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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5453

Chapter 5453 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tikhomirova E.P.; Prokhorov A.F., 1983:
Features of the clinical picture and treatment of patients with strongyloidiasis as they depend on the patients abo h system blood group affiliation

Mukhin N.A.; Khasabov N.N.; Savitskii S.N.; Dzgoeva F.U.; Dzyuba M.T.; Chegaeva T.V.; Nevraeva E.G., 1980:
Features of the clinical picture of amyloidosis of the kidneys

Shuvalova E.P.; Antonov M.M., 1982:
Features of the clinical symptoms and therapy of imported malaria

Sergeev M.G., 1984:
Features of the communities and the population structure of orthoptera insecta in conditions of the town of diffuse type as exemplified by novosibirsk academic town russian sfsr ussr

Zinkin A.V.; Sokolov S.F.; Gorgaslidze A.G.; Grudtsyn G.V., 1986:
Features of the conductive system of the heart in patients with alcoholic myocardial damage

Reshetnykov S.V., 1982:
Features of the conidia formation in the anamorph of the agarical fungus flammulina velutipes

Lyubomirskii L.E., 1983:
Features of the control of precise motor actions in school children of various ages

Tamarina, N.A.; Aleksandrova, K.V., 1977:
Features of the copulation of the mosquito aedes dianteus and experience in rearing them in the laboratory

Gogin E.E.; Zhil'tsov V.K.; Korytnikov K.I.; Korneev N.V.; Kireeva T.G.; Seleznev Y.K., 1986:
Features of the course and evaluation of the effectiveness of surgical treatment of adhesive constrictive pericarditis

Bryginskii S.A.; Zubarenko A.V.; Lishko V.K.; Minyailenko T.D.; Pozharov V.P.; Reznik B.Ya; Rozova E.V.; Seredenko M.M.; Stefanov A.V., 1986:
Features of the course of a hypoxic state when liposomes are administered

Shishkin A.N., 1985:
Features of the course of acute interstitial nephritis

Danilova L.Yu, 1986:
Features of the course of cyclothymia like schizophrenia at pubertal age

Demidova I.Yu, 1984:
Features of the course of diabetes mellitus in patients with insulin overdose

Suptel' E.A.; Maksimovich N.A., 1980:
Features of the course of dysentery in experimental animals infected with a shigella adenovirus complex

Mailova-Gasymova, A.D., 1980:
Features of the course of eclampsia based on material from maternity hospital no. 1 in baku azerbaijan ssr ussr

Dikaya V.I., 1986:
Features of the course of schizophrenia presenting as acute kandinsky clerambault syndrome

Shostakovich B.V.; Pelipas V.E.; Shkubuliani B.S., 1988:
Features of the course of sluggish psychopathy like schizophrenia complicated by alcoholism

Agaeva F.A.; Kasimova A.D., 1982:
Features of the course of staphylococcal infection in new born

Rakhmatullin I.G., 1984:
Features of the course of thyrotoxicosis in men

Cabrera Juarez E.; Sanchez Rincon D.A., 1979:
Features of the damage produced by proflavine on transforming dna

Taktakishvili S.D.; Nadirashvili T.A., 1980:
Features of the deposition of erythrocytes in the spleen of laboratory animals

Grigoryan V.Z.; Nikogosyan L.A.; Barsegyan E.S., 1982:
Features of the development and course of induced epileptoid reactions in acute and chronic alcoholic intoxications in animals

Alekseev A.N., 1984:
Features of the development and diet of blood sucking arthropods which make them specific vectors of pathogens

Sharipov A.R., 1984:
Features of the development of conditioned negative variation in 2 types of human activity

Kanevskaya I.G.; Lebedeva E.V., 1984:
Features of the development of microscopic fungi on nonspecific substrates

Oganesyan N.M.; Dolabchyan Z.L.; Varosyan M.A.; Tatinyan N.G.; Piruzyan S.A.; Zakharyan A.B.; Sarukhanyan A.G.; Safaryan V.N., 1982:
Features of the development of myo cardial hypertrophy during adaptation of the body to high altitude hypoxia

Haiova V.P., 1986:
Features of the development of phytopathogenic valsa fungi

Marchenko M.I., 1985 :
Features of the development of the fly chrysomya albiceps diptera calliphoridae

Savitskaya T.N., 1984:
Features of the development of the inferior tracheobronchial and mesenteric lymph nodes under the effect of tetracycline hydrochloride

Danilenko A.M.; Markov V.A., 1982:
Features of the diagnosis and treatment of atrial ectopic tachy cardia

Tigliev G.S.; Laurikenas K.V.; Kamalova G.M.; Ibatullin M.M., 1986:
Features of the diagnosis of sylvian fissure meningiomas

Timeiko V.N., 1986:
Features of the digestive system in the white sea coastal cod gadus morhua marisalbi and the lumpfish cyclopterus lumpus at the early stages of their ontogeny

Alekseeva N.K.; Mashagatov V.F.; Bazhutina R.V.; Vakhrushev Y.M., 1988:
Features of the disorders of duodenal acidification in peptic ulcer patients

Fisher M.E.; Nekhai A.G.; Kas'yanova T.S., 1986:
Features of the dissemination of gastric cancer as a function of factors characterizing the primary tumor

Sapegina V.F.; Dorontsova V.A.; Telegin V.I.; Ivleva N.G.; Dobrotvorskii A.K., 1985:
Features of the distribution of ixodes persulcatus in the forest park zone of novosibirsk russian sfsr ussr

Katukov A.V.; Zhorov V.A., 1988:
Features of the distribution of organic residues on the bottom of the northwestern black sea ussr

Burukovskii R.N.; Romenskii L.L., 1985:
Features of the distribution of shrimp near the atlantic coast of south africa

Protopopova V.V., 1984:
Features of the distribution of synanthropic plants in individual botanical and geographical regions of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Efremenko V.N., 1986:
Features of the distribution of the eggs and larvae of fish of the family myctophidae in the southern atlantic

Gritsyuk A.I.; Amosova E.N.; Panichkin Y.V.; Kol'chenko V.V., 1988:
Features of the disturbances of intracardiac hemodynamics in patients with dilatation cardiomyopathy

Savenkova T.P., 1985:
Features of the downstream migration of young caspian roaches in the lower part of the atrek river and their feeding migration in the southeastern caspian sea turkmen ssr ussr

Bugaev, V.F.; Shustov-Yu, A.; Shurov, I.L., 1987:
Features of the downstream migration of young hatchery reared atlantic salmon salmo salar in the keret' river the white sea basin russian sfsr ussr

Bulygin S.Yu; Bairak N.V., 1987:
Features of the dynamics of redox potential in ordinary slightly eroded chernozem cultivated by various methods

Shumilova T.E., 1986:
Features of the dynamics of the blood flow in the microvessels of the rat brain and muscles

Nedorezov L.V.; Khlebopros R.G., 1985:
Features of the dynamics of the population number in strongly inertial and without inertial regulation

Markovich, N.Y. ; Proskuryakova, A.M.; Papel'nitskaya, N.P., 1987:
Features of the ecology of anopheles messeae fall. in the zone of the deep water predam part of sayanskoye water reservoir russian sfsr ussr

Vekhov N.V., 1984:
Features of the ecology of cladoceran and copepod crustaceans of some artificial tundra reservoirs

Dergacheva T.I.; Radionova G.N.; Turbaeva L.I.; Zaionchkovskaya Y.V., 1981:
Features of the ecology of phlebotomus longiductus in dzhambul oblast kazakh ssr ussr

Sarnatskaya V.V.; Kalinin F.L.; Zheltonozhskaya L.V.; Padalko S.F.; Lidak M.Yu; Poritere S.E., 1986:
Features of the effect of adeninyl 9 alanine and its derivatives on plant tissue culture growth

Krakovskii M.E.; Ashirmetov A.Kh, 1987:
Features of the effect of drugs metabolized in the liver in experimental splenectomy

Lebedev V.S., 1986:
Features of the effect of heavy metals on the membrane of escherichia coli

Gulyaev V.G.; Gulyaeva S.F.; Pak M.A., 1986:
Features of the effect of nitroglycerin on hemodynamics in patients with ischemic heart disease or a function content in the blood serum of sulfhydryl group and tolerance to physical load

Karyakin M.G., 1987:
Features of the effect of oxytocin on the impulse activity of hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus neurons during lactation

