Genetic system and evolutionary trends in solanum nigrum complex part 2 cyto morphological studies of the hybrids between hexa ploid indian solanum nigrum and solanum nodiflorum

Khan, A.H.; Rao, G.R.; Khan, R.

Bulletin of the Botanical Survey of India 16(1-4): 35-39


Accession: 005517196

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Cytomorphological characteristics of Indian hexaploid S. nigrum and S. nodiflorum and of their F1 hybrids were studied. The parents differed significantly in several morphological and cytological characters. The hybrids were highly sterile and did not set seed. They showed a wide range of meiotic irregularities. In several pollen mother cells, trivalents and quadrivalents were recorded, although in a very low frequency, in addition to a large number of univalents and bivalents. Occasionally bridges with or without fragments were recorded. The results of these investigations show that chromosomal differences as well as genic differences have played an important role in reproductive isolation and morphological differentiation of the 2 spp.