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Field stimulation can elicit membrane action potential in mammalian myo cardium

Sada, H.; Kojima, M.; Harada, S.

Bulletin of the Yamaguchi Medical School 28(3-4): 83-88


ISSN/ISBN: 0513-1812
Accession: 005461102

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The feasibility that membrane action potential in mammalian myocardium can be produced by means of field stimulation was investigated. Guinea pig papillary muscle was driven by either point or field stimulation and transmembrane potentials were recorded simultaneously by 2 glass microelectrodes positioned at 2 different sites of the preparation. Both point stimulation and weak field stimulation produced a propagated response, while strong field stimulation produced a membrane action potential. The feasibility of field stimulation in an induction of membrane action potential in mammalian cardiac muscle was demonstrated.

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