Kostin V.I.; Yakushev M.P.; Sapozhkov A.V., 1985:
Features of the effect of various cardiovascotropic preparations on the contractility of some myocardial segments in acute coronary occlusion

Golyshenkov S.P., 1984:
Features of the effect of various doses of adrenaline epinephrine on the release of hemo coagulation factors and anti coagulants into the circulatory bed by the intestine

Golikov A.P.; Ryabinin V.A.; Sokolov A.M.; Ivanova G.A.; Suloeva M.N.; Moiseeva T.Yu, 1986:
Features of the effect of verapamil on blood circulation

Firstova, M.I.; Bunin-Yu, A.; Smetnev, A.S.; Klembovskii, A.A.; Nargizyan, A.B.; Kotkina, T.I.; Asymbekova, E.U., 1985:
Features of the electrolyte balance of the myocardium in patients with paroxysmal supraventricular disorders of cardiac rhythm

Smirnov A.G.; Grakhantseva L.Sh, 1982:
Features of the embryology of fritillaria meleagroides liliaceae

Berezenko N.P., 1983:
Features of the embryonic development of some fruit and berry plants

Chesnokova V.M.; Yunker V.M.; Sinitsina O.V., 1980:
Features of the endocrine system in congenitally athymic nude mice

Alekseeva M.L.; Sturchak S.V.; Strizhakov A.N.; Novikov E.A.; Adamyan L.V., 1980:
Features of the endometrial estrogen receptor under physiological and some pathological states of the body

Kukute B.G., 1979:
Features of the endometrium in patients with cervical dysplasia

Toibaeva K.A.; Frantsev A.P.; Klyshev L.K., 1986:
Features of the enzymatic degradation of exogenous anabasine in plants

Ponirovskii, E.N.; Orazov, V.M., 1975:
Features of the epidemiology and epizootiology of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the central kara kum desert ussr

Ketlinskii S.A.; Svetikova K.M., 1981:
Features of the epidermal chalone effect on cell proliferation in the vaginal epithelium stimulated with estradiol

Ryss, E.S.; Ryabov, S.I.; Lutoshkin, M.B., 1988:
Features of the excretory function of the stomach in chronic glomerulonephritis review of the literature and author's own study

Campbell, S.; Barry, J.; Rocco, M.B.; Nabel, E.G.; Mead-Walters, K.; Rebecca, G.S.; Selwyn, A.P., 1986:
Features of the exercise test that reflect the activity of ischemic heart disease out of hospital

Afanas'eva O.B., 1985:
Features of the exoskeleton to thyestinae agnatha

Tsarenko V.M., 1984:
Features of the extracellular accumulation of organic acids in some species of algae

Nanaev A.K.; Ermilova V.D.; Shekhonin B.V.; Domogatskii S.P.; Idel'son G.L.; Rukosuev V.S., 1986:
Features of the extracellular matrix of fibroadenomas and leaf like breast tumor immunomorphological study

Glukhovets B.I.; Lebedev S.S.; Ukhov Y.I., 1982:
Features of the fallopian tube vascular bed in women

Tamarina N.A.; Devyatkin A.L.; Khromova L.A., 1982:
Features of the fauna of pasture flies diptera of the nonchernozem zone of the european part of the ussr

Orlova E.L.; Popova O.A., 1986:
Features of the feeding of predatory fish as a function of the concentration of food organisms

Chukavina A.P., 1985:
Features of the flora and vegetation of the salt mountain khodzhamumin southern tadzhik ssr ussr

Pivovarova Z.F., 1986:
Features of the floristic composition and phytocenotic organization of algae groups in the mountain steppes of northeastern asia

Kurdyuk O.M., 1984:
Features of the flowering and fruit bearing of east asian maples in the ukrainian ssr

Levin A.V., 1988:
Features of the food procuring behavior of young russian sturgeon acipenser guldenstadti and food availability

Shtemberg A.S., 1985:
Features of the formation and preservation of a motor defensive conditioned reflex in rats of different lines

Pokrovskaya M.S.; Karataev G.I.; Smirnov G.B., 1986:
Features of the formation and the characteristics of p ls plasmids resulting from deletions in bacteriophage lambda att 80tn 9 genome

Bachmanov A.A., 1987:
Features of the formation of behavioral responses of calves kept in individual cages during the first five days of life

Karamyan A.I.; Sollertinskaya T.N.; Sologub N.Ya, 1982:
Features of the formation of diencephalo cortical interrelations in phylogeny of vertebrates

Gogava T.I., 1983:
Features of the formation of puccinia recondita f sp tritici population in georgia ussr

Loskutova T.D., 1983:
Features of the formation of sensori motor reactions to light and in the dark according to data of statistical indices of latent time

Shtemberg A.S., 1986:
Features of the formation of stereotype reactions during the elaboration of visual differentiations in laboratory rats

Usanova Z.I., 1986:
Features of the formation of sugar beet sowings in the southern regions of the nonchernozem zone of the russian sfsr ussr

Galkovskaya G.A.; Sushchenya L.M.; Mityanina I.F.; Eremova N.G., 1983:
Features of the formation of temperature adaptations in planktonic animals

Sevast'yanov V.I., 1987:
Features of the formation of the quality of water in the water reservoirs of power stations

Bogdanov G.N.; Orlov V.S.; Luzhkov V.B., 1987:
Features of the free radical mechanisms of the biological effect of a nitroxyl rubomycin derivative

Filev L.V.; Popov V.G.; Volchek I.V.; Enokhin S.F.; Sheipak L.N., 1985:
Features of the functional activity of monocytes in acute viral hepatitis

Vol'f N.V., 1988:
Features of the functional asymmetry of the brain in subjects with positive and negative right ear coefficients

Orlova N.N., 1980:
Features of the functional condition of the heart during dosed restriction of coronary blood flow of various degrees

Kurbanov T.G.; Bukhman A.I.; Suleimanov K.I., 1985:
Features of the functional systems of growth regulation and bony skeleton differentiation in healthy children and adolescents

Kanunnikova N.P.; Koval'chuk V.G., 1986:
Features of the functioning of the dopamine and gamma aminobutyric acid systems in the brain of animals under varying lengths of ethanol induced sleep

Starobinets M.Kh; Volkova L.D., 1988:
Features of the functioning of the segmental apparatus of human spinal cord as a result of various forms of the disturbance of descending control

Golub V.B.; Pilipenko V.N., 1985:
Features of the geographic distribution of species from the floodplain of the valley of the lower course of the volga river russian sfsr ussr 1538 1544

Wright E.A.; Gilmore R.L., 1985:
Features of the geriatric electroencephalography age dependent incidence of positive occipital sharp transients of sleep

Tarakanov I.G.; Sarati S.; Sokolova N.P., 1988:
Features of the growth and development of allium cepa with varying photoperiodic sensitivity

Tarasenko M.T.; Chkhaidze G.I.; Mikaberidze T.P., 1983:
Features of the growth and development of vietnamese tea cultivars in the abkhazian assr georgian ssr ussr and their ability to reproduce asexually

Orlova E.L., 1987:
Features of the growth and maturation of the catfish silurus glanis in the delta of the volga river russian sfsr ussr with regulated flow

Hocking P.J., 1983:
Features of the growth and mineral nutrition of noogoora burr xanthium occidentale a noxious weed in central new south wales australia

Vlasova N.A.; Krakhmalev V.A., 1984:
Features of the growth of cotton fibrils in the ovary

Saipulaeva B.N., 1986:
Features of the habitat distribution of soil beetles coleoptera carabidae scarabaeidae elateridae tenebrionidae in irganai hollow in the inner mountain dagestan assr russian sfsr ussr

Varnavskii V.S.; Varnavskaya N.V., 1984:
Features of the hemoglobin fraction composition in the silver salmon oncorhynchus kisutch and sockeye salmon oncorhynchus nerka salmonidae in connection with the smoltification process under natural conditions and during rearing in geothermal waters

Korolev N.V., 1979:
Features of the histological structure of the ovaries and their lipid content in some mammals

Dmitrieva M.G.; Gazenko L.O.; Polyakova L.A., 1987:
Features of the humoral regulation of erythropoiesis in patients with hereditary erythrocytosis in the chuvash assr russian sfsr ussr

Polonskii M.A.; Samoilova E.M., 1983:
Features of the humus composition of soils of the upper ob basin russian sfsr ussr

Assing I.A.; Bil'debaeva R.M.; Nasyrov R.M., 1984:
Features of the humus formation in the mountainous soils of ketmen range kazakh ssr ussr

