Frequency of sister chromatid exchanges in lymphocyte cultures from patients with lupus erythematosus

Georgieva, V.; Zlatkov, N.; Konstantinov, K.

Dermatologiya i Venerologiya 24(4): 18-23


Accession: 005487824

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The frequency of sisterly chromatid exchanges (SCE) and the chromosomal and genome mutations in lymphocyte cultures were studied in 8 patients with lupus erythematosus, in 9 non-kindred clinically normal subjects and 1 relative. The frequency of SCE in lymphocyte cultures from patients was significantly higher than in control non-kindred normal subjects (9.7 .+-. 1.63 SCE/cell, resp. 6.88 .+-. 0.33 SCE/cell-0.01). The SCE frequency changes were primarily related to patients with lupus erythematosus chronicus discoides (LECD).sbd.11.96 .+-. 1.64 SCE/cell; in lupus erythematosus systematisatus (LES) patients SCE frequency was within normal limits (7.43 .+-. 1.15 SCE/cell). In the newborn of one of the LECD patients there was a rather high frequency of SCE.sbd.9.09. These fine changes in the chromosomal structure in LECD patients are associated with pathogenetic processes, affecting or running with the implication of T-lymphocytes population. This allows discussions on the possibility to use the SCE phenomenon as additional laboratory diagnostic test.