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Fraction composition and nature of glycosamino glycans in proteo glycans from animal tissues having chalone properties

Rykova, V.I.; Eliseeva, N.P.; Lomakina, N.F.; Salganik, R.I.

Biokhimiya 48(2): 269-274


Accession: 005483271

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Proteoglycans from bovine liver, lungs, spleen and mammary gland having chalone properties can be separated into several fractions by agarose gel electrophoresis in different buffer systems. The nature of the glycosaminoglycans of individual fractions was studied. The bulk of them (82-98%) contain heparan sulfates. Some fractions containing chondroitin sulfates (2-18%) were also detected. The proteoglycan preparations isolated from the lungs and mammary gland contained, in addition to sulfated glycosaminoglycans, considerable amounts of hyaluronic acid. A possible role of the heterogeneity of carbohydrate chains in the manifestation of the chalone activity of proteoglycans is discussed.

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