Pil'gunova M.Yu; Grigor'eva E.E., 1983:
Features of the humus state of irrigated southern chernozems

Eliseeva N.V.; Shein E.V., 1983:
Features of the hydro physical properties of compact chernozems

Pavlova V.M.; Suvorova L.I.; Lebedev O.V.; Epishina L.V., 1987:
Features of the hydrolytic decomposition of mebicar by acids

Mikhailin V.S.; Kondrashin A.A.; Berezov T.T., 1986:
Features of the immobilization and catalytic properties of the soviet made commercial l asparaginase in liposomes formed from soybean phospholipids

Fournie, G.J.; Lambert, P.H.; Miescher, P.A., 1976:
Features of the immune response to dna in mice part 1 genetic control

Fournie, G.J.; Lambert, P.H.; Bankhurst, A.D.; Miescher, P.A., 1976:
Features of the immune response to dna in mice part 2 participation of bone marrow derived and thymus derived cells

Axberg I.; Nose M.; Reynolds C.W.; Wigzell H., 1988:
Features of the in vitro established rat large granular lymphocyte leukemia rnk 16

Lyapustin V.N.; Gritsun T.S.; Lashkevich V.A., 1987:
Features of the incorporation of carbohydrate radioactivity into the structural proteins of tick borne encephalitis virus

Orlov V.M.; Bragin N.I.; Tuchak S.G., 1985:
Features of the individual development of insects in an electrical field of industrial frequency

Ferster L.N.; Kurilov V.Ya, 1982:
Features of the infectious process in animals susceptible or resistant to glanders

Charlton W.A., 1981:
Features of the inflorescence of triglochin maritima

Gorbachev V.V.; Samal' A.B.; Khapalyuk A.V.; Cherenkevich S.N., 1982:
Features of the initial stage of adp induced platelet aggregation in patients with ischemic heart disease

Nikolaevskaya V.R.; Chernikov M.P., 1987:
Features of the initial stages of protein assimilation in late ontogeny in an experiment

Gvozdev V.N.; Chupka E.I., 1983:
Features of the initial stages of the oxidation of lignin by hydrogen per oxide

Temin P.A.; Khasanova K.D.; Ametov A.S.; Kret L.A., 1985:
Features of the insulin tolerance of somatotropic hormone in progressive muscular dystrophies

Sivolap Y.M.; Charskii V.V., 1985:
Features of the interaction between the nonhistone proteins of higher plant chromosomes and dna with varying structure and repeatability

Nikolaeva V.V.; Rybina G.F.; Eletskii V.Yu, 1984:
Features of the internal picture of the disease in patients with psoriasis and neurodermatitis

Erdakov L.N., 1985:
Features of the interspecific relations of rodents

Chernov V.M.; Lenskaya R.V.; Erina T.A.; Cheremushkina L.A.; Ikonnikova O.A., 1985:
Features of the intracellular metabolism fine structure and surface membrane of the lymphoid t d and non t non b cells in children with acute leukemias

Akhmedov N.M., 1983:
Features of the intrauterine formation of the skeletal muscles in nutrias

Sarkisova L.M., 1984:
Features of the intrauterine formation of the tubular bones in coypu skeleton

Zhiryakova E.D.; Tolpysheva T.Yu, 1986:
Features of the lichen cover of some types of spruce forests in the upper part of the forest meadow steppe zone of the range terskei alatau kirgiz ssr ussr

Eshutkin G.D., 1986:
Features of the macrophagal response of the lungs of fetuses and newborns under aspiration

Zbants A.N.; Tsurkan V.P.; Kirienko L.M.; Naku L.F., 1981 :
Features of the main course of complex therapy of small forms of pulmonary tuberculosis in adults and its efficacy

Sirotenko E.G.; Rashkes Y.V.; Narzullaev A.S.; Yunusov M.S.; Matveev V.M.; Sabirov S.S., 1987:
Features of the mass spectra of lycoctonine bases containing 7 8 methylenedihydroxy groups

Telesnina G.N.; Krakhmaleva I.N.; Arushanyan A.V.; Sazykin Y.O.; Bartoshevich Y.E.; Kulaev I.S.; Navashin S.M., 1985:
Features of the metabolism of polyphosphates and other macroergic phosphorus compounds as they depend on penicillin production intensity and the conditions of penicillium chrysogenum growth

Kulish O.P., 1987:
Features of the metastasis of transplantable tumors under high altitude conditions

Movchan V.N.; Orlova I.N., 1981:
Features of the middle ear structure governing frequency tuning of the auditory system in rodents

Panov N.P.; Rybakova B.A.; Shafiryan E.M.; Goncharova N.A.; Okonskii A.I., 1987:
Features of the migration of various silicon compounds in the soils of solonetz complexes

Sludskii A.A., 1981:
Features of the mode of life of microtus carruthersi

Nikolaeva L.I.; Mesyanzhinov V.V.; Zhdanov V.M., 1987:
Features of the molecular organization of bacteriophage t4 whiskers

Semashko, M.I., 1978:
Features of the morpho functional state of the adrenals in generalized forms of meningococcal infection

Gudushauri O.N.; Togonidze B.M.; Gongadze L.R.; Kacharava N.N.; Gugushvili R.M., 1981:
Features of the morpho histochemical changes of the loco motor apparatus in hyper thermia

Haiova V.P.; Dudka I.O., 1985:
Features of the morphogenesis of valsaceae fungi under natural conditions

Atakhanov O., 1983:
Features of the morphological structure of a coarse ridged landscape of the eastern kara kum turkmen ssr ussr

Branova M.V., 1986:
Features of the morphological structure of bulbous plants

Grinchuk T.M.; Sorokina E.A.; Tarunina M.V., 1986:
Features of the mouse fibroblast karyotype c 3h 10t 1 2 undergoing a long term selection for their proliferating ability in medium with ethidium bromide

Fateeva L.N., 1984:
Features of the natural meliorative conditions of gyaur plain turkmen ssr ussr

Zhukova, G.P., 1977:
Features of the neuron structure and afferent connections in the central gray matter of the cat brain stem

Ushakova O.O.; Evdonin L.A., 1984:
Features of the neurosomite in some representatives of the phyllodocidae phyllodocemorpha

Picard D.; Couchat P.; Moutonnet P., 1981:
Features of the nycthemeral cycle of transpiration of the pluvial rice cultivar irat 13 compared to the moroberekan cultivar

Vaisman I.Sh, 1981:
Features of the organization of membrane structures in bifidobacterium bifidum and their place in its cellular organelle system

Panin V.M.; Asipova S.L.; Saltykova N.N., 1986:
Features of the organization of the allele of the gliadin coding locus of chromosome 1a in the durum winter wheat cultivar kharkovskaya 1

Gozhenko A.I.; Dikusarov V.V., 1986:
Features of the osmoregulatory function of the kidneys in normal pregnancy

Karazyan N.N., 1981:
Features of the pain syndrome in patients with acute myo cardial infarction depending on the activity of the earth magnetic field

Voinovich, N.D., 1986:
Features of the parasitism of chalcids hymenoptera chalcidoidea on scale insects homoptera coccoidea i. biology and preimaginal stages of aphycoides clavellatus dalman parasite of physokermes hemicryphus dalman

Gvozdyak R.I.; Yakovleva L.M., 1987:
Features of the pathogenicity of pseudomonas aeruginosa

Sivitskaya I.I., 1982:
Features of the pesticide effect on the organ of vision

Ostapchuk N.V., 1983:
Features of the pharmaco kinetics of benzyl penicillin and sulfanilamides in rats with pyocyanic pyelo nephritis

Frolov A.K.; Goryshina T.K., 1982:
Features of the photosynthetic apparatus of trees in the urban environment

Volodarskii N.I.; Bystrykh E.E., 1981:
Features of the photosynthetic light stage in the ontogeny of highly productive winter wheat cultivars

Afanas'ev S.A.; Protasov A.A., 1987:
Features of the population of dreissena in the periphyton communities in the cooling reservoir of a nuclear power station

Kupriyanova I.F.; Naumov S.P., 1984:
Features of the population structure of small mammals in the european taiga

Kasimov R.Yu; Obukhov D.K.; Rustamov E.K., 1986:
Features of the postembryonal formation of the terminal brain and conditioned reflexes in sturgeons

Brushko Z.K.; Kubykin R.A., 1986:
Features of the postembryonal growth of agama sanguinolenta on the northwestern coast of kapchagai water reservoir turkmen ssr ussr

