Fundamental examination of radio immunoassay quant beta human chorionic gonadotropin test kit and its clinical applications

Fukunaga, T.; Izumi, Y.; Nakamura, Y.; IIzuka, R.

Japanese Journal of Fertility and Sterility 25(4): 454-460


Accession: 005494425

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Fundamental examination and clinical application of a RIA peak. The concentration of HCG as a pregnancy diagnosis criterion varies according to the stage of pregnancy; if 25 mIU/ml is set as the standard, pregnancy can be diagnosed 14 days after LH peak. HCG is detected in blood for about a week after its i.m. injection; pregnancy diagnosis after HCG injection requires great care. In cases of abortion, the amount of HCG in blood is low as compared to that of normal pregnancy; application for determining prognosis for early abortion is possible.