Formation of chlorophyll protein complexes in greening cucumber cucumis sativus cotyledons in light and then in darkness

Tanaka, A.; Tsuji, H.

Plant and Cell Physiology 24(1): 101-108


ISSN/ISBN: 0032-0781
Accession: 005480057

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The changes in chlorophyll-protein complexes (CP) in cucumber cotyledons during illumination and subsequent dark incubation were studied by SDS a/b-protein complex (LHCP) was the main CP. As the greening proceeded, P700 Chl a-protein complex (CPI) accumulated. When 6-h illuminated seedlings were transferred to darkness, CP1 accumulated concomitantly with a decrease in LHCP without new Chl synthesis. The changes in the amounts of CP in the dark became smaller with the progress of greening and did not occur after 72 h of illumination. These changes were confirmed by examining the Chl/P700 ratio and the low temperature absorption spectrum of cotyledons. Evidently, the early phase of greening, CP were unstable and their Chl molecules easily exchanged with those of other kinds of CP.