Zharkova N.B., 1987:
Features of the premanifest period of late schizophrenia whose course is associated with involutional paranoid syndrome

Del-Guercio, P.; Thobie, N.; Poirier, M.F., 1976:
Features of the primary immune response to di nitro phenyl in mice undergoing a graft vs host reaction

Mukhamedov G.K., 1980:
Features of the processes of gametogenesis and fertilization in trematodes macrodera longicollis trematoda ochetosomatoidea

Golik K.N., 1982:
Features of the production process in spring wheat cultivars with different yields

Kakhru M., 1981:
Features of the production process in the open baltic

Sturchak S.V.; Shchedrina R.N., 1982:
Features of the progesterone receptor system of guinea pig uterus

Efimkin A.Ya; Mikulich L.V., 1985:
Features of the propagation of pandalus kessleri in peter the great bay russian sfsr ussr

Corruccini, R.S., 1977:
Features of the prosimian wrist joint in relation to hominoid specializations

Chevrolet, J.C.; Junod, A.F., 1987:
Features of the pulmonary function disorder in macleod's syndrome

Ivanov L.A., 1985:
Features of the pulmonary ventilation function during hypercapnia in elderly and senile people

Burennikova L.Yu; Bratus' N.V.; Kogan B.I., 1981:
Features of the rat peripheral blood reaction to the effects of general vertical vibration

Myagkov N.A.; Amineva V.A., 1983:
Features of the ratio of brain weight to body weight in some selachii fishes

Yoshida, T.; Kikuchi, G., 1978:
Features of the reaction of heme degradation catalyzed by the reconstituted microsomal heme oxygenase system

Soldatova L.P.; Udintsev N.A., 1984:
Features of the reaction of neurons of the cerebral cortex to the effect of variable magnetic field during administration of glutamic acid

Kudryavtseva N.N., 1988:
Features of the reaction of submissive mice to distant zoosocial stimuli

Zabara A.M.; Kalinovskaya L.P.; Barilyak I.R., 1981:
Features of the reaction of the embryonal hepatocyte to insulin and adrenaline action

Knyazeva N.I., 1986:
Features of the receptors of the wing apparatus in locusts that lost their ability to fly

Osipova L.A.; Zatsarnaya A.P.; Khranovskaya L.N.; Bykorez A.I., 1984:
Features of the regeneration of hepatocyte in the regenerating rat liver under synchronization of proliferative processes by hydroxyurea

Zhdanova, T.N., 1987:
Features of the regeneration of taraxacum officinale wigg. from root fragments

Golovatskii I.D.; Tkachenko V.I., 1987:
Features of the regulation of hexose phosphate in zajdela hepatoma and in the liver of tumor carrying rats

Zimobets B.A.; Kauricheva Z.N., 1984:
Features of the regulation of the salt regime of irrigated dry steppe soils

Bayurova N.V.; Ivleva V.I.; Golikov A.P., 1981:
Features of the relationship between individual lipid fractions in young patients suffering from myo cardial infarction

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Features of the renal osmoregulating function in rodents with different ecological specialization

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Features of the reproduction and regeneration of the seeds of carlina onopordifolia asteraceae in western podolia ukrainian ssr ussr

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Features of the reproduction of the white bream blicca bjoerkna l. in the bays of kakhovka reservoir ukrainian ssr ussr

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Features of the respiratory organs of the spider oecobius putus

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Features of the response of certain parts of the alimentary canal to acute emotional pain stress in mature and old rats

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Features of the response of mice with temporary immuno depression to administration of live or inactivated tick borne encephalitis vaccine

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Features of the response of mountain rescuer's body to combined hyperthermal and hyperoxic effects

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Features of the response of the white rat spinal capillaries to noise effect

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Features of the response of vascular smooth muscles to oxygen under blockade of glycolysis in the vascular wall

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Features of the rhythms of seasonal development and variants of the minor life cycle in rhizomatous onions

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Features of the ripening of grain in various soft winter wheat cultivars in southern ukrainian ssr ussr

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Features of the rna synthesizing capacity of isolated liver nuclei in sheep of various genotypes

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Features of the root system of plant population dominants in the ancient delta of the syr darya river kazakh ssr ussr

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Features of the saluretic effect of some contemporary diuretics

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Features of the seasonal formation of corallites in massive corals

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Features of the seed structure of tilia spp

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Features of the soil cover of the plowland in the yaroslavl oblast russian sfsr ussr

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Features of the soil cover structure of the cis ural elevated plains ussr

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Features of the soil mesofauna of the southwestern turkmen ssr ussr

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Features of the spatio temporal organization of cerebral bio potentials in numerical anomalies of the x chromosome

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Features of the species composition of the halophyte floristic complex of the steppe part of the kazakh ssr hillocky plain ussr

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Features of the structural functional organization of nuclear membranes in normal and tumor cells

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Features of the structural organization of some phylogenetically new fields in the human neocortex

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Features of the structure of antennae in fleas siphonaptera and their use in systematics 1

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Features of the structure of antennae in fleas siphonaptera and their use in the systematics 2

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Features of the structure of appendage formations of the urogenital system in some marine fishes

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Features of the structure of motor nerve endings in the muscles of the thoracic limb in black sea dolphins

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Features of the structure of the anterior extremities of avimimus

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Features of the structure of the internal tendon system in some scombridae species

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Features of the structure of the siphon system in volga ammonites ussr

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Features of the structure of vacuole membranes revealed by ir spectroscopy

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Features of the structure of vertical soil zones of the darvaz range in tadzhik ssr ussr

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Features of the synthesis of arabinogalactan carbaminoethyl esters

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Features of the technique and possibilities of increasing the effectiveness of anterior keratotomy

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Features of the trans callosal potentials in the cat parietal cortex

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Features of the transition process in the thermo regulation system of rats under conditions of individual adaptation to repeated heat effects

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Features of the treatment of patients with a combination of peptic ulcer and essential hypertension

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Features of the triticale reproductive system and approaches to breeding methods

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Features of the tumor structure and status of surrounding tissue in elderly and senile patients with breast cancer

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Features of the ultrastructural organization of metaphase chromosomes in mouse embryos at the early stages of cleavage

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Features of the ultrastructure of the retinal pigment epithelium in chelonia

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Features of the vascular capillary bed of the auditory cortex in ontogenesis and certain blood vessel changes during aural hallucinations

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Features of the vascular response of rabbits to prolonged stimulation in experimental athero sclerosis

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Features of the vegetation of vergato italy reno valley to be used in the mapping of the vegetation of the region

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Features of the vegetative cover in the loess islands of the central part of the ukrainian polesye ussr

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Features of the vertical spread of georgian alpine forest associations and their reflection in the phytocenological classification of forests

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Features of the water regime of plants in the middle mountains of the tien shan kazakh ssr ussr

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Features of the water regimen of some meadow and long fallow plants exposed to the action of waste waters from a pig breeding complex

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Features of the water status and respiration of corn hybrids varying in drought resistance under insufficient water supply

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Features of thermogenesis in newborn rats

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Features of thyroid activity in patients with thyroid tumors

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Features of thyroid function energy supply in different courses of traumatic shock

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Features of topographic anatomy of the stomach of the common dolphin delphinus delphis and the harbor porpoise phocoena phocoena

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Features of transcription of genes of intracisternal a particles

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Features of translation in rat liver mitochondria under different incubation conditions/

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Features of treatment for neglected dislocation fractures of the femur

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Features of trematode infection of freshwater mollusks in some small reservoirs of the azerbaijan ssr ussr

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Features of trisomy 18 and 18p minus syndromes in an infant with 46 xy insertion 18q

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Features of tritium labeled di hydro alprenolol binding with beta receptors in the fat cells of rats with spontaneous genetic hypertension and in essential hypertension

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Features of tympanometry and hearing function while breathing under excessive pressure

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Features of ultrastructural changes in adrenocorticocytes in the intermediate period of endotoxin shock

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Features of using rhythmilene for the treatment of the stable form of extrasystole in elderly and senile patients with ischemic heart disease

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Features of vegetation cover and soil properties 10 years after clear felling of a tree stand

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Features of vein intima in the human vertebral canal

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Features of verbal memory disturbances in local lesions of the left and right cerebral hemispheres

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Features of vernix caseosa cells

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Features of water consumption by tomato plants cultivated without using seedlings

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Features of wine yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae nitrogen metabolism under different fermentation conditions

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Features resisting primary treatment of congenital club foot

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Features specific to hepatic hemo circulation and the outflow of bile and lymph in acute carbon tetra chloride poisonings

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Features vs. spatial phase in a tachistoscopic laterality experiment

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Febrifuge and anti malarial plants from kisangani zaire

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Febrile complications of prophylactic suction drainages after radical hysterectomy

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Febrile convulsions in a national cohort followed up from birth 2. medical history and intellectual ability at 5 years of age

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Febrile exudative tonsillitis: viral or streptococcal?

