Free estrogens and progestogens in benign prostatic hypertrophy

Narayan, J.P.; Srivastava, S.P.; Singh, J.N.

Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 29(2): 119-122


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5499
PMID: 2419249
Accession: 005485179

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Studies on the presence of free estrogens and progestogens in human prostates clearly differentiate the benign hypertrophied prostates from normals. Both contained 17 .alpha.-hydroxypregnenolone 5 .beta.-pregnane-3, 20-dione, 5.alpha.-pregnane-3, 20-dione and 16 .alpha.-hydroxyestrone. However, presence of 11 .alpha.-hydroxyprogesterone 20 .beta.-hydroxypregnenolone, pregnenolone, 17 .alpha.-hydroxyprogesterone, as well as estrone and estriol exclusively in BPH samples pointed to their possible involvement in the development of benign prostate hypertrophy.