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Genetic variation of melampsora leaf rust resistance in progenies of crossings between and within populus tremula and populus tremuloides clones

Gallo, L.A.; Stephan, B.R.; Krusche, D.

Silvae Genetica 34(6): 208-214


ISSN/ISBN: 0037-5349
Accession: 005518144

A total of 49 families of controlled crosses between and within Populus tremula and P. tremuloides were investigated concerning their resistance to Melampsora leaf rust, presumably caused by M. magnusiana. The leaf rust attack was evaluated at the end of both the first and the second vegetation period and showed highly significant genetic variation between the interspecific crossings. The P. tremuloides families showed the highest resistance, P. tremula families were severely attacked. The interspecific hybrid families showed an intermediate behaviour. A quantitative genetic analysis of the data showed strong additive genetic variation. Therefore, Melampsora leaf rust resistance might be incorporated successfully into further breeding programs in aspen and hybrid aspen.

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