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Febrile states under therapy with psychoactive agents typology and differential diagnosis

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Fecal coliform densities in a western usa watershed

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Fecal coliform release patterns from fecal material of cattle

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Fecal coliforms in sewage treatment ii. genetic transfer and plasmids

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Fecal contamination of marine sediments in a stretch of the gulf of naples italy

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Fecal contamination of shore line sands

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Fecal crude protein relative to browsing intensity by white tailed deer on wintering areas in maine usa

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Fecal elimination of diflubenzuron by the soybean looper pseudoplusia includens

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Fecal endotoxin and activity of the gut associated lymphoid tissue in patients with malignant b cell lymphoma

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Fecal escherichia coli mediating transferable multi antibiotic resistance and undesirable extra chromosomal genes

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Fecal excretion and apparent absorption of copper zinc nickel and manganese of nongravid and gravid sows with different dietary supply of trace elements

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Fecal excretion of hepatitis A virus in humans

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Fecundity and feeding preference of the two spotted spider mite tetranychus urticae on domestic and wild species of peanuts arachis hypogaea

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Fecundity and the relation of egg weight variation to offspring fitness in the speckled wood butterfly pararge aegeria or why dont butterfly females lay more eggs?

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Fecundity of coilia dussumieri

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Fecundity of locusta migratoria females reared without fertile males

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Fecundity of neodiprion sertifer hymenoptera diprionidae at different phases of the burst of mass reproduction

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Fecundity of nephrops norvegicus in the bay of biscay france

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Fecundity of northern shrimp pandalus borealis crustacea decapoda in areas of the northeast atlantic

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Fecundity of pike esox lucius esocidae within its area of distribution

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Fecundity of roach rutilus rutilus in a newly built reservoir

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Fecundity of silver hake merluccius bilinearis on the scotian shelf

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Fecundity of soles and flounders in the west kamchatka shelf russian sfsr ussr

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Fecundity of sunbleak leucaspius delineatus in southwestern bohemia czechoslovakia pisces cyprinidae

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Fecundity of the allochthonous feeder rasbora daniconius and of the autochthonous feeder puntius amphibius

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Fecundity of the antarctic fish trematomus bernacchii boulenger trematomus hansoni boulenger and pagothenia borchgrevinski boulenger nototheniidae and seasonal changes in their gonads

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Fecundity of the black vine weevil otiorhynchus sulcatus coleoptera curculionidae fed foliage from some current cultivars and advanced selections of strawberry in british columbia canada

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Fecundity of the bream abramis brama in mingechaur reservoir azerbaijan ssr ussr

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Fecundity of the brown headed cowbird molothrus ater in southern ontario canada

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Fecundity of the catfish heteropneustes fossilis

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Fecundity of the chinese silver carp hypophthalmichthys molitrix val. from gujartal fish farm jaunpur uttar pradesh india

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Fecundity of the colorado potato beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata following zonal transfer

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Fecundity of the diadromous pacific lamprey lethenteron japonicum martens petromyzonidae

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Fecundity of the eastern carp cyprinus carpio haematopterus

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Fecundity of the garhwal himalayan mahseer tor putitora

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Fecundity of the indian halibut psettodes erumei psettodidae pleuronectiformes from the bay of bengal

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Fecundity of the ladyfish sillago domina cuvier trachinidae perciformes

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Fecundity of the northern puffer sphoeroides maculatus from chesapeake bay usa

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Fecundity of the pacific capelin mallotus villosus socialis pallas osmeridae from the coastal waters of sakhalin russian sfsr ussr

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Fecundity of the pollan coregonus autumnalis pollan in lough neagh ireland

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Fecundity of the sea urchin strongylocentrotus intermedius and methods for its estimation

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Fecundity of the snake headed fish channa punctatus channidae channiformes

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Fecundity of the spider enoplognatha ovata cl. in forest ecosystems their ecotones and mid field woodlots

Tarwid M., 1984:
Fecundity of the spider enoplognatha ovata in industrial and forest agricultural regions

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Fecundity of the spring baltic herring clupea harengus membras clupeidae of the northeastern and northern baltic sea/

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Fecundity of the stable fly stomoxys calcitrans effect of soybean trypsin inhibitor and phospho lipase a inhibitor on the fecundity

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Fecundity of the thorny headed worm acanthocephalus lucii echinorhynchidae

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Fecundity of the white bass morone chrysops in lake texoma

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Fecundity of the yellow swallowtail butterflies papilio xuthus and papilio machaon hippocrates in a wild environment

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Fecundity of tropical euphausiids from the central and western pacific ocean

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Fecundity of xenopsylla gerbilli minax fleas aphaniptera parasitizing the great gerbil

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Fecundity reducing pheromone in argas arboreus ixodoidea argasidae

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Fecundity reduction during collapse of a douglas fir tussock moth outbreak in northeast oregon usa

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Fecundity response of the two spotted spider mite tetranychus urticae to cotton treated with methyl parathion or phosphoric acid

D.Jong G., 1982:
Fecundity selection and maximization of equilibrium number

Nomura, H., 1975:
Fecundity sexual maturation and gonado somatic index of minnows of the species astyanax osteichthyes characidae in relation to environmental factors

Uye S I., 1981:
Fecundity studies of neritic calanoid copepods acartia clausi and acartia steueri a simple empirical model of daily egg production

Messieh, S.N., 1976:
Fecundity studies on atlantic herring from the southern gulf of st lawrence and along the nova scotia coast canada

Croxall J.P.; Hiby L., 1983:
Fecundity survival and site fidelity in weddell seals leptonychotes weddelli

Esener A.A.; Roels J.A.; Kossen N.W.F., 1981:
Fed batch culture modeling and applications in the study of microbial energetics

Nakamura Y., 1988 :
Fed batch culture of nitrogen fixing hydrogen bacterium xanthobacter autotrophicus strain y38

Shimizu N.; Fukuzono S.; Fujimori K.; Nishimura N.; Odawara Y., 1988:
Fed batch cultures of recombinant escherichia coli with inhibitory substance concentration monitoring

Dziewulski D.M.; Haughney H.A.; Das K.; Nauman E.B., 1986:
Fed batch with biomass recycle and batch production of 2 3 butanediol from glucose by bacillus polymyxa

Archangelsky S., 1981:
Fedekurtzia new genus of carboniferous frond from gondwanaland and its fructification

Evans G.D.; Pearson E.W., 1980:
Federal coyote canis latrans control methods used in the western usa 1971 1977

Riddiough, M.A., 1982:
Federal policy for pneumococcal immunization and its implementation in the Medicare program

Loftus, K.H.; Johnson, M.G.; Regier, H.A., 1978:
Federal provincial strategic planning for ontario canada fisheries management strategy for the 1980s

Linton O.W., 1981:
Federal radiation initiatives wane in the reagan administration

J.Subcomm Hum Nutr Res, 1981:
Federally supported human nutrition research training and education update for the 1980s human nutrition research and training

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Federation of american societies for experimental biology monographs vol 3 biology of aging and development

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Federation of american societies for experimental biology monographs vol 4 behavioral pharmacology the current status

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Federation of european biochemical societies symposium no 42 biochemistry of membrane transport

Brullo S.; Spampinato G., 1985:
Fedio convolvulion cupaniani new sicilian italy alliance of brometalia rubenti tectori

Kolakovskii A.A., 1980:
Fedorovia a new monotypic genus from limestones of south transcaucasia ussr

Takabatake E., 1981:
Feed additives and drugs for animal use present situation and problems

Miller, R.W.; Redfern, R.E., 1988:
Feed additives for control of lesser mealworm (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) in poultry broiler houses

Ferrando R., 1979:
Feed additives in animal nutrition their effects on man animals and environment

Carmanns R.; Kirchgessner M.; Schwarz F.J., 1987:
Feed and energy intake of simmental bulls fattened with maize silage of different dry matter contents and graded grain supplements 2nd communication

Voreck O.; Kirchgessner M., 1980:
Feed and nutrient expenditure for egg production in the period of peak production in relation to different energy and protein supply

