Section 6
Chapter 5,517

Genetic studies on resistance of rice plant to blast fungus part 3 decline in the blast resistance of ginga a descendant variety of sensho

Goto, I.

Annals of the Phytopathological Society of Japan 44(4): 447-455


Accession: 005516974

'Lazy-Ginga', an la-isogenic line of 'Ginga', showed that Rb1 of 'Sensho' was linked with la and had not been introduced to 'Ginga'. Absence of Rb1 caused a significant decline of blast resistance in 'Ginga'. From comparison of derivatives with their common parent, 'Sensho', it was ascertained that the present decline commenced in the early stage of the breeding program. The 2 blast resistance genes which controlled the moderate resistance of 'Ginga' were assumed to be multiple alleles of the 2 ones other than Rb1 of 'Sensho'.

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