyper thermic crisis after pre medication human stress syndrome or trigger effect of promethazine

Keeling, C.A.; Abrahamson, M.J.; Harloe, D.G., 1987:
Fatal hyperparathyroid crisis

Bush, M.E.; Dahms, B.B., 1984:
Fatal hypervitaminosis A in a neonate

Bresolin, N.; Zeviani, M.; Bonilla, E.; Miller, R.H.; Leech, R.W.; Shanske, S.; Nakagawa, M.; DiMauro, S., 1985:
Fatal infantile cytochrome c oxidase deficiency: decrease of immunologically detectable enzyme in muscle

Servidei, S.; Bonilla, E.; Diedrich, R.G.; Kornfeld, M.; Oates, J.D.; Davidson, M.; Vora, S.; DiMauro, S., 1986:
Fatal infantile form of muscle phosphofructokinase deficiency

DiMauro, S.; Hartlage, P.L., 1978:
Fatal infantile form of muscle phosphorylase deficiency

Minchom, P.E.; Dormer, R.L.; Hughes, I.A.; Stansbie, D.; Cross, A.R.; Hendry, G.A.F.; Jones, O.T.G.; Johnson, M.A.; Sherratt, H.S.A.; Turnbull, D.M., 1983:
Fatal infantile mitochondrial myopathy due to cytochrome c oxidase ec deficiency

Lawrenson, J.B.; Klugman, K.P.; Eidelman, J.I.; Wasas, A.; Miller, S.D.; Lipman, J., 1988:
Fatal infection caused by a multiply resistant type 3 pneumococcus

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Fatal infection in neonates of 26 weeks' gestation due to Streptococcus milleri: report of two cases

Shimizu, T.; Yasuda, N.; Kono, I.; Koyama, T., 1987:
Fatal infection of hepatozoon like organisms in the young captive cranes grus monacha

Margaliot, S.; Reichert, N.; Rubinstein, E., 1982:
Fatal infection with chloramphenicol resistant pneumococcus

Berry, P.J.; Nagington, J., 1982:
Fatal infection with echovirus 11

Zink, P., 1976:
Fatal injuries by blank warning firearms

States, J.D.; Huelke, D.F.; Dance, M.; Green, R.N., 1987:
Fatal injuries caused by underarm use of shoulder belts

Dunjic, D.; Pandurovic, S.; Aleksandric, B.; Uzelac Belovski, Z., 1985:
Fatal injuries of older bicyclists

Simpson, D.; Antonio, J.D.; North, J.B.; Ring, I.T.; Selecki, B.R.; Sewell, M.F., 1981:
Fatal injuries of the head and spine: epidemiological studies in New South Wales and South Australia

Lane, S.D.; Besa, E.C.; Justh, G.; Joseph, R.R., 1981:
Fatal interstitial pneumonitis following high dose intermittent chlorambucil therapy for chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Nouchi, T.; Miura, H.; Kanayama, M.; Mizuguchi, O.; Takano, T., 1984:
Fatal intoxication by 1 2 dichloroethane a case

Anger, J.P.; Anger, F.; Chavuel, Y.; Girre, R.L.; Curtes, N.; Curtes, J.P., 1976:
Fatal intoxication by oenanthe safranee oenanthe crocata

Cardauns, H.; Iffland, R., 1973:
Fatal intoxication of a young drug addict with diazepam

Montoya Cabrera, M.A.; Aleman Velazquez, P.; Isunza Muniz, M.; Ravelo Mendez, E.H.; Dumois Nunez, R., 1982:
Fatal intoxication with acetaminophen the 1st case in mexico

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Fatal intoxications in debrecen hungary analysis of the cases from 1958 1981

Pfordt, J.; Magerl, H.; Vock, R., 1987:
Fatal intoxications with propoxur

Cobden, I.; Record, C.O.; White, R.W.B., 1981:
Fatal intra hepatic cholestasis associated with triazolam

Kringsholm, B.; Nielsen, N.H., 1988:
Fatal intracerebral haemorrhage in connection with consumption of amphetamine