Radu, J.; Van Dijk, C.; Wheelhouse, R.K.; Hummant, C.A.; Gadbois, P., 1987:
Feed and water consumption and performance of male and female broilers fed salinomycin and maduramicin followed by a withdrawal ration

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Feed and water management of the broiler chick for the 1st 72 hours

Reddy M.M.; Reddy P.R.; Rao B.R.; Ramulu V., 1985:
Feed back mechanism between scientists and adopted farm families in lab to land program

Bakhchevanska S., 1987:
Feed bioproducts from straw

Horvath R.; Szekely S.; Orbanne E.L., 1984:
Feed choice of beef cattle in the pasture

Waghorn G.C.; Reid C.S.W.; Ulyatt M.J.; John A., 1986:
Feed comminution particle composition and distribution between the four compartments of the stomach in sheep fed chaffed lucerne medicago sativa hay at two feeding frequencies and intake levels

Costa V.; Ferreira A.S.; Gomes P.C.; Fialho E.T.; Freitas A.R.D., 1982:
Feed consumed by pregnant sows confined in groups

Schwarz, F.J.; Boehm, M.; Kirchgessner, M., 1984:
Feed consumption and performance of dairy cows fed corn silage of different maturity and with different quantities of hay 2. use of corn silage beginning of dough stage together with varying additions of hay

Boehm, M.; Kirchgessner, M.; Schwarz, F.J., 1984:
Feed consumption and performance of dairy cows fed corn silage of different maturity and with different quantities of hay 3. use of corn silage end of dough stage together with varying additions of hay

Luehmann M., 1980:
Feed consumption feed efficiency and growth patterns of cross bred ducks

Vlasov V.A., 1983:
Feed consumption of this years carp brood as a function of their mass water temperature and water oxygen content/

Eggum B.O.; Pederson B., 1983:
Feed conversion and protein utilization in rats fed a soybean meal based diet fortified with either d l methionine l methionine or d methionine or a combination of the l forms of methionine and cystine

Morris R.M., 1980:
Feed conversion efficiency and the efficiency of the uk food chain

Simon, W., 1976:
Feed crop rotations in mechanized plant production

Schwerg H P., 1981:
Feed dependent mastitis on dairy cattle unit

Yoshida, T.; Shinoda, S.; Matsumoto, T.; Watarai, S., 1982:
Feed digestibility and mineral balance of the diet of young mice kept in mouse cages inside or outside an isolator, using varied concentrations of sodium phytate

Haman J.; Kwiecinski A.; Kliszczewski W.; Siarkowski Z., 1981:
Feed distribution model in large cattle fattening farms

Kumar, A.; Ranjhan, S.K.; Joshi, B.C., 1974:
Feed efficiency and carcass composition in large white yorkshire pigs at different live weights to determine the economic slaughter weight

Stewart P.A.; Muir W.M.; Begin J.J.; Johnson T.H., 1980:
Feed efficiency and gain responses to protein levels in 2 lines of birds selected for oxygen consumption

Pubols M.H.; Mcfarland D.C.; Eldridge A.C.; Friedrich J.P., 1985 :
Feed efficiency and pancreatic enzymes of chicks fed soybean meal extracted with supercritical carbon dioxide

Abdurrays; Sitorus P.; Togatorop M.H.; Subandriyo, 1980:
Feed efficiency and the digestibility of layer litter in the ration of young cattle

Torres R.J.D.A.; Silva M.D.A.E.; Torres R.D.A., 1986:
Feed efficiency estimate in laying hens

Brown, D.L.; Dally, M.R.; Schwartz, M.R.; Bradford, G.E., 1987:
Feed efficiency, growth rates, body composition, milk production and milk composition of Targhee sheep selected for increased weaning weight

Bernardis L.L.; Bellinger L.L., 1979:
Feed efficiency in growth-retarded rats with ventromedial and dorsomedial hypothalamic lesions produced shortly after weaning

Rabasa S.L.; Font M.T.; Bergmann F.; Inurrigarro M., 1980:
Feed efficiency in inbred rat lines with and without restriction of feed intake

Nigm A.A.; Mostageer A.; Morsy M.A.; Pirchner F., 1984:
Feed efficiency of beef production of baladis and its crossbreds with central european cattle

Marks H.L., 1980:
Feed efficiency of selected and nonselected japanese quail lines

Van-Der-Honing, Y.; Steg, A.; Van-Es, A.J.H., 1977:
Feed evaluation for dairy cows tests on the system proposed in the netherlands

Van-Es, A.J.H.; Vermorel, M.; Bickel, H., 1978:
Feed evaluation for ruminants new energy systems in the netherlands france and switzerland general introduction

Van-Es, A.J.H., 1978:
Feed evaluation for ruminants part 1 the systems in use from may 1977 onwards in the netherlands

Vermorel, M., 1978:
Feed evaluation for ruminants part 2 the new energy systems proposed in france

Bickel, H.; Landis, J., 1978:
Feed evaluation for ruminants part 3 proposed application of the new system of energy evaluation in switzerland

Kren, V.; Rehacek, Z., 1984:
Feed forward regulation of phosphofructokinase ec in a submerged culture of claviceps purpurea producing clavine alkaloids

Farquhar, G.D., 1978:
Feed forward responses of stomata to humidity

Hester P.Y.; Pierson F.W.; Wilson E.K.; Adams R.L.; Stadelman W.J., 1981:
Feed gain ratios of white pekin ducks as affected by age and environmental temperature

Dinius, D.A.; Brokken, R.F.; Bovard, K.P.; Rumsey, T.S., 1976:
Feed intake and carcass composition of angus and santa gertrudis steers fed diets of varying energy concentration

Zulbardi M.; Rangkuti M.; Sastrodihardjo S., 1980:
Feed intake and digestibility of buffaloes on elephant grass pennisetum purpureum variety hawaii

Wheaton C.; Brown R.D., 1983:
Feed intake and digestive efficiency of south texas usa white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus

Hanset R.; Stasse A.; Michaux C., 1979:
Feed intake and feed efficiency in double muscled and conventional cattle

Newcombe M.; Summers J.D., 1984:
Feed intake and gastro intestinal parameters of broiler and leghorn chicks in response to dietary energy concentration

Grieve D.G., 1979:
Feed intake and growth of cattle fed liquid brewers yeast

Donker J.D.; Marx G.D.; Young C.W., 1983:
Feed intake and milk production from 3 rates of concentrate for cows bred to differ in size

Kreuzer, M.; Kirchgessner, M., 1985:
Feed intake and nutrient digestibility of cows during and after feeding protein in excess 1. the influence of incorrect protein nutrition of lactating cows and its consequences

Kaufmann, T.E.G.; Kirchgessner, M., 1987:
Feed intake and nutrient digestibility of dairy cows during and after excess of energy supply 1. communication on the influence of excessive energy supply and its consequences

Seoane, J.R.; Gorrill, A.D.L.; Nicholson, J.W.G., 1976:
Feed intake and nutrient digestibility of growing lambs supplemented intra gastrically with full fat rapeseed cultivar tower

Schwarz F.J.; Kirchgessner M., 1986:
Feed intake and weight development in the rearing of male calves feeders for bull fattening with various protein contents from whole milk milk replacer or concentrate

Teeter, R.G.; Smith, M.O., 1985:
Feed intake effects upon gain, carcass yield, and ration digestibility in broilers force fed five feed intakes

Kemm E.H.; Coetzee S.E.; Coetzer R.A.; Viljoen J.; Rossouw P.A.A., 1988:
Feed intake growth and feed utilization patterns of pigs highly divergent in growth rate

Cop, W.A.G.; Buiting, G.A.J., 1977:
Feed intake in 6 lines of pigs and its influence on growth and carcass traits part 1 feeding twice daily for 20 minutes per session

Burgstaller G.; Huber A., 1984:
Feed intake of cows fed grass silages of different degrees of prewilting

Varhegyi J.; Szentmihalyi S.; Varhegyi J., 1985:
Feed intake of cows of different milk ability at beginning of lactation

Meuret M.; Bartiaux Thill N.; Bourbouze A., 1985:
Feed intake of dairy goats on rangelands direct observation of biting method chromic oxide method

Abd E.L.tif M.; Bordas A.; Merat P., 1986:
Feed intake of fayoumi and fayoumi x leghorn hens in relation to egg formation and oviposition with or without separate calcium feeding

Engels E.A.N.; Malan A., 1979:
Feed intake of nonpregnant pregnant and lactating ewes on native pasture and lucerne hay

