Fate and distribution of the mothproofing agents dieldrin and eulan wa new in loch leven kinross scotland uk 1964 1979

Wells, D.E.; Cowan, A.A.

Environmental Pollution Series B Chemical and Physical 7(1): 11-34


Accession: 005448689

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Following the cessation of the use of dieldrin in 1963 and the subsequent use of Eulan-WA New at the textile mill in Kinross, Scotland, the fate and distribution of the mothproofing agents in the Loch Leven environnent were studied. Fish samples analyzed between 1963-1970 showed a decline in dieldrin concentrations with a half-life of 0.56-0.82 yr (r > 0.87). Samples of water, sediment, zooplankton and fish were taken for analysis during 1978-1979. About 50% of the Eulan-WA New remained in the soluble ionic form and was discharged into the River Leven. Much of the remaining 50% was associated with particular matter and sediment. Less than 10% was associated with the biota. The samples were analyzed using GC-ECD -DS with decachlorobiphenyl as the internal standard.