Genetics of some grain characters with hexaploid triticale

Behl, R.K.; Singh, V.P.; Spalony, L.

Genetica Polonica 26(4): 479-486


Accession: 005519194

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Twenty two parents of Triticale and their 72 hybrids were used to determine combining ability variances and effects following line .times. testers mating design. Both additive as well nonadditive genetic variances figured important for four physicochemical characters of grain quality. Average degree of dominance established the preponderance on nonadditive genetic variances. On the basis of gca effects and per se performance, T 134, TL 37, Tcl 3, Arm 147 and 6 TA 204 appeared valuable. In most cases crosses with high sca involved parents with low gca. Relevant breeding methods have been discussed.