Farrell, M.A.; Gilbert, J.J.; Kaufmann, J.C., 1985:
Fatal intracranial arterial dissection: clinical pathological correlation

Shopland, J.M.; Altmann, J., 1987:
Fatal intragroup kidnapping in yellow baboons

Girz, B.A.; Heiselman, D.E., 1988:
Fatal intrapartum pulmonary embolus during tocolysis

Fidas Kamini, A.; Busuttil, A., 1986:
Fatal intraperitoneal hemorrhage of hepatic origin

Olenmark, M.; Biber, B.; Dottori, O.; Rybo, G., 1987:
Fatal iron intoxication in late pregnancy

Jaeken, J.; Devlieger, H.; Willems, J.; Macken, J.; Monnens, L.; Eggermont, E., 1981:
Fatal lactic acidosis in a neo nate with pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency

Wilkinson, H.W.; Thacker, W.L.; Brenner, D.J.; Ryan, K.J., 1985:
Fatal Legionella maceachernii pneumonia

Schuermann, D.; Ruf, B.; Pfannkuch, F.; Horbach, I.; Pohle, H.D., 1988:
Fatal legionellosis in patients with malignant hematologic diseases

Schürmann, D.; Ruf, B.; Fehrenbach, F.J.; Jautzke, G.; Pohle, H.D., 1988:
Fatal Legionnaires' pneumonia: frequency of legionellosis in autopsied patients with pneumonia from 1969 to 1985

Hansen, A.C.; Knudsen, P.J.T., 1988:
Fatal lighter gas sniffing

Mueller Hoecker, J.; Pongratz, D.; Deufel, T.; Trijbels, J.M.F.; Endres, W.; Huebner, G., 1983:
Fatal lipid storage myopathy with deficiency of cytochrome c oxidase and carnitine a contribution to the combined cytochemical fine structural identification of cytochrome c oxidase in long term frozen muscle

Scheffner, D.; König, S.; Rauterberg-Ruland, I.; Kochen, W.; Hofmann, W.J.; Unkelbach, S., 1988:
Fatal liver failure in 16 children with valproate therapy

Mun, K., 1976:
Fatal loss of blood

Hazlett, M.J.; Little, P.B.; Maxie, M.G.; Barnum, D.A., 1984:
Fatal mastitis of dairy cows: a retrospective study

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Fatal measles (rubeola) pneumonia in adults

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Fatal meconium aspiration syndrome occurring despite airway management considered appropriate

Jablokow, V.R.; Kathuria, S., 1982:
Fatal meningitis due to Serratia marcescens after stapedectomy

Dalldorf, F.G.; Jennette, J.C., 1977:
Fatal meningococcal septicemia

Winek, C.L.; Fochtman, F.W.; Bricker, J.D.; Wecht, C.H., 1981:
Fatal mercuric chloride ingestion

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Fatal metastatic cystosarcoma phyllodes in an adolescent female case report and review of treatment approaches

Mueller Hoecker, J.; Johannes, A.; Droste, M.; Kadenbach, B.; Pongratz, D.; Huebner, G., 1986:
Fatal mitochondrial cardiomyopathy in kearns sayre syndrome with deficiency of cytochrome c oxidase in cardiac and skeletal muscle an enzyme histochemical ultra immunocytochemical fine structural study in long term frozen autopsy tissue

Janseghers, L.; Matamba, M.; Colaert, J.; Vandepitte, J.; Desmyter, J., 1984:
Fatal monkeypox in a child in Kikwit, Zaire

Scherz, R.G., 1981:
Fatal motor vehicle accidents of child passengers from birth through 4 years of age in washington state usa

Larsen, C.F.; Hardt Madsen, M., 1987:
Fatal motorcycle accidents and alcohol

Katelaris, C.H.; Walls, R.S., 1982:
Fatal neurological complications in temporal arteritis: an unusual case