Ralston, S.L.; Van den Broek, G.; Baile, C.A., 1979:
Feed intake patterns and associated blood glucose, free fatty acid and insulin changes in ponies

Cherry J.A.; Young K.S.; Jones D.E., 1984:
Feed intake response to the dilution of high protein and high energy diets under self selection feeding

Cherry J.A.; Jones D.E.; Calabotta D.F.; Zelenka D.J., 1983:
Feed intake responses of mature white leghorn chickens to changes in feed density

Arave C.W.; Anderson M.J., 1979:
Feed intake weight gain and behavioral activity of heifers on an electronic or a tie up feeding system

Buenger U.; Schmoldt P.; Steinhardt M., 1987:
Feed iron demand for calf rearing

Bajpai S.N.; Doshi S.P.; Kumar M.N.A.; Sampath S.R., 1983:
Feed milk relationship in cross bred cows under experimental conditions

Lilburn M.S.; Jensen L.S.; Brenes A., 1984:
Feed preference by young broiler chicks as affected by ingredient differences in nutritionally balanced diets

Pantastico J.B.; Baldia J.P.; Reyes D.M.Jr, 1986:
Feed preference of milkfish chanos chanos fry given different algal species as natural feed

Cheeke P.R.; Powley J.S.; Nakaue H.S.; Arscott G.H., 1983:
Feed preference responses of several avian species fed alfalfa meal high saponin and low saponin alfalfa and quinine sulfate

Demidov N.V.; Novik T.S.; Ryabova V.A.; Berezkina S.V.; Malakhov A.V., 1985:
Feed product mediated indirect effect of methyl n 2 benzimidazolecarbamate on the reproductive function of rats

Wierny A., 1987:
Feed production technology and feed utilization on grassland

Wolski T., 1979:
Feed protein from waste keratin materials

Bialokoz W.; Krzywosz T., 1979:
Feed rations and the feed coefficient of the pike esox lucius in lake dgal wielki poland

Plumb J.A.; Horowitz S.A.; Rogers W.A., 1986 :
Feed related anemia in cultured channel catfish ictalurus punctatus

Neil M., 1986:
Feed related factors affecting water turnover in mink

Sandi O.; Nagy Z.; Barany I.; Pataki V., 1985:
Feed requirement efficiency of use of land and profitability in beef cattle production

Yagdyev, A.; Begov, P., 1976:
Feed resources of flatheaded wood borers coleoptera buprestidae mass species in the kara kum desert ussr

Perez-Lanzac, J.; Bendicho-De-Combellas, J.; Castro-Pereiria, A., 1988:
Feed technology for sheep i. growth and carcass composition of sheep fed on granulated feeds with various fiber content

Miller, R.W.; Corley, C., 1980:
Feed through efficacy of cga 19255 6 azido n cyclopropyl n' ethyl 1 3 5 triazine 2 4 diamine and cga 72662 n xylopropyl 1 3 5 triazine 2 4 6 triamine against manure breeding flies and other arthropods and residues in feces eggs and tissues of laying hens

Van Hoven W.; Boomker E.A., 1981:
Feed utilization and digestion in the black wildebeest connochaetes gnou in the golden gate highlands national park south africa

Bowden D.M., 1980:
Feed utilization for calf production in the 1st lactation by 2 year old f 1 cross bred beef cows

Jung, K.K.; Bae, D.H.; Lee, S.S., 1987:
Feed value evaluation of adlay job's tears sorghum sudangrass hybrid and corn

Dumont, R.; Raige, A.; Tisserand, J.L., 1978:
Feed value of a forage colza brassica napus var oleifera fresh and after ensilage

Lindner J.P.; Propstmeier G.; Burgstaller G., 1985:
Feed value of barley in pig feeding depending on several crude nutrients and cell wall fractions

Xande, A., 1978:
Feed value of cereal straw in sheep part 1 influence of nitrogen and energy supplementation on the consumption and digestive utilization of barley straw

Xande, A., 1978:
Feed value of cereal straw in sheep part 2 effect of the variety of straw and of its length of time on the ground before collection on the feed value of cereal straw

Men'kin V.K.; Boeva T.M., 1980:
Feed value of clover and timothy grown with the use of nitrogen fertilizers

Abel V.H.; Icking H., 1984:
Feed value of dried grape pulp for ruminants

Jeroch H.; Berger H.; Gebhardt G., 1985:
Feed value of field beans for chickens and investigations of different quotas under special consideration of a variety poor in tannin in the broiler fattening feed

Souffrant S.; Jeroch H.; Roetscke W., 1987:
Feed value of green maize as main crop

Murai, M.; Makino, K.; Manda, T.; Takano, N., 1980:
Feed value of leaf protein concentrates 1. nutritive value of crude leaf protein concentrates and improvement of nutritive value in organic solvent washed leaf protein concentrates

Jung K.K.; Bae D.H.; Lee S.S., 1987:
Feed value of seeds hulls plus bran and stovers of adlay

Fahrendholz, R.; Bergner, H.; Marienburg, J.; Doberschuetz, K., 1981 :
Feed value of straw meal in the nutrition of pigs 6. the influence of the content of digestible crude protein in the dry matter of the ration after supplementation with partly hydrolyzed and untreated straw meal on the feed consumption and live weight increase of slaughtering pigs

Franzke, C.; Goebel, R.; Grunert, S.; Stoyke, M., 1981:
Feed value of straw meal in the nutrition of pigs 7. fat composition of pigs after feeding partly hydrolyzed and untreated straw meal

Kategile J.A., 1986:
Feed value of tanzanian sisal wastes chemical composition and digestibility in vitro

Kucherov, E.V.; Mikhailova, T.P., 1978:
Feed value of trigonella platycarpos in the bashkir assr ussr

Tauson, R., 1979:
Feed waste by caged layers 1. a method of estimating the technical feed waste in different cages and feeding systems

Momi G.S.; Gill S.S.; Shukla A.N., 1983:
Feedback analysis of farm broadcasts from the all india radio station jullundur

Schneider, H.G.; Schneider, G.D., 1984:
Feedback and anxiety in verbal discrimination learning

Wilder C.T.; Cadman T.W.; Hatch R.T., 1980:
Feedback control of a competitive mixed culture system

Takeuchi, N.; Katayama, Y.; Matsumiya, K.; Uchida, K.; Yamamura, Y., 1976:
Feed-back control of cholesterol synthesis in partially hepatectomized rats

Javoy, F.; Agid, Y.; Bouvet, D.; Glowinski, J., 1972:
Feedback control of dopamine synthesis in dopaminergic terminals of the rat striatum

Kuhara S.; Iwamoto S.; Fujita A.; Hayashi K., 1984:
Feedback control of enzymatic reaction diffusion system i

Walton, J.S.; Evins, J.D.; Waites, G.M.H., 1978:
Feedback control of follicle stimulating hormone in pre pubertal and post pubertal rams as revealed by hemi castration/

Shahmanesh M.; Sedigh M.; Azedeh B.; Sheikholeslami M.H.; Nair N.K.V., 1980:
Feedback control of follicle stimulating hormone secretion in the male rat

Briggs, J.P.; Wright, F.S., 1979:
Feedback control of glomerular filtration rate: site of the effector mechanism

Fox C.D., 1979:
Feedback control of hemispheric electro encephalogram alpha

Henderson, A.J.; Peaker, M., 1984:
Feed-back control of milk secretion in the goat by a chemical in milk

Nishimura, C.; Nagumo, J., 1985:
Feedback control of the level of arousal using skin potential level as an index

Thomas, D.B.; Kennedy, M.W., 1983:
Feedback control of the secondary antibody response 1. a suppressor suppressor inducer mechanism from the interaction of b memory cells with lyt 2 minus t cells

Kennedy, M.W.; Thomas, D.B., 1983:
Feedback control of the secondary antibody response 2. differences in the rate of induction of t helper and t suppressor memory

Perner J.; Aebi J., 1985:
Feedback dependent encoding of length series

Volpicelli J.R.; Ulm R.R.; Altenor A., 1984:
Feedback during exposure to inescapable shocks and subsequent shock escape performance

Connors, J.M.; Hedge, G.A., 1980:
Feedback effectiveness of periodic vs. constant tri iodo thyronine replacement

Holzworth, R.J.; Doherty, M.E., 1976:
Feedback effects in a metric multiple cue probability learning task

