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Fluoride uptake in vitro of sound enamel and caries-like lesions of enamel from fluoride solutions of relatively low concentration

Hicks, M.J.; Flaitz, C.M.; Silverstone, L.M.

Journal of Pedodontics 11(1): 47-61


ISSN/ISBN: 0145-5508
PMID: 3465949
Accession: 005472619

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Fluoride levels in sound enamel and caries-like lesions were determined following treatment with 0.123% APF, 0.2% NaF and 0.4% SnF2. These fluoride levels were compared with the baseline values for control sound enamel and caries-like lesions that were not exposed to any fluoride agents. Three successive biopsies were carried out with each specimen. Fluoride levels for caries-like lesions were significantly increased over those for sound enamel for all treatment groups, including the control group. APF treatment of sound enamel and caries-like lesions resulted in the greatest levels of fluoride attained in this study. It appears as though caries-like lesions have a greater affinity for fluoride uptake than adjacent sound enamel. The presence of increased levels of fluoride in enamel lesions may prevent lesion progression. More importantly, the presence of high levels of fluoride in the lesion may enhance the degree and rate of remineralization from oral fluids and synthetic calcifying fluids, resulting in reversal or "healing" of the lesion.

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