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Chapter 5,501

Galls mining and other evidence of chewing in the pliocene from willershausen west germany in the harz mountain area

Straus, A.

Verhandlungen des Botanischen Vereins der Provinz Brandenburg 113: 43-80


Accession: 005500919

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The possibility of identifying galls, mines and other traces of feeding on leaves of angiosperms is better than the possibility of identifying the leaves themselves. The systematic treatment of such fossils, showing in part monophagy or oligophagy, can ease the identification of the genus or species of the leaves. In the clay-pit of Willershausen [West Germany] a great number of such fossils was found. Consequently 34 galls, 30 mines and 6 other traces of feeding in leaves of angiosperms are described; some determinations may be amended later.

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