Genetic regulation of chromocenters in radish raphanus sativus

Dayal, N.; Prasad, C.

Cytologia 48(2): 245-252


ISSN/ISBN: 0011-4545
Accession: 005516164

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The number and distribution of chromocenters were studied in 9 varietal populations of radish (R. sativus L.) and their 6 F1 and 2 F2 hybrids. The mean number and the distribution of chromocenters in the interphase nuclei were characteristic for a population. The varietal populations differed significantly from each other in this heterochromatin phenotype, indicating different degrees of heterochromatinization. In the F11 hybrids the number of chromocenters averaged midway between their parents. The population having a narrow range of the distribution of chromocenters was dominant to those having a wide range. F2 plants, raised from 3 F1 families, demonstrated a wider range of distribution for number of chromocenters per nucleus than F1 and parents, though they did not differ significantly from the former in the mean number of chromocenters. The amount and distribution of constitutive heterochromatin in radish, as inferred from the chromocenter counts, are under the control of genotypes and regulated polygenically.