Fusiform rust gradient in a loblolly pine pinus taeda plantation

Snow, G.A.; Wells, O.O.; Switzer, G.L.

Forest Science 32(2): 372-376


ISSN/ISBN: 0015-749X
Accession: 005499464

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A gradient of fusiform rust [Cronartium Quercuum f. sp. fusiforme] incidence in a 10-yr-old loblolly pine planting in east central Mississippi [USA] was related to the occurrence of susceptible oak [Quercus spp.] species in its immediate proximity. The incidence of rust decreased from a high of 8.8 galls per tree within 25 m of the side of the planting with numerous oaks to a low of 2.3 galls per tree at a distance of 150-200 m. The gradient was apparently caused by inoculum produced on these oaks.