Pedal, I.; Besserer, K.; Goerttler, K.; Heymer, B.; Mittmeyer J J.; Oehmichen, M.; Schmaehl, D., 1982:
Fatal nitrosamine poisoning

Sambandan, S., 1986:
Fatal nonclostridial gas gangrene in a diabetic: a case report and review of the literature

Brun-Buisson, C.J.; de Gialluly, E.; Gherardi, R.; Otterbein, G.; Gray, F.; Rapin, M., 1985:
Fatal nonmeningitic Listeria rhombencephalitis. Report of two cases

Jarl, T., 1980:
Fatal occupational accidents in sweden personal safety equipment and rescuing

Stout Wiegand, N., 1988:
Fatal occupational injuries in usa industries 1984 comparison of two national surveillance systems

Ansford, A.J.; Morris, H., 1981:
Fatal oleander poisoning

Pompei, G.; Villa, E.; Pantusa, M.; Romani, F.; Vici, F.F., 1982:
Fatal outcome in a case of benign lymph angioma of the spleen a case

Tunving, K., 1988:
Fatal outcome in drug addiction

Burke, D.S.; Lorsomrudee, W.; Leake, C.J.; Hoke, C.H.; Nisalak, A.; Chongswasdi, V.; Laorakpongse, T., 1985:
Fatal outcome in Japanese encephalitis

Horstkotte, D.; Jehle, J.; Loogen, F., 1985:
Fatal outcome of transprosthetic catheterization of a bjork shiley aortic valve prosthesis

Tkhiem, N.V., 1982:
Fatal outcomes in schizophrenia an analysis of a randomized sampling of in patients with various forms of the disease

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Fatal paraquat poisoning: tissue concentrations and implications for treatment

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Fatal parathion poisoning caused by contamination of flour in international commerce

Etzel, R.A.; Forthal, D.N.; Hill, R.H.; Demby, A., 1987:
Fatal parathion poisoning in Sierra Leone

Brison, R.J.; Wicklund, K.; Mueller, B.A., 1988:
Fatal pedestrian injuries to young children: a different pattern of injury

Hanlon, R.T.; Forsythe, J.W.; Cooper, K.M.; Dinuzzo, A.R.; Folse, D.S.; Kelly, M.T., 1984:
Fatal penetrating skin ulcers in laboratory reared octopuses

Cohle, S.D.; Trestrail, J.D.; Graham, M.A.; Oxley, D.W.; Walp, B.; Jachimczyk, J., 1988:
Fatal pepper aspiration

Althoff, H., 1973:
Fatal per chloromethyl mercaptan intoxication

Shy, K.K.; Eschenbach, D.A., 1979:
Fatal perineal cellulitis from an episiotomy site

Maloy, A.L.; Meier, F.A.; Karl, R.C., 1981:
Fatal peritonitis following intra uterine device associated salpingitis

Wilson, K.S.; Brigden, M.L.; Alexander, S.; Worth, A., 1982:
Fatal pneumo thorax in 1 3 bis 2 chloroethyl 1 nitroso urea lung

Silverstein, D.M.; Johnson, B.K.; Warshow, M.M.; Timms, G.L.; Ocheng, D.; Musoke, S.; Masembe, J.B.; Oster, C.N., 1985:
Fatal pneumococcal septicemia in an adult with a congenitally small 11.2 gram spleen

Watts, J.C.; Hicklin, M.D.; Thomason, B.M.; Callaway, C.S.; Levine, A.J., 1980:
Fatal pneumonia caused by Legionella pneumophila, serogroup 3: demonstration of the bacilli in extrathoracic organs

Bhatkhande, C.Y.; Joglekar, V.D., 1977:
Fatal poisoning by potassium in human and rabbit

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Fatal poisoning by propafenone amitriptyline association a case report

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Fatal poisoning from sodium phosphate enema. Case report and experimental study

Kovacic, Z.; Krizanac, S.; Skavic, J., 1986:
Fatal poisoning of a two year old girl with reopin

Worm, K.; Steentoft, A.; Christensen, H., 1987:
Fatal poisoning with cyclic antidepressant drugs

