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Fundamental studies for establishing rockfish culture techniques part 3 examination of formula diets proper for culturing a rockfish sebastes thompsoni

Ikehara, K.; Nagahara, M.

Bulletin of the Japan Sea National Fisheries Research Institute 28: 9-16


Accession: 005494476

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Six formula diets for culturing fish were examined to detect the most suitable nutritional composition for rockfish S. thompsoni, in comparison with cattle liver and jack-mackerel meat, pertaining to the appetite, growth and survival rate as key elements. Halver's basic diet for salmonoid fishes is not suitable for Sebastes larvae. Vitamins are essential to raise the nutritional value of formula diets. The casein diet is poor nutritionally when compared to the fish-meal diet. Jack-mackerel meat is unsuitable under the high temperature circumstance, as is the cattle liver diet. The high carbohydrate diet, and not the low protein diet, is the most suitable food for Sebastes larvae.

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