Frequency and spectrum of various morphological and grain shape mutants induced in rice oryza sativa

Mallick, E.H.

Bulletin of the Botanical Society of Bengal 32(1-2): 66-74


Accession: 005486982

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Dehusked and presoaked seeds of rice (O. sativa L.) variety IR8 and IR20 were treated for different periods with 1% EMS were studied. In the 2nd generation the treated plants were screened for various morphological and grain size mutants. Higher frequency and wider spectrum of macromutations were obtained in 'IR20', and the frequency and spectrum was wider in 4-h treatment of both varieties. Among the different mutants induced, the fine grain and colored grain types from 'IR8' and the fine grain type from 'IR20' seem promising due to their improved grain quality and earliness in heading.