Koeppel, C.; Baudisch, H.; Beyer, K.H.; Kloeppel, I.; Schneider, V., 1986:
Fatal poisoning with selenium dioxide

Gresham, G.A.; Mashru, M.K.S., 1982:
Fatal poisoning with sodium chloride

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Fatal poisoning with verapamil

Martinez, A.J.; Hooshmand, H.; Mendoza, G.I.; Winston, Y.E., 1974:
Fatal poly myositis morphogenesis and ultrastructural features

Eulderink, F.; Cats, A., 1981:
Fatal primary pulmonary hypertension in mixed connective tissue disease

Proia, A.D.; Fetter, B.F.; Woodard, B.H.; Stickel, D.L.; Meyers, W.C., 1986:
Fatal pulmonary bile embolism following acute acalculous cholecystitis

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Fatal pulmonary emboli in hospitalized patients. An autopsy study

Fredin, H.O.; Nillius, A.S., 1982:
Fatal pulmonary embolism after total hip replacement

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Fatal pulmonary embolism and antithrombin III deficiency in adult lymphoblastic leukaemia during L-asparaginase therapy

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Fatal pulmonary embolism complicating per cutaneous liver biopsy case reports

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Fatal pulmonary embolism in a medical department clinical and pathological correlations and therapeutic deliberations

Geyer, U., 1982:
Fatal pulmonary embolisms after operations of the hip

Abud-Mendoza, C.; Diaz-Jouanen, E.; Alarcón-Segovia, D., 1985:
Fatal pulmonary hemorrhage in systemic lupus erythematosus. Occurrence without hemoptysis

D.G.eve J.; Warson, F.; Deleu, D.; Storme, G., 1985:
Fatal pulmonary toxicity by the association of radiotherapy and medroxyprogesterone acetate

Colman, J.; Naevce, W., 1975:
Fatal purpura cerebri after brief inhalation of nitrose gases nitrose gas intoxication

Hardy, D.L., 1986:
Fatal rattlesnake envenomation in arizona usa 1969 1984

Narendran, K., 1986:
Fatal re expansion pulmonary edema

Frey, H.M.; Gershon, A.A.; Borkowsky, W.; Bullock, W.E., 1981:
Fatal reaction to dapsone during treatment of leprosy

McCarthy, A.; Bourke, S.; Fahy, J.; Binchy, I.; Fitzgerald, M.X., 1988:
Fatal recurrence of neuroleptic malignant syndrome

Keller, F.; Nekarda, H., 1985:
Fatal relapse in Goodpasture's syndrome 3 years after plasma exchange

Nielsen, N.O.; Oosterhuis, J.; Janssen, D.; McColl, K.; Anderson, M.P.; Heuschele, W.P., 1988:
Fatal respiratory disease in Nilgiri tahr: possibly malignant catarrhal fever

Getzen, L.C.; Pollak, E.W., 1981:
Fatal respiratory distress in burned patients

Milner, M.E.; de la Monte, S.M.; Hutchins, G.M., 1985:
Fatal respiratory syncytial virus infection in severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome

Okunewick, J.P.; Meredith, R.F.; Raikow, R.B.; Brozovich, B.J.; Magliere, K., 1981:
Fatal response suggestive of graft vs. host reaction following transplantation of spleen cells from allogeneic athymic nude donors

Ueda, K.; Robbins, D.A.; Iitaka, K.; Linnemann, C.C.Jr, 1978:
Fatal rhabdo myolysis associated with parainfluenza type 3 infection

Windus, D.W.; Stokes, T.J.; Julian, B.A.; Fenves, A.Z., 1987:
Fatal Rhizopus infections in hemodialysis patients receiving deferoxamine

Hattwick, M.A.; Retailliau, H.; O'Brien, R.J.; Slutzker, M.; Fontaine, R.E.; Hanson, B., 1978:
Fatal Rocky Mountain spotted fever

