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Feeding of the king crab paralithodes camtschatica and snow crabs chionoecetes bairdi and chionoecetes opilio in the southeast bering sea

Tarverdieva, M.I.

Biologiya Morya (Vladivostok) (1): 41-48


ISSN/ISBN: 0134-3475
Accession: 005454041

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P. camtschatica (Tilesius), C. bairdi Rathbun and C. opilio (Fabricius) differ in food habits. The main food species of adult king crabs were echinoderms and bivalves. Adult C. bairdi, inhabiting the same general areas as the king crab, eat mainly polychaetes (60-70%). Young C. bairdi eat bivalves (63%). Commerical C. opilio and C. bairdi feed mainly on polychaetes (50%); the young crabs and those from non-commercial populations feed on crustaceans (30-40%), worms (20-30%) and bivalves (20%). The species occupy different ecological niches. A decrease in the abundance of any crab species and a change in the age composition lead to a lower efficiency in the utilization of their food supply.

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