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Frontal sinus mucocele

Abrahamson, I.A.; Baluyot, S.T.; Tew, J.M.; Scioville, G.

Annals of Ophthalmology 11(2): 173-178


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-4886
PMID: 434734
DOI: 10.1097/00006324-200112001-00310
Accession: 005488782

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Although not uncommon, and certainly not rare, frontal sinus mucocele was seen in 4 cases by the authors. Since one of the cases was rather unusual, we were prompted to evaluate the subject and prepare this manuscript. Gradual onset of unilateral proptosis should make one suspicious of a mucocele involving the paranasal sinuses, the frontal and ethmoid being the 2 most common locations. Diplopia, due to limited ocular motility on upward gaze, along with proptosis and epiphora are frequently the presenting symptoms which, in one particular case, paradoxically improved at first with topical anti-inflammatory therapy . A team approach (ophthalmologist, radiologist, otorhinolaryngologist, and neurosurgeon) are essential for an accurate diagnosis and therapeutic approach to this problem. The use of a precut template from the Caldwell projection is a very useful device to outline the contours of the frontal sinus during surgery. The not-so-frequent use of abdominal fat to fill the frontal sinus cavity is presented with no apparent postoperative fat necrosis. A 5-year follow-up has shown the patient to be free of recurrences.

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