Swearingen, B.; Heros, R.C., 1985:
Fatal rupture of a thrombosed giant basilar artery aneurysm

Blaser, M.J.; Lofgren, J.P., 1981:
Fatal salmonellosis originating in a clinical microbiology laboratory

Grimes, D.A.; Cates, W.Jr; Selik, R.M., 1981:
Fatal septic abortion in the usa 1975 1977

Ulich, T.R.; Layfield, L.J., 1985:
Fatal septic shock after fine needle aspiration of a pancreatic pseudocyst

Wu, S.H.; Lin, S.J.; Tso, H.M.; Liu, C.B.; Tsai, W.C., 1986:
Fatal septicemia due to Chromobacterium violaceum

Barrett, A.P., 1986:
"Fatal Serratia marcescens infection of the neck in acute leukemia"

Enurah, L.U.; Uche, E.M.; Nawathe, D.R., 1988:
Fatal shigellosis in a chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) in the Jos Zoo, Nigeria

Püschel, K.; Schulz, F.; Naeve, W.; Arnold, W., 1980:
Fatal sniffing of heroin

Eriksson, A.; Björnstig, U., 1982:
Fatal snowmobile accidents in northern Sweden

Whipp, M.J.; Harrington, C.I.; Dundas, S., 1987:
Fatal squamous cell carcinoma associated with acne conglobata in a father and daughter

Wright, S.; Kennedy, C., 1984:
Fatal squamous cell carcinoma following whole body electron beam therapy and photo chemo therapy for mycosis fungoides

Tecson Tumang, F.; Sen, P.; Kapila, R., 1982:
Fatal streptococcus intermedius streptococcus milleri meningitis in an adult

Deck, J.H.; Jagadha, V., 1986:
Fatal subarachnoid hemorrhage due to traumatic rupture of the vertebral artery

Simonsen, J., 1984:
Fatal subarachnoid hemorrhages in relation to minor injuries in denmark 1967 1981

Fadahunsi, O.; Mordi, V.P.N.; Ogundipe, O., 1981:
Fatal supraventricular tachy cardia in a 13 month old infant

Recknagel, R.O.; Turocy, Y., 1977:
Fatal susceptibility of a free swimming paramecium to per oxidizing rat liver microsomes

Crane, L.R.; Kish, J.A.; Ratanatharathorn, V.; Merline, J.R.; Raval, M.F.T., 1981:
Fatal syncytial virus pneumonia in a laminar air flow room

Aberle, D.R.; Gamsu, G.; Golden, J.A., 1987:
Fatal systemic arterial air embolism following lung needle aspiration

Boudin, G.; Mikol, J.; Guillard, A.; Engel, A.G., 1976:
Fatal systemic carnitine deficiency with lipid storage in skeletal muscle, heart, liver and kidney

Cecere, F.A.; Yoshinoya, S.; Pope, R.M., 1981:
Fatal thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus. Relationship to circulating immune complexes

Dupon, M.; Dupont, A.; Ragnaud, J.M.; Echinard, E.; Lebras, M.; Lacut, J.Y.; Vital, C., 1986:
Fatal toxoplasma encephalitis and cytomegalovirus encephalitis in aids patients two case reports

Ausley, M.B., 1987:
Fatal transfusion reactions caused by donor antibodies to recipient leukocytes

Harris, V.J.; Schauf, V.; Duda, F.; White, H., 1979:
Fatal tuberculosis in young children

Proesmans, W.; Van-Damme, B.; Desmet, V.; Eeckels, R., 1976:
Fatal tubulo interstitial nephropathy with chronic cholestatic liver disease

Nouel, O.; Galian, A.; Huguet, C.; Vilde, J.L.; Rambaud, J.C., 1978:
Fatal ulcerative necrotizing colitis associated with sigmoid duplication

Baker, S.P.; Fisher, R.S.; Masemore, W.C.; Sopher, I.M., 1972:
Fatal unintentional carbon mon oxide poisoning in motor vehicles

