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Further studies on the effect of fat supplementation of concentrates fed to lactating dairy cows 1. effect on feed intake feed intake pattern and milk production and composition

De-Visser, H.; Tamminga, S.; Van-Gils, L.G.M.

Netherlands Journal of Agricultural Science 30(4): 347-352


ISSN/ISBN: 0028-2928
Accession: 005498691

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A feeding trial was carried out as a 3 .times. 3 Latin square with 9 cows which were fed long hay and concentrates without supplemented fat (treatment CO), with 12% supplemented fat (treatment C12) or with 12% supplemented fat adsorbed on a carrier of vermiculite (treatment C12C). Supplementing the concentrates with fat resulted in a higher milk yield. With both fat-supplemented concentrates the milk fat content was initially increased, but this was rapidly followed by a rather sharp decrease. The final result was a lower milk fat content with treatment C12 and a slightly higher milk fat content with treatment C12C. Protein content of the milk was decreased with both treatments C12 and C12C. With feeding fat-supplemented concentrates feed intake pattern changed in that the rate of intake decreased and the concentrates were eaten in several small quantities.

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