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Genetic analysis of resistance factors in a wild strain of the house fly musca domestica resistant to ddt and some organo phosphorus insecticides

Rupes, V.; Pitnerova, J.

Vestnik Ceskoslovenske Spolecnosti Zoologicke 40(2): 128-137


Accession: 005511336

A genetic analysis of resistance factors was made in a DDT and organophosphate resistant strain of the house fly captured in Czechoslovakia in 1973. The resestance to DDT was strongly synergized by Warf-antiresistant and F-DMC [bis-(p-chlorophenyltrifluoromethyl carbinol)], and mildly by sesamex and TBTP [S,S,S-tributhyl phosphorotrithionate]. Resistance to trichlorfon was largely reduced by sesamex and removed by TBTP. Resistance factors were determined only on chromosome II and III. On chromosome III the factor allelic with gene Pen was present, enhancing the interaction effects of the factors on chromosome II. On chromosome II the gene DDT-asa caused the greatest part of the resistance to DDT, and least 2 factors for resistance to organophosphates. These factors were separated by a crossover process of which 1 was synergized by sesamex and the other by TBTP. Both contributed a certain extent to DDT resistance.

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