Goldberg, L.H.; Sperber, J., 1988:
Fatal varicella in an adult

Yoshida, S.; Tanabe, T.; Yamamoto, S.; Chiba, S.; Mizuguchi, Y., 1983:
Fatal Vibrio vulnificus infection in a patient with aplastic anemia

Chiappone, D.I.; Kroes, W.H., 1979:
Fatalism in coal miners

Gerlach, D., 1984:
Fatalities caused by micturition syncopes

Hine, C.H.; Pasi, A.; Stephens, B.G., 1978:
Fatalities following exposure to 2 nitro propane

Myhre, B.A., 1980:
Fatalities from blood transfusion

Gonzales, R.B.; Alcala, A.C., 1977:
Fatalities from crab poisoning on negros island philippines

Hargarten, S.W.; Baker, S.P., 1985:
Fatalities in the Peace Corps. A retrospective study: 1962 through 1983

Chan, K.M.; Svancarek, W.P.; Creer, M., 1987:
Fatality due to acute hydrofluoric acid exposure

Ahmad, S.; Govindarajan, S.; Funk, C.R.; Johnson Cicalese, J.M., 1985:
Fatality of house crickets on perennial ryegrasses lolium perenne infected with a fungal endophyte

Oderda, G.M., 1975:
Fatality produced by accidental inhalation of drain cleaner fumes

Rohrig, T.P.; Rundle, D.A.; Leifer, W.N., 1987:
Fatality resulting from metoprolol overdose

Evans, L., 1985:
Fatality risk for belted drivers vs. car mass

Evans, L., 1987:
Fatality risk reduction from safety belt use

Anwar, U.H.q; Akhtar, P.; Shaukat, S.S., 1982:
Fate and activity of 2 cotton herbicides in 6 soils

Kambayashi, J., 1980:
Fate and anti coagulant activity of tritium labeled heparin in rats

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Fate and behavior of diuron in the soils of cooch behar and kalyani west bengal

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Fate of aromatic solvents in animals iii. amounts of toluene exhaled from lungs retained in the blood and excreted in the urine of rats injected with toluene

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Fate of carbon 24 hydrogen atoms of cholesterol during its conversion into tigogenin in digitalis lanata

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Fate of carbon passing through the glucose pool of rumen digesta

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Fate of d alanine and l alanine fed to rice oryza sativa cultivar norin no. 16 leaf blades

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Fate of di chlorodiphenyltrichloro ethane and its metabolites during the preparation of fish protein concentrate

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Fate of dieldrin in radishes

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Fate of diflubenzuron after application to cotton and the boll weevil anthonomus grandis

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Fate of diflubenzuron in cotton soil and rotational crops

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Fate of diflubenzuron in water

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Fate of dissolved aluminum in the oceans

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Fate of endothelium in a corneal graft

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Fate of ethyl 4 4 chloro 2 methylphenoxy butylate in flooded and upland soils

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Fate of ethylenebisdithiocarbamates and their metabolites during the brew process

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Fate of european corn borer larvae in stored shelled grain lepidoptera pyralidae

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Fate of exogenous dna absorbed by isolated cell nuclei of maize seedlings

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Fate of eyespot lipid globules after zoo spore settlement in the green alga pleurastrum terrestre

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Fate of fenitrothion in aquatic microcosms and the role of aquatic plants

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Fate of fenitrothion in several developmental stages of the killifish oryzias latipes

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Fate of fenitrothion methyl parathion and parathion in anoxic sulfur containing soil systems

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Fate of fenvalerate pydrin insecticide in the soil environment

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Fate of fertilizer ammonium in soils with different composition of clay minerals in an incubation experiment

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Fate of fertilizer nitrate applied to coastal bermuda grass on a swelling clay soil

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Van-Praag, H.J.; Fischer, V.; Riga, A., 1980:
Fate of fertilizer nitrogen applied to winter wheat as nitrogen 15 labeled sodium nitrate and nitrogen 15 labeled ammonium sulfate studied in micro plots through a 4 course rotation 2. fixed ammonium turnover and nitrogen reversion

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