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Chapter 5,466

Fish otoliths from the badenian miocene of the northern section of the viennese basin and the danube lowlands czechoslovakia

Holec, P.

Geologicky Zbornik 26(2): 253-266


Accession: 005465364

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Synonyms and bibliographic citations, systematic and geographic and stratigraphic distributional data and morphological descriptions are given for Clupea aff. testis, Myctophum mediterraneum, M. splendidum, Otolithus (Myctophidarum) acutirostrum sp. nov. O. (Congridarium) pantanellii, Merlangius cognatus, Micromesistius schwarzhansi sp. nov. and Antigonia postangusta sp. nov. from Rohoznik in the N part of the Viennese basin and Salka near Sturovo in the N part of the Pannonic basin [Czechoslovakia]. Whereas the former contains primarily litoral and pelagic ichthyofauna, bathyal species predominate in the latter basin.

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