March, C.M.; Marrs, R.P.; Goebelsmann, U.; Mishell, D.R., 1981:
Feedback effects of estradiol and progesterone upon gonadotropin and prolactin release

Bowton P.A.; Bryant K.R.; Whitehead S.A., 1986:
Feedback effects of gonadal steroids and pituitary lhrh receptors in the streptozotocin induced diabetic rat

Blades R.A.; Bryant K.R.; Whitehead S.A., 1985:
Feedback effects of steroids and gonadotropin control in adult rats with streptozotocin induced diabetes mellitus

Deitz, S.M.; Gaydos, G.R.; Lawrence, A.D.; Quinn, P.C.; Brasher, L.D.; Fredrick, L.D., 1987:
Feedback effects on sequential ordering in humans

Ilyichev V.G.; Blokhin I.C., 1987:
Feedback family structure and stability of water phytocenoses

Leitenberg, H.; Agras, W.S.; Thompson, L.E.; Wright, D.E., 1968:
Feedback in behavior modification an experimental analysis in 2 phobic cases human

Galvani P.F., 1979:
Feedback in discriminative avoidance learning mechanistic vs cognitive views

Bozler, E., 1972:
Feedback in the contractile mechanism of the frog heart

Eardley, D.D.; Gershon, R.K., 1975:
Feedback induction of suppressor thymus derived cell activity

Aksamit, G.; Husak, W., 1983:
Feedback influences on the skill of putting

Epps, D.; Chang, I.M.; Sherwood, E.; Kimball, A.P., 1975:
Feedback inhibition by 6 methyl thio cyclic imp in tumor cells resistant to the nucleoside

Waldhäusl, W.K.; Gasić, S.; Bratusch-Marrain, P.; Korn, A.; Nowotny, P., 1982:
Feedback inhibition by biosynthetic human insulin of insulin release in healthy human subjects

Shiio, I.; Ozaki, H., 1981:
Feedback inhibition by methionine and s adenosyl methionine and de sensitization of homo serine o acetyl transferase ec in brevibacterium flavum

Raff H.; Shinsako J.; Keil L.C.; Dallman M.F., 1984:
Feedback inhibition of acth and vasopressin responses to hypoxia by physiological increases in endogenous plasma cortico steroids in dogs

Keller Wood M.E.; Shinsako J.; Dallman M.F., 1983:
Feedback inhibition of acth by physiological increases in plasma cortico steroids in conscious dogs

Jayakumar, A.; Hong, J.S.; Barnes, E.M., 1987:
Feedback inhibition of ammonium (methylammonium) ion transport in Escherichia coli by glutamine and glutamine analogs

Marr, J.J.; Weber, M.M., 1969:
Feedback inhibition of an allosteric tpn specific iso citrate dehydrogenase

Svensson, T.H.; Usdin, T., 1978:
Feedback inhibition of brain noradrenaline norepinephrine neurons by tri cyclic anti depressants alpha receptor mediation

Baum H.J.; Madison J.T.; Thompson J.F., 1983:
Feedback inhibition of homo serine kinase from radish raphanus sativus leaves

Selli A.; Crociani F.; Matteuzzi D.; Crisetig G., 1986:
Feedback inhibition of homoserine dehydrogenase and threonine deaminase in the genus bifidobacterium

Mizerski, J.; Pryjma, J.; Ptak, W., 1977:
Feedback inhibition of immuno globulin m memory cells by high antigen dose

Draznin, B.; Goodman, M.; Leitner, J.W.; Sussman, K.E., 1986:
Feedback inhibition of insulin on insulin secretion in isolated pancreatic islets

Cavallo-Perin, P.; Bruno, A.; Nuccio, P.; Goria, M.; Pagano, G.; Lenti, G., 1986:
Feedback inhibition of insulin secretion is altered in cirrhosis

Endo, A.; Kakiki, K.; Misato, T., 1970:
Feedback inhibition of l glutamine d fructose 6 phosphate amido transferase ec by udp n acetyl glucosamine in neurospora crassa

Gonzalez Pacanowska D.; Marco C.; Garcia Martinez J.; Linares A.; Garcia Peregrin E., 1985:
Feedback inhibition of mevalonate kinase mevalonate 5 phosphate kinase and mevalonate 5 pyrophosphate decarboxylase by cholesterol feeding

Jensen P.K.; Fisher R.S.; Spring K.R. , 1984:
Feedback inhibition of sodium chloride entry in necturus maculosus gallbladder epithelial cells

Garty H.; Lindemann B., 1984:
Feedback inhibition of sodium uptake in potassium de polarized toad bufo marinus urinary bladders

Meuris, P., 1973:
Feedback inhibition of the 3 deoxy d arabino heptulosonic acid 7 phosphate synthetases by transfer rna in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Paran, M.; Ichikawa, Y.; Sachs, L., 1969:
Feedback inhibition of the development of macrophage and granulocyte colonies inhibition by granulocytes rat

Lloyd, T.; Ebersole, B.J., 1980:
Feedback inhibition of tyrosine hydroxylase ec from 5 regions of rat brain by 2 hydroxy estradiol and dopa

Rognes, S.E.; Bright, S.W.J.; Miflin, B.J., 1983:
Feedback insensitive aspartate kinase ec iso enzymes in barley hordeum vulgare mutants resistant to lysine plus threonine

Meuris, P., 1974:
Feedback insensitive mutants of the gene for the tyrosine inhibited 3 deoxy d arabino heptulosonic acid 7 phosphate synthetase in yeast

LaNoue, K.F.; Bryla, J.; Williamson, J.R., 1972:
Feedback interactions in the control of citric acid cycle activity in rat heart mitochondria

Hennekes, R.; Kaufmann, R.; Lab, M.; Steiner, R., 1977:
Feedback loops involved in cardiac excitation contraction coupling evidence for 2 different pathways

Navratil, J., 1976:
Feedback mechanisms during functional load and their importance for prevention of pre menstrual tension

Flerko B., 1988:
Feedback mechanisms in the control of pituitary gonadotropin secretion

Moore L.C.; Schnermann J.; Yarimizu S., 1979:
Feedback mediation of single nephron glomerular filtration rate auto regulation in hydropenic and deoxy cortico sterone acetate loaded and salt loaded rats

Schandler, S.L.; Grings, W.W., 1978:
Feedback modalities as a consideration in bio feedback applications

Suppan, P., 1977:
Feedback monitoring in anesthesia part 4 the indirect measurement of arterial pressure and its use for the control of halothane administration

Nishi, T.; Yagi, S.; Nakano, R., 1987:
Feedback of estrogen in postmenopausal women

Castro L.; Cajiao D.P.rez G.; Bustos D.A.banchez D.; Ponce D.L.on E., 1983:
Feedback properties of self reinforcement further evidence

Herrmann, H.C.; Dzau, V.J., 1983:
Feedback regulation of angiotensinogen production by components of the renin ec angiotensin system

Shefer, S.; Hauser, S.; Bekersky, I.; Mosbach, E.H., 1969:
Feedback regulation of bile acid biosynthesis in the rat

Wright, F.S.; Briggs, P., 1977:
Feedback regulation of glomerular filtration rate

Bagby G.C.Jr; Bennett R.M., 1982:
Feedback regulation of granulopoiesis polymerization of lactoferrin abrogates its ability to inhibit leukocyte colony stimulating activity production

Miyama Inaba M.; Suzuki T.; Paku Y H.; Masuda T., 1982:
Feedback regulation of immune responses by immune complexes possible involvement of a suppressive lymphokine by immuno globulin g fc receptor bearing b cell

Gengenbach, B.G.; Walter, T.J.; Green, C.E.; Hibberd, K.A., 1978:
Feedback regulation of lysine threonine and methionine biosynthetic enzymes in corn

Ihse, I.; Lilja, P.; Lundquist, I., 1977:
Feedback regulation of pancreatic enzyme secretion by intestinal trypsin in man

Owyang, C.; Louie, D.S.; Tatum, D., 1986:
Feedback regulation of pancreatic enzyme secretion. Suppression of cholecystokinin release by trypsin

Davicco M J.; Lefaivre J.; Thivend P.; Barlet J.P., 1979:
Feedback regulation of pancreatic secretion in the young milk fed calf

Kaynard, A.H.; Follett, B.K.; Karsch, F.J., 1988:
Feedback regulation of pulsatile LH secretion in the ewe: stimulation of frequency by estradiol

Dean, D.; Nomura, M., 1980:
Feedback regulation of ribosomal protein gene expression in Escherichia coli

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