Section 6
Chapter 5,466

Five new species of the genus reticulitermes isoptera rhinotermitidae from wuyishan china

Xu Y L.

Wuyi Science Journal 1: 180-190


Accession: 005465991

In June 1980, a large number of termites were collected from Wuyi Shan, Fujian Province. Among them five species of the genus Reticulitermes are new to science. All type specimens are kept in the Guangdong Institute of Entomology and a part of the paratype specimens are deposited in the Fujian Institute of Biology. Reticulitermes hypsofrons Ping et Li, sp. nov. This species resembles R. affinis Hsia et Fan in the body size. Reticulitermes leptogulus Ping et Xu, sp. nov. This species is allied to R. labralis Hsia et Fan, but can easily the differentiated. Reticulitermes Planifrons Li et Ping, sp. nov. Reticulitermes oocephalus Ping et Li, sp. nov., and Reticulitermes testudineus Li et Ping, sp. nov. are also described.

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