Fattening of young cattle on complete full ration forage mixtures of different energy levels during each period

Dardzhonov, T.; Tomova, J.

Zhivotnov"dni Nauki 18(8): 32-39


Accession: 005449543

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Two consecutive experiments were performed with 3 groups of fattening calves. Duration of fattening, 299 days, was divided into 3 equal subperiods. Calves of group 1 were fed during the whole fattening period on complete (full ration) forage mixture containing 40% grain; group 2 was fed forage mixtures of different grain contents during each subperiod, i.e., 53, 39 and 33%, respectively, and group 3 was fed forage mixtures of different grain content during each subperiod, i.e., 33, 37 and 46%, respectively. The mean grain content of the forage mixture fed during the entire period of fattening for all 3 groups was the same, 40%. By periods, the rate of growth changes in conformity with the quantity of energy taken with the ration, but for the entire period of fattening, the rate of growth was the same for all 3 groups, .apprx. 1000 g daily. Carcass analysis did not establish differences between the 3 groups regarding carcass composition. The changing of the energy content of feed ration by periods within the tested limits does not lead to essential changes in the carcass composition, and it is most expedient to feed fattening calves on forage mixtures containing 40% grain.