Flock house virus a nodavirus isolated from costelytra zealandica coleoptera scarabaeidae

Scotti, P.D.; Dearing, S.; Mossop, D.W.

Archives of Virology 75(3): 181-190


ISSN/ISBN: 0304-8608
Accession: 005468005

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The physico-chemical properties of Flock House virus (FHV) were examined. FHV was shown to have a single-stranded RNA genome divided between 2 spp. of MW 1.1 and 0.46 .times. 105; the genome was infectious. FHV has a single coat protein of 43,000 MW. The virus sediments at 142S and has a density of 1.351 g/ml in CsCl at pH 7. These properties indicate that FHV is a nodavirus but it is distinguishable from Nodamura virus and black beetle virus by differences in electrophoretic mobility, the size of the coat protein, particle density and stability in CsCl.