Frequencies of ha ploid production in japanese wheat triticum aestivum varieties crossed with tetra ploid hordeum bulbosum

Inagaki, M.; Snape, J.W.

Japanese Journal of Breeding 32(4): 341-347


ISSN/ISBN: 0536-3683
Accession: 005486674

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The crossing abilities of tetraploid H. bulbosum L. and haploid production by embryo culture in Japanese wheat varieties was investigated. Crossing procedures with high humidity and the application of GA after pollination increased seed set, and floret maturity was favorable for crossability. Seven of the 8 Japanese varieties examined were crossable with H. bulbosum at mean frequencies of 4.4-24.0% seed set. By embryo culture, approximately half of the embryos obtained from the crosses of Japanese varieties with H. bulbosum developed into haploid wheat plants. Evidently, the doubled haploid method by crossing with H. bulbosum can be promising for wheat breeding programs in Japan.