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Genetic control of determination of thoracic and antennal discs in drosophila melanogaster 2. nasobemia antennapedia in bithorax mutations in antennal and metathoracic discs

Khusnutdinova, E.K.; Bulyzhenkov, V.E.; Ivanov, V.I.

Genetika 17(3): 483-491


ISSN/ISBN: 0016-6758
Accession: 005513039

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Homoeotic transformation of antennae, halters and hind legs was studied in simple Nasobemia (Ns), Antennapedia (Antp49, Antp50) and bithorax (bx, bx34e, Ubx) stocks and in pairwise combined Ns (or Antp) - bx stocks. In combined Antp49 - bx stocks both the antenna to leg and halter to wing transformation was more complete, as compared to either of the simple stocks. In combined Antp50-bx stocks transformation of antennae was expressed better than that of metathoracs. In Ns-bx transformation of halter is more efficient than that of antennae. Possible existence of common steps in genetic control of antennal and thoracic anlage development is discussed.

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