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Genetic diversity of the cytoplasm in triticum and aegilops part 3 on the origin of the cytoplasm of 2 hexa ploid aegilops species

Tsuji, S.; Tsunewaki, K.

Japanese Journal of Genetics 51(3): 149-159


Accession: 005514322

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Genetic characteristics of the cytoplasms in 2 hexaploid Aegilops species, A. crassa (genome formula DDD2D2McrMcr) and A. juvenalis (CuCuDDMjMj), were investigated, by comparing the 18 characters of the normal and cytoplasm substitution lines of 2 tester cultivars, 'Chinese Spring' and 'Jones Fife', of common wheat (AABBDD). For comparison, the cytoplasms of A. squarrosa (DD), A. umbellulata (CuCu), A. biuncialis (CuCuMbMb) and A. ovata (CuCuMoMo) were also studied. The genetic relationships among all these cytoplasms were estimated by 2 numerico-taxonomical methods. The results indicated that the cytoplasm of hexaploid A. crassa is highly similar to that of A. squarrosa. The A. juvenalis cytoplasm was most closely related to the crassa cytoplasm, and its relation to the squarrosa cytoplasm was not so close. The present results can best be interpreted by assuming that both the A. crassa and A. juvenalis cytoplasms were derived from A. squarrosa. Based on this and other information, evolutionary processes leading to the origin of these 2 hexaploid species were discussed.

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