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Chapter 5,520

Genetics of verticillium dahliae the causal agent of verticillium wilt of cotton 5. genetic analysis of verticillium dahliae melanin deficient mutants

Shevtsova, V.M.

Genetika 19(2): 284-287


ISSN/ISBN: 0016-6758
Accession: 005519373

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The parasexual cycle was used for genetical analysis of melanin and deficient mutants alm27, chm4 (gene scy), chm7 (gene tetra), brm5 (gene thn) and olim2 (gene dhn). The heterokaryotic test and the type of segregation of heterozygous diploids showed that the mutations are nuclear. The chm4 and olim2 mutations are apparently localized in different chromosomes; mutations, alm27, chm7, brm5